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Below we link to several months of blog archives from Kevin "Vancouver Kid" Quinlan, who while working as a staffer for Vision Vancouver would write a (now defunct) blog at

Here for our readers are links to monthly archives of Kevin Quinlan's Vancouver Kid blog:


While "Vancouver Kid" never identified himself as Kevin Quinlan on the blog, most local political watchers eventually knew the identity of the Vision operative, who gained a reputation as someone with a very generous opinion of himself. Quinlan had heretofore only been known on the political scene as a Young New Democrat who had served on the Vancouver-Quadra NDP riding association. Quinlan attended a national NDP convention as a youth delegate.

Quinlan's blog showed a knowledge of city hall meetings and city council votes. It was the kind of dedication to details most often reserved for staff doing opposition research. As a Vision Vancouver worker, Quinlan would have collaborated with groups looking for wedge issues to criticize the city's governing party.

Quinlan took every opportunity to denigrate both NPA city council members and the COPE party as well, which he did with relish (and a little Dijon thrown in, too). He regularly posted videos on his YouTube channel mocking the city's governing party. During the 2007 CUPE strike, a series of videos showing Vision Vancouver councillors in lock step with the union shouting that it was "Sam's Strike" (a key CUPE talking point was to brand the strike as the Mayor's fault) were all immediately taken off YouTube just days after the strike.

The Vancouver Kid blog, like Quinlan's videos, was also removed immediately after the November 2008 election campaign. Quinlan was announced as a key aide in the Mayor's office, in charge of media relations.

We've weighed in on some of Quinlan's commentary here.

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