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The High Fiving White Guys in Canada, eh! – see video

My colleague Daniel has described in a pair of posts the impact of the federal election campaign, among other factors, on local politics. But there is no more clear example of the media vacuum the national campaign is having than right here in B.C.

The leadership contest facing the BC NDP is so far off the public's radar we thought as a service to our readers we'd draw a little attention to it for a moment. After all, one of these five white guys may be the next Premier of British Columbia.

Five white guys? Wait a second. Doesn't the NDP stand for diversity and equity? What happened to the party policy to ensure that new candidates include women and visible minorities? Of course, the BC NDP did have a woman leader, but she was toppled in an internal party coup.

By comparison the BC Liberal Party had two very strong and qualified women candidates run for the top job – Christy Clark and Dr. Moira Stilwell – and one of those two gals became Premier.

Old fans of Almost Live!, the great comedy show produced during the 1980s & 90s in Seattle will remember The High Fiving White Guys They're Cool!! The HFWG segment above is a real treat because it was shot in Vancouver. I'm reminded of these guys when looking at the NDP leadership.

So what do the NDP's high fiving white guys have in store for British Columbia? Well, I understand it's "change" because apparently the governing BC Liberals are sooo familiar. That's the thrust of the party's latest negative ad campaign, which follow on the heels of a previous attack on Kevin Falcon's leadership candidacy. Not a whole lot of ideas, mind you, but the NDP sure know how to dish up the word play like FalconKidding.Me and Christy Crunch.

If the NDP want to make change the ballot question, will the long tenure of the leading leadership candidates – Dix, Farnworth and Horgan – be fair game? After all, each of them were intimately involved in the NDP administration of the 1990s.

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