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City reports says bike lanes have resulted in a $2.4M impact to local merchants

I used to commute across the Burrard bridge every day. When the bike lane was installed as a “temporary trial”, I noticed traffic got worse and it took me longer to get to and from work.

Now the city has released reports on the Dunsmuir and Hornby separated bike lanes which proves what every regular commuter already knows: The bike lanes have indeed made traffic worse.

It’s time to scrap the separated bike lanes downtown.

The reports show that the Hornby and Dunsmuir bike lanes have hurt local businesses, potentially costing as much as $2 million according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. This impact could be have been mitigated if there had been meaningful consultation. But the bike lanes were installed in a rush. Funny how red tape seems to vanish when the project is at the top of council’s ideological agenda.

Travel times have increased, making it harder to get around downtown Vancouver. That’s because there are not fewer cars on Dunsmuir and Hornby, but rather, fewer lanes for them to drive in and more signals that disrupt traffic.

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