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A lot of Vancouver boulevards are beginning to look like Cortes Island wheat fields

I trust people will note the photos of Mayor Gregor Robertson and others riding their bicycles along the seawall the other day. Several anomalies appear:

  1. They are riding in a bicycle prohibited area.
  2. The grass was cut in a vary specific swath.
  3. Approx one metre along the path only the grass and weeds in the background are actually almost one metre high or more.

It seems the Mayor and his cohorts have a whacked sense of priorites regarding parks, garden and tree maintenance. Some basic results of these cuts:

  1. The overall Park Board budget has been "whacked" by over $5 million dollar the past 3 years under Vision control.
  2. The popular summer playground leader program funding has now been over chopped 46% and reduced to a few parks on rotational basis.
  3. Community Centre funding hours and programs have been cut with seniors, fitness, child care and other programs being slashed or eliminated.
  4. Basic park, field, garden, tree and washroom maintenance has been slashed - this can and will lead to serious health issues such as an increase in hay fever and allergies as well as an increase in mice, rats and other vermin in parks and unkempt City Boulevards.
  5. This state of disrepair could lead to a decrease in property values as potential residents look at alternative municipalities that are better kept.
  6. The deterioration of respect and increased vandalism of City property.

The basic lack of care only further helps to foster the invasion of INVASIVE species of plants such as hogweed, morning glory, weeds, thistle and more to neighbourhoods throughout the City.

One only need take a peek at the overgrown boulevard and dying trees along West King Edward Boulevard, and overgrown grass and weeds throughout the City in places as diverse as Victoria and Clark Park to City boulevards (which look like "haying" has taken place) for shocking visual evidence of these deplorable cuts.

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