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Our official list of endorsed candidates in Metro Vancouver is now online!

It's all come down to this. We're only a couple of days away from the civic elections in Metro Vancouver and a projected 28% of you (or less) will be heading to the polls on Saturday.

After three years of one of the most partisan government's we've witnessed in Vancouver's history, Mayor Gregor Robertson is asking you to reward him with another massive majority government. In our opinion, that would be a huge mistake.

Ever since the lights went on here at Towers three years ago, we've made it our job to hold Vision Vancouver's feet to the fire. Elected with a 10-1 majority, it was clear that without any external scrutiny, Mayor Gregor would simply be able to run City Hall like his own fiefdom.

Here is the Vancouver Courier's Mark Hasiuk had to say about in his most recent column:

Following the 2008 civic election, which nearly wiped out the NPA, Mike Klassen, alongside fellow former NPA operative Daniel Fontaine, launched a website ( aimed at Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver. And it worked. Through FOI requests and breaking stories, CityCaucus helped fuel the media narrative, raise Klassen's profile and damage the Robertson brand. Expect more hyper-partisan websites from wannabe city councillors inspired by CityCaucus success. And borrow grandma's mattress money. Klassen's a lock.

Over the years has been called many names including being referred to as "juvenile" and "mean-spirited" and even "personal". In fact, the further we exposed the current administration's mismanagement of key files, the louder the chorus of critics became. This blog has even been cited as the reason why one former NPA backroom operative jumped ship and joined the "new-age revolutionaries" he once openly criticized.

However, despite the criticisms, has steadily developed a very loyal audience of people who are truly engaged in municipal politics - not just at election time - but year round. We now have over 4000 followers on Twitter and have sent out over 20,000 tweets. We have over 1300 Facebook fans and an email subscription list well in excess of 1000 people - and growing. We've also written well over 2000 posts on every urban-related topic imaginable. And we shouldn't forget to mention that hundreds of thousands of people read every month in 24 Hours Vancouver!

In addition, our web traffic has steadily climbed over the years and I'm pleased to report that as of last Wednesday, we've had an amazing 4,674,306 page views since our launch back in '08. Through a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we've been able to grow the brand and help to make the most read civic affairs focused blog in Canada.

Vancouver voters will have a crucial decision to make on Saturday. Do they reward a civic administration that has called its opponents "effin NPA hacks"? Do they re-elect a Mayor who promised to end homelessness, then inserted the word "street" onto the promise after the fact? Do they put in office a group of politicians that have time and time again ignored the needs of neighbourhoods?

In the past week or so we spoke to several political watchers throughout Metro Vancouver. We asked them who they would be voting for and who should endorse. We also asked our readers to weigh in and let us know who they thought should get our support. We definitely had some excellent feedback and it helped to shape our official endorsement list.

And now for our much anticipated list...

In Vancouver, has decided to recommend the full NPA slate. However, based on the feedback we've received, we're actually going to recommend a total of 13 qualified candidates - who if they were to be elected - we believe would be good representatives on Vancouver City Council. This format acknowledges the fact that not all voters are comfortable voting for a full slate from a single party.

It should be noted that we have not endorsed anyone from COPE or Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV). However, if COPE's outspoken Tim Louis were elected, he most certainly would keep Gregor Robertson's feet to the fire! For that alone, he deserves an honourable mention.

 Please note the following:

  • Not all cities in Metro Vancouver are included in this list.
  • In some cases, we have not recommended a full list of candidates. For example, there may be 8 positions open, but we are only recommending 4 candidates.
  • Where we could gather enough information, we've also included a list of school board endorsements.

Here is our official list for Vancouver. Please print this out and bring it with you to the polls!


Council (10 to be elected/13 recommended candidates)

Suzanne Anton – Mayor

  • Elizabeth Ball (NPA)
  • Sean Bickerton (NPA)
  • Mike Klassen (NPA)
  • George Affleck (NPA)
  • Bill Yuen (NPA)
  • Adriane Carr (Green)
  • Frances Wong (NPA)
  • Tim Stevenson (Vision)
  • Bill McCreery (NPA)
  • Jason LaMarche (NPA)
  • Heather Deal (Vision)
  • Ken Charko (NPA)
  • Joe Carangi (NPA)

School Board

  • Fraser Ballantyne (NPA)
  • Ken Denike (NPA)
  • Sophia Woo (NPA)
  • Stacy Roberstson (NPA)
  • Sandy Sharma (NPA)
  • Ken Clement (Vision)
  • Patti Bacchus (Vision)

Park Board

(7 to be elected - recommending 8 candidates)

  • Melissa DeGenova (NPA)
  • John Coupar (NPA)
  • Dave Pasin (NPA)
  • Jason Upton (NPA)
  • Gabby Kablaw (NPA)
  • Casey Crawford (NPA)
  • Stuart Mackinnon (Green)
  • Constance Barnes (Vision)

What follows is a recommended list of candidates for other Metro Vancouver cities. Be sure to get out on and vote on Saturday!

Check out!

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