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As the sun sets on summer, get ready for more coverage of Election 2011

If you’re a regular reader you may have noticed that we’ve cut back on the number of daily posts on this blog over the last few weeks. As you can appreciate, with Mike Klassen no longer providing his regular daily analysis of urban issues, we’ve been a tad short-staffed lately.

I’m also abundantly aware that in a few short weeks it will be on hands on deck as we swing into the upcoming civic election. As a result, I thought it was best if we pulled back a bit in August in order to provide time to prepare for a very robust and active fall season.

After Labour Day, we hope to provide our readers with as much coverage about the upcoming BC municipal elections as possible. Who is in the lead? Who is trailing? Are the polls really reflecting the reality out there? These are the kinds of questions we’ll be answering leading up to the Nov 19th election.

I’d also like to open up the floor to you. Are there issues that you’d like to see your civic candidates discuss on the campaign trail? If so, what are they? I am encouraging all of you to provide us (using a pseudonym or otherwise) what you think should be discussed by our politicos.

All you have to do is submit your issue in 100 words or less to We will then periodically post a compilation of those ideas in a few feature posts. We may end up using some of your ideas to help formulate a formal candidate questionnaire which all mayors and councilors will be asked to fill out. In turn, we will publish their responses online.

Needless to say we won’t have the big budgets or staff to provide the same kind of coverage the mainstream media will provide. Unlike some other local blogs, we also don’t have the resources of wealthy charitable foundations to hire journalism students and beat reporters. However, as has been demonstrated in the last three years, our readers can expect the unexpected from You just never know what you’ll wake up to in our “Breaking News” section which we proudly reserve only for real breaking news.

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