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Councillor Suzanne Anton stared down Mayor Robertson and the Vision/COPE council, and it looks like the governing party blinked. During Tuesday's meeting city council passed Anton's motion (with minor amendments) which urged council to request that the B.C. Coroner's office to reconsider staging the Pandora Street inquest AFTER the November election.

As media reported earlier, Gregor Robertson pointed the finger at the Coroner's office for the decision to hold the inquest post-election, which was influenced by City Manager Penny Ballem's recommendation. Robertson said repeatedly that it was the Coroner whodunnit, not City Hall.

If you think the vote to request moving the inquest prior to Election Day in November sat well with the Mayor's staff, just look at the tweet Chief of Staff Mike Magee blasted out on Tuesday evening:

NPA ignored death of Darrell Mickasko. Now try to exploit tragic fire on Pandora Street for political gain. Shameful.

You have to pity Darrell Mickasko. Not only did he have an extremely hard life and a tragic demise, he's been a continuous political prop for Gregor Robertson and his key adviser Mike Magee for over three years now. It was in February 2008 that Robertson first used Mickasko's name as an excuse to quit his MLA's job and run for mayor.

Now 37 months later Magee is once again using Mickasko's name for his social media cheap shot.

(At least the public can now see Mike's tweets, which he hid from public view until asked why the transparency-challenged Magee couldn't just let us all in on his musings.)

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