Randy Helten and NSV cleverly develop new "progressive" slate

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Which of these mayoral candidates is running with a "progressive" slate?

In the midst of a very busy news cycle, Randy Helten and his Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver party announced they were rounding out their civic slate. Instead of holding a traditional nomination meeting, they decided to issue a news release and surprisingly endorse candidates from across the political spectrum.

Helten's NSV endorsed "progressive" slate heading into the November 19th election now looks like this:

  • Elizabeth Murphy (NSV)
  • Nicole Benson (NSV)
  • Marie Kerchum (NSV)
  • Terry Martin (NSV)
  • R J Aquino (COPE)
  • Adriane Carr (Green)
  • Sandy Garossino (Independent)
  • Tim Louis (COPE)
  • Bill McCreery (NPA)
  • Ellen Woodsworth (COPE)

This list must frighten the daylights out of the backroom boys over at Vision. If you recall, Helten was an active member of Vision Vancouver when Mayor Gregor privately referred to him as a "fucking NPA hack" after a lengthy public hearing.

What Helten has cleverly done is design an alternate "progressive" slate for every voter uncomfortable voting for Vision Vancouver - and if you believe the NPA backroom operatives, this number is growing exponentially every day. If you don't want to vote majority NPA or Vision, I suspect you will want to bring this list with you to the polls.

I previously wrote that Helten had become the de facto COPE mayoral candidate. This news release now all but confirms my earlier musings. But it remains to be seen how many of the NSV slate (besides Adriane Carr) will make it into the top ten.

Here is an excerpt from the media release Helten issued yesterday:

NSV makes these recommendations with no strings attached. To our knowledge this is the first time that a Vancouver electoral organization has supported candidates running on a variety of competing slates without requiring a reciprocal agreement.

We do this enthusiastically because we do not view these candidates as rivals. Their records on council and in public life are exemplary, their platforms largely consistent with the principles and policies supported by NSV (http://nsvancouver.ca/about-us/principles/). They are strong advocates for real democracy, which should be free of undue influence from the powerful development lobby, whose main objective — maximizing profit — is in a fundamental conflict of interest with housing affordability and ending homelessness. They recognize that growth must come in ways that are community supported and that respect neighbourhood assets, character and scale.

“On behalf of the NSV Network, I look forward to working with these outstanding people on Council,” said Randy Helten. “I know we have much in common, but there is diversity as well. Each of us has a different set of skills and life experiences, yet each is motivated by a genuine desire to fix problems and improve Vancouver for all of our residents in every neighbourhood.”

As you will note, Helten makes a veiled reference to this not being a "reciprocal agreement". One has to assume he's talking about the secret deal struck between Vision/COPE. Despite some media pressure, Mayor Gregor refuses to release the details of the backroom agreement.


On a side note, I'm being told the race between Robertson & Anton may be tightening up due to Mayor Gregor's mishandling of the Occupy Vancouver encampment. One NPA insider told me at their recent fundraiser that "voting intentions have become a lot more fluid in the last few days".  I'll be doing a bit more digging and hope to have more to report to you early next week. Stay tuned.

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Anyone but Robertson would fine, but we also do not need another green wing nut screwing up the City The City of Vancouver is terribly run and it is not all the politicians either!

Interesting that neither NPA or Vision vanc. are releasing results of their recent polls , just a bit of info fron an "insider" . When the polls are goog for a party , they normally release that poll ,Hmmm , must be good news for Helton and NSV

Hi Terry...
the other bad news is you didn't use spell check :-)

Keep it classy, your team is doing well don't dirty it...just a friendly suggestion ..just sayin..

No NOT ANYONE but Robertson. Anton will give the city a huge black eye if she is elected. She pretty much follows lobbyists (representatives of the 1%) around seeking approval from them. NOT GOOD for Vancouver. There ARE more 99%ers in Vancouver than there are 1%ers, so keep the 1%ers out of office. We have ALL had enough of their sneaky tactics. We need housing not more lies.

Oh please Terry Martin, spare us. Who do you think Gregor follows around, when neither he, nor any of the Vision slate bothered to turn up at the West End candidates debate, preferring to hobnob with developers and unions instead?

I've printed this out and will be handing it to all my neighbours in the west end. I'll also be bringing it with me to the polls. Well done Randy, you and your team have my vote!

How really weird to comment on typos. I'm impressed he is taking the time. There are serious issues at stake and this really is a chance to change history. Thank you to all the NSV candidates and their endorsements for taking on this enormous challenge. Your spelling is irrelevant in light of that task.

sorry, IMO that is a scary list.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I voted for Vision last time but won't be again. I honestly didn't know there was another progressive option until someone flipped me this link.

I will even plug my nose and vote for NPA Mcreery based on this endorsement. Hope NSV slate continues to take high road and stays positive. Good luck

it was a "personal message" sent to a "friend"...no need to have a knee jerk reaction it was done in jest as was displayed with a smiley face...

Okay we have another "John" here now.

Time for me to change my nick.

From now on I'm "Johnny Needles".

GO NPA! :)

It well may not be a recipricol agreement, but....

I'd be VERY interested to know, of those candidates he has backed, who amongst them backs Helton as Mayor, and his NSV council mates?

Surely, we should be told! Perhaps someone could pose that very question to each of the candidates at the next all-candidates meeting?

Glissando Remmy says:
November 5, 2011 at 1:57 AM

The Thought of The Early Morning

“I am puzzled. The morning I found out about the OD at the #Occupy Vancouver site, I phoned the Mayor’s Direct line, hoping to find answers. Gregor picked up at the 2nd ring… “Magee, this is for you!” ”

So I guess these days, Robertson, finds out what’s going on down there, just like the rest of us, sitting in front of the computer and browsing his Twitter stream.

Gregor a coward? Naah… it just happens that these guys are not his audience, they are not in the money or riding expensive bikes.
Even Joel Solomon,Gregor’s money bag man and the green propagandist, which since he paid himself a cool 1$ million bucks as an incentive for moving the aforementioned 1$ million from one account into his account… hence his handling fee, so as I said, even Joel is becoming aware that these guys down there might be after… their money after all!
Hence, his advice to Gregor: “Send Anton”

Which brings me to Anton.
I see her, she’s trying hard, but her sound equipment is failing her, like she’s trying to step-dance on cotton balls, in hospital shoes, funny to watch but… no sound!
Needs more!

So far what I see is depressing, former COPE and Vision members are now part of NSV and even NPA, and they are endorsing each other, like they are on high or something, leaving only the unions to endorse consistently, COPE+Vision, for the obvious reasons.

Developers couldn’t care less, they would gladly have dinner with all of them, as a matter of fact I know of a few names that did the circuit, COPE, Vision, NPA as if it was speed dating. One night stands, paid the lady, no strings attached, terrific!

Someone on Twitter asked me, if I can think of a Campaign Theme song, that captures the apathetic moment we are witnessing in this Vancouver election.
I think… this – is – it:


More fun here:

Ciao! :D

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


SUNDAY NOV 7th, 2011
Glissando Remmy says:
November 6, 2011 at 1:30 AM

The Thought of The Early Morning… again

“Next time I’ll choose a Campaign Theme song, I’ll look for something less… life threatening… :-( ”


The OD signs were all there,
Yet the Vision-less Mayor,
Stock, Barrel & Gang,
Stood like a goof,
Like a monumental Idiot,
Asking aloof…
Could I?
Would I?
I dunno’,
I Should!

Her name was Ashley, someone’s daughter, of 22.

We live in Vancouver and thiS keeps us busy.


Pure brilliance.

But as you can see by the photo accompanying this article, Mayor has a lot on his hands, trying to contain his massive brain power.

Surprised Magee not there, with duct tape.

Glissando Remmy...

What I admire about your musings, is the intelligence...you map out the answer and direct us to question...

It is a terrible tragedy that a young woman lost her life, someones daughter, niece or sister..Rest her soul..

Which got me started thinking..about personal responsibility..

One line in your post hit me..

"so as I said, even Joel is becoming aware that these guys down there might be after… their money after all!""

I started searching for answers..who to blame for the situation at the VAG, who is to blame for the death of a young woman..and I found this article..to me it has best explained the Occupy movement that I've had difficulty understanding from the beginning, but this article made it very clear for me..

We are all to blame..but Joel Soloman and the Unions should all read this..I personally don't believe we are entitled..we need to earn what we want and need..even if it is freedom from drugs..it is a choice, but I think the Occupy generation has been fed a line of BS..


and then this..


and then this


I live in Dunbar and I am very interested in your, and each of your slates candidates attitude regarding lane housing on lots with a.frontage of less then 35 feet. I look forward to your answer.

Jim, you're right to raise this aspect of the current not thought through Vision Vancouver laneway housing programme. Here's my take:

The street frontage of 33’ and even perhaps 40’ lots is too small to accommodate the potential of the four cars the residents of the main house (2), in-house suite (1), and laneway house (1) will have because only 1 parking space can be provided on-site (assuming that garage space isn't converted into living space for the laneway house -- which is happening) and 1½ at the front street. That leaves a shortfall of 2 spaces. If you assume 1 space is also needed for guest parking, the shortfall is 3 spaces. It is patently obvious that there is a serious parking problem for 33' lots.

Let's look at 44' lots (of which there are very few). With guest parking we need 5 spaces. Assuming you can squeeze 2 spaces on-site and 2 at the front-street = 4, there is still a 1 car shortfall.

There are more 50' lots, so let's look at them. With guest parking we need 5 spaces. Assuming you can squeeze 3 spaces on-site and 2 at the front-street (50'/22' = 2.27) = 5, it might be sufficient.

More information needs to be assembled regarding the car ownership of such households. That and the above will be an important part of the laneway housing programme review.

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