Mayor Gregor could learn a lesson or two from brave CTV reporter

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CTV reporter Mi Jung Lee is confronted and shouted at by Occupy protestor

Could Mayor Gregor’s dithering regarding Occupy Vancouver result in anything worse for him as we head into the final few days of this election campaign? You bet it can.

Exhibit A is short video clip of intrepid CTV BC news reporter Mi Jung Lee who did a live hit from the illegal encampment on the lawn of the Art Gallery. Within seconds of the broadcast starting she gets confronted by one of the "protesters" who says she’s not welcome in Occupy Vancouver’s new “autonomous zone”.

Let me first say how composed I thought Lee was under pressure. I know I wouldn’t have the patience she had if some nutbar was shouting in my ear while I was trying to talk to hundreds of thousands of viewers. She demonstrated a real sense of grace under pressure.

Mayor Gregor should review this tape a few hundred times between now and the weekend. That’s because he could see first hand what a bit of toughness and bravery actually looks like. Rather than pandering to the crowd, Lee stood her ground and defended the public’s right to get information. How refreshing! Too bad Lee isn’t Vision's candidate for mayor...cause she’d be topping the polls after that performance.

I also hope the 28% of people who told pollsters last week they are still supportive of Occupy Vancouver have a chance to view this video. Do you still agree with the Mayor that these bullies should be getting free power, water, garbage pickup, recycling services after that kind of behaviour? I certainly hope not.

CTV also reported that a couple of food carts are also hurting for business big time now that they can’t “occupy” the public space they were permitted to use by the city. You read that correctly. Small business owners who invested hundreds of thousands of their own money…can’t make money because the Mayor hasn’t cleared out the encampment.

When I saw this story (in conjunction with all the negative anti-NPA ads Vision is now running) it confirmed to me that Mayor Gregor’s campaign has gone completely sideways. For Heaven's sake, even Vision's popular food cart program is now generating bad press for them. Councillor Heather Deal must be pulling her hair out. Yikes!

Considering the Occupy Vancouver encampment may be going on for months yet, I’d encourage all of our readers to visit Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ and Re-Up BBQ if you are downtown and need some lunch. Please note that they've had to move from their regular spot near the Art Burrard/Georgia and Robson/Howe.

Just a reminder that our Occupy Vancouver for Dummies guide is still being updated regularly. So be sure to check it out and send it around. It’s a great overview of exactly how we got into this mess in less than a few short weeks.

PS: Be sure to check out my column in 24 Hours tomorrow for a list of endorsed mayoral candidates throughout Metro Vancouver. A complete list of endorsed council, school and park board candidates will also be published here tomorrow.

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Can the food cart vendors go after the city for breach of contract?

At the very least - their rental fees should be waived.

She *actually pushed* the admittedly rudely interrupting man when anyone could see that the situation was volatile. She escalated the conflict even though she is supposedly a professional trained in diffusing matters just like this. He actually was the one to go out of his way to prevent further physicality. There was no way anyone would have harmed her as she was doubtlessly flanked by several who are just looking for an excuse to break some heads. What sheer cowardice.

The MSM are shameless liars who exacerbate crisis. Those who support them are guilty of same. Newsreader Lee is a disgrace.

Lee was on public space and the 'protester' chose to insert himself aggressivley into the broadcast. He was inches from her, hands in pockets - could have had a weapon of sorts.... If someone was being that aggressive towards me - I would have pushed them as well - don't care who you are or who you think you are.

"What sheer cowardice."

Really? She was half his size and he was the aggressor invading her personal space. I highly doubt she was travelling with an entourage larger than her and a camera operator. If he had minded his own business, there would have been no issue.

I love how the freedom of expression seems to go one way with the group this has deteriorated into. Their message is the only message (assuming you can find a coherent one) that should be listened to. The people that might have actually used the free air time to make a real point besides yelling “lies” over and over are long gone from this movement it would seem. In a free society people can listen to MSM, fringe loonies or something in the middle; we all have that right. If “lies”, “lies” is all OV has to offer, I don’t hold out much hope for any meaningful change.

"hundreds of thousands of viewers"

Is CTV really pulling those kinds of numbers? I'd be surprised, as Global remains the big dog news-wise in BC.

Assuming by hundreds of thousands, we take the lowest possible number for that statement to be factual (200,000) and look at BC population in total 4.5 million, that means roughly 4% of the entire population must be watching a particular newscast. Once you start to subtract the people who never watch news, can't watch news (babies, young kids, people at work or on the way home) you start to get a pretty small pool of potential viewers to divvy up between Global, CTV, CTV2, Omni, CBC and the dedicated news networks, along with all the other shows on at that time. Might be a bit of hyperbole in this article... citation needed as they say here on the Inter-tubes.

"I highly doubt she was travelling with an entourage larger than her and a camera operator"

There's at least a cameraman and may well be a microwave truck operator as well. Could be some security too, not uncommon for a tv stations to bring a security guard with them on shoots of that nature. Certainly plenty of police about one would assume. Live television is fraught with unexpected confrontations, these people are professionals, Ms Lee's demeanour says it all, she's amused, not worried, in my estimation, since we're playing armchair media analyst.

Wow, I actually agree with you on something Mr. Keam. I doubt CTV News gets 200,000 viewers. Granted, once you add in the youtube views (since this has been all over social media) it could get close to breaking 100,000. But seeing as CTV continually gets about a 1.2 market share in the 25-54 category, I would agree that hundreds is a stretch.

I'd say tens of thousands would be more accurate.

Thanks for proving so clearly how you are just a dupe who believes in the "reality" shown nightly on your sacred TV - especially when it supports your opinions. What you are too simple to understand, though, is that it has actually created your opinions; and probably much of your identity. If you don't quite understand what I mean, perhaps this will help: BAAAAAAAAAH-BAAAAAAAH-BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!

You are so utterly foolish.

You actually believe that the rest of us should have a clue what an encampment full of junkies are going to do?
She had every right to push him away from her.
He's lucky she didn't taser him in the nuts.

His performance was perfect example of what's going on there.
They don't want to acknowledge the laws of the city.
But they expect others to acknowledge the fresh laws and boundaries they have set up.


You have no idea what I believe nor where I source my opinion from. You clearly like to badger, berate or belittle people who don't subscribe to your theory of life – similar to the “lies” guy. To me, that is the true sign of a weak mind.


"He's lucky she didn't taser him in the nuts."

You must be with the RCMP, lol. You people embarrass/insult yourselves more than I ever could.

The MSM has derailed the protest by cynically focusing only on the most negative/sensational aspects of the protest itself. They have spent scarce little time elucidating the myriad issues being protested against. That's not journalism; that's manipulation, and it's also commerce because they actually monetize crises like this regularly, demons that they are. And people who don't know any better (you) are unfortunately victimized into acting against your own benefit (and the rest of ours). I actually feel sorry for you, buddy, because I like people. Even obstinate, stupid people like you.

What this clip shows me is how low a flagging local MSM outfit will stoop to draw attention to itself. The cardinal rule of journalism, besides objective honesty, is *never to become part of the story*. In the age of narcissism, though, most have lost the ability to see when this is occurring because they do it so much themselves in their daily lives; it's been "normalized" - for lack of a better term. Now run off and buy some more Vagisil like the magic box told you to...

@Chris - I will defer to you as I don't have real experience in that area. I was thinking more it would be a skeleton crew given the location was literally 3 blocks from the studio.

In any event, Ms. Lee had the right to push someone out of her personal space rather than wait for someone to do it for her.

“They have spent scarce little time elucidating the myriad issues being protested against”

I think if they could find someone down there willing to actually provide that information (coherently) they would be all too happy to put a microphone in front of them. News outlets always seem to want to be the “first” to provide a news tid bit. A coherent protestor with a point would be big news.

Hey Paul, not for nothin', but I think your unicorn just ate your teddy-bear. Just saying...

"Hey Paul, not for nothin', but I think your unicorn just ate your teddy-bear. Just saying..."

I have no idea what this means Leon, so if it was another insult it missed the mark.

Let’s try something different. If you are as in touch with this OV group or as wise to the media conspiracy as you claim, I, for one, would welcome you to post an article outlining your theories and the facts you derive them from. I am always willing to learn so rather than insult, I say try to elucidate the masses as it is the only real way social change is made.

Wow! I can almost smell the desperation of the whole NPA gang in just this one post.

I guess you forgot about the time a little more than a week ago when he stepped between the angry lobster man and Anton at the debate?

Leon can you point us to the lies that she told in this particular report,it seems to me she was simply reporting on what happened in court.It also seems that this big putz had no idea what she was saying,because he never shut up long enough to even hear her.I have no respect for the MSM either but you should learn how to pick your battles,this was just another display of why the public has turned on you. that all you've got? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Robertson saved Anton from a lobster wielding nut bar. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. LOL OMG. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Robertson is really going down to defeat. That last comment confirms it. Buh bye!

That "angry lobster man" you speak of is Mayoral candidate Darrell Zimmerman and his pet Lobster "Heather".

Anyone who has ever been around the man knows he's harmless but uses interesting tactics to gain attention. I don't necessarily agree with them, but you have to admit he's certainly entertaining.

Paul; I am not going to chew your food for you; I am not your mommy. I am also not gonna wipe your ass for you either; I am not Max. Niether will I taser your nads - as I am not rf.

If you have not learned about the most important global crisis of our lifetime on your own by now, let me suggest that anyone who attempts to personally tutor you is running a fool's errand.

Perhaps you have not been profoundly motivated to learn because you think that Vancouver/Canada is different from Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, France, America, Iceland, Argentina, et al. Maybe you think that because the TSX seems stable, real estate values are historically excellent, and interest rates are at all-time lows that in Canada we need not trouble our affluent, latte addled heads with the economic tsunami destroying whole nations in realtime. And maybe you don't even see a connection between what I am touching upon and local leadership scandals, local public fiduciary scandals, and the media dynamics that have played a key role in facilitating/exacerbating/shilling for these matters. It could also be that you see nothing troubling about gold quadrupling in value in a short amount of time, with oil headed towards $150 again, while the USD is at all-time lows against key currencies while the Loonie enjoys near-parity. And maybe you aren't aware that the mortgage crisis and the unemployment crises in the States (Canada's principal financial associate) are getting worse; potentially *wayyyy* worse.

Where would one even begin? I don't know what you know - if anything - about all of these issues that are related to #Occupy. I don't know if you ever read "Griftopia" or any of Michael Lewis's recent books. You probably never have even heard of G. Edward Griffin, Carroll Quigley or Dr. Byrne's multi-year/ongoing expose on deepcapturedotcom. You might think that the Arab Spring was a confluence of coincidences.

I guess my point, besides dropping hints for your own DD, is that you haven't given any indication at all that you understand anything about "what's going on" beyond what the MSM conveys. Show me that you have, meet me half way, and I will reciprocate with hard-earned details that you won't get from many other sources. I've been all the way through the spanking machine, and I'm still standing.

I just like the guy in the back eating cake... LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!!!


Of course, as a "higher purpose" person, you would say that everyone but you is wrong.

Thank god we have Occupy supporters like yourself here to instruct the rest of us 99%! What next, a "re-education" program a la the Cultural Revolution?

Nice to see you taking the high road.

Was the cake supplied by the CAW or CUPE? Or maybe he was eating free CUPEcakes? Ha ha.

I agree.

Darryl is a lovely guy, really cares about the city and his family. He is bi-polar (and discussed it with Charlie Smith on a YouTube interview by the Straight, so I'm not telling you anything about a med condition he wouldn't want you to know,) and when on his meds, is one of THE most articulate, insighful and humourous guys you could ever hope to meet.

I've met him personally a few times, and share his frustration on many issues facing this city.

Leon,I imagine you would agree that outside influence in our governments is the real problem,if so you should rail against them in this election and what happened to get us to the point we are at now. Funding of campaigns and select NGOs is the smoking gun.

They wouldn't let me photograph either. The fact that they confront everybody, makes one wonder exactly who they represent. Certainly not the other protesters who wanted to use that public space. Kinda act like elitists; "one percent?"

Where did I say that I am the only one right? Show me and I will retract it.

I have been fortunate enough to have learned from much smarter people than myself, and I am in frequent communication with innumerable people who I consider "right" or on the right track; just not many here. Add to that what I have experienced first hand within the scope of my career for the last quarter century and what I have endeavored to exhaustively research.

What specifically that I have alluded to do you disagree with? Are you a "Canada is different" zombie?

Leon, if you would quiz the residents of the VAG about the long list of challenges you have pointed out here... how many of them could explain them in an intelligent fashion beyond 'capitalism sucks'.

The OccupyVancouver group is an insult to those who truly care about society and its future. Their tactics and ranting is doing more harm than good. Nobody is listening and unfortunately, that was also the problem in the first place - so consider the opportunity lost - time to go home.

Tell us what you know.

Tell us who is RIGHT.

LOL Leon, when you start throwing around "mainstream media" as an epithet you just come across as a crazed Leftie version of some deep thinker like Sarah Palin. Why not say lamestream media just to expose how close the Occutards are to the Teabaggers.
Oh yeah, is the Sacred TV you talk about like the Sacred 1st Nations garbage can fire?

"The OccupyVancouver group is an insult to those who truly care about society and its future. Their tactics and ranting is doing more harm than good."

That's all you see because that is all you are shown; and obviously you have done precious little to augment the propaganda you have swallowed and bought into. Further, you also may be judging "them" and "their movement" because you don't understand yet how it is also your movement, too - despite your willfully ignorant complicity.

Go ahead and judge them all you want. Go ahead and placate yourself by saying that they don't meet whatever criteria for worthiness or legitimacy you care to ascribe. But when the monsters they so crudely and ineptly decry darken your own doorstep, you'll have much keener understanding - and corresponding empathy for once. The problem is that it will be too late.

There are myriad problems; many that are so complex as to be almost impossible to succinctly articulate. And others that are so well hidden that they are barely being discovered/understood years after the perps have left the crime scene. There are also others that are ongoing and they benefit individuals that are active leaders/decision-makers. Gman - there are *many* species of lethal issues that have piled up in such an unprecedented way that no one understands how it will all play out. You are getting warm with your suggestion, though. Follow that thinking...

Leon, pick one and explain one in english - minus the catch words. Try us. Then explain how sitting in a tent yelling is going to fix it. Let's hear a solution that is doable while you are at it.

The USSR did not fall because of people sitting in a tent, the Berlin Wall did not fall because people were yelling at TV cameras.

Let's hear it. Micheal Moore explains it very well, so it is indeed possible.

Leon ,I know what you know,and much of the material you referanced to in your post to paul,that I have put many links to on this blog and I must say the only person who mocked me was Chris Keam.People are caught up in the left right paradigm and blindly follow it,Im sure your familiar with the famous quote "we will give them two parties then when their fed up with one they can vote the rascals out." Many people here are aware of the things you speak of but instead of planting a seed you attack and that does nothing for the cause.In New York they have managed to stay true to their message and have kicked out Acorn and for lack of a better lable ,the marxists.But OV has been taken over by every selfish cause that comes down the pike.Im pissed about that, I was excited when this all started finally it seemed there was a real awakaning,but I was wrong and thats why I think the tents should go and the protesters should come back every day with a clear message,all that has come of OV so far is to alianate the public who is stuck with the bill.

Gman; you make solid points, many of which I agree with. I will elaborate more later...

The last thing I am going to add is that I love Capitalism, and believe it to be almost organic when it is practiced conscientiously and with reasonable regulation. It's in my blood so much that I have built a career around international finance for 25 years. I have also worked in Politcs and within the Media (I was recently a principal of a media company, divested, and will be again next year) because of their inextricable intersections. And all of that time I remained a voracious student of my industry and its history. Some of us can learn from each other, and some of us cannot. I do not suffer willful ignorance well, nor do I fall for sophistry.



"I must say the only person who mocked me was Chris Keam"

Certainly you're no stranger to leveling a cutting jibe at those who you find ridiculous G-man, so I don't feel like you've been treated any worse than the people you like to criticize. As for my own comments, I believe they were in response to one of your pet theories regarding dastardly world government conspiracies and such-like. Since I haven't seen too many politicians willing to hand over the keys to their kingdom of late, such talk is a bit ridiculous to me.

That clip was quite funny actually. You could see how Mi Jung was a bit rattled, it's not everyday she's challenged live on the air.

I'm not quite sure though what lessons Gregor is supposed to learn from. How to keep talking while others are talking behind you?

What I would like to see before this thing is torn down is OV invite the local media into a tent and have a real conversation about the issues instead of standing behind them yelling.No matter what peoples opinions are this is a world wide movement and there are many noble causes involved,but instead what we see is guys like this guy screaming.As much as they rail against the media it is the only way they can get their message out and I think their doeing all of us a great disservice by trying to keep the media out.And I would also commend Lee on the way she handled what was a threatening situation,its hard enough to deal with something like that when your face to face,but when their standing behind you it is much more threatening.

"As much as they rail against the media it is the only way they can get their message out and I think their doeing all of us a great disservice by trying to keep the media out"

I hung out there for about 15-30 minutes yesterday to see with my own eyes what was going on. There were a number of reporters on site interviewing people. In addition, during a small discussion some of the OV protestors were having, one of them was using a laptop with a wireless feed to broadcast the proceedings.

It's not useful to choose an isolated incident or one individual as representative of the whole, esp. when a variety of interests and issues are of concern to the various individuals participating.

Really Chris,we now have the EU the north american union the SPP,africom,oceana,the recolonization of north africa the Vatican calling for a world bank, Rockefeller at the CFR saying the world would be much better off controlled by bankers and thanking the MSM for their help,that we couldnt have done it without them,Brzezinski at the CFR meeting in Canada noticeably shaken saying they have to hurry because there is an awakening amongst the people.Chris you are either willfully ignorant or a shill.Every time you comment you try to change the subject,just like today challenging some unimportant numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with the point being made,I guess you must have taken some fancy debating course but to me it only shows how weak your arguments are.But Chris you think Im the crazy one,I beg to differ.

",just like today challenging some unimportant numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with the point being made"

Unimportant? You're the one saying the media is crucial, and now you tell me an exaggeration in the number of viewers who might be watching is unimportant?

"you think Im the crazy one,I beg to differ."

Actually, I didn't say that, but if you want to join the Chris is crazy fan club you'll have plenty of company.

You are right gman:

That is why many attended a media training class hosted by Suzuki 2 weekends ago.

I guess alienating the press got lost on them.

Chris your doeing it again and its sad that you dont even know you are.

Thanks Max,for them to even allow a 1%er like the anti humanist suzuki to speak,a man who acquired his wealth from the public purse is most disturbing.And its not that I think he shouldnt have a voice but he is everything the movement should be against,a shill and an opportunist is what I see him as.And did I say hypocrite,because I think he is the worst?

Defend your position with a well-reasoned argument G-man and stop whingeing that your contradictory statements don't go unremarked.


Suzuki has spoken at the Occupy camp once or twice.

Thats right Max and he railed against everything that made him what he is,unfortunately I think he has turned himself into nothing but a propagandist and it makes me sad because I really enjoyed his early programs.He has gone from a purveyor of truth and science to a purveyor of propaganda.Thats my opinion only and I wish it wasnt so,but I cant see it any other way.

I wonder if he showed up 'voluntarily' or if it was a paid gig.

Chris it was more of a statement than an argument,although I know you like to argue in a very circular way.I post comments honestly and openly about the way I see things right or wrong,and when on further thought if I feel that my comment was made in haste without enough thought I post a retraction and am not embarrassed to do it, but you seem to want to argue about semantics rather than the subject.

Max LOL,I dont think he has ever done anything if there is no payoff involved.


Happy to discuss the topic. You're the one with a keen interest in my behaviour. Nobody else is. But when you criticize me, I'm going to rebut. It's that simple. If you want to discuss Occupy Vancouver, stop discussing me. You'll get a standing O for that I'll bet.



Nice try Chris but again you have not approached a subject.Ive stated how I feel about many subjects and you have never addressed any of them,only obfuscation,it seems you are a difficult person to have a conversation with and life is very short.

Sigh. sure, whatever.

Ask me a question and I will give you an answer its just that simple.

I'm not really interested g-man. Thanks for the offer.

That figures from a man with no substance.

"It's in my blood so much that I have built a career around international finance for 25 years."

-selling hot dogs outside a bank does not count as a career 'around international finance.' Explain what your so-called career in international finance was. Lending $40 to a microfinance company in India doesn't count either.

"If you have not learned about the most important global crisis of our lifetime on your own by now"

-wait a second.....I thought global warming was the most important crisis?
Did it change again?

"Did it change again?"

You need to be changed again.

I see the BCTF and BC Federation of Labor have each donated $1,000 to the occupy camp.

Thought the BCTF was short of cash....

rf,I was out in the valley yesterday and I had to scrape the global warming off my windows about three times.

“I am not going to chew your food for you; I am not your mommy.”

Leon, I’m not sure why you seem to have so much hostility or contempt for those seeking clarification on your points. From what I have read, you have never clearly articulated your theories and simply expect people to get them. I don’t know how you expect that to “change” anyone. Like it or not, social change, like the civil rights movement, required a tremendous amount of education and changing of people's perceptions – they actively did that and didn’t tell people to go away and figure it out for themselves. If that is your understating of how OV is and should work, it s doomed to continue failing as it has.

With respect to the authors you listed. I have read all of Michael Lewis’ (hooked me with Liar’s Poker) books as well as met the man in SF. He seemed to me to be all about keeping the message simple and getting to the masses and didn’t seem to have a “global conspiracy” sort of agenda. I was even able to email with the former head of Scion Capital which was interesting – take a read of his former website if you haven’t already as he has made public all the correspondence he sent to investors. I have heard/read one of the other two people you listed. I also tend to read books like “The End of Poverty” by Jeffery Sachs (think that is his name). He makes some good points on the some of the solutions in Africa but fails to mention his policies in places like Bolivia failed miserably. Doesn’t make the rest of what he wrote crap however. I have also entertained some wing nut books like “Confessions of an Economic hit man”. I think most of it is questionable but I am not simple enough to believe there isn’t some truth to richer nations influencing emerging economies to their benefit. You only need to look to the Bombardier/Embrar fights in the 90’s and early 2000 to know Canada isn’t perfect.

My point? I think it is people like me that OV needs to win over and the current crowd isn’t doing it. Hiding the message, telling people to “chew their own food” or convoluting the message with 10 other messages, won’t solve the problem. I completely agree the system needs some changes however, it is unfortunate the OV is spending or more precisely wasting some of the social capital needed to make that change.

LMAO...very funny!

Paul; out of respect for your thoughtful comment, I will respond similarly. I am in mtgs all day today, however, so it will be this evening or manana. Thanks.

"I see the BCTF and BC Federation of Labor have each donated $1,000 to the occupy camp.

Thought the BCTF was short of cash...."

This is the same BCTF that campaigned against the HST blowing a $2 billion hole in the provincial budget and then came to the bargaining table looking for huge increases in their salaries and benefits (including enhanced bereavement leave for the death of any of their good Facebook friends). It is no wonder our public school students graduate with such a low level of financial literacy.

Max,one thing the teachers have is plenty of time on their hands with all the PRO D days and not filling out report cards,that will be a sad day for my gran-daughter she always gets a nice shiny silver maple from me when she brings home a good one,sad really.It all seems to make what Charlotte Iserbyt has been saying not sound so crazy.

A quick observation on Robertson and leadership. When citizens engaged in the legitimate process of consultation before city council in opposition of STIR, our good Mayor dismissed them as f*****g NPA hacks. When the illegal squat was set up in violation of city by-laws, the Mayor, and pardon the expression, pissed down his pant leg, and now cowers behind the Fire Chief, city lawyers, judges and the abuses the justice process and throws countless civil servants under the bus. Seems there's bravado when he thinks the microphones are off but a bumbling coward when the political heat and the cameras are on.

Wasn't this the same thug that was arrested for choking the employee at the Vancouver Club the night of Cheney's book signing?

Check out!

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