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Our official list of endorsed candidates in Metro Vancouver is now online!

It's all come down to this. We're only a couple of days away from the civic elections in Metro Vancouver and a projected 28% of you (or less) will be heading to the polls on Saturday.

After three years of one of the most partisan government's we've witnessed in Vancouver's history, Mayor Gregor Robertson is asking you to reward him with another massive majority government. In our opinion, that would be a huge mistake.

Ever since the lights went on here at Towers three years ago, we've made it our job to hold Vision Vancouver's feet to the fire. Elected with a 10-1 majority, it was clear that without any external scrutiny, Mayor Gregor would simply be able to run City Hall like his own fiefdom.

Here is the Vancouver Courier's Mark Hasiuk had to say about in his most recent column:

Following the 2008 civic election, which nearly wiped out the NPA, Mike Klassen, alongside fellow former NPA operative Daniel Fontaine, launched a website ( aimed at Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver. And it worked. Through FOI requests and breaking stories, CityCaucus helped fuel the media narrative, raise Klassen's profile and damage the Robertson brand. Expect more hyper-partisan websites from wannabe city councillors inspired by CityCaucus success. And borrow grandma's mattress money. Klassen's a lock.

Over the years has been called many names including being referred to as "juvenile" and "mean-spirited" and even "personal". In fact, the further we exposed the current administration's mismanagement of key files, the louder the chorus of critics became. This blog has even been cited as the reason why one former NPA backroom operative jumped ship and joined the "new-age revolutionaries" he once openly criticized.

However, despite the criticisms, has steadily developed a very loyal audience of people who are truly engaged in municipal politics - not just at election time - but year round. We now have over 4000 followers on Twitter and have sent out over 20,000 tweets. We have over 1300 Facebook fans and an email subscription list well in excess of 1000 people - and growing. We've also written well over 2000 posts on every urban-related topic imaginable. And we shouldn't forget to mention that hundreds of thousands of people read every month in 24 Hours Vancouver!

In addition, our web traffic has steadily climbed over the years and I'm pleased to report that as of last Wednesday, we've had an amazing 4,674,306 page views since our launch back in '08. Through a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we've been able to grow the brand and help to make the most read civic affairs focused blog in Canada.

Vancouver voters will have a crucial decision to make on Saturday. Do they reward a civic administration that has called its opponents "effin NPA hacks"? Do they re-elect a Mayor who promised to end homelessness, then inserted the word "street" onto the promise after the fact? Do they put in office a group of politicians that have time and time again ignored the needs of neighbourhoods?

In the past week or so we spoke to several political watchers throughout Metro Vancouver. We asked them who they would be voting for and who should endorse. We also asked our readers to weigh in and let us know who they thought should get our support. We definitely had some excellent feedback and it helped to shape our official endorsement list.

And now for our much anticipated list...

In Vancouver, has decided to recommend the full NPA slate. However, based on the feedback we've received, we're actually going to recommend a total of 13 qualified candidates - who if they were to be elected - we believe would be good representatives on Vancouver City Council. This format acknowledges the fact that not all voters are comfortable voting for a full slate from a single party.

It should be noted that we have not endorsed anyone from COPE or Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV). However, if COPE's outspoken Tim Louis were elected, he most certainly would keep Gregor Robertson's feet to the fire! For that alone, he deserves an honourable mention.

 Please note the following:

  • Not all cities in Metro Vancouver are included in this list.
  • In some cases, we have not recommended a full list of candidates. For example, there may be 8 positions open, but we are only recommending 4 candidates.
  • Where we could gather enough information, we've also included a list of school board endorsements.

Here is our official list for Vancouver. Please print this out and bring it with you to the polls!


Council (10 to be elected/13 recommended candidates)

Suzanne Anton – Mayor

  • Elizabeth Ball (NPA)
  • Sean Bickerton (NPA)
  • Mike Klassen (NPA)
  • George Affleck (NPA)
  • Bill Yuen (NPA)
  • Adriane Carr (Green)
  • Frances Wong (NPA)
  • Tim Stevenson (Vision)
  • Bill McCreery (NPA)
  • Jason LaMarche (NPA)
  • Heather Deal (Vision)
  • Ken Charko (NPA)
  • Joe Carangi (NPA)

School Board

  • Fraser Ballantyne (NPA)
  • Ken Denike (NPA)
  • Sophia Woo (NPA)
  • Stacy Roberstson (NPA)
  • Sandy Sharma (NPA)
  • Ken Clement (Vision)
  • Patti Bacchus (Vision)

Park Board

(7 to be elected - recommending 8 candidates)

  • Melissa DeGenova (NPA)
  • John Coupar (NPA)
  • Dave Pasin (NPA)
  • Jason Upton (NPA)
  • Gabby Kablaw (NPA)
  • Casey Crawford (NPA)
  • Stuart Mackinnon (Green)
  • Constance Barnes (Vision)

What follows is a recommended list of candidates for other Metro Vancouver cities. Be sure to get out on and vote on Saturday!



James Crosty – Mayor

  • Gavin Palmer (VOICE)
  • Suzan Wandell (VOICE)
  • Betty McIntosh (Ind)
  • Jonathan Cote (District Labour Council endorsed)
  • John Ashdown (VOICE)
  • David Noshad (VOICE)

School Board

  • Casey Cook (VOICE)
  • Jim Goring (VOICE)
  • Lisa Graham (VOICE)
  • MaryAnn Mortensen (VOICE)
  • David Phelan (District Labour Council endorsed)
  • Jonina Campbell (District Labour Council endorsed)
  • Brenda McEachern Keen (VOICE)


Derek Corrigan – Mayor (BCA)

  • Jim Favaro – TEAM Burnaby
  • Garth Evans – TEAM Burnaby
  • Pietro Calendino – BCA
  • Lee Rankin – TEAM Burnaby
  • Sav Dhaliwal – BCA
  • June Jeffries – TEAM Burnaby
  • Lotus Chung – TEAM Burnaby
  • Rich McGowan – Green Party


Richard Stewart - Mayor

(8 councillors to be elected - only 4 candidates endorsed)

  • Mae Reid
  • Linda Reimer
  • Lou Sekora
  • Neal Nicholson


Mike Clay - Mayor

  • Diana Dilworth
  • Dan Kirchner
  • Jason Hulbert
  • Nancy Owens
  • Robert Vagramov
  • Julie Whitworth



Dianne Watts - Mayor

  • Barinder Rasode (Surrey First)
  • Linda Hepner (Surrey First)
  • Tom Gill – (Surrey First)
  • Judy Higginbotham – (Independent)
  • Barbara Steele – (Surrey First)
  • Judy Villeneuve - (Surrey First)
  • Bob Bose – (Surrey Civic Coalition)
  • Bruce Hayne – (Surrey First)

School Board

  • Paul Hillsdon
  • Reni Masi
  • Pam Glass
  • Shawn Wilson



Mel Kositsky - Mayor

  • Charlie Fox
  • Bev Dornan
  • Grant Ward
  • Steve Ferguson
  • Dan Sheel
  • Misty van Popta
  • Michelle Sparrow
  • Bert Chen

School Board

  • Rod Ross
  • Alison McVeigh
  • Cecelia Reekie
  • Kari Medos
  • John McKendry



Peter Fassbender - Mayor

  • Rudy Storteboom
  • Teri James
  • Rosemary Wallace
  • Catfish Potesta
  • Ted Schaffer
  • David Humphries

School Board

  • Stacey Cody
  • Rob McFarlane



Michael Smith (acclaimed) - Mayor

  • Craig Cameron
  • Michael Evison
  • Mary Ann Booth
  • Trish Panz
  • Nora Gambioli
  • Bill Soprovich

School Board

  • Carolyn Broady
  • Cindy Dekker
  • Reema Faris
  • Jane Kellett
  • Dave Stevenson


Krista Engellend - Mayor

(6 councillors to be elected - only 3 endorsed)

  • Jeannie Kanakis
  • Bruce McDonald
  • Ian Paton



Malcolm Brodie - Mayor

  • Derek Dang (Richmond First)
  • Ken Johnston (Richmond First)
  • Bill McNulty (Richmond First)
  • Linda McPhail (Richmond First)
  • Peter Mitchell (Ind)
  • Cynthia Chen (Ind)
  • Alexa Loo (Ind)

School Board

  • Donna Sargaent (Richmond First)
  • Debbie Tablotney (Richmond First)
  • Grace Tsang (Richmond First)
  • Eric Yung (Richmond First)


Richard Walton - Mayor

(6 to be elected - only 2 endorsed candidates)

  • Doug Mackay-Dunn
  • Alan Nixon


Darryl Mussatto - Mayor

(6 to be elected - only one endorsed candidate)

  • Don Bell


Ernie Dayken - Mayor 

  • Claus Andrup
  • Ken Stewart
  • Cheryl Ashlie
  • Corisa Bell
  • Judy Dueck
  • Al Hogarth 


Deb Walters - Mayor

(6 councillors to be elected - 5 recommended)

  • Jan Elkerton
  • Bruce Bell
  • Gwen O'Connel
  • Mike Stark
  • Michael Hayes


Greg Moore - Mayor

Council (6 to be elected - only 3 candidates endorsed)

  • Darrell Penner
  • Mike Forrest
  • Sherry Carroll 


Daniel, you better fire your research department! John Becker is running against Deb Walters in Pitt Meadows and you've endorsed John in Maple Ridge.

Thanks so much for catching that. The candidate name should have been Ernie Dayken in Maple Ridge, not John Becker. As you can appreciate, lots of names in lots of communities. I've now made the correction.


For 3 years you've been writing about/bemoaning/complaining/call it what you will that Vision has a strangle hold on Council. That a massive Vision majority is not good for the City.

Yet you are now promoting the same thing. Am I surprised? Not one bit.

I want to thank you for the endorsement.
It was a most pleasant and welcome surprise.

When elected, rest assured, I will make sure we make decisions in the best interests of the Park Board and those it serves, not ideology.

We have much work to do, from ensuring Hastings Park is returned to Park Board governance to dog facilities to ecology matters, it's all within our mandate.

I want to wish everyone who put thier names forward for office well.


Dave Pasin
NPA park Board Candidate

Not sure why you would endorse any of the Vision incompetents running for council. They are a textbook example of inept politicians. Not to mention their hidden agendas thanks to where they get their money.

A simple Google shows that The Tides Foundation is behind the Occupy movement and this same Foundation is backing Vision. Which probably is the reason Vision is dithering on the Occupiers in Vancouver.

The whole crew have to to go from Moonbeam down.

For 3 years you've been writing about/bemoaning/complaining/call it what you will that I can't bring myself to support anyone else other than right of centre candidates. That this blog is merely an extension of the NPA. Yet you now remain silent on my endorsement of 2 Vision and one Green candidate - in addition to several labour endorsed candidates in other cities. Am I surprised? Not one bit.

Another carping comment from boohoo. Am I surprised? Not one little bit! In fact the day would hardly be complete without it!

At least this list provides party affiliation and doesn't pretend to be (or not be) non partisan. Unlike the firefighters full page effort in the Sun which, leaving "party names outside the door" poses as disinterested while endorsing the full Vision slate.

I very much agree with the nod toward Tim Louis. The fact that he doesn't appear on any interest group's list that I know of confirms that he will get my vote and with any luck torment whoever takes power.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Assuming you have them in order of approval (if not what order?), you have 8 NPA, 1 Vision, 1 Green. That is hardly any different than the current crop you so despise other than the label. But perhaps that's what matters to you? A vast majority on the 'right' is better than a vast majority on the 'left'? I though the vast majority itself was the problem but I guess not if it's your team.


"At least this list provides party affiliation and doesn't pretend to be (or not be) non partisan."

Like the 'Non-Partisan Association'? LOL.


I'm glad you got my little joke.

Boohoo: 2 Vision, 1 Green.

Tim Louis would hold Gregors feet to the fire all right but it would mean endless, endless council meetings with speaker lists that never get heard because Tim would be making his point.

Political theatre has its limits. Perhaps Tim could yell from the sidelines.

Extremely sorry to see you are recommending Constance Barnes for Park Board. I can't bring myself to vote for someone that voted to shut down the Bloedel Conservatory and the petting zoo.

I noticed in the earlier published list of attendees that received exclusive access to Olympic events that Constance Barnes also appeared to be present a great number of times. I guess its fine for some to hobnob with the cognoscenti at the taxpayers expense. Of course if someone can tell me what international connections a Parks Board member can influence and bring to the table at one of these soirees I'll gladly eat a piece of humble pie but until then...phfttt.

I'll not be voting for anyone who has allowed our parks, sports fields and boulevards to be a "meadow". Our city is starting to look distinctly unloved and uncared for.

But then again perhaps this is the vision of green that is espoused when the coffers are bled dry with dubious renovations at city hall offices and "jobs for the boys" .

I'm really surprised that you endorsed Klassen with his ads all over the site and everything. Is this a paid endorsement? A fair question.

Interesting that your list for Port Moody, is the exact same list of candidates endorsed by the Firefighters of Port Moody.
Bias anyone?
Just remember, you are dragging through the mud and trivialising in your unapologetic bias, the very same thing people in other countries give their lives to obtain---DEMOCRACY!

Vancouver - I will be throwing Elizabeth Murphy from the NSV into my vote mix.

NOT John Coupar one of the NPA star Park's Board candidates??? Surely an error!

He will set the City on fire with his civic efforts. Must be a mistake.

Thank you for your endorsement.

When elected I look forward to continuing to work on improving the planning process so that it works for neighbourhoods and developers alike, and to creating affordable housing without using taxpayer's money as the Vision Vancouver STIR on steroids tax giveaway will do.

As you can appreciate, this list was a LOT of information to pull together in a short period of time. Stayed up late putting the finishing touches most of our editing staff have been let go due to budget cuts!

John Coupar would make an excellent Park Board Commissioner and the list should have included him from the outset. I must say, our readers do have sharp eyes. Good catch.


In New West, Wright has run a low-key but positive campaign on his successful record as Mayor; Crosty has run a campaign that varied from vindictive to passive aggressive, half accusing everyone of being against him while claiming support from groups who did not support him. His on-line presence has been grammatically hapless, he has lied about everything from taxes to writing lines for Gordon Wilson, he was caught plagiarizing responses to citizen surveys from Wikipedia, and the only ideas he has presented are a vague support for the Arts while promising to stop all tax increases, with no plan to do either. Oh, and he wants to build a billion-dollar freeway tunnel through New West that makes the Gateway Project look like a garden path. I don’t know how anyone can support such a divisive, loud, dishonest, unpleasant, - Wait, this is City Caucus?

Never mind.

This is Mike Klassen's site. Not surprising he endorsed himself.


"We’ve already hinted on Twitter that no slate will be recommended in its entirety. That’s because it doesn't serve democracy well when a mayor looks out into the chamber and only sees members of his own caucus. One need only look at what a 10-1 Vision Vancouver majority has done to City Hall over the last three years to get a sense of what we mean." (from your previous post at

"In Vancouver, has decided to recommend the full NPA slate."

interesting shift. why the change of heart on majorities not serving democracy?

Don't agree with everyone on the list but thanks for pulling it all together.

Hey there, here's something I just posted on Fabula, following me filling out a Questionnaire posted on WERA's site.

Interesting results!
Have a look.

Glissando Remmy // Nov 17, 2011 at 4:55 pm

The Thought Of The Day

“The Amazing thing is that everyone on the political spectrum in Vancouver, think alike, or almost, with one exception… Vision Vancouver!”

Based on my own try at WERA’s Questionnaire, Vision did not pass the litmus test. It showed no thinking at all… in fact, they sucked!

Here’s my results:

COPE – 22%
GREEN – 22%
NPA – 20%
NSV – 22%
VV – 3%

Who knew? Hmmm…

Make whatever you want of this. It took me less than five min. to answer the 26 Qs.
The story it tells is simple, when everyone goes one direction… Vision goes the opposite, of course, based on their own, Hollyhock fetched agenda, catered to the likes of their 3 Percent-ers.

Want proof?

Apropos, did Andrea Reimer start the clip with “Ho Hey!”?
How Hillbilly of her…

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Wow I couldn't agree more. I came to the comments to write something similar but no need. This comment sums up what most in New Westminster have been suffering through this election.

According to latest Angus Ried more like 87% think protecting the environment is important while 62% think that the current major and council is doing a good job with the bike lanes.

You are not quite the 1% but keep busy and I'm sure you can make it! You live in Vancouver after all.

What are you saying Really?
Glissando posted the outcome of his WERA questionnaire. Nothing more nothing less.
BTW how did you like the 'Psst Mayor the mikes are on' clip?
What about your 67%? LOL
You are imagining things my man, am "Really" sorry for you!

Rod Mickelburgher over at the Mop and Pail has been tweeting all evening that his newspaper has endorsed his buddy Gregor. He was so excited, he could hardly contain himself.

Now Frances and Rod will be able to sleep better at night knowing that their golden boy has the Globe's endorsement. How special. Visionistas can stay home on saturday now that they've won this one.



Cambie Corridor plan. Do you support it?

If I was Mike Klassen, I wouldn't endorse me for council.

The silence is deafening hey Derek?

If you are interested in a balanced even handed perspective … This is a very good opinion piece.

But then again this is NPA land.

Boohoo, Mike (as well as the rest of the NPA team) has gone on record that the current Cambie Corridor plan might be good long term, but is going to dramatically hurt existing businesses because of transitional zoning. see here:

I'm not sure what the fairtaxcoalition is? I'll wait for Mike to answer.

Really = Richard. Sorry bud the stats thing gave you away.

Boohoo, the day before the election I'm sure Mike's got some other things to do.

What could be more important than answering a potential voters question? I posed the question a few days ago, he's replied to others since then.


If it's important who the little man might be behind any particular curtain, lead the way. Afraid to have a light shown on your identity?

LOL'ing at the double standard. Just pathetic.



Neither would I.

This whole website has been nothing more than a 3 year long election campaign for Mike.

I don't like either of the two main parties so this time around I'm voting for independents and COPE.

Well, I might take issue with the CC tactics, but ya gotta love the strategy.

Build your profile for a few years and when the time comes, run for office. The best part is the plausible deniability of being able to say that you were so frustrated by what you saw, simply commenting from the sidelines no longer felt like an option.

Get used to it. When does the 2014 campaign start? Next Monday?

Pretty obvious that the further CC gets from Vancouver the less it has to offer in terms of candidate endorsements. Mike Clay in Port Moody? Lou Sekora in Coquitlam? Really? I'd be intrigued to know the basis for endorsing those two (and others).

Sounds like a conspiracy theory,LOL.

My WERA had most at 7% and 11% for vision and 19% for NSV. None even close to 50%. Charko looks like the only NPA I will vote for (might be a BCC thing and some things he said bluntly).
This is were I faired 4% (if you saw past elections, this would be big) in an all candidate listed poll (rare the so-called scientific has npa,vision,other).
I had ample time to be convinced even directly to replaces 4 candidates on my plan. Council Votes to come:

I am outraged on how my voters are treated by press and late meetings especially in tax payed spaces (heard from some), including and not limited to myself.

Klassen didn't even say anything to wow me.

I am tired of people who see this as a career, such as Anton.

My career is arts and entertainment like comedy and illustration. This is a fight for the freedom to be those things.



FYI you should have hit me up for advertising when I announced seeking nomination signatures or filing. I announced almost a year ago on this site I think.


Of course you endorsed the NPA slate,this is an NPA site.What a joke,trying to look like an unbiased site,try some openness and honesty

Your Richmond is alright, but Brodie? Come on.


Unless I'm mistaken, the ad space on this site goes to whoever bids highest on the right keywords to get placement.

Which is why it's kind of amazing that Vision didn't make a play for those ad spots. The downside to the strategy is that they would be giving money to a site aligned with their rivals... and as with all ppc (pay per click) campaigns, the risk that your rivals encourage their supporters to click on the ad just so Vision had to pay, even though there's little to no chance they'd be swinging a voter to their side.

Still, for a deep-pocketed organization, there'd be some value to preventing the opposition from gaining exposure for their ads, and/or else making them outbid you to keep your ads off their site.

It might not have even cost a huge sum in all likelihood, esp if they ran a very short Adwords campaign, bidding progressively higher until their ads showed up on the site, or only outbidding when a hot topic is generating lots of views. In that way they would know how much the NPA was paying to secure those spots and getting exposure at high traffic times.

I just assumed CC blocked Vision and COPE from placing ads. I know I would have. In the private sector many websites block certain ads, to prevent competitors or objectionable content from showing up on your website. As Daniel has indicated this isn't the case, it seems like a strategic misstep on Vision's part IMO not to have at least tested the waters.

I have my giant list ready now and Ive looked at other peoples giant lists and it makes me think I would rather go to a ward system.Everybody talks about voter turnout and I think the reason might be that voters dont feel informed enough and dont have the time or inclination to get informed.I would say this system that I think has been in place since 1936 is the cause of slate voting.It would seem people would be more informed about what happens in their own area and it would be easier to hold their feet to the fire because they would be held responsible by their neighbors.

Boohoo, you don't want an answer from Mike, you want to cause a fight.

Thanks for telling me what I want Julia. Maybe you can guess what I want from you right now?


Are you threatening Julia?

Interesting interpretation Max.

How about we stay on topic and I'll wait for a response. Still time for Mike to respond and/or this blog as to the about face re: voting for the NPA slate.

I was surprized that there was so much overlap between the CityCaucus list and who I voted for. Obviously I am not going to vote for mega development, casino supporter and bike lane opponent Anton. Perhaps she would be a better mayor than her campaign suggests, but based on the campaign she would be a disaster. But I actualy voted for five of the people on the council list!

If source of campaign financing is a reason not to vote for someone than I would not vote for the NPA and their backers. I am much more aligned with Tides and their values than I am with the people behind this verison of the NPA. But I am still voting (actually have voted) for several NPA candidates and I hope we get diverse representaiton on council.

LOL Chris Keam and I'm sure you were just as cynical about Linda Solomon and the Vancouver Observer's strategy.

Sorry you got your knickers in a twist about yout fellow Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition alumni getting outed here.

So Steven you have no problem with Americans influencing our municipal elections and provincial development.I find that obscene.I think we are very capable of making our own decisions and there is something very wrong with your position. Have you not looked at any of Vivian Krauses investigation and can you honestly say you dont have at least a small sense of whats wrong with this situation?

Ah brilliant, I don't visit the Vancouver Observer site but rarely, so I couldn't comment on what ads are displayed there. By all means expand on your comments. Web marketing is a fascinating topic and one I love to talk about.

On your second point, the fact remains, if it's important who's behind a pseudonym to you, there's no way you can post under anything but your own name and have a shred of credibility.

Don't have to be 'brilliant' to figure that out.



After an over the top negative campaign the NPA displayed this past month (aided by their bagman Rob Macdonld and given a free ride by the one sided reporting of the various Postmedia rags), I really thought it might be a closer than expected result for Gregor … but then beyond all hopes it all ended picture perfect today with a man in a chicken suit standing beside Anton in her last media event. – perfect perfect perfect…

Tomorrow night I believe the results will be…. Drum roll please…

Mayor – Gregor, by at least 25 points

Council – 5 Vision, 2 COPE, Sandy, Adrian, and maybe one NPA (most likely Sean, who should actually be running as an independent anyways).

Any takers, eh?

Well, shame in the end you can talk the talk about serving democracy but when push comes to shove you don't walk the walk.

I'm off to vote!

Just notice two names that IMHO are missing from your list!

In West Vancouver, I hope Christine Banham will win. A very impressive lady; and in Coquitlam, I'm told Selina Robinson is a very good candidate.


You may need to look back at pictures & TIDES/Renewal/Endswell


As you refused to answer... well, you've not left me with any options.

Safety first, and for all.

Your question was so ridiculous it deserved no answer. Besides, you regularly fail to reply to mine so...

Check out!

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