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 ballotbox.jpg Next Saturday thousands of voters will be marking their ballots in Metro Vancouver

In one week from today about 30% of eligible voters will be heading to the polls. For most residents living in Metro Vancouver, they’ll wake up the morning after Election Day and find their city government looks a lot like it did the day before. In a few communities, there is a higher chance for renewal. is in the midst of consulting with a number of key political watchers in Metro Vancouver to come up with our list of endorsed candidates. It will be a simple and easy to read guide you can print out and bring with you to the polls.

We’ve already hinted on Twitter that no slate will be recommended in its entirety. That’s because it doesn't serve democracy well when a mayor looks out into the chamber and only sees members of his own caucus. One need only look at what a 10-1 Vision Vancouver majority has done to City Hall over the last three years to get a sense of what we mean.

Before we announce our recommended list of candidates, it is only fitting that we ask you, our readers, to weigh in with your thoughts prior to us making our final decision. If you live in Metro Vancouver and would like to provide us with some feedback on who we should select, now is your chance!

The only caveat is we would like you to provide a brief description as to why you recommended the list you did. However, if you simply want to give us a list of politicians and the community they are running in, we’re okay with that too.

So now is your chance to have your say. Please leave us a comment with your list of candidates prior to Tuesday at 8 pm. Thanks for your feedback!

NOTE: The official candidates guide will be unveiled on Thursday. Be sure to check back here and print off the list to take with you to the polls!

- Post by Daniel Fontaine, Editor


Gregor Robertson-Mayor- because he is not half the flip flopper Anton is. Also not a total opportunist (doubt you'll put him in the slate :)

Heather Deal, Vision Vancouver- a positive voice for the arts
Kerry Jang, Vision Vancouver-good work in dtes
Geoff Meggs, Vision Vancouver-Smart cookie
Andrea Reimer, Vision Vancouver-realist
Tim Stevenson, Vision Vancouver-good voice for westend
Elizabeth Ball-great former councillor
Sean Bickerton, NPA-like his pitch
Mike Klassen, NPA-clearly committed to Vancouver
Ellen Woodsworth, COPE- a voice for those who don't have a representative

As far as Park board goes I like Vision's Aaron Jasper as well the NPA's John Coupar.

School board, undecided



If you are at all interested in the issue of jobs, the opportunity to work where you live and an economically sustainable city...

ALM, Kelly - Ind
CARR, Adriane - Green
DHARNI, Michael Singh - Ind
ORSER, Rick - Ind
WONG, Francis - NPA

I see that Suzanne Anton, Sean Bickerton, Mike Klassen and Jason Lanarche have signed on to the CFIB tax pledge - that is also encouraging.

"I see that Suzanne Anton, Sean Bickerton, Mike Klassen and Jason Lanarche have signed on to the CFIB tax pledge - that is also encouraging"

Unless you pay taxes as a resident property owner, and don't want business property taxes offloaded to residential properties, as the Canadian Federation of Independent Business is promoting.

JeffL: 'Offloading'...perhap you might like to educate yourself before making such a statement.

Business pays 4.3 time the rate of residential per $1,000 in tax. Translated that means they pay $2.42 for every $1 they consume.

It will take 15 years of 1% shifts to get Vancouver in line with regional averages of 3.5:1

If you would like to learn more -

With ads for candidates all over your site, it really is not appropriate to endorse candidates. Definitely a conflict of interest. It would be more of an adorcement.


Offloading: Shifting, redistributing, unburdening, if those are better words.

Not a value judgement. Just a comment that one stakeholder's unloading is another stakeholder's loading.

Reducing spend would benefit both parties (as long as they both accepted the reduced service level). Shifting spend is different, it only directly benefits one party. So a Fair tax movement for business can be seen as an Unfair tax movement for homeowners.

Feel free to remind me that high taxes discourage businesses. They discourage residents too.

Reducing spending- I think we can all agree on that one. Wonder why the 2009 Vancouver Services Review has been pretty much under lock and key and a citizen had to spend 2 years with FOI to obtain a Redacted copy.

Feel free to not visit this site if it truly bothers you.

One positive that will come from this election - a mix of candidates which puts a halt to the 'block' voting we have endured with a Vision dominated council.

Better for the citizens.

Anton only choice as alternate for Robertson others lack experince should run for council first (I believe you must council experience before running for Mayor

Affleck good back ground

Klassen has good understanding of how City Hall should work.

Charko good understanding of business

Elizabeth Murray I viewed her videos she is a very bright woman with expertice housing industry.

Tang engineer to keep tabs on engineering and plannin dept

Yeun experience in many areas plus

Longshot Buday this guy is no dummy a BC Conservative but his comments may seem a little strange at first

Corrigan although I do not like this NDPer there is no opposition just dreamers should run for council first

Akvenich differ wiew need change on council


Merlo I like this woman's she know what is wrong on council not just Burnaby

Rankin experience in different areas of the City of Burnaby

Longshot 70 - 1 as Mayor Gung

When Vision receives the majority of it donations from Cupe 1004 or Cupe 15. A total in which other parties indepandants cannot compete. I will vote the opposite of Vision. It is shameful when the Cupe 1004 President Mike Jackson would not endorse a female union worker that wanted to run as an indepandent for the school board in New West. I do live in New West and will be voting for her. How shameful is a union when it does not support blue collar workers, only white collar politicians.

Karl like you, Voting against Vision candidates, not happy with the Casino not just because it did pass but how it passed,there should been a proper referendum of Vancouver residents like 600,000 + not 35,000 minority individuals in a group! I want restrictions on offshore buyers and speculators

The Thought of The Evening

"Some people are more conflicted than others."

the moment I finished reading your 'endorsement list', three thoughts came to mind (considering that the council majority is still formed by Vision + COPE -the usual crumbs from VV's table - LOL!)
1 - You must be 'married' to one
2 - They made you get 'married' to one
3 - You hope to be 'married' to one

Either way, your endorsement of VV-COPE is laughable, considering their performance in office.

As for Gregor Robber-son being the natural choice for a Non Opportunist?
One word... or more:
Your MLA Juice Boy, forced a costly Faireview by-election to the tune of $800,000 hard earned taxpayer monies. And for what?
To change jobs, mid term, from a Backbencher MLA Nobody to a Nobody's Mayor.
And that was only the beginning!
Add a bit of Riot, sprinkle some new expensive 'hires', mix in some interior decoration monies, don't forget to add some party spirits... preferably Irish whiskey, then when no one is loooking... Occupy Vancouver!

Next time when I want to let someone rip me off I'll go to Jamaica, Dan...

Let them nice girls... steal my money instead! :D

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Was just purusing AGT's site and noted he is endorsing Suzanne Anton as well as many other NPA candidates.

I know he has spoken highly of some NPA'ers, but never expected the Anton thumbs up.

Check out!

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