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Global TV reports on Happy Planet Juice jobs leaving Vancouver

Last week Bob Mackin over at the Courier broke a very interesting story about how Mayor Gregor Robertson's Happy Planet Juice company had moved out of Vancouver. Last Friday's plane crash at Vancouver international airport may have bumped the story off the front pages, but you can expect it to come up again on the campaign trail.

I must admit that I openly laughed when I heard Mayor Gregor's spin regarding Happy Planet's move to Burnaby. Rather than just admit the loss of jobs was unfortunate and he'd do everything to repatriate HPJ back to his city, Robertson told Global TV's Jennifer Palma:

My focus for economic development is for the whole Metro Vancouver area.

Really now? I'm not sure which Vision Vancouver staffer drafted up that talking point, but it's rather lame if you ask me.

I never knew the current Mayor of Vancouver's saw it as his job to create jobs in Belcarra and Surrey. I'm sure that their economic development commissions must be thrilled to hear Robertson talking about how his number one priority is to create jobs in their city.

I've been talking about the need for a regional economic strategy for years now, so perhaps I should be thrilled to see that Robertson has finally bought into that vision. However, I think he's more interested in putting this story to bed before the election than he is about creating new jobs in Burnaby.

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