BREAKING NEWS: COPE's David "carbon" Cadman dumped by party

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davidcadman.jpgCOPE stabbed their veteran councillor in the back today. He's now out of politics

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If you felt the earth move beneath your feet a couple of hours ago, it likely wasn't an earthquake. However, what did happen at the COPE nomination this afternoon did register an 8.0 on the poltical Richter scale.

After years of dedication and service to his party, COPE's David Cadman was stabbed in the back by his own membership. In a vote that could not be misinterpreted, former COPE councillor Tim Louis, Ellen Woodsworth and rookie RJ Aquino successfully won the right to be on the ballot this fall.

David Cadman is now considered a lame duck politician. He will serve out the rest of this term then fade off into the political sunset. Or will he? This story is we've posted this for now with more to come this evening.

Here is an excerpt from the Georgia Straight article on this subject which was just posted online:

The three city council candidates were selected out of six nominees at a COPE meeting in Vancouver today (September 18). Out of a total of 615 ballots cast, Woodsworth drew the most support, with 534 votes. Louis garnered 345 votes, while Aquino won 316. Cadman came in just behind Aquino with 309 votes.

Cadman said following the vote results that it's time for him to "say good-bye to politics".

"I think clearly R.J. and Tim did a good job of signing up members and that's just what happens in a democracy," he told the Straight.

An electoral agreement between COPE and Vision Vancouver allows COPE three city council spots on a common slate of candidates.

If anyone wants to weigh in on David "carbon" Cadman's political career, fire away! Stay tuned for updates throughout the evening. 

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