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WinGO: a video demo by Daniel

I guess I needed one more thing to add to my long list of responsibilities, because about 6 months ago I embarked on another new venture in addition to my full time job, writing a 24 Hours column, and running this blog. This time I decided I wanted to design a new game that both adults and kids could enjoy. It’s called WinGO and as of last Saturday it is now for sale at the App Store or iTunes for only .99 cents.

The basic concept of the game itself is pretty easy to understand. If you like Soduko or Bingo, you’ll definitely like WinGO. The game is currently offered on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and only takes seconds to learn.

I’m obviously hoping that so many of our readers purchase it that it becomes the next “Angry Birds”! One can only hope as that game now averages over one million downloads a day now.wingologo.png

If you think getting an app designed and on to the market is easy…think again. There is a reason why it took me over six months to get WinGO fully operational and available on the App Store.

As someone who never ventured into the world of apps before, I didn’t know where to start. But I figured finding someone who had the programming knowledge would be a good first step.

After making a few inquiries within my network, I was referred to Port Coquitlam resident Mohammad Vaziri. We met for coffee back in January and I pitched him on the concept. He had never designed a commercial application before, but he was keen to try.

So after we settled on a fixed price for the project, we began our work. As I finalized my work on the basic rules and concept for WinGO, he worked on the programming and overall “look-and-feel.”

Luckily for me, Mohammad’s wife also happens to have a background in graphic design. That came in very handy as we began deciding what the game would actually look like on your iPhone.

After a lot of back and forth, I finally had a prototype. During the spring I then loaded up WinGo onto my wife’s iPad and brought it around to various parties we attended. In particular, I wanted feedback from our friends that currently worked as teachers.

The initial feedback I receive was extremely positive and everyone encouraged me to take it to the finish line. I was really thrilled that teachers told me they could use WinGO as an instructional tool in class to make playing with numbers a lot more fun.

After a few more weeks of fine tuning, Mohammad and I agreed that we had finally developed a product that was ready to submit for review. That meant I had to buy a developer package through Apple and submit the code to some unknown individuals who would ensure the game was ready for sale.

In less than a week I heard that WinGO Lite (the free, but limited version of the game) was approved as is and was available for download around the world. Not long after the full version of WinGO also went for sale.

I must admit it’s been a real learning experience for me venturing into the world of App development. It remains early days, but I’m also hoping to turn it into a profitable one as well! That’s why I’ll be advertising the game right here on

So for all of you who have said you would love to find a way to support but just didn’t know how, you now have a .99 cent option. I hope you will play the game and encourage your kids to do the same.

You can follow WinGO on Twitter @MyWinGO. You can also "like" WinGO on Facebook by clicking here

Ok, now back to urban politics and the burning issues of the day...

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Congratulations, Daniel. I have to admit I thought you were nuts to take on another project, but you've always been one to blaze a trail. As someone who has helped to create hundreds of user interfaces I must give you and your developers props for making a potentially complex game experience extremely simple and fun.

I recommend to readers that they give WinGO a go on their iPhones and iPads.


Congratulations. I will go buy it now! I would love to see us populate Vancouver with many more on-line connection points and layer augmented realities over the city. My kids are all adults but I will suggest this to them as well!

If adults want to waste their lives away with apps like this, fine. To bring it into the classroom and pitch this idea to teachers and push it onto kids it is gross. I want my kids to stay away from this 'technology' crap and instead get on with their childhood the way they should, as kids. They can always learn numbers the old way, by giving them a $5 bill and let them buy a cupcake. You can tell... not a fan. Good luck though.

Concerned mother you sound like you live in the stone ages. I think any kind of game that can get kids and adults hooked on arithmatic has my support. Way to go Daniel! I'm going to buy the game for my kids rather than buying them an abacus.

Your response to "Concerned mother" is plain stupid...'enthusiastic mother'. What is interesting though, is that you could have benefited a lot from learning how to write properly, the old fashion way, instead of being a graduate of the University of Thumb & Tweet... I am guessing!
It is 'Stone Age' and 'Arithmetic', Jane! So the joke's on you. According to you... 2+2=Free LOL!
A sucker is born every minute... and you are past that.

Incredible! I personally are unable to believe it is really already already been 10 yrs since the Sept. eleventh assaults. Tragic time within American heritage of which we all should never ignore about ever in your life.

I've long been an AT&T customer(first Cingular, then AT&T, then Cingular... yet now AT&T again) I've had contracts with both Verizon and Cingular, but due to some credit flaws and unemployment was forced to resort to pre-paid phones.

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