Geoff Meggs plays the field, but has to decide on whom he will serve

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Will Vancouver city council lose Geoff Meggs to provincial politics?

I'm about to hand down some advice to someone who may be a future colleague. I think Vision city councillor Geoff Meggs must make a decision as to whom he wishes to serve, and soon. Will he continue on the path toward November 19th as a Vision city councillor looking to be re-elected, or will he abandon civic politics for a chance at becoming a Vancouver-Fairview MLA?

I think many would agree that you're either a candidate for city council, or seeking the nomination for NDP MLA, but certainly not both.

Vision Vancouver has always been an experiment in political gymnastics. It is fundamentally an NDP farm team in "green" clothing, with a couple of Liberals on the payroll to fake us out. Note the line-up if you have any doubts.

George Chow & Raj Hundal are now both intending to run as NDP MLA candidates. Patti Bacchus was rumoured as an NDP candidate earlier this year. Heather Deal, Kerry Jang, Raymond Louie are all NDP stalwarts. Tim Stevenson is a former NDP MLA. And of course there's Gregor, once the NDP's Great White Hope before his awkward departure from their caucus.

I think it's great that we can all support one of Canada's (and B.C.'s) political parties. But voters might mistake the Happy Planet Extreme Green for what is really Orange Crush.

Why is Meggs talking publicly as he did on The Simi Sara Show this week about "being called every day" about seeking the MLA candidacy in Vancouver-Fairview, after ruling it out earlier in the summer? Perhaps Geoff is hedging his bets.

First, Vision Vancouver is polling at 37% and sinking. Despite Meggs current profile, he was near to the back of the pack in the 2008 election results, and faces the prospect of losing his seat if the NPA's prospects continue to climb. Meggs knows politics well enough to understand this.

Furthermore, it would appear the NDP is polling higher than Vision, making them much more palatable for Meggs. Geoff is one of NDP leader Adrian Dix's closest allies, and would be a shoo-in for a top cabinet post. Meggs' wife Jan is also a top BC NDP apparatchik.

However, I think Geoff's lack of certainty about civic politics is perhaps more simple. Maybe he's just bored of being the Mayor's garbage man. For nearly three years we've watched Geoff jump in front of TV cameras and talk show microphones in order to play block for a quarterback with a glass jaw.

Saving Gregor Robertson's backside while the Mayor gets all the credit and double the pay would eventually wear down even the most loyal political soldier.

In my opinion that's no excuse to dither on whether he should be an MLA or a city councillor, and I think Vancouver voters deserve to know. It's my hope that we all know before the Labour Day weekend whether Geoff Meggs is in or out of Vancouver city politics.

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Let's see what the morning brings. If Christie win's the HST vote in a landslide it's election time and you'll see pols throughout the province jumping around like monkeys in a banana grove.

Meggs serves the BC Fed.

And the BC Fed is the BC NDP.

Hoary old socialists still thinking they have a better economic model.

Seems like a pretty big 'If' but I guess we will know soon. How will a fall provincial election impact the municipal elections? I do think Mike is asking a fair question.


Is this part of your platform? Shouldn't you be more concerned about getting your message out than your opponents? I don't know what the point of this post is.

The Thought of The Day

"Meggs is putting Babushka's Blistered Eggs aka Grinch's Christmas Tree Ornaments aka Barbarossa's Painless Steel Balls aka Frida Kahlo's Cojones, in many baskets. As per fatherly Joel Solomon would say... he tries to 'diversify his Port-a-Fool-You'. Sure thing Geoff..."

IMHO he is going to get them either 'Scrambled' OR 'Easy on White' OR 'Hard Boiled' OR my personal favorite 'On the Tip of My Right Foot Hiking Boot'.

There is no decent politician dead or alive that I know of. Just another hunter in Open Season for Vote Racketeering.
He is interviewing for the same job type on the premise that if he put a horrible spectacle of himself, while on the present job, we couldn't possibly get anyone better than him to continue with doing just that!

Now it is the time for powerful messaging, for well crafted euphemisms and subliminal storytelling. How are they going to attack this angle... I don't know, considering that their starlet the VSB Kurt has turned impartial and totally committed to a life time of Ice Cream truck driving around Vancouver school grounds.

As for Geoff being BC NDP...Fed, I dunno. As a Councillor...was it nutritious enough? Probably not. Maybe he wants more. Mooooore?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

I wonder how good Comrade Meggs felt about running in Vancouver-Fairview when he saw the 52% vote in favour of the HST?

"he tries to 'diversify his Port-a-Fool-You'" LMAO
Glissy, you never fail to deliver...

@ glissy:

'How U doin'.....:)

While you would think that the No side's victory might give Meggs pause, I suspect the outright rejection of the HST indicates a vulnerability for the BC Liberals and Meggs might sense a chance to recover Gregor's old seat.

Boy oh boy...
I think this about says it all Glissando!
'As for Geoff being BC NDP...Fed, I dunno. As a Councillor...was it nutritious enough? Probably not. Maybe he wants more. Mooooore? '

and the clip is Puuuurfect!(Question: how do you call the pig feed?...)

@West End Gal:

Hey, I take offense!

Pigs are smart....:)

I think Meggs envisions himself as another Jack Layton - NOT

I don't doubt that it showed Liberal vulnerability. I would speculate that Geoff thought Fairview would be a slam dunk. Now, not so much.

The overall results seemed very ironic. Those who pay the most HST were the ones who voted to keep it.

Those who can't afford new houses, restaurant meals and $200 haircuts voted against it. And they now get cheques for $75 instead of $230!

Except for Richmond, which strangely voted against it overwhelmingly. Personally, I believe Richmond voted against it because there are few jurisdictions that pay less income tax. Richmond is flush with wealthy, cash rich, immigrants. They do not pay income taxes here. The only way we get tax out of them is through a value-added tax like the HST. When you come to Canada with a briefcase full of cash and build a new house, the HST was one of the few taxes you pay. Now we get next to nothing......except for health care bills for mom and dad once they are here for 10 years.

So I guess it makes perfect sense that Richmond voted against it...

You can't make this stuff up.

I can't help but think the wording of the question created enough confusion that voting Yes was perceived as wanting to retain the tax.

The question was absolutely counter-intuitive.

Check out!

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