Patti Bacchus must step down as Vision hack hire investigated

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Vancouver School Board Chair under fire for controversial hire

The appointment of Kurt Heinrich to the role of a communications officer with the Vancouver School Board is yet another example of how Vision Trustees can bungle an open job competition. Last week it was announced by Superintendent Steve Cardwell through the Vancouver Courier, that he and Patti Bacchus and other senior management unanimously found Kurt to be the best candidate out of 15 applicants.

Certainly this has raised a number of questions for me:

  1. Was in fact VSB Chair Patti Bacchus on the shortlisting committee?
  2. Was Patti Bacchus also on the interviewing committee?

The public needs answers to these questions primarily because as a retired human resources manager I must say, ANY Trustee on any of these competitions is highly unusual and just not the norm. In my experience over five years I've never seen a Chair of a School Board sit on a low level hiring committee, let alone any Trustee.

Patti Bacchus needs to come clean on her participation in this process immediately. If she was involved, look out, as this then becomes a grotesque example of "conflict of interest". There must be a review as to the level of her involvement in this process.

During this review process that I propose, Patti Bacchus MUST step down in her role as VSB Chair and relinquish those responsibilities to the Vice-Chair.

Minister of Education George Abbott needs to follow up on this issue, and appoint last year's Comptroller General Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland to investigate. It was only last spring that the CG identified that this Vision-dominated board needed training in conflict of interest situations, and that it was a very serious issue that could call for the removal of a Trustee if found guilty of inappropriate political interference.

The hiring of Vision political operative with questionable qualifications for the job of a senior public relations representative smells of interference at the highest level. The public deserves to have the confidence in the decisions of the Vancouver School Board, and that cannot happen until the clouds around this political appointment clear.

Editor's Note: The Courier is reporting today that Heinrich has removed a number of the partisan political tweets from his Twitter account. Thankfully, the media have kept copies!

- Post by Fraser Ballantyne. Fraser is running as a School Board Trustee with the Vancouver NPA. If you're an elected official or candidate seeking a nomination and want to write about urban issues, please send your 450-500 word submission to


The Thought of The Day

"When it comes to Patti Bacchus, if someone would really take the time and put the effort and skillfully scrap down her girlish make up,all they'd find underneath would be... Michael Jackson. I keep telling you people,it's a Thriller all right!"

Vision Vancouver is operating on a larger and deeper scale that any of the old fart,10 wives, 127 children Gurus from Bountiful, BC, would have ever dreamed of.

As long as they can get away with it, everybody is happy making cheese from scratch, or so they say.

15 applicants? Who knew? Now did they have to put this show for our benefit, Ms. Patti LaBoard?

And to the Damned 14 I have this to say to you. Let's get in touch.
You now know it, I now know it, they knew it! You never stand a chance.

I can only picture you at the moment you saw that 'add' in the paper, or the web, or a friend told you about it... later that night before going to sleep right after you hit the Send Button on your CL & CV addressed in confidence to VSB... I could only imagine you jumping up and down when you got the phone call that invited for an interview... you went on to start researching, find out more about VSB, your future Equal Importunity Employer, you''ll show them... oooooo, the Interview, the Holy Grail of Shattered Dreams... so that morning, you put on your best suit, dress, or friendly Lederhosen and went for it with all your heart...

...and you did well, they asked you tough questions say 'If today were a Municipal election and if Meeyor Gregor's name was on the ballot next to Vision Vancouver who would you vote for?'... and you nailed that one, I know it, cause you are an intelligent person... and they said to you that you were excellent, and they welcomed you on board, it was just going to be a mere formality to complete the interviewing of the rest of the applicants... and they told you they'd call you... and they never did, just like in Hollywood they never do when they say that to your face 'We'll call you!' where, and you'll have to know this, even the dogs have answering machines.

And you went to the beach, only thing... the weather sucked too!
Life's a bitch, eh?

If you want to get some sort of a consolation prize out of this, think of the ones VSB have fired to make space for the... new hires. And they were not even invited back to reapply, as if they were some sort of rabid dogs. And rest assured even the City manager went through something like this, oh wait, this doesn't sound right, wait, oh yeah I remember now...I guess it is good to be Ballem!

Your heart broken... This is the real story here, the story I want to follow.
Without knowing it, you were all Still Born Appplicants, on a HM VSB Titanic voyage.

So I'm asking:
What Aufoch's going on with this City? Is anyone awake apart from me and a few others? I say it's time to take this city back from the gamblers and the mumblers, from the hucksters and from the troglodytes, and bring it back up to the surface.
Till then...

we live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Patti you know you goofed up. Resign now and save us all the scandalous headlines. I want to focus on Rupert Murdoch again!

Glissy, I am speechless! You nailed the story fair and square. To the ground. This is storytelling them at its BEST!
Here is what BOTHERS ME, I left a comment twoo posts back as well. The total lack of accountability of these people in charge. The spit in my face thrown by this partizan prick, BY THE wAY this is from his Twitter account(did I read somewhere that the prick is deleting all Npa compromising tweets???)
Check this out:
@kurtgheinrich Vancouver, BC
Professional storyteller and blogger for the
he claims to be a professional storyteller and by the way, i heard him speak ..he is still in high-school bro!
Jesus Mother of Christ. When is this DISASTER going to effin end?
According to Vancouver Vision... IT IS GOING TO BE OK after they loose the election in November and thankfully NPA forms a majority with some Independents they (vision)would have no beef when Kurt will have his ass fired off!?
tHAN after a cooling off period of one or two months, a job competition for his job will be advertised. No hard feelings am I right?

Is it my imagination or has Patti Bacchus' tweet account been deleated?

Apologies, I rand a search on her and she did not come up....

But, linked to her through an old tweet.

Okay, at first glance....doesn't this picture look like Rosie O'Donnell??

Ouch,shouldnt pick on Rosie.

Vision & the rest of the Hollyhockers are Progressives so regular laws, norms and regulations don't apply.

They are better, sooooooooooo much better than us peons.

We should be so thankful they are sooooooooooooo smart and cab run our affairs sooooooooooooo well because they are Progressives and have figured out a better way.

Us peons should just lay back, spread 'em & think of Mother England.

The crap keeps piling up for these Vision/NDP'ers. Pretty soon it will be over their heads.

It has been mentioned that hiring of Kurt Heinrich was because of his qualifications and not his connections in the Vision camp.

I took some time to check out Mr. Heinrich, wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt, so after about a 30 second search I learned this about on the first link in his bio...the Portland Soccer Team...that would be the homeless soccer team and in the picture yes that would be Commissioner Sarah Blyth....and according to twitter...a very good friend of Patti Bacchus...this is just a sample of the most recent tweet Patti tweeted about her buddy ...
Maybe nothing who knows..but there is definitely a much closer link than Patti, or Kurt care to admit..did this give him an advantage in the interview process..Did I mention Andrea Reimer also plays soccer with them...

pattibacchus pattibacchus
by sarahblyth
Thanks to the Vancouver-Guangzhou Friendship Society for tonight's Celebration banquet. Fun sitting w/@sarahblyth, Ken Clement & Tony Tang!
17 Jul

here is the link for Kurt's bio...if you're really into a funny story, read the end of the Daily Gumboots disclaimer that they aren't the "Gumboot blog" that posts from Quadra Island..hilarious...

Didn't Andrea Reimer start out on the VSB...

I salute The Province's editorial team for taking a stand on this issue and supporting the principle of a non-partisan public service.

actually, it is a brilliant strategy. Put people of like mind in paid positions all through the system to ensure that regardless of election results - your agenda still carries on and contrary ideas never see the light of day.

That way things are starting to look, Vision can control city hall from the outside... long after they have been booted out of power.

I found his new 'resume' of interest, especially since it openly states he worked for Vision Vancouver.

He also says he knows The Mayor of Vancouver and Kevin Quinland an a lot of the councillors.

now that was funny Max...sadly I think he's serious..

The Thought of The Day

"GeniusNewHire = 5% Visinspiration 95% Kurtperspiration...but mostly Aspiration"

There you got it!
Vancouver newest 'L'Elisir d'Amore' Formula for getting a job (according to the Vision Vancouver Haks).

And if the mocking of the process of fair hiring was not enough, adding insult to injury, this, punk is doing it again, and in a public manner. Incredible arrogant putz.


Dios Mio!

Stay in school...but just enough to get your High School Diploma and then join a Political Party. And wait. Good VSB jobs come for those who wait.


"actually, it is a brilliant strategy. Put people of like mind in paid positions all through the system to ensure that regardless of election results - your agenda still carries on and contrary ideas never see the light of day.'

...I've been saying the exact same thing since DAY ONE. :-(

Every time I open a paper, turn on the radio or watch the news on TV... on Vision's newest shenanigans(well, I don't watch TV) is like I am getting a collect call from Pablo Neruda:

"I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees."

Only not exactly what Pablo had in mind when he wrote this, and not exactly what I have in mind and want to do with them Vision, either...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Interesting to learn that Robertson's brother is an elementary school teacher and president of a BCTF committee focused on sustainability in schools, as well a member of Vision's education committee.

Max, Gordon Campbell has a brother that used to comment on provincial economic policy all the time.

Nobody really made a big deal about it.

Interestingly enough I had no idea Gregor had a brother..who knew.

The difference for me, between the two, Gregor's brother is a member of the teachers union involved with educating our kids.

Paid for, by tax dollars, they have control over our kids futures...

With Campbell I had the choice of changing the dial and I could decide based on his merit..

At this point in time, with everything we know, both are equally kind of difficult to digest... sigh

The apparent moral bankruptcy of the whisper campaign, the guilt-by-association rumor-mongering, the "I'm not saying he's a (fill in the blank) but have you noticed...." thinly veiled implication -- from beneath the cozy comforter of online anonymity, where their own associations remain unblemished, seems to be lost on some.

Why don't good people go into politics? Gee I wonder? Because everyone they know or cross paths with in the course of volunteering, working, or advocating in their community, will suddenly be fodder for the petty insinuations of quick to judge partisans? Nah, can't be that.

Hey Chris;

Don't you have a bike lane study to defend?

Touched a nerve eh Max?

Good. If the shoe fits.

What a joker you are Keam. Patti, Kurt, Steve and yourself down the gold brick road to the City of Oz to meet Joel. Take a guess, if Kurt is the Tin man and steve is the Lion what is left for you...

Call poster stupid - check

Ignore substance of comment - check

Provide sterling example of the obnoxious behaviour being condemned - check

We have a winner!

But Chris, although I do see your point, apart from the other issues which have been dealt with pretty clearly Heinrich openly boasts about his numerous personal connections to the Vision party hierarchy, who are not above suspicion for cronyism, and the benefits they bring. If this is a whispering campaign, spoken in fact rather loudly and mostly not anonymously, it is something this young man has to a great degree inflicted on himself by his thoughtless words.


My concern is the principle being lost in these accusations of favoritism, not the specifics.

It may be fair comment to question his connections, but IMO it behooves those doing the questioning, or jumping on the bandwagon to come clean about their own connections or lack thereof. To do so anonymously simply isn't fair. People deserve to know who is questioning their integrity. To do so behind a false name is a double standard if you are going to question the integrity of others. For all we know, the anon. posters crying foul may very well have a dog in this fight.

The Thought of The Day

"'Check'... One of my favorite words too!"


Kurt H.'s resume must have been a tailored Check List, you know, like the ones where you hit all the power words... 'organic' professional, 'free run' visionary, 'non-hydrogenated' storyteller, 'vision' bred and baked, experienced cultivator of herbs and spices, 20-20 vision 'plan', extremely wise 'biker', already knows the 'power brokers' at the City Hollyhock(as if that was the requirement for the job)non partisan (oops, a lie), loves 'kids' (of course telling stories to them), fluent in 'green language', can easily 'manipulate the message' making it 'sustainable', he only wears 'carbon free shoes' and he is able to debate a schoolkid out of his/ her candy,... officially making KH the first Check List Checker to be employed by a 'Non Check List' public entity.

Would you hire this fool? Yeah and Heck Yeah says... he, on that DumbBoot blog of his.
What's with that? He couldn't wait to play stupid until the 1st of Aug?

Are you that blind and stubborn Chris, no really, you are a smart guy, I know that. This guy, as per David Hadaway earlier, did it to himself 100% and the VSB tells me he was/ is the best applicant for the job? LMAO
Read the telling signs.


Cronyism - Check.
Nepotism - Check.
Arrogance - Check
Partisanship - Check
Unqualified - Check
Fishy Experience - Check

15 candidates. One chance in 15...and they hire Forrest Gump from the DumbBoot Chronicles based on his Box of Chocolates.
14 sinners that didn't have a chance in Hollyhock and clue they were against...Saint Kurt.

Yeah, it sounds about right.
Vision is in charge - Check

...for now Chris, for now - Check!

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


You write better than you read. Heinrich may well deserve the third degree. But look at how other people who have no connection to any of this are being dragged into this by posters with no accountability. Justify that if you will.



Chris Keam I find your response to David appalling,for you to suggest that a person should post under their real name shows your lack of how the real world works.You dont seem to understand that a forum like this gives at least someplace people can voice their opinion,and you dont understand the ramifications too these peoples employ.Because you choose to prostitute yourself as a writer,as I did as a carpenter,who gains by the proliferation of your name,people who post may have three kids and are completely frustrated with what is happening around them. If anybody is suspect of being anykind of a paid shill it is you.

Oh and Chris if any of these people you say have been unfairly attacked they should feel free to defend themselves UNDER AN ASSUMED NAME.And thats what its about,its the argument not the argumentor.

I think the discussion over anonymity has been done to death over the years, however....

There can be many good reasons for anonymity and in fact even no reason is reason enough. Just because someone chooses not to give their name does not mean they should be excluded from giving any opinion on any topic. It is only when it is used as a cover for words that no reasonable person would use openly that there is a problem.

Of course posting under one's own name is no excuse for such behaviour either, but at least if I or Chris etc. do this then, just as we glory in our wit and wisdom, we have to hang our heads for our follies.

I know people I know read this and the thought has made me become a little more circumspect, if not less opinionated!


I don't have a problem with people posting anonymously. Often they have good reason and offer useful insights, because they can speak with an honesty that might be problematic if they used their real names.

But when anonymous commenters drag people who have no connection to the story into the muck for whatever reason, I don't think it's deserving of the protection of anonymity.

And further, if the substance of the argument is the crux of the issue, whoever posts shouldn't be an issue. My comments (or anyone's) should be judged on their merit, not what other activities they may engage in, such as with Max's comment "Don't you have a bike lane study to defend?"

I get that using my real name is my decision. I do so precisely because I've commented anonymously in the past (not here or at Fabula mind you) and found myself re-reading things that I wouldn't have said if my name was attached to it. Live and learn.

Anonymity should demand a higher measure of consideration for your comments, because you are unaccountable. Sadly, it's too often the case that a pseudonym engenders rudeness and caustic, hurtful comments that wouldn't be said to one's face. If you can't own your personal attacks in the real world, then perhaps they have no place being made under the privilege of anonymity?

comments and anonymity can be a challenge on any forum - not just this one.

I was reading an article over at CNN and was mortified at the comment section that slung nothing but hate, racism and language you would never use if the person was standing in front of them.

Vision blogs, NPA blogs, Alex blogs, Sun comments... the tone and rhetoric can be really disconcerting (at least for me).

Democracy is one thing - sandbox wars are another and personally, I feel like the sniping takes away from the truth and the seriousness of the issues at hand.

PS, Daniel... thanks for the preview!!!!!

Check out!

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