Happy Canada Day!

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Dear readers, may we never forget the freedoms we enjoy as Canadians, and that it is our duty to uphold them however we can. We here at CityCaucus.com wish you a very Happy Canada Day with your friends and family.

We also recommend to our readers a feature story titled "The Politics of Vancouver Blogs" written for BCBusiness Magazine's July edition by Kevin Chong.

If you have comments on either topic we welcome them below.

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Happy Canada Everyone!

If you are heading down to Granville Island, there are French acrobats that will be doing shows at 5:30 and 7:30 pm this weekend.

They have traveled around the world and will be docked here for a few days.

I've tried posting the info with no success.

Google voilierspectacle dot com for more info!

The Thought of The Canada Day

'People! People! People! Come down to Granville Island. There will be Games, and Music and Dance... City Hall Clowns, Vision tightrope acrobats, COPE jugglers and NPA troubadours. Come! See the attractions; Penny the Manly, The Shaved David, Jimmy the Flame Thrower, Geoff The Contortionist, Gregor The Tricycle Jumper, The Bearded Andrea... and more, much more. See your future with Heather The Cubed Lady, get to your inner child with Kerry The Useless Hypnotist, listen to a ballad from Minstrel Tim, share a fortune cookie with Cuckoo George, or get into a contest of wits with Lazy Suzanne.
Bring your kids, bring your pets,bring your bets Ellen The Bookie will take good care of you.'

It's Canada Day everyone!
Glissando Remmy, will be there...cutting wood.
How about you?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


The lumberjack helped me decide what to do with my Canada Day, and you are probably right..every politician in town will be there...

I get enough of that all week...

You know Glissy,you've painted a very accurate picture here..

I've decided to spend my Canada Day in my little garden, pleasing only myself, the dog, and the cats...feeding the birds...

my little piece of nature...
happy and at peace..

Happy Canada Day to all.. enjoy!!

Especially you Glissando..you've worked very hard to entertain us of late.. enjoy my friend, enjoy..

George and Glissando

I'm sitting on my porch listening to quiet,quiet.

It appears that not all of us want to rush into crowds.

The first time I saw The Lumberjack Song I almost fell over laughing.

We have to be able to laugh at the Canadian stereotype.
It's always been the case.

The shirt never seems to go out of style :)

Canada Day - a day to think about what we want for our country.

nothing more heart warming than seeing residents at a retirement home dressed in all manor of red and white - many sporting a maple leaf tattoo, munching on hamburgers, hot dogs and birthday cake. We are never too old to party.

Just shared a phone call with a young Tunisian friend who told me at great length how Canada has inspired them to find democracy. We may not have a long history but our citizens are wonderful examples of kindness to the world, tolerance, peace, and equality. If they can create a country like Canada, they will consider themselves very lucky.

Happy Canada Day, everyone.

enjoy the peace and quiet, chris(one of many)...

we are the lucky ones...and I agree it is so nice and quiet..

I've heard those seniors really know how to party...enjoy..

wish I would learn how to spell and proof read... it is manner -not manor.

Gliissando Remmy. Simply the best...
Thanks buddy. HCD!

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