Former Vision staffer given $72K PR job at School Board

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Wow! A Vision Vancouver staffer is now doing public relations for the Vancouver School Board

Our research team have just received this note from NPA command headquarters. We don't have a lot of time for additional analysis at this point, but thought we'd share with you School Board Trustee Ken Denike's take on the hiring of Kurt Heinrich. Kudos to the Vancouver Courier school columnist Naoibh O’Connor for breaking the story.

July 15, 2011

NPA School Trustee Ken Denike says Vision Vancouver hire at VSB "unacceptable"

Vancouver, BC – The announcement this week by Vancouver School Board Superintendent Steve Cardwell that he has hired Kurt Heinrich, a Vision Vancouver political operative, as his new Public Relations and Media Specialist is unacceptable. The choice flies in the face of the School Board's non-partisan mandate, says NPA School Trustee Ken Denike.

"By bringing on a recent Vision Vancouver political operative into such a sensitive and vital non-partisan role as Public Relations officer shows incredibly poor judgment by Superintendent Cardwell," says Denike. "I am usually extremely reticent to publicly comment on the work of our staff, but this decision goes beyond the pale. You simply cannot put a political partisan into a job which requires the highest standards of public service non-partisanship."

Kurt Heinrich has been working as a outreach worker for the Vision Vancouver party, and has held no senior professional communications positions before being hired by the VSB. He has continuously displayed his partisanship over his @kurtgheinrich Twitter account, attacking NPA elected officials as recently as a few weeks ago.

"This is a very disturbing development which shakes my confidence in the current School Board administration," says NPA School Trustee candidate Fraser Ballantyne. "As a former Vancouver school administrator, I understand the critical importance of having a qualified, experienced, non-partisan person communicating with the public on behalf of the School Board."

Trustee Ken Denike adds, "I will be discussing this matter directly with the Superintendent and I will register my concerns about this decision with the Ministry of Education."

In response to the Courier's story, Heinrich is dismissing media questions that his appointment should be of concern to NPA school trustees. Here is an excerpt from the Courier's story:

“I initially did outreach, so organizing and after the election it was mainly communications,” he explained. “I didn’t do a lot of media—here and there we’d do some releases, but the majority of it was web communications, so I’d update the website and I did writing and support for the board.”

I asked Heinrich if he thought his links to Vision would create a perception problem.

“I don’t know. I hope not. I’ve done my best to establish myself as a professional communicator. I sit on [the Canadian Public Relations Society] board for Vancouver as their online communications chair and I’ve worked for the last year and a half as an account manager here at Peak [Communicators]. I’ve done tons of work for a whole range of clients. I’m sure some people will say, ‘Well his Vision connections make him a Vision guy,’ but I see myself first and foremost as a storyteller for the district. I can’t really skew how people will perceive me, but I can just do my best.”

A quick search of Heinrich's @KurtGHeinrich Twitter account will find that as recently as a few weeks ago, he was still firing partisan missiles at NPA elected officials. Here are a few recent tweets:

@vancouvermetro Anton is just trying to score political points off of a Vancouver tragedy. Good on @MayorGregor for not indulging her - July 6

#classy RT @paulnixey: While Vancouverites are looking for ways to help clean up the city, the NPA are looking for ways to politicize riots - June 22

The power of @VisionVancouver RT @StepanVdovine: Just had a cab driver tell me he'll never vote NPA and didn't charge me for a ride. - June 14

There will be more to come on this story in the coming days...stay tuned.

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FYI, He worked as a contractor at FD Element during the last prov. Election.
He was hired for his Vision links - three guesses by whom...

This is a jaw-dropper but so in character with Vision Vancouver. Look at how they've infested City Hall with partisan hacks.

My understanding is that Heinrich's salary was dictated in advance. Typical job posts list a salary range, but Heinrich was given his $72K salary right off the bat despite having no professional media credentials nor experience in as a public relations manager.

The VSB recently fired a qualified PR professional and replaced that person with this buddy of Patti Bacchus. In December if the NPA forms government all these decisions to hire partisans to the public service will be under the microscope. Surely there folks out there who can do this job without the baggage?

if I am reading correctly and trying to fill in the blanks, his expertise is managing content on a website.

I do that off the side of my desk along with dozens of other people I know. None of us would consider ourselves professionals.

For someone in the PR world to be so openly opinionated is just not on. The golden rule of organizations that outlive 3 year civic cycles - never burn the bridge - you might need it regardless if you agree or not.

How would this guy get the time of day out of an NPA chief of staff?

I have a question I was just at wiki and I cannot see how what is happening is not fascist.Could someone explain how it isnt?

uhhh gman, your first and fatal mistake is using wikipedia as a source for anything.

The Thought of The Day

"Just had Steve Cardwell tell me he'll never vote NPA and then, guess what, I charged him a 72k/year PR job. Jackpot!" - Kurt Heinrich

Kurt and Stepan. The two little putz that are now singing
from the School Board level.

This doesn't surprise me at all, take my last year on the operative Vdovine:


Glissando Remmy says:
August 27, 2010 at 11:25 PM

The Thought of The Day

” Viva Deponents! Latin for ‘ Long Live the Mouthpieces! ”

My first question for this guy is:

‘How did you manage to fool those people in Maple Ridge in the first place?’

‘Where did you get your vast administrative skills from? Do they teach those in Hollyhock, in the ‘Nintendo for the Masses’ classes?’

‘Do the people of Maple Ridge know that they stupidly elected one fellow that is with one foot in West End and the other foot in…West End?

How strikingly, Robertson-MLA-ish, dontchathink!
And BTW ‘Politics’ is not a Science, buddy! You should have known this, you are giving ‘advice’ on a ‘blog’ apparently on matters of education, LOL. ‘Political Science’ is the academic equivalent of the street term ”Bullshiters R Us”.

11 (ELEVEN) schools are on the chopping block in Vancouver, 3 (THREE) of them in one East Vancouver neighbourhood. And what do the VISION SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES (can you feel the irony in the name ‘trustee’) are doing? They are on… Vacation!

And one more thing, an anagram is a type of Word Play. I hope
‘Viva Deponents’ might make you think, of course, no pun intended.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


And this more recent Hollyhock and autopsy...


Glissando Remmy replied to comment from Max | June 3, 2011 11:51 PM | Reply

The Thought of The Night

'We are not going to live forever ...I know, I'm not stupid, I know that, no one lives forever, no one ... but with advances in modern science, and if we are to believe our friend and guru Joel Solomon... add to that my high level income as a charity, I drink energy concoctions, I mean like crazy, think about it, I can live to be 225, maybe 250...who wants to join me?'

Spreading the not so good Hollyhock news.

Listen, seriously now, this Hollyhock crowd have the same Modus Operandi. They start out of nowhere, usually from an 'executive' position in some fishy 'non profit - advocacy group' (Andrea Reimer; Tzeporah Berman...)made out of two, three people (but of course backed by 'innocent' monies). LOL

With a pumped up resume, and after in almost ALL cases, no compete hiring (more like job offerings) they cheat basically their way into well paid REAL 'civil servant' or 'governmental' jobs...(Aufochs anyone?) not before cutting themselves huge 'legal' severance packages with the concourse of their corrupt political arm (in this case ,Vision, Gregor R., Ballem)

My premises are based on observation, on logic, on common sense, on research and on playing 'connect the dots'. Lots and lots of dots. The image formed in front of me is that of a colossal squid with tentacles thicker and longer than 12 boa constrictors 'Tide' together.

I think I said it clearly in here:

If you dig deep, deep down, you'll be surprised to find out that these people,these new age troglodytes, are the same ones selling you the hair rejuvenation creams, the wrinkles buster applications, the diet pills, the 6 abs X-ersizer contraptions, the fountain of youth juices. And have anyone noticed there are always, always, the same leeches that generation after generation made usury their professional fingerprint?

According to them, if 'we are what we eat' in order to stay 'youthful', we'll have to eat... children. (really not a big deviation from the claim written on the pure bullshit label on one of the thumb size happy planet 'concentrated energy +' punches...)

That's why on Cortes Island you'll not see kids playing in the vicinity of the 'Young and Green Forever' centers. Just not safe.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


I hate to be the guy with 'I told you so!' but... 'I told you so!'
Vision Vancouver is shooting a Bollywood movie in Vancouver, folks!
Rich Naughty Boy from Hollyhock meets Poor Nice Girl from Vancouver. Love scene. Singing scene with bad post-synchron. Dance scene... and repeat. See what I mean?

Wait, I thought Vision were socialists. Now fascists too? How long before you guys start calling Gregor the new Hitler?

Boo that mostly relates to climate science,you can look in a dictionary if you like.I cant honestly see where the implementation differs,silence your opposition,infiltrate the education system,produce false consensus,controlled media, it goes on and on.

Brenton I see you made no attempt to answer the question,only mock it,I expected that.I wouldnt compare Hitler to the mayor,reason is Adolf was in charge the mayor in my eyes is a useful idiot.

What mostly relates to climate science? What are you talking about?


"a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism."

That totally sounds like our local government. Totally.

ok boohoo
this is probably what gman the shoe fits...

Boo its about William Connoley who made over 5400 edits on climate topics and took down some 500 entries he didnt agree with,even wiki had to finally bench him.

Oh and Boo did you hear what Harcourt said yesterday"single family homes are going the way of the dodo".Yep,stack em and pack em.Jeez now Im starting to scare myself yikes.

Right gman, thanks for proving my point.

George, now you're quoting an Alex Jones website?

Is this bizzaro day or what!

no less bizarre than your idiotic stances boo...

I love the way you think boo...unless it passes the boohoo litmus doesn't qualify...self inflated ego little one..

He has just moved his lip lock from one public teat to another.

The Thought of The Day

"Every time when a Filthy - Full Stop, Rich guy suggests that a Senior should be 'helped out' to die in the name of reducing the CO2 (how f$%*ing despicable is this?)emissions, that same senior should take the Filth down with him/ her. Let's call it purposeful suicide."

it's happening in most of the 'First World' countries as I am writing this, not only in Africa.

Europe has started this through the 'helpful intervention' of the IFM and American/ German Banks.
Iceland, Greece, Portugal...the majority of the former Esatern European countries, soon Spain, Italy and France, and... Canada?

The Modus Operandi is the same, in the name of FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY they start privatizing their public care, cut services, fired medical staff, increased the price of medicine, cut the senior subsidies for same medicine, making them cost prohibitive to the point where you'll either simply die or hand over your home to the Big Pharma and the Banks.

Sad but this is currently going on in Canada as well, with some of those vital medicine - just go and 'google' the drug 'Thalidomide' a drug that is used in fighting an advanced form of cancer called Multiple Myelitis, affecting the 65-70 + yo, banned in Canada but still produced and sold with special Governmental authorization at a cost of $4-5000 a month! NOT covered by MSP or Extended Medical Coverage... Go figure.

If this is the future for 'First World Countries' I am flying back to Persei!

Eco-fascism is the new drinking mixture,the new Rape Your Human drink, a form of distilled, filtered concoction one part Blue Capitalism sweetener, one part Red Communism extract, and one part Orange Juice (not from concentrate like Happy Planet).
Blue, Red, Yellow... geez, doesen't this give you the color of shit? Yes it does, so yeah, it's the correct formula.

Yesterday's "Vancouver 2020 green plan" brouhaha was only the tip of the iceberg, today's announcement of yet another Vision plant in a public office capacity (Kurt@VSB) is the ticket stub.

The questioned I'm asking myself over and over again, is 'Would it be possible for the whole Vancouver, the whole Province, the whole Country, the whole World to be Rohypnoled?'
Fair question.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Boo jts not about what I think,or what Alex Jones says,or what source you get information from,its about following the links and getting the info from the horses mouth,You should read "The Population Bomb",its their words not mine.One thing we can agree on is that your right it is bizzar.

"getting the info from the horses mouth"

says the guy quoting wikipedia.


So quick to lob personal insults. Clearly you have no leg to stand on. Have a great weekend.

Glissy,two words,codex alimentarius.

Boo, like always you have no argument only ad hom attacks,you really are a bore to converse with.


Help my Somalian friend here,how do you say in plain English
'Cogito, ergo sum and I am the back of the horse?'

No rush.

Daniel/ Mike/ CityCaucus would it be possible to have an Edit/Preview capability. Sometimes after I hit Send and after I read the misspellings it feels like I just put spicy sausage pizza all other myself...and the car.

ad hom attacks? You're arguing this is fascism based off a defnition in wikipedia. I'm 'attacking' your understanding of fascism. I'm not going to engage you in a discussion about your point when the fundamental principle upon which your point rests is bs.

This appointment is absolutely politically motivated and should be questioned--but Gregor and vision are many things, fascists they are not.


Boo,I can see this is above you,your hung up on a word instead of looking at the definition,you cant see the parallel so you are unable to argue the point.All governments draw on history to develop methods to further their agendas,its odd you cant see that.Have a nice day.

@ gman:

He admits he can say this now because he's not a politician anymore.

Former Premier Mike Harcourt is suggesting the elimination of zoning for single family homes in Vancouver, "They're going the way of the dodo bird and if we want our kids to be able to afford to live in this fabulous city, we've got to get creative."

The former Mayor made that suggestion to the current Mayor and Council as they develop a new plan to make the city more 'green' by the year 2020, "I think we're evolving very quickly in this direction. If you look at the construction over the last 30 years, 75 per cent of it is multi-family, not single family."

Harcourt's also recommending part of the money collected from the Province's carbon tax and electronic tolls be used to fund transit improvements.


Do you have a link to the full quote or discussion somewhere?

Hey Max,if they cant get you out of your home they will tax you out of it.I guess there just might be something to the war on the middle class.And George oddly enough I have that site bookmarked,lol

I do now too, you started me on that path by directing me to Agenda 21... fascinating stuff

That was the full quote as posted on CKNW, today.

I see Adrian Carr is looking at running for Van. Council an VV George Chow is looking at provincial politics....

Like I keep trying to convey, Vision is not a political movement.

Vision is a religious movement.

"Eco/Green" is a religious movement.

Greenwashers are as convinced of their beliefs, and the need to 'save' others/planet, much the same as so many religious movement.

The main difference appears to be that most religions believe if we don't shape up, we will burn in hell.

The Greenies think we will burn on earth.

Religous theology isn't all crap. But isn't all science either.

Sounds like Green to me.

In full agreement. Terrible choice.

Thanks George,for every ten people I talk to about these things only one or two will do any research,but if they do they soon see its undeniable,pass it on, everyday more and more are starting to realize there is something to it.The Green Agenda I think still is one of the best sites that people can go to for an explanation of how it began,cheers


What the hell's wrong with the VSB Superintendent?? A complet abrogation of his duties. hE SHOULD BE FIRED.

Hasn't he heard that it is supposed to be separation of church and state where staff hirings are concerned?

Or was he "told" to do it? And if so, by whom?

"Wait, I thought Vision were socialists. Now fascists too? How long before you guys start calling Gregor the new Hitler?"
I would never say that. What I would say is that this council directed staff to consult representatives of a foreign dictatorship on how we should craft a "Protest Structure" bylaw that has already twice been used to stifle dissent.
I would say that we have a Mayor who through egregious dereliction of duty saw Vancouver in flames.
I would say that through the stifling of input and inquiry through the use of late distribution reports and the strangulation of freedom of information requests we have probably the least democratic municipal council in North America.
I would never say Gregor is the new Hitler. I'll leave that for others.

The Thought of The Day

"First we'll have to feed the Vultures Mr. President... then we can resuscitate the US cadaver."

As per Bernanke, the first American Crook , from the man who executed the biggest embezzlement bailout in American history comes this:

"...if the debt limit is not raised in time, the United States would pay its bondholders first. That would mean other payments, like Social Security to the elderly, would be the first hit - a political nightmare for lawmakers and the president alike."

Read more:

During these tumultuous times, as I mentioned before, a million times, the interested buyers of Canadian land, the only ones,are from ... Mainland China/ Beijing mostly, looking for some 'personal space'.

Check out the $40 million, 2190 Camelot, 21,000 sqft property in West Vancouver.
With a 15 cars garage, on a 12.5 acres lot, that's not going to be 'deconstructed' but teared down, they don't seem to give a crap about Carbon Footprint, Carbon Offsets, Global Warming scares...this tactics are for the suckers, for the little people, for the ones who pays taxes...

Those Vision Vancouver hucksters, they are always good for a laugh, they couldn't do it in America, they couldn't touch China, but they think Vancouver , BC, Canada is a good place to hatch their eggs.

I wonder how are they going to approach the future similar crisis in Vancouver...joke, they wouldn't be here to approach by, now, would they?

Kurt Heinrich may be still sending his 'PR' chewing-gum balls from the VSB's direction,not from the inside though, but from the sidewalk, and on his own time and dime, not on mine and my children's.

And you, Steve Cardwell, WTF were you thinking, were you asleep at the helm, did Patty Bacchus give you a lap dance, or is it that 'VSB' now stands for "Vision's Sonofa' Bitch"?
Fair questions...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

The VSB superintendant has to resign now along with his Vision flunkie that Bachus made him hire. This is a complete disgrace!

On a side note, is that plastic cup and slurpee helping to make Vancouver the greenest city? Do you know how much fossil fuels it takes to make a plastic slurpee cup an straw? And those cups are single use then thrown in the dump.

More hypocrisy from the Hollyhock crowd. November 19th can't come soon enough.

@ Ricky - Anticipated response from boohoo is "now you're really grasping at straws" LOL


Q'uell surprise, Kurt has written for the Vancouver Observer....

Add these to the list of Heinrich's tweets:

kurtgheinrich Kurt Heinrich - June 14, 2011
The power of @VisionVancouver RT @StepanVdovine: Just had a cab driver tell me he'll never vote NPA and didn't charge me for a ride.

June 20, 2011

kurtgheinrich Kurt Heinrich
@aaronekman @geoffmeggs - have you seen this Target cheesy anti-union vid?! I thought of both of you -


"... a cab driver ... didn't charge me for a ride."

At first I really didn't believe that. I mean, has any cab driver ever not charged for a ride? I thought "this guy is a bullshitter". But then I changed my mind. It must be true. After all, has any Vision flunkey ever refused a freeby?

Angry Taxpayer,at the risk of making you even more angry I will suggest you look to the writings of Charlotte Iserbyt and the deliberate dumbing down of the world,you can find her speaking on you tube at many venues.Warning you will be pissed.

The Thought of The Night

"In the Twitter World all the Vision hecklers are out to get Glissando's drop of blood. They didn't account for one thing though. The Gliss is not human!"

Max, my newly revived (what was I thinking?) twitter account is already flooded with RTs from Vision pals. Mugs and Tits aka Meggs and Reimer are plastered all over my 'inbox'.

Here's my encounter on the subject 'Kurt @VSB - Or how to steal candies from schoolkids'

kurtgheinrich Kurt Heinrich
The power of @VisionVancouver RT @StepanVdovine: Just had a cab driver tell me he'll never vote NPA and didn't charge me for a ride.

Glissando Remmy
@glissandoremmy Glissando Remmy
@kurtgheinrich @VisionVancouver @StepanVdovine Hey Kurt @ accepting that VSB job, how does it feel to steal candies from, ahem, schoolkids?

jamesgemmill James Gemmill
@kurtgheinrich @VisionVancouver @StepanVdovine: Hey @glissandoremmy, not Karl Rove enough - you need go after Kurt's actual kids.

Glissando Remmy
glissandoremmy Glissando Remmy
@jamesgemmill Very funny. Which half of the Heckle & Jeckle duo are you? Hiring a phony Vision sycophant @ VSB is... stealing from my kids.

StepanVdovine Stepan Vdovine
@CityCaucus @MikeKlassen @ubcken wonder what BC Human Rights Tribunal would say if one denied employment based on political views #vanpoli

Glissando Remmy
@glissandoremmy Glissando Remmy
@StepanVdovine @CityCaucus @MikeKlassen @ubcken Step In...Mao Zedong would approve of your indiscretion. Kurt is as unqualified as you are.

Stepan Vdovine
StepanVdovine Stepan Vdovine
@glissandoremmy never let facts get in the way of politics, right? Kurt's creds speak loud: broadcst diploma, cdn pr society, Peak comms

And it goes on and on...
I may have to block some followers...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Glissy,perhaps the next green jobs will be in thumb massage therapy.

Gliss, remember keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The Thought of The Night

"It was easier for Peter Pan to loose his Shadow than for me to get away from the Twitting Vision."

Julia, point taken.
Gman, 'Thumb Massage Therapist'... we could open a secondary college on this program course. I even foresee a waiting list.

Now, here's a novel idea, following on Julia's advice. Wouldn't be funny for all those Vision tools to wake up tomorrow morning and find out that...I am following them.

Considering the not so good blood between us, I would qualify this somewhere in between spousal stalking and inebriated curiosity.
Will see, till then...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Guys, if you have 30 min, watch this Vivian Krause @ Larry Parks Show interview from New York, The Larry Parks Show:

Gliss,what an excellent link,Ive followed Vivian for some time now at her blog Rethink Campaigns she is an amazing person and between you and me I would marry her,mums the word.

This is not the first unusual hire for Steve Cardwell. His recently hired director of facilities looks to be less than fully qualified as well, but the fact that he had previous personal ties to Cardwell seems to have served him well. The facilities director is now responsible for over 200 staff but had never managed more than a handful previously. He also has minimal experience in facilities operations and maintainance. Strange choices.

How are bike lanes and Siemens Engineering (they were at the green love-in pitching their services) going to help these people?
Let's get into the NOW a little bit, folks.

Maybe a multi-party consciousness/fund raiser? Like "We
Are The
World" sort of thing. Put aside our differences, just for a little while?

there aren't too many cabbies in town that like Vision's empty bike lanes. Just take a cab and ask any one of them. I doubt Vodine got a free ride. Likely a BS story from another politician with blurred vision.

There are a number of things that Vision Vancouver is trying to do that I can support. But its politicization of the public service is very, very inappropriate and unfortunate. In many respects, this is its greatest failing, in large part because it is seriously affecting the way City Hall makes decisions and delivers services.

The mood within certain quarters at City Hall is toxic. I attribute this to many of the previous Vision appointments, and the general management style the new senior managers have inflicted on other staff.

While I do not know what is happening at the School Board, I hope people will pay attention to what Denike is saying. He is a very reasoned and thoughtful individual.

While I don't know Heinrich, I am disturbed by his appointment for two, his self-proclaimed affiliation with Vision's political activities; and two....what seem to be his poor command of the English language and ability to communicate.


After reading this today, especially the last line,the first thing I thought was the book you lead me to through Agenda 21 " The Dumbing down of American Schools" This has been become apparent for some time now..

This news bulletin confirms it for me..Teachers demanding more from the trough, but as parents we don't get the education standards our children deserve.
This man has no qualifications only connections...many Vision resumes should be closely scrutinized...and if falsified or exaggerated should be held to account for misrepresentation.

Education is no longer a qualification...only who you know.

The best interests of our society are not being served.A definite dumbing down of society to make us compliant to the agenda of Vision...

welcome to Visions' Bank of Vancouver

George its the new propaganda ministry,you could check out a site called Climate Lessons,it tracks the bs their teaching the kids now.

And the excuses start: (and why if this is not a senior position is he getting $72K+ as a 'starting' 'training' wage??)

Controversy's swirling around the new hire at the Vancouver School Board.

Kurt Heinrich landed the job Wednesday as the Public Relations and Media Specialist.

NPA school trustee Ken Denike says Heinrich has been working for Vision Vancouver and slamming the NPA on Twitter.

He says anyone in Heinrich's position should be non-political.....

"quite frankly the optics are terrible. we have a number of issues that come up and it's absolutely imparative that the person be seen to be unbiased and be putting forward an overall corporate image and I can't see this happening."

Denike also says Heinrich has no senior communications experience.

The School Board Superintendent says he's "surprised" at Denike's comments.

Steve Cardwell defends Heinrich saying he has the necessary experience for the job but does admit Heinrich recently worked for Vision Vancouver...

'well that might be his previous experience but with anyone as they come into new roles they have to adjust to the environment they're working in and in this environment we have to be non-partisan."

Cardwell also says the PR job has changed from what it was in the past.

He says it's not a senior position any longer and the focus is to get out the good news stories from schools.

In the PR/media business, 75K is not a senior position. I am convinced he is a glorified Website/social media 'manager'.

I am having far less trouble with the job itself than I am with the obvious partisan position this person holds and how this could be remotely appropriate for a school district.

Interesting thing about it Julia, if you look at Peak's website, he is listed as an 'account manager' and not even attached to the digital media side of the business.

Max, that does not really trouble me either. All it means is he was assigned to specific clients for their day to day media needs. I would place him about half way down the pecking order within the company.

Julia or Max
how long has the company been in operation, that he would be halfway up or down the ladder?

Oh Glissy, don't block them!

'By their ignorance ye shall know them'..;-) And in so public a place, too!

@ Michael Geller

Yes! I noted his mangling of the language, too.

Perhap Kurt could take an adult 'english as second language' course, trough VSB?

Underwritten by his Vision masters, of course.

Glissy don't block them...

it would deprive us of hours of entertainment!! :-)

@Michael Geller
ironic isn't it, this is the quality of service we get from a communications expert in our school well aren't we discouraging sugar/plastic containers in the schools..thought I heard that somewhere.

Role models...not so much..sad

George, he would be half way down the ladder based on his skillset and job function, not his tenure within the company. He would have reported to Account Director and the Senior Account Managers would have looked after more complex accounts. It is not a stretch to see Account Managers leave an agency and move to an in-house position for one client. In this case, it is the VSB.

I would not get too hung up about his skills or the size of the salary. We have not seen the job posting so we really do not know how well Heinrich fit the skill criteria. He had every right to apply for the job - just like I would.

What is most upsetting is the VSB decided to consider his application as appropriate given his very public partisan profile. That is really bad Human Resources!

Julia, I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one...for personal reasons..

Max, in the world of political patronage jobs, $72,000 is the starting wage. Then you can move up through the $130,000 'Pamela Martin' scale, to the $300,000 'Penny Ballem" scale and finally, who knows, a million dollar monopoly management post may come up, or even a billion dollar railway!

Actually it's hard to blame him for wanting to move on when you look at the rather scary pictures of his team at Peak.

Somehow he just didn't fit in, but now the sky's the limit for the guy who brought you 'PR Tips from Star Wars'!

George, my apologies -I did not realize we were in disagreement!

I spent 4 years in a Ad Agency before my current gig so I have seen a company similar to PEAK from the inside. Just reporting my knowledge of the management structure. Having someone on contract within my own organization that fills a similar job function to the one being discussed, again...I do not find the salary or his skills outside what I would expect.

Please help me understand what I am missing.

From my perspective, this is a simple, shocking case of inappropriate hiring which brings into question the transparency, and non-partisan mandate of the school system and School Board itself. How can it be non-partisan when you have significant amounts of public communications being created by an individual with strong political opinions that are out there for all to read.

Again, I am sorry if I am creating angst.

Our superintendent's actions are absolutely indefensible. He should tender his resignation with immediate effect. He has absolutely lost the confidence of the rank and file in the organization based on his inability to manage and move the VSB forward in a positive direction.

To start, Steve Cardwell is unqualified to be a superintendent. He had only two years in a senior management role where he actually managed people prior to arriving in Vancouver. His reputation in the Delta School District left much to be desired, and his track record in Vancouver illustrates why that was. He is absolutely in over his head. I believe the only reason he got hired in Vancouver was because of his ties to the BCTF, and the fact the BCTF locals endorsed the Vision/COPE alliance.

For those unaware of Steve BCTF ties, he served as a local union president for a number of years when he taught in northern BC, and led a walkout that resulted in him being fired by the school district. But don't fret for long, the other BCTFers, including Mike Lombardi and Al Blakey (yes, current VSB trustees) boarded a plan and demanded Steve get his job back. The school district relented and rehired him.

Since Steve's arrival in Vancouver, its been one boondoggle after another. He's disassembled what had been a well-respected district management team. Eighteen months into Steve's reign of disfunction, and only four members of the former DMT remain. Plus, the district has lost other well-respected talent thanks to Steve.

And who has he replaced them with. His friends. And friends who themselves were in trouble in their former roles, and who, as noted by a previous poster, are also unqualified for their roles at the VSB. Steve is quietly surrounding himself with "yes" people who can insulate him from the truth -- Steve Cardwell doesn't know what he's doing.

Add to do that, he's created a who new level of management staffed by principals and vice-principals who are being asked to take on tasks they too have no previous experience doing. Is there any wonder why the quality of work coming out of "Downtown" is lacking?

There are many of us who believe that the former communications department took the fall for Steve's inability to set the appropriate direction. Their schedules were heavily influenced by the demands of senior managers, who themselves should have allowed the communications to shift its focus. We lost two highly-respected and professional communications officers because of Steve's own mismanagement.

What's worse is that its not Steve Cardwell who's running the show. It's well known that Steve doesn't make a move without first getting the approval of Patti Bacchus. Patti was no doubt involved in the decision to hire the former Vision staffer. Interestingly, Kurt is now downplaying the extent of his Vision involvement compared to the claims he makes on his LinkedIn profile. What's the truth Kurt?

A question for Steve is whether he approached either of the former communications officers and offered them the opportunity to be recalled, as per the terms of their PASA agreement. If he didn't, it's further evidence that Steve has been spinning the Vision plan all along.

And that's the real problem. Steve is nothing more than a Vision operative himself. The whole school closure debacle was because the BCTF, dba Vision Vancouver, wanted to school political points against the provincial government.

Why else would trustees have directed Steve in a private meeting to include a couple of schools west of Oak on the list of schools being considered for possible closure? Why else was Vision so insistent behind the scenes to have at least one school in the then-Premier's riding? (Hudson parents need to know the truth.) And why else did the $200,000-plus process lose all its momentum when Gordon Campbell announced his retirement?

Steve has been protecting these trustees from the beginning. He's bet his professional future on them getting re-elected in November after weighing the options and realizing that the NPA was struggling to mount a strong offensive.

Steve is shrewd. He's street smart. He knows how to disguise his short comings. He knows he's incapable of doing the job required of him, so he gives control over to the trustees in order to protect his $190,000-a-year paycheque.

Morale in the VSB is at all all-time low, and Steve is doing nothing but burying his head in the sand.

Should parents worry about their children's education? No, not one bit. In spite of the incompetence "Downtown" and around the Board table, students will continue to receive a top-notch education thanks to the dedication and professionalism of teachers who put teaching ahead of labour politics.

The good news stories that the Kurt will be tasked with getting out are happing not because of anything that Steve and his "yes men" are doing, or any policy enacted by the board, but because a teacher is truly committed to engaging his/her students in learning.

We don't need Steve and Patti to be a good school system. But we do need to get rid of them if we are going to be great school system.

re: adult ELS course for Kurt:

Hey, he is already sucking up more of my tax dollars than I wish he were.....

Thanks 'VSB Insider'. Your comments are most interesting, especially for those of us who not familiar with School Board workings and personalities. I'll be interested to see if other VSB insiders share your perspective.

It's not you, I just know the workings of Vision from first hand experience...I don't think this man is appropriate for this position...I also question many of the Vision resumes...for accuracy...

when I said "for personal reasons" I just meant at this point in time I can't say what I really want to...and boy do I have a lot to say!!

Sorry if I made it confusing...:-)

It just gets my blood boiling when I talk about Vision and the unions backing them...

I always think of this clip when I think of the Vision Cult...don't know why...

I suspect this hiring is the canary in the coal mine based on the comments from VSB insider.

Hopefully people continue to dig and expose what is truly going on there. We have 4 months to do it.

Thank you VSB insider. Now if only our media would get off their butts and take an interest in this as well. With the exception of CKNW not a single media outlet in town has bothered to cover this story. I guess they don't want to offend their lefty/union brothers and sisters over at Vision. What a disgrace.

Thanks again for helping to provide us with more insight into this story.

Thank you VSB Insider...

I find this hiring very convenient timing, with an upcoming strike dumb do we the taxpayers look to this crew..

how sad that children are the pawns..

I was watching CNN. The 175 Atlanta 'educators' involved in falsifying standard test results have been told they can either quit, or be fired.

Never would happen here. We like deadwood.

Wishful thinking Max. That would mean the guys at the top actually had ethics.

I have refrained from engaging in the debate about the Vancouver School Board cuts because I wanted to put the situation behind me, but I feel the need to defend myself given the change in messaging from the school district.

When I lost my job, I was told it was strictly budget related. The superintendent, in handing me my termination letter, said that he had told the board that eliminating the communications department was an "unacceptable risk" for the district, but that the board had decided to proceed nonetheless in order to save money.

Within weeks, the district's financial picture improved and they revised their deficit projection to a $1.5-million surplus for 2010-11. Suddenly, the school district needed to re-establish communications. It had only been two months since we were severed.

At the same time, the messaging changed. The elimination of communications was no longer about budget, but part of a restructuring plan and that they never intended to leave the position vacant for long. Suddenly, talk was about how the job descriptions had not changed in a number of years and that the way communications needs to be done is not the way it used to be done.

Readers are left to believe that we were not being progressive with our communications program. Let me remind everyone that Twitter celebrated its fifth birthday this past week, and it's only been a year since the superintendent ordered the district's Internet access opened up to social media. Communications responded to the changing landscape by drafting a social media strategy last summer that garnered attention because we were leading the way among school districts.

Were we as successful as we wanted. No. We did not have the time needed to evolve our social media strategy given the demands placed on us by various departments and trustees. The reality of those demands from trustees were detailed in the Special Advisor's report when she criticized trustees for the volume of work we were tasked with doing to support trustee advocacy.

And thus the problem with the current focus in messaging from the school district. A job description is only the starting point for work. A job description establishes where a position sits in an organization, and the level of remuneration. It does not create day-to-day duties. Those are set given the demands and priorities of an organization.

If we are to believe the current messaging, then why wasn't the communications department tasked with a renewed focus. Instead, we spent hours upon hours supporting issues such as the school closure consultation because that's what we were directed to do.

VSB Insider was right to ask whether I was contacted with a recall offer, since I was supposedly laid off due a budget shortfall, and therefore had recall provisions within the terms and conditions of employment for exempt staff. To answer VSB Insider: No, I was not approached about being recalled.

I will leave it for everyone to draw their own conclusion. But I personally know why I was targeted for elimination.

David, my utmost respect for having the courage to post here. I suspect you just eliminated any chance for a recall.

@ David Weir
I'm so sorry this happened to you, and I believe every word of your story..

David, thank you for posting here. The way you were treated was absolutely shameful. Losing a job is never easy, but to have it happen to advance a purely political agenda is disgusting. I hope some of our posters who indulge in continual, unquestioning, defense of Vision Vancouver will have some sober second thoughts.

Sadly, this is just another action that has completely disenchanted me with the people I voted for last election. I won't be making the same mistake again.

The Thought of The Day

"My first Love Letter from Jimminy.if only I was Gay!"

George and AGT,

Of course not guys! That would have been too funny. And you know me, when I say Green is actually Red. Haven't you figured out my Daltonism by now?


That video really freaked me out. Actually many years ago when I was living in UK I witnessed something similar.
The poor girl, who was not on fault BTW, was thrown, I'd say 4-5 meters in the air. When I went over to help her out her right leg where facing the other way...from the hip.
We kept in touch, and yes she recovered...still, it was a horrific memory you brought up. Not a biggie.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

@VSB Insider. @David Weir,

Well, g-dammit, this is an outrage.

I hope one (or both of you) will be prepared to tell your story to the msm.

George is confused..How did AGT get pulled into this..??

@ David Weir. This is just plain sad. What began at City Hall in December 2008 and spread through the Fire Department and the Park Board has now reached the VSB. You, unfortunately, have joined the ranks of hundreds of politically driven out or laid off public servants who have been replaced by political appointments. You stand out among that group though by having the courage and moral strength to post your experience. Good luck to you in the future, and good luck the taxpayers and students of Vancouver who will have to live with this damage to our local institutions for generations to come.

@David Weir...I agree with Dennis.

Just remember, "Ark", "Charlene Robbins",there are many .

Most important, do not be afraid.

You have done nothing wrong.

There are many stories, and I believe it is time everyone stand up to the thuggery..

They (Vision)will do anything to keep a whistle blower quiet, I know..but there is safety in numbers, and you are not alone.

I admired the way you told your story, there was no bullying, no rancor, just the truth and the facts.

Thank you David..thank you..

"What began at City Hall in December 2008 and spread through the Fire Department..." Tell me more about the Fire Department, please. Thanks.

Thank you for showing me that link..After reading it I was stuck by something odd.

There is only one comment to the Exile post/rant that had the author "so fu**ing mad"

Stepan Vdovine..and since the author of the link provided by you Glissando, was so eager to bring Alex G Tsakumis into this conversation, I went back and did a little reading/ this is funny, and extremely informative..

Thanks Glissando and Spartikus..we all needed our memory refreshed.

With credit to the "author Alex G Tsakumis" for use of his post.

please read all the included links.

Glissy, don't you feel special!

You've gained your first cyber stalker...

And remarkably, this 'James' sounds like a frequent commentor on Bula's blog and sometimes here - Spartikus...

George you might get a kick out of this

Oh, I did read it.

Notice the BCTF is no longer using Alberta as their benchmark for contract demands/wages.

Wonder if that is because, recently Alberta laid off 1,000 teachers.....

I was under the impression the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of thought and association? Who you vote, work, or volunteer for isn't supposed to follow you around when you apply for a job, barring a conflict of interest, AFAIK. Frankly, there's a bit of disconnect between the oft-lamented despair over lack of public involvement in the political process, and the outrage over this hire. A cynic might think it's the party, not the principle, that's the issue.

It's also hard to square the outrage with someone offering political opinions online under their own name, esp. when it comes from anonymous posters. For all we know they may well one day volunteer/work for a different party, and apply for a job under an administration governed by same. Conceivably similar questions of bias could be raised, if they had used their real names, but by posting anonymously, they take away the press' capability to publicize the fact and deny the public the chance to judge for themselves.

The issue of recall does deserve further scrutiny. If the previous job-holders had the skills for the new position then clearly they should have priority for the job. But collective agreements are usually pretty clear on the conditions where recall would occur, because all employers, private and public want to have ultimate control over HR decisions. Without a lot more information (which would probably be unavailable due to privacy reasons) it's hard to know if this is in contravention of the CBA, or a manager hiring someone they feel comfortable working with. None of us like it when we are on the dirty end of that sh*tty stick, but it's hard to envision a solution to one of the more basic aspects of human nature, which is the fact we like compliance and like-mindedness in our underlings and it's the truly courageous manager who will hire a gadfly.

Also, if you take severance generally you give up your right to recall. That's an important question that isn't addressed yet. Again, that info may be unavailable from official channels due to privacy rules, but I couldn't say for sure.

Finally, what a golden opportunity for the parties that will run candidates in the upcoming fall election. Simply have every volunteer or paid campaign worker sign an oath that they won't apply for a civic job for a pre-set cooling off period after the election (if their party gains control of the VSB, Park Board, City Hall, etc, and don't let any current civic employees participate as a campaign volunteer or belong to a civic party. Wouldn't hold up to scrutiny of course, but certainly likely to generate some publicity as they showcase their commitment to transparency in gov't, even if it does smack vaguely of a bizarre mirror image of the totalitarian p.o.v. where advancement is only available to those who don't belong to the Party, rather than those who do.

(if their party gains control of the VSB, Park Board, City Hall, etc,

sorry, should be a close bracket rather than comma at the end of that parenthetical comment.

Chris K, for once I agree with you.


You know what they say... even a stopped clock is right a couple times a day!

appreciate the comment.



Chris K, so I take it you're defending Vision's actions in this case?

Bob H (2):

My comments are intended to be an unbiased appraisal of some of the issues raised by the original topic. That's quite clear by my post. Without all the facts I'm in no position to appoint myself as defender of, or attacker towards, any of the players in this issue.

Congratulations however. You're the last anonymous commentator I will engage. If you care to debate the issues at play you'll be extended the courtesy of a reply whenever time and circumstances permit, regardless of whether you use your real name or not.

But, if you want to play silly buggers from behind a pseudonym, then frankly, I've got better things to do... such as housework. And when housework is a more attractive option, well, you're awfully low on the totem pole. Unless you want to man up and put your name on it.

Own up Dude



I have made the mistake of using my real name over at FB and at this blog. Interesting enough, the reaction to me dramatically changes when my employer can be identified. No, I don't work for the city, or a political party.

I, unlike the person we are discussing, am very aware that my opinions should in no way reflect the position of my employer. So, how do I participate in a conversation as a citizen without reprisals to the people I work for? The only choice I have is to use an alias and keep my personal views very separate from my professional ones.

Social Media 101

It's not whether one chooses anonymity, it's what one chooses to do with it. Schoolyard level sniping at posters doesn't require anonymity and shouldn't be give equal footing as a reasoned, informative post.

The Thought of The Day

"Deja Vu of a Deja Vu of a Deja Vu of a Deja Vu of a..."

I have to tell you. You gave me a shock. I completely forgot about this post, and at the first reading, I thought AGT did take another shot at the issue. Then, I saw my comment...and it came back to me.

Then... I noticed the name of one guy
inside AGT's post...
(which at the time I didn't give a flock who he was)

The whole think stinks so powerful, I think I may have to go buy a gas mask.

Now... to Chris Keam who is defending the non defensible... I could debate you Chris, till the end of times on this one, and you'll still be knees deep in your own made tranchee.

Your rhetoric would make former Eastern European dictators proud.
Let me explain.

Let's not call this 'political affiliation' routine, let's not call this 'human rights violation of shrewd cronyism' let's not call this for what it is 'pay off for services in lieu', yeah, let's not call that either. Let's call it subliminal nepotism, wicked favoritism or even a gift from 'friends with benefits'.

The politicization of civil services (City Hall, Park Board, and now School Board) since Vision Vancouver took the... office is city wide spread to such extent that we should call it for what it is, a VISION pandemic.

This city should be quarantined for H1N1 (High One to One Nepotism). Period.

Now the QED Chris, the QED, and BTW, pay attention to the timeline.


One subject was minding his own business in a partisan position, until one opening came up at a place called VSB, a place that under no circumstances should/ would have to accommodate Politics and Bureaucracy inside the same Donkey Suit, so They claim, LOL.
So, the one subject applies at his/ her own volition, completely unaware and impartial of those said requirements. Any 'Joe the PR Guy' could have applied for this opening, right?. So the story goes. Let the best man win...

Proof 1

Our subject sends partisan correspondence indicating his partisanship in a time frame from the 4th of June to the 6th of July (proven-public domain)

Proof 2

Our subject is announced in a PR as 'winner' on the 15 of July.

Proof 3

The Head of the Political wing (leading over a majority) of the VSB is a member of the same Party as our subject.


If our subject was not involved in any political actions during the posting, application, interviewing and selection process in the placement of said applicant, that means that the posting, application, interviewing and selecting process took place in the time frame from the day following last Email sent 7th of July till the day of the announcement 15th of the July. Which gives us a total of 8 calendar days or 6 business days if you consider the...weekend.

Now, for the grand finale, I have to say VSB's Human resources Dept. must be some tough cookies to successfully put out a selection process that is executed in 6 days from start to finish. Anything outside this time frame would put our subject in the Political BS zone though.
It's a beauty, now that you see it in Arial font, am I right?

So, if we consider the Theorem to be True and Proof 1 is true and Proof 2 is true even if the Proof 3 is true, and the VSB's selection process was executed in the period between 7 to 15 of July, than I was wrong. I do publicly apologize for all my statements, Mea Colpa!

Are you with me so far?

But if the Theorem is True, the Proof 1 is True and the Proof 2 is True, hey, i even throw the Proof 3 as a freebie, but the VSB's selection process started waaaay before the 7th of July, than the Theorem we started with is Erroneous.

And that my friend, in the part of the world I'm living is called...QED or Quod Erat Demonstrandum...what was to be demonstrated.

Now, do you think, Chris, is it possible for the hiring process to take place inside 6 business days, and if it is... which I bet it isn't,but let's give it the benefit of the doubt, what do you think the criteria for selection would have been?
My point exactly.

For almost three years of operating in impunity, the Vision apparatchik got so accustomed to cohabiting in such a Dolce Far Niente manner, behind the refrigerator in the kitchen's full light, that now are perplexed when someone throws a spray of Roach, good stuff BTW, on top of them, and then...THEY ARE the ones start crying out loud... Pest Control?

Eat, Prey, Love... and this is not a movie I'm recommending, this is what Vision should start doing, because November is almost here, at least this global warming thingy that they are also peddling on the side, is pointing towards it...

Till then, Tanti Auguri, and Chris, try not to make a spectacle of yourself, they are not worthy, and I kinda like you. :-)

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Follow this Champion!

For fun, I went to my email and typed in Kurt's name to see if there were any emails from him, over the past 3 years in his capacity working with Vision..

If you were ever a Vision supporter I strongly recommend you try it...can't believe what I've found...I have emails signed by Kurt denouncing NPA..

Internet is an amazing thing Glissy.. just amazing..LOL


Sorry, but I'm not defending anyone or anything. As I say, great opportunity for all political parties to separate themselves from the practice of hiring 'friendlies' when they get the chance.



I wonder if this was included on his resume?

Vision Communications Coordinator Kurt Heinrich – (604) 374-7057 –


Perhaps you are suspected of being a Vision apologist, I accept wrongly, because you can sometimes seem to disingenuously misinterpret the issue at hand in a way that a PR man would be proud of.

The initial concern regarding this appointment was that it is a particularly sensitive post given to a party activist, not merely a member or supporter. This has then expanded, given the fascinating comments by 'VSB Insider' (whose reasons for anonymity you can scarcely question) and David Weir, into a strong implication of some kind of politicized chicanery in the department. Glissando's observation about the speed of the appointment process adds weight to the suspicion.

So the issue isn't at all about excluding people from employment because of their political views at all, that is a distraction. It is about people being employed because of their political connections, and this occurring as part of a repeated pattern under this Vision government. That is a serious matter whatever the party implicated.

At all, at all. My grandma's family was Irish.

Love twitter:

Kevin Millsip from @VSB39 "we have a vision to be the greenest school board in the world which is inspired by #greenestcity"


I stand by the gist of my original comments, and think people deserve the benefit of the doubt... generally. My personal approach is to always attempt to be fair to individuals, even when I'm barracking on behalf of a particular p.o.v. or policy. I also worry very much that anonymous posters on Vancouver's political blogs might have connections or agendas they aren't revealing, as I noted previously. Good cause IMO to view the comments of the most prolific with a highly jaundiced eye.

But after doing a bit of research and reading Mr. Heinrich's tweet history -- finding him linking to an online etiquette advice article that specifically cautions against inflammatory tweets is absolutely a head-scratcher. I'm definitely not pleased to find my comments being construed as a defense of someone who doesn't take their own advice (a failing I share sadly) and to me, a bigger issue than the substance of his remarks, which are pretty tame all things considered.

As another vsb insider, I can confirm most of what has been stated by David Weir and VSB insider. There is a general sense of unease among administrators and managers, though Steve Cardwell does earn some credit from teachers due to his frequent school visits. On this point and this point only, I think he is doing a good job. On the other hand, he is perceived internally as being a tenth board member some of the time and the board's lackey at others. He has not articulated a clear vision to principals(how ironic) but will babble to us about his family and what computer tools he likes to use to work on his PhD while frequently going far over the planned timeline and completely cutting out parts of planned agendas. This is in meetings that have all principals and vice-principals in attendance. It shows a complete disconnect with the very people that are supposed to look up to and support him. What a massive waste of our time!

As someone else has stated, the VSB will survive despite his mismanagement and lack of leadership, but it certainly puts a damper on the enthusiasm of the many good people that are trying to support the kids in our schools.

social media will be Visions downfall..

Nice deflection Chris. Rather than clarify your position on the issue, make it about another poster. Will I post under my full name? Absolutely not. Not because I work for the city or a political party but because I do not trust the current administration to act without prejudice in any future dealings I may have with them as a resident of Vancouver.

Your comment about David Weir possibly giving up his right of recall by taking a severance ignores one very important thing - if he accepted his employer's claim of downsizing due to budget shortfall there would be no reason not to accept a severance. How would he know an apparently politically motivated hiree would be dropped into his job a mere few weeks later?

Agreement as to your observations about Weir layoff/dismissal or however it is now being (mis)represented.

This calls for an investigation, especially when staff, hired in good faith are "disappeared" wthout cause, told one thing aaas to why they are given the heave-ho, and then, as it appears, a politically connected replacement is chosen to replce them.

TERRIBLE for morale at VSB.

"Your comment about David Weir possibly giving up his right of recall by taking a severance ignores one very important thing "

Geez, I'm the only person who has brought it up and I did say it deserves further scrutiny. While your point is valid, my guess is that it's impossible to prove.

@ Gerry McGuire re Fire Department. Mr. Holdgate, Fire Chief, disappeared about the same time as the rest of the Corporate Management Team.

Thanks for the clarification Chris, my apologies if I misunderstood you. As you say, it would be difficult to prove, and my suspicions are the powers that be at the VSB were well aware of that.

Having gone through a layoff that one is powerless to prevent, I really feel for David. It can be a devastating experience. The fact that someone's life can be upended for possible political games makes my blood boil.

That was a payback to ff Local 18 for their support (and they bought and paid for many VV billboards) during the last election. Getting rid of Judy Rogers, also payback, re: civic strike and wages.

Now, of course, they have an even bigger hate-on for Penny (as do the cops).

Hilarious! The cure was worse than the disease!

Yes, that is the sadness in all this...

Ordinary people's livelihoods tossed over the side, to satisfy a political agenda.

I don't care who is in office---this is wrong. You want to place one of your own, great, then py out of party funds.

Budget was the same reason they supposedly fired Ark Tsisserev for.

And shortly there after, they replaced him.


Note: he states ....' but I see myself first and foremost as a storyteller for the district...

Which is also repeated in his twitter bio.

*****and this.....

kurtgheinrich Kurt Heinrich
For those seeking work (especially in PR) "Create great professional stories” - good advice from UBC's @hornjohnhorn

The Thought Of The Day

"Why would we need someone paid $$$$$ at VSB to go tell our kids, already in stay in school?"

You cannot make this one up. Here are some of the reasons why one DIDN'T get the job (tell that to David W and to the the rest of the Born Still applicants - poor souls that must have applied in good faith - playing with someone's hopes is criminal IMHO)

See? When someone did not need more proof that the HR industry is a crock industry. And put that on top of the story on how one lucky puppy found a good home
The power of SPCA!
Watzzup?...they didn't hear of Vision.

And what could possibly be the New Message?
Vision's Poisoned to the Core Message of 'When you grow up Follow our Agenda? The Global Warming is Bad For You and/or Your Mommies don't Love You The Way Our Guru Does?

Don't we have the Jehovah's Witnesses (no pun intended) to deliver this kind of message?
My point exactly.

You want to know the answer to that, my friends?
Green Dollars...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

With all do respect to all in here this is not going anywhere. This blogosphere vigilantism. think about it, Ballem, Sadhu, VP Gen Manager, etc,etc, umpteen of new Vision hacks ,yes the got a bit of a bashing for good reason and what now? Tomorrow they go to work, another day another buck stolen from vancouver taxpayers. Thanks a lot Vision. strategy needs to be changed, maybe we should take our grievances inside their council meetings, time permitting of course we have lives outside this and we are not paid to be political hacks like Vision are. Good idea? Bad idea?

Ned that is a good idea about council..and I hope you took a picture of that Glissy T-shirt!!

Check out!

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