Why weren't we better prepared for the Stanley Cup riot?

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"A billion dollars worth of bad publicity for the City," says '94 riot investigator – video

The damage to our reputation from last night's riot in the opinion of the man who investigated the 1994 Stanley Cup riot is almost too high to count. "What happened last night is a million dollars plus of damage, but a billion dollars worth of bad publicity for the City of Vancouver," said Bob Whitelaw in an interview with CTV.

Whitelaw says that his 1994 report on the last Stanley Cup riot had over 100 recommendations, and several important ones – such as not allowing cars to park on downtown streets near the crowds – were ignored.

For weeks now we've watched Canucks celebrations take place downtown. Lacking true city squares, we improvised by shutting down streets, opening up plazas and community centres across Metro Vancouver to create a collective experience. We desperately wanted to recapture the spirit of our successful 2010 Games, while cheering on our Vancouver Canucks.

Just two days ago I said that I hoped "good sense" would prevail after Game 7. It was wishful thinking on my part. After Game Five on Saturday and throughout yesterday there were increasing signs that things would not end well last night. Based upon our history, you could say that the 2011 Stanley Cup riot was sure to happen.

Make no mistake – politics was a big factor in these celebrations. Especially in Vancouver, where the label "no fun" has become the proverbial albatross hanging around the necks of successive city councils. Vancouver was willing to spend like drunken sailors with no plan on how to pay the bill other than digging into contingency funds. While bars and restaurants did booming business and senior governments collected millions in sales & liquor taxes, Vancouver taxpayers have been stuck with the bill for policing and clean-up every night.

Were the signs of looming trouble ignored? Anecdotally, I received reports of drunk youths shotgunning beers and getting liquored up downtown in anticipation of Game 7. On Twitter and Facebook we heard reports of boasting about the riot about to take place in downtown. These warnings were all in plain view.

In Boston they did the wise thing by closing their downtown to open celebrations last night. In Vancouver we concentrated over 100,000 people within a few blocks. I roamed the streets before and after the riot with Councillor Suzanne Anton. We visited Canada Place, where a smaller crowd sat calmly. Police on the scene told us that the Canada Place fan zone was "spontaneous" for Game 7 and there had been no planning for it.

At Georgia and Hamilton it was another site altogether. Crowds were initially joyful, but I sensed a tension. Young people hopped over barricades as the mag and bag check security guards and VPD members looked overwhelmed. There was nothing they could do after the puck dropped to keep people from adding to the crush.

I've been to dozens of concerts over the years and dived into more than a few mosh pits. I know what a crush of people feels like, and I couldn't wait to get out of the Georgia Street fan zone. It was simply too crowded, and the participants too inebriated and rowdy for me to feel safe.

From there Anton and I walked over to the Stadium Skytrain station. We could both see waves of people flooding out of the stations, as trains rolled up 90 seconds apart. Out of the cars poured young people in droves, ready to party. I tweeted this about 10 minutes after the puck dropped:

Waves of folks, many drunk, loading off Skytrain into downtown. See parents taking kids home. Li'l scary.

Everyone seems to be scrambling for a reason as to why the riots happened. I say that this is what happens when you mix Game Seven and Canucks fans. It happened in 1994 and it happened again. Like it or not the mix of hockey and aggressive behaviour is a part of our culture. This is how many people like to get their kicks.

Look at this outrageous video of young men and women trashing two $100,000 police vehicles. That guy saying "light that bitch" (set it on fire) should go to jail. That teen girl wailing on the car should go to jail. That girl sitting atop of the car should go to jail. This isn't fun, this is spitting in the face of our civil society. The courts will be tied up for years and the costs will be unbelievably high if we are to achieve real justice.

Are Vancouverites able to gather together in large numbers for celebrations? Yes of course. The 2010 Games showed that with proper planning and adequate security we can bring large numbers of people – old and young – into our downtown core. Our annual Celebration of Light fireworks brings 300,000 people into the city, but thankfully spread out along beaches and high vantage points, not just within a few square blocks.

Before I left Georgia and Hamilton last night I saw food cart trucks being slowly ushered out of the fan zone. You could tell then that something was up. Thank goodness they got out early as several of those small business operators would have been destroyed.

I returned after 11pm with Councillor Anton (read her statement regarding the riot) and we walked the streets, meeting with police and thanking them for their service. I believe the VPD, with the support of fire fighters and frontline health workers did the very best job they could with the tools given to them.

The scenes of shattered glass and destroyed businesses left me momentarily choking up. I couldn't believe how devastating the destruction had been. EVERY window at The Bay at street level was smashed. Doors were pulled off their hinges. Store after store along Granville had been looted – completely empty apart from a few empty boxes.

Each one of those stores supports families, and employs several people who will not be going back to work today. If shopkeepers are properly insured, they might recoup the cost of damages months from now. Meanwhile their customers will have to look elsewhere as summer tourist season passes them by. For the shopkeepers and their employees, my heart goes out to you.

This is a tragedy for our city. Why weren't we prepared for it? Why didn't we heed the recommendations of the 1994 Stanley Cup riot report? Why did our transit and transportation systems keep people flooding into the downtown when it was clear the crowds were too large?

There are several factors being discussed relating to transit and the fan zones. However, we must verify all the details and have a full independent review of the cause of why this happened. For this report, I believe that:

  • it must incorporate all stakeholders, including police, fire and City of Vancouver (Engineering, Mayor's office staff, etc.) and transit officials.
  • it should ask what role did the fan zones play?
  • city council should unanimously agree to who conducts the independent review before they are appointed
  • an interim report should come out as soon as possible to help restore the City's reputation

We've not only lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in property, and created a multi-million dollar problem we must now pay for, we've done unprecedented damage to the reputation of our city and province. We've got no choice but to clean up the mess, find out who did the damage, and prosecute the hundreds to the fullest extent of the law.

This must never happen again.

+ + +

Click here to see a slideshow of images taken before and after the riot. Click the image to "show info" to read the image description. To read the best analysis so far of what happened yesterday, read Mike Howell's latest from the Vancouver Courier. I also highly recommend you read both Gary Mason and Jeff Lee's take on what happened.

Stay tuned to CityCaucus.com for more analysis of the Stanley Cup riot in the days to come.

- Post by Mike Klassen. Mike is a city council candidate for the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association (NPA). If you're an elected official or candidate seeking a nomination and want to write about urban issues, please send your 450-500 word submission to CityCaucus@gmail.com.

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it's a messed up society brought to us by a corporate world and media hype and these hooligans are an expression of it
RESPECT went out decades ago
repect for our habitats, our streets
our environment and this has been promoted by the multinational corporations
blame the auto industry, the quick fix commercials, the violent tv shows,the drive in everythings, the wall to wall malls,the commercialism and the corporate sports world
all with gov't collusion

Here's another point of view:


We definitely could/should have seen this coming.

I lived in Vancouver for 3 years, left last year and my experience was that most provincial and civic politicians were woefully naive and lacked life skills. I hope that the rose tinted glasses come off after this. BC's ego needed a correction and maybe this is the bitter pill they all needed to swallow.

In reality these 'leaders' are sure to wrangle their way out of this, pass the blame, force the obvious and continue to screw up a place that has so much potential.

Mike Klassen,
few days ago you asked:
'Which Vancouver will show up after Game 7?'
and Glissando Remmy answered to your question:

"The only ones that lost and are still loosing (wow, just wait for me to explain), are the people of Vancouver, and don't be surprised in the end, just don't shoot the piano player, and read on, and no, I don't know 'Who stole your monkey'.

Now, really Mike, for a council candidate you should not have sugar coat this. I know, I know that Penny Ballem looks like the lady Orphanage Keeper in 'Annie' when she is talking about money, other people's money, and she might have scared you, but still...

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'...

...and business was good for the Aquilini family and for the the booze and shmooze families in general, for the crap merchandise and junk food families, for the first respondents, ya know, those essential services paid overtime to...idle, for the American implant management team at the City Hall and their Vision gang of politicians...this was like having their contracts overextended for an undetermined amount of time, having the unique opportunity to spend advertising and PR monies on themselves with impunity... Christmas and Hanukkah combined ...in June!"

"Come this Thursday, the still unreal white-blue-green 'Sea of Torment' pictures that you see now in the papers are going to be replaced by the more realistic 'Strikers on Torment' pictures of Canada Post employees picketing with big signs around their necks. And you can bet your candidacy, that there are a lot of them who probably wouldn't give a 'flying puck' on who's going to win the Stanley Cup when their livelihood is threaten, the way it is.
Speaking of which...'flying'...guess what, Air Canada announced today..."

Jeez, and it is THURSDAY!
We weren't better prepared Mike, because we all looked away except...some. :-(

I disagree with some of your assumptions. You assume that we cannot have 100,000 people downtown celebrating a sports event without there being a riot. I think the Olympics, Game 5, and other events prove that wrong. You also assume that if we hadn’t had “public celebration” areas, then there would not have been a riot, but you really cannot demonstrate that. The celebration areas had families, kids, all sorts of people, none of them interested in having a riot. It was the drunken louts you saw getting off the train who were looking for a riot, and they got it. Would they have not gone looking for it if there weren’t thousands of families downtown? Correlation and causation, Mike.
That said, I don’t believe this will impact Vancouver “reputation” in the long term. Look at the early days of the Olympics, look at Montreal last year, or in 2008, or in 1993, or in 1986, or in 1955, or Edmonton in 1996, or…the list goes on, this is not a “Vancouver” issue. Small riots like this happen all the time. CNN will not be mentioning it tomorrow.
Vancouver should have anticipated that there would be louts looking for trouble. I’m not one to tell the cops how to do their job, but it seems the solution might have been dealing with the drunken louts loading off the train as the game was going on, taking away their booze and weapons. Immediately extinguishing any fires that get lit should also be a priority. From what I saw on the media, the Police acted with remarkable, and admirable, restraint when threatened.
Let’s hope the Aqulinis step up and take the profits from just one of the final round home games, and give it to the cops, and to the business owners who lost their windows.

What an amazing scene taking place in downtown Vancouver Thursday morning... Average citizens picking up brooms and garbage bags to start setting things straight. However, for all their efforts, the lasting effect of last night's riots will continue to resound in the city for years, if not decades.

The question, by some, has already turned to asking if the city should ever host large public events like this again. I certainly hope the answer will be a resounding yes. However before we do it again, we need to have a better plan.

To create a better plan, we need to see what went wrong with this plan. Was it right to combine both the CBC Live Site and the Granville Live Site into one mega Live Site? Did the VPD have the resources to manage 100,000 people successfully? Why did this not happen during the Olympics? Why does this not happen on Fireworks nights? Why does this not happen during the Gay Pride Parade?

I would suggest that the biggest error will be combining the Live Sites into one mega site. On the surface it seems to be a good idea, but when you jam 100K people into a limitted area, you are going to have problems. Instead of closing the Granville Live Site, they should have added more. Give people a choice where to go. When one fills up, send them to the other ones.

I also think another huge problem was that downtown was not shut down like it was during the Olympics or like the West End is during the Fireworks. The Canucks have been downtown for 16 years. In fact they moved the year after the last riot. Did we not figure they would make a run for the cup again? It appeared that whatever plan the city had was either woefully inadequate or ignored.

There are tough questions ahead and we won't find the answer in wheat fields or chicken coops. It's time for council to get their heads out of the sand and pay attention to their WHOLE city, not just their friends.

Vintage Marxist psycho-babble, which neither illuminate nor informs. I'm watching video of CBC's coverage last night in which they decry bystanders taking pictures and video of the proceedings. Today there is a Facebook page with 50,000 members going over images taken by these same bystanders in order to bring the perps to justice. Boston disallowed celebratory gatherings downtown, and we must now too. Note to Gregor Robertson, Mike Klassen, Jerry Dobrovolny, Brent Toderian, Geoff Meggs, Peter Judd and everybody else on the ""Olympics changed this city forever" bandwagon. The Olympics are OVER, and unless you have a few billion a week to blow, they're not coming back. Quit fantasizing about designing a city around effects that are on every level unsustainable.

In my 30 years of medical practice in Vancouver, BC, I never been so embarrassed by my fellow citizens, by our city bureaucrats and by our politicians. It was a full 'ostrich' behavior taken place throughout the whole hockey SC run. The show of disbelief and surprise now adds to the pathetic display of sorrow. Paul T says: 'What an amazing scene taking place in downtown Vancouver Thursday morning... Average citizens picking up brooms and garbage bags to start setting things straight.' Too little too late. Anther way of saying, look away, we are good people...Our collective arrogance could have been seen on the front cover of all MSM publications, remember after the 2 home victories the page with the 1 2 3 4 and the 'sweep'? That is who we were led to believe we were. Wrong. we've been played on all fronts. Robertson is the weakest coward politician in the history of this great city and everybody shall remember this when they go to the voting booths in November. Vision experiment ends here folks. Why we weren't better prepared Michael? Because we didn't want to bother with that afterthought. WE were high on ego. Vancouver proved you wrong. Vancouver is not a class city. As per one commenter ahead of me...I too want to apologize to Glisanndo Remmy. I was even smiling at his comments before in a condescending manner. What a wake up call all this game 7 was...

I was shocked by what I saw on television. The people committing these acts were generally not even from Vancouver. They were mainly from the surrounding municipalities surrey, abbotsford, langley, coquitlam, port moody. I am ashamed of how the youth of today hide behind the charter of rights when they are taunting the police. I suggest we implement draconian laws during riots. We give them 15 min's to leave the scene or all will be arrested and forced to pay a fine. Lets say the total damage + additional manpower pay divided by the number of people arrested. Seems fair to me.

What the hell are you all complaining about ?

Those are the children YOU raised and our education system taught to behave !
Lacking in morals and responsibility !

The Police, Mayor and media seem to think it was a small group of people who started it. I think it's plain to see with all the footage that this is utterly false.

The only silver lining, is their complete ignorance, and boastful nature will have them posting their photographic glee on FBi.

@Tom Jones. DO NOT blame the suburbs. Those "suburbanites" are the same folks who shop here, go to our restaurants and generally keep Vancouver's economy going. The messaging from City Hall on this is a disgrace. They must take ownership for their part in what happened (or didn't happen), and not point fingers.

Let the prosecution begin.

If I remember correctly, it was the author of this editorial who was publicaly clamoring for more TV screens in downtown spaces earlier in the playoffs. A+ in Hypocrisy 101-- he'll make a fine politician someday.


I don't remember the author of this post, and I'm here daily,asking for more TV screens, but I could be wrong...

Actually I think if there would have been more screens spread out over more of the city, rather than locked in that one area, perhaps this tragedy could have been avoided..


I looked in the archives and this is what I was thinking about: http://www.citycaucus.com/2011/05/where-can-canucks-fans-celebrate-together

Maybe not screens per se, but he's definitely whistling a new tune now.

For a few years, a number of years ago, an outdoor New Years Eve Celebration called First Night was held at Georgia and Burrard. It was a family friendly, alcohol free celebration.
Drunken partiers usually arrived around 11:30pm which challenged the policing plans. The event organization was charged for those policing costs.
Each year, the City asked for more & more money to cover the police and eventually, First Night could no longer afford the expense and they folded. That's why we no longer have an outdoor New Year's Eve party and we deserve the moniker "No Fun City."

So - I ask - why are the taxpayers responsible for the police expenses of a hockey game - played by a team owned by a private corporation?

I'm tired of being held hostage by a stupid game of hockey that means nothing to me and only puts huge amounts of money into private pockets.

I say - send an invoice to the team owners for the expense and let them fold when it becomes too expensive.


I see where they talked about the Arena and the PNE Colosseum..but I'm missing the outdoor screens on the street.

I've always believed that Mike was pushing for a venue, not a street party... that was Gregor's idea after Mike called out for the arena.. can you show me where it says TV's in the street...glasses aren't what they used to be..

If you are referring to the venues, not street party, I think that would have been better if it would have been in an arena..it would have been limited numbers and better security and control.

On CKNW the 3 reporters that were on the street have all agreed that they did not see police when they were needed for approximately 20-30 minutes..


I was going by memory (and qualified my statement accordingly) when I mentioned that your e-buddy Mike was pushing for more screens for people to congregate in front of (were they going to congregate somewhere and listen to a radio feed instead?).

Now that the whole congregation thing went south, he seems to be pointing fingers and moralizing something fierce. That's fine, but let's recognize political opportunism when it presents itself.


To be clear if you are a regular on this forum you would know that I am not Mike's e-buddy nor do I have a party...I speak my mind as fairly as I can.
I base my opinions on information I receive, and researched...

I have always been clear I won't vote Liberal until BC Rail is clarified.

I won't vote NDP because Adrian Dix falsified paperwork...

I have always been clear that I felt that a journalist should not run for politics... so your come back wasn't warranted..

I truly thought I missed something, and wanted clarification... nothing nefarious..

I'm sorry you took offense. A regular reader here would know that I have always been honest about my eyesight...it is failing due to illness.. :-(

John, please see my post on the "Shame" article. As I noted, most of these moron will be represented by David Eby etc, using our tax dollars to defend their actions. Completely unacceptable!

@George-- I didn't mean to insult or offend. I read this blog very rarely, and it just happens to be the case that the only two entries I recently read seem to contradict each other. And they also seem to pick some low-hanging political fruit. I'm completely non-partisan myself and almost completely disinterested in municipal politics (any level of politics for that matter). But when I see what I believe to be some obvious BS, I guess I point it out.

The e-buddy comment was unwarranted, but I doubt I'll post again on here anyway. It reads a bit like an echo chamber.


@ Organmorgan

your apology sounded a bit disingenuous and snarky..perhaps your decision to go where everyone has your opinion, is more appropriate.

an apology should never end with an insult ... very bad manners.

Mike, sadly its time you realize the Olympics were the exception not the rule. This riot was as predictable as it was shameful.

In terms of political advice, the NPA better go on the attack now, and go for the jugular, if you seriously want to take back control of city hall. The mayor is already trying to downplay this as the act of a handful of professional anarchists. Its not. Call him on it and get that message out to the media. Don't waste any time or tears on live sites. Its a law and order message that will pry votes away from Vision now.

Mike I agree with Bob. You guys need to hammer hard and don't let Robertson turn his stupidity into a Rudy Giuliani moment.

Let's look back and see the real culprits. The Mayor, Penny Ballem, Vision. They don't have money for anything (other than their own salaries, travel expenses, perks) but somehow they found enough dough for the only opportunity to show off before the great November election. Busted!Like a useless gang of one time politicians and city higher echelon bureaucrats. These are the crooks who get away with severance packages in the hundreds of dollars for being utterly incompetent. Thanks but no thanks.

Ooops...it was supposed to say 'hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars for being utterly incompetent.' The rest stays.
BTW, how did that 'lawns to loaves' turned out for you today you Vision loosers?

Held hostage over hockey? Are you kidding?

The hockey games were a private, well-secured, ticketed event held at Rogers Arena. They held up their end of the deal. There were ZERO police incidents at the game, and ZERO police incidents involving the actual attendees to the event afterwards.

No one from the hockey team invited anyone downtown for any of the games. The focus should be on those who did invite people downtown, and how they were policed.

Both Council committees were cancelled today. I'm just at the hall now for public hearings on rezoning, one of which was a STIR- read "vertical ghetto"-proposal. Started at 7:30 so I've missed that one probably. I'll do interviews after though, try to paint a picture of what transpired.

hey Gerry... notice who isn't at that meeting... Robertson, Louie, and Reimer..

my mistake it appears that Reimer is attending.. is it Meggs that was absent.. from my computer screen that room looked pretty empty..

Deal, Louie, Ballem and Robertson. Meggs was there. He doesn't speak much, pulls the strings in the caucus room.

"Private" businesses, my own included, depend on pervasive forms of public infrastructure. When the operation of a "private" business causes serious disruption in that fabric, whether it be due to egregious failure or outstanding success, there is at least a moral if not a legal responsibility to help shoulder the burden.

there was a 5 second segment in the TV coverage that sticks out in my mind. Global/CTV - sorry, can't remember - I was watching both.

Reporter asked a police officer about the crowd. It was 8:00ish. Officer was obviously dealing with far more than he could manage on his own and was more than a little concerned. He was asked if this was such a good idea to have that many people in one place as people we pushing and generally acting stupid.

He looked right at the camera and said 'go ask the mayor'.

I suspect the police were given 'this is what we want to do' - deal with it.
I will be very curious if the rank and file officers help us understand what REALLY happened out there and why.

I was downtown in the hours leading up to game on Wednesday. One word to sum up riot--- PREDICTABLE---

One word to sum up city and VPD management response----LAZY---

Feel bad for front line officers who had to deal with that.

Julia, if there is indeed a clip of a police officer saying "go ask the mayor", Mike and the NPA should get a copy. It would be devastating to the current administration.

So glad to see David Eby is happy:
From CKNW (note to Eby, not all people were safe, especially the police officers,firefighters and good samaratins that were injured)

It is often a harsh critic of the Vancouver Police Department, but the BC Civil Liberties Association is congratulating the department's response to the Stanley Cup riot.

Spokesperson David Eby says he was very disappointed at the riot, but he was pleased to see the Vancouver Police being restrained in the face of very serious provocation.

Eby has this message for those who believe police should have taken a stronger stand, "Increasing violence on the part of police can increase violence on the part of rioters. I think the police had a very good tactic of using as little violence as possible, as little force as possible in responding and basically making sure that people were as safe as possible."

Eby says in particular the Association is happy the force did not use its M-RAD or sonic gun to disperse crowds and used tear gas and pepper spray in moderation.

http://www.drudgereport.com/ is showing this headling this morning:

UPDATE: Vancouver mayor and police chief blame riot on anarchists...


Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure this guy isn't an anarchist:

(unless anarchists are also into water polo.)

Water polo all-star Nathan Kotylak lights Vancouver police cruiser on fire


Now, the problem with this picture is that if you insist on making quick judgements and blaming these things on anarchists, you are letting certain people get away with things that, clearly, they should not.

Vancouver, this, the worst riot in your history, is your wake up call.


You called that one pretty accurately days ago..

As we all know there are several questions that need to be answered.

1)What was the budget for policing for the Game 7?

2)Why were police not checking Skytrain riders as they got off the trains for booze, weapons and other contraband (see Fireworks for details)

3)Why did it take hours to call for reinforcements from outside police forces?

4)Why were off duty officers NOT called in as reinforcements BEFORE the event?

5) Why were the fences and access points opened to allow even more people into the area?

6)Why did it take so long to respond to the violence and looting on Granville Street?

7)Where were the Skytrain/Transit Police during the day when open drinking onboard the trains by many was taking place?

8)Why was the Bearcat APC - VPD Riot Vehicle not ready to be deployed and/or used?

9)Why was there no initial support for the VFRS to get their vehicles in to put the fires out?

10)Why was the ERT team seemingly overwhelmed in 2 different locations?

11) Finally...... WHO planned this mess and what was the rationale for cheaping out?

Just a few questions that NEED to be answered?

Perhaps Hizzoner and Ms. Ballem would like to step up and answer some of these questions in a credible manner!

Max, by mentioning Eby you just about made me bust a blood vessel over my Weetabix!

I've been a critic of the VPD here, when it comes to officers punching an innocent guy in the face when he opens his door or shoving a woman with MS off the sidewalk, etc. But the my response to the riot is just the opposite. To allow something like that to occur without a fast, vigorous and, yes, brutal response just tells these punks that the streets are theirs whenever they want them.

Now I'm not blaming the officers at the front line, especially those who were injured. Their equipment was obviously inadequate and the tactical decisions and preparations inept - but that is the responsibility of their senior officers and the city government. I disagree with Bill McCreery that this is a matter that should be dealt with after the culprits have been prosecuted, are we so dumb that we can't deal with two processes at once? That is just a recipe for burying the serious questions that arise from this fiasco which is exactly what a lot of people want.

We were lucky. No one was killed, none of the vandalised buildings caught fire. Both those things could so have easily happened and quite likely might next time these emboldened thugs feel like a party. In fact I'll speculate that their individual behaviour, when out boozing, will already be worse thanks to their triumph and innocent people will pay the price.

Heard His Worseship on the radio this morning and it almost sounds like he is ready to throw Chu under the bus if need be judging from some of his responses.

With a little bit of pressure Chu will be forced to resign and then Mike and his other NPA colleagues has to continue to hammer him in the media and hold him to task as his is a slippery character and snakes know how to slither.

This could be his unraveling.

The sign of a great leader (gag)
Slagging your subordinates and making them take all the blame.

Mayor Robertson is really showing his colours now.

The thing that drives me crazy about Eby - his concern for those that break the law trumps those that abide by and or uphold the law.

Not a word from him about the injured officers, not a word from him about the dangerous position firefighters and paramedics were put in - trying to do their jobs and have things hurled at them - not a word about the ordinary persons stepping up to the line to try and protect property and getting the crap beaten out of them...


But hey, let's not use brute force against the rioters - who deserved everything they got ...a more.

Screw Eby. Nothing we can do about him. But we can replace the Mayor and also the Police Chief who both have the beheld responsible for their terrible planning

Interesting position for EBY, he wrote the manual for how to file charges against police, he is NDP/Vision...

Hummmm now I think Eby needs to show his true colors...take a position...I think we just sniffed out a hypocrite...in his own words.

Does he support his union comrades...or the little people that made him what he is... oh did I mention hypocrite?

sorry for my ignorance on the subject.

Can we get rid of the Mayor before the election? Are there any rules on this..special circumstances??

Somebody should check to see how much Business tax the Bay, London Drugs and all the small businesses down Granville Street pay to the City. I would estimate it to be a very large number and yet what service did these businesses get from the City on Wednesday night? Vandals taking TWO HOURS to break in to London Drugs before gaining entry and emptying the shelves? London Drugs staff inside the store calling 911 for help and getting none? Now just what kind of assistance from the City is that? The Mayor and Chief Chu should be driving to see the President of London Drugs this afternoon to make a personal apology for their negligence. And then they should resign if they had just a little bit of personal integrity.

Not sure of the Vancouver Charter, but I assume we wait until Novemeber. A legal challenge to his competency would take too long.

Re 2011 Van riots: Bob Whitelaw, independent investigator of the 1994 Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver is incredulous his exhaustive recommendations and warnings were ignored by Vancouver Police Dept.



"Once the incidents began to start, the police, in my opinion, many of them just stood to the side waiting for the next order."



One month before the Van. 2011 riots, Bob Whitelaw told The Sun in an interview he was concerned about a repeat of the 1994 riot.



In other words, POLICE expectations of a uniformly violent group acted as a self-fulfilling prophecy because of the effect of their subsequent strategy and tactics on fans’ social identity.

This link may not hot link so copy and paste it instead:

A Quantitative Study of Public Order, Policing and Crowd Psychology

Additionally, in the attempts to control incidents of football crowd disorder, laws have been created that arguably undermine fundamental civil liberties and human rights.


The wrong questions will inevitably get asked in the wake of all this, and the wrong solutions applied.

Expect “tougher policing”, and a ramped up culture of intolerance in a city that already turns a blind-eye to a tsunami of social ills.



An investigator who examined the 1994 riots in Vancouver says key recommendations went unheeded by local police. Bob Whitelaw told CTV News that many of the 100 recommendations he helped draft were blatantly disregarded.

Those suggestions include a no-parking zone in the downtown core, something that could have prevented frustrated people from taking their aggression out on parked cars. Whitelaw also recommended that fans should have been quickly dispersed and reminded they have to get out of the downtown zone.

"The police, in many ways, as they did in '94, seemed to be standing around, not taking any pro-action," he said.


BobH, I only have info for the BIA areas, but the 90 block Downtown BIA area collectively pays the COV $103 million in property taxes. That is 10% of the entire city budget. That amount does not include the provincial portion.

If we want to add in the other 4 BIA jurisdictions you can tack on another $25 million.

Everything you say here makes sense Mike. I wonder though if there is not more behind the violence - there is a group of people in Greater Vancouver who are fundamentally angry about where the city is and where it is going and this anger is always looking for an out in violence. Sure some of this is fan violence and some is young kids whose parents should be held accountable. But there is a core of agitators who came intending mayhem.

Apart from policing and public event policy, something your independent inquiry can help to hammer out, it seems to me that the anger in the suburbs towards Vancouver is a real thing that we need to address. Any thoughts on how we do this?

Thanks Julia. $103 million plus a bunch more in business taxes should be sufficient to pay for police protection. But oh, I forgot that the Vision Council placed a priority on paying a lot of money for the bike lanes. Vision had no money left for police protection.
Who was it who said that Vision has no vision?

One time, many years ago I took 15 teenagers to something.

I realized I was understaffed and unable to handle it.
The only reason it worked out was that they were good kids and I was liked by most of them.
They actually listened.

The City of Vancouver put the police department (and consequently the rest of us) in a way worse position.
Thousands and thousands of drunk, badly behaved individuals.


Who is in charge????

What nonsense. This was the act of drunken louts. The one fellow who's been outed so far is a 17 year old lad who is a member of the Canadian water polo team. A privileged young man. To suggest that his ilk used this as an outlet for displeasure over the direction of the city is patently silly. This lad and his fellow hooligans accepted Robertson's invitation to party and they partied hard. Individuals are responsible for their criminal acts and should answer for those acts. If there are individual mitigating circumstances let the courts hear those, assess the credibility of the evidence and sentence accordingly. Your notion of a hollyhock group hug anger management session is trivial fiction to excuse inexcusable culpable behaviour.

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