Which Vancouver will show up after Game 7?

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Joy on the faces of hockey fans before Stanley Cup Finals Game Three – video

As the folks over at EA Sports predicted, we're headed to a Game Seven in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. The question on the minds of many is what happens when the final buzzer sounds at Rogers Arena. Are we elated, or are we disappointed? Are we screaming with joy, or are we raging against fate?

Either way the dynamics could be very volatile, but I pray that Thursday's morning after emotions do not include disappointment at what we've done to our city and its reputation. To date, I like most others have been very proud of the way we've all conducted ourselves during this incredible celebration of sport, and of Vancouver's forty-one year connection to the NHL. I am confident that whatever happens on Wednesday, that good sense and civic pride will prevail.

Vancouver, at some considerable expense related to policing and garbage collection, has at least for the moment become a fun city. Like we seem to do every year at the fireworks festival, we showed our unlimited capacity for leaving behind a mess. Photographer Jeremy Lim's photo of the Game Six aftermath on Georgia Street is disappointing, but not unexpected. I watched a couple periods of Game Three on Georgia Street last week and looked high and low to find a garbage container. To be fair to the organizers of the CBC Fan Zone, I'm not sure if having more bins would help with crowds that large.

Aside from the litter, Vancouver has celebrated so far with class. The number of liquor pour-outs are on the rise, and the VPD is starting to sound a little more nervous in news conferences about the street festivities. When the wee hours of Thursday morning roll around we'll know if Vancouver put the 1994 genie back into the bottle, and had a great time without wrecking the joint.

Speaking of EA Sports, I used to work at the world famous entertainment software company at a time when a very talented young guy named Adam Mackay-Smith was also employed at the studio. Adam is a filmmaker at heart, and eventually left making videogames to do movies. I've not seen him in years until this video suddenly went viral – My Name is Johnny Canuck.

Adam wrote, starred in and directed this incredible short film that captures the fun and thrill of watching the Canucks go all the way to another Game Seven in the Stanley Cup Finals. It's already had nearly 200,000 views in just a few days.

So which Vancouver do I think will show up the evening of Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Final? I think it will be the brilliant city that we saw during the 2010 Games, and during all the Canucks games during these playoffs. It will be the city that brought you My Name is Johnny Canuck, EA Sports NHL 11, and Nardwuar vs Don Cherry.

I think we'll have a great time on Wednesday night simply because we all have figured out that Vancouver is Awesome.

Go Canucks Go!

- Post by Mike Klassen. Mike is a city council candidate for the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association (NPA). If you're an elected official or candidate seeking a nomination and want to write about urban issues, please send your 450-500 word submission to CityCaucus@gmail.com.

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I think perhaps Gregor has let the Genie out of the bottle this time...Bigger isn't always better.

I know I'm staying home Wednesday... I too lived in the middle of the 94 event..

Lets hope Vancouver will keep it classy..and win or lose,


I for one am so hockey"d out....

What concerns me is what is slipping past the media while we party in the streets...diversion is the best tactic of all...especially for politicians ..

Hey what happened to the data mining post? Just wondering.

The Thought of The Day

'Hey, you! Yeah, you, the agitated ones in front, yeah, you, I'm talking to you...sit down, Vancouver Canucks have won already!'

The only ones that lost and are still loosing (wow, just wait for me to explain), are the people of Vancouver, and don't be surprised in the end, just don't shoot the piano player, and read on, and no, I don't know 'Who stole your monkey'.

Now, really Mike, for a council candidate you should not have sugar coat this. I know, I know that Penny Ballem looks like the lady Orphanage Keeper in 'Annie' when she is talking about money, other people's money, and she might have scared you, but still...

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'...

...and business was good for the Aquilini family and for the the booze and shmooze families in general, for the crap merchandise and junk food families, for the first respondents, ya know, those essential services paid overtime to...idle, for the American implant management team at the City Hall and their Vision gang of politicians...this was like having their contracts overextended for an undetermined amount of time, having the unique opportunity to spend advertising and PR monies on themselves with impunity... Christmas and Hanukkah combined ...in June!

The look on their faces, and the noise coming off from them licking their boney chops, made the international scientific community to take a second look and wonder...was Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' actually shot as a documentary?

Let's be frank here for a moment. What is all the fuss? Thirty teams (always...the same teams) play year after year during the winter season. Hockey.
Then, so to make another buck or two, the owners thought of playing some more,but what to play for, what to play for, hmmm, that was the question cause they already found out who won during season, hmmm...

First they suggested to play for a million dollars prize each...nope, too much money, no sense whatsoever; for a trip to Euro Disney and one month in Paris...nope, that's too French; for a full floor in one of the future Empty Olympic Village buildings... nope, one should never buy in advance, it might get you to bleed to death.

'Wait a minute, wait a minute, let's play for a Cup' says one guy by the name of Stanley. 'A shiny, silvery cup, and we'll write the winner's names on it...!'
And so they did.

Vancouver Canucks DID win, people!Period.
For decades the Stanley Cup was only another way to take away that win from the rightful owners or, yeah, reinforce it a little bit more. Genius, eh?

Vancouver Canucks - The best team overall in wins, points, goals for the season. This past season.
If you didn't know by now, and I am sorry for you, this whole Cup thing it's a joke. On you. Just give the Cup to the best team of the season, at the end of the season, like they do in most of all the civilized sports, like...soccer, and let's move on with it, shall we?

To things like... what to do this summer if it gets too hot, are there HOT DAYS measures in place; how about places for seniors and daycare kids to go to cool down, are there enough working water fountains around the city, how about swimming pools, well maintained washrooms (but don't inconvenience Aaron Jasper with this one) are we all going to get reimbursed for this big, big, un-Planned Party, there are so many questions to ask, so little time for answers...

If I were THE candidate,these were the questions I would have asked and not if the Vancouver will be civil tomorrow, win or loose (BTW, you can bet on it, tomorrow's 'Vancouver' will be more like a Ratatouille of people from all over the Metro area with no pleasure in their lives but this unending ...love for hockey...and bud, and beer.

For me the Canucks won already,so I am at my calmest self.
Tomorrow, I'll go to a Bruins Friendly Bar (if there is one brave enough in town to advertise that)and heckle the hell out of them. No hard feelings, after all their team is as Canadian as ours, what you didn't know that?

It is a North vs South kinda thing in here, like what the Confederate Lt. Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest said on December 26, 1861 'Brother against brother'.

Hey, I warned you in the beginning, that these team owners are going to 'punk' you... and they did. Now go do the right thing...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Glissando.... as usual, the voice of reason... and you are absolutely right!

@Glissy. I was a writer at Terminal City newspaper during the week the legendary Brian "Godzilla" Salmi published his now infamous "Get Drunk and Riot" story during the '94 Cup run. That story prompted an investigation by the VPD into the role of the paper may have had in inciting the stupidity that happened after Game 7. Sometimes it just takes the most ridiculous spark to get people to spoil the fun.

I'm impressed at the celebratory spirit taking hold in the city right now, and just rolling with it. It makes Vancouver seem bigger and cooler than I already thought it was.

OMG, I want to second George. I am glad I am not the only one sending you kudos, Glissy. I don't know why but is it me, or IMHO your comment should have been "the post" (helllooo CityCaucus) and Mike's "the comment" ? Just an observation that's all. Some are hanging on to the Canucks wagon for better or for worse, others are as per George "the voice of reason" Thank you . Over at Fabula it is quiet, she's probably on vacation, here we have yes, feel good, poor against Vision (that I approve of) posts , truly, the past two weeks was a stay away time for me. Alex GT is still bashing blindly on the Premier on his blog. The MSM is dead on arrival over this Stanley Cup. Zombie land; granted tomorrow is sunny I'll be suntanning at Jericho. Go Canucks go...

This is off the hockey topic....

I read the sidebar article on the recent Vision membership meeting and Robertson's 97.3% approval to move forward for the mayoral seat. (out of a whopping 100 persons in attendace)

The first thing that struck me was the picture of Robertson, his stance - very Chairman Mao or Heil Hitler....


As a very cranky,crab called Chris
wants to know: Who is paying for all of this!!!

Taxpayers, that's who.

As I'm sitting here glaring at my tax notice I get to see a wonderful piece on the news about a 5,000.00 project about whether it's feasible to grow wheat on our front lawns.
Wheat? Farmers are collapsing in Canada and we're supposed to grow wheat on our city lots?

It will look like hay in a very short time when people find out how labour intensive it is to grow it, and turn it into flour.

Am I living in 'The Wizard of Oz'?
Complete with the scarecrow?

and just think Chris, you are getting all those "fabulous" services at 40% off the actual price.

You are pissed? How about the poor soul who is picking up their share plus your 40% - the commercial taxpayer who can't grow wheat anywhere!

Maybe we're all being charged 200 percent more than things are worth?

Because we've had it both ways.
The commercial tax rate, and the homeowner rate.

Had to walk away from the commercial.
Couldn't do it anymore.

I really want to know, why those chosen few get the funding.

From I what I was told by one of the farmers, of said wheat, they have a man locally that has agreed to do the milling for them...

So the city gives grants to a chosen few... they get the flour to bake the bread... and we pay for it....we get nothing for the tax dollars we give them.

It is a private grant to a chosen few...

Something is very wrong and smelly with this picture...oh I forgot they also get the free compost to go with it...

In this instance it is also grown on city property...

Just to show you that there are no hard feelings, I am in complete agreement with you. Now keep in mind that a better approval rating was only seen or heard of in only a few select democracies like China (a cherished and much sought after democracy by Robertson and Ballem...Vision) , North Korea and perhaps Cuba. I have to go now, I have wheat to harvest and the mill is open only until 9PM. From my front lawn. Tax payers money. Geezus, not even Glissando Remmy could have made up this kind of science fiction writing. And he is brilliant!

wonder what the extra costs for pest control will be with this wheat growing experiment.

I could think of so many better ways to spend $5,000. How about litter pickup!

Here is another one for you.....

Mayor Robertson and council help fund cycling allies: http://t.co/gpjvnDu via @AddThis

I never even thought about pest control.. but you are right!!

Or cross contamination - which is a problem with (proper)wheat farmers in the prairies.

if you read most strata bylaws - it says no bird feeders with seed. wonder why! So, let's plant a lot of vegetation that produces seeds in lots of places and let's see what happens. oh wait... that will require another plan for a test project to control rats and rodent borne illness.

Wonder what time of night they think these things up.

oh Lordy, you're right again Julia.. we can't have bird feeders for that reason...

@ Max.... what is cross contamination?...

But Julia:

I need to know....will there be a homeless silo for those loose and lost grains?

don't forget we need a mouse and rat coop in the yard...or are they allowed to run off leash... we need to consult with Aaron Jasper..

Bacteria or toxins that get transfered from one area to another.

Oats are bad for this.

If people are growing product for diet reason, like gluten free, cross contamination does become an issue.

And birds transfer things from one place to another through their little poops.

Contacting Aaron Jasper about rats???

How fitting......

Ballem must be pi**ed about this one:

Vancouver upholds its Freedom of Information release policies - Civic Lee Speaking: http://t.co/EIAHCjk

if anyone thinks I am joking I will relay a little story from my past.

I was 19, broke and madly in love. My new sweetie and I moved into a wartime house near 41st and Victoria for $160 a month. (yes, I am old) This little house was about 3 doors down from a Safeway.

My mother was fit to be tied about my wide adventure into wedded bliss but she decided to make the best of it. My parents bought us a colonial sofa and chair and we used our student loan to buy coffee tables. To complete the 'look' my Mom created a dried flower arrangement made up of dry straw flowers and died wheat stocks.

Our little palace was built on an open crawl space with a furnace in the basement. You could drive a truck through all the gaps in the skirting around the house and as a consequence, we had a lot of visitors that would come to the Julia Hilton after feasting at the Safeway every night for dinner.

I won't tell you all the places I found critters - suffice to say - we had a lot of them.

Back to my story. So, I come home from work and I notice that there is a neon orange wheat stock in this dried flower arrangement that appears to be broken. How did that happen???? Very strange. So I ignored it and carried on until the next day when I discovered yet another died wheat stock (this time it was bright gold) was laying on my brand new colonial coffee tables. what seemed odd was that there was husks all over the arm of my bright orange colonial sofa.

By the 4th day, all the died wheat stocks (I am thinking they were likely poisonous from the dye) were all chewed off this flower arrangement, husks were everywhere and mouse poop was left as a thank you card. We are talking old, dyed stalks of wheat that were in an environment where there was no shortage of food.

So, I read this story about growing wheat on front lawns and I almost spit my glass of wine all over my monitor.

I have to wonder if staff were consulted and if any caution was offered. If not - someone should be fired. If it was, someone should be thrown out of office for pure ignorance.

note to self - proof read before hitting the submit button.

wide= wild

why can't I write great stories like Glissando... sigh.

From the Lawns to Loaves blog site:

Am I reading this right - we are spending $5,000 in tax dollars for a symbolic 'wheat' gesture?


Lawns to Loaves is a radical experiment exploring the limits and possibilities of where our daily bread comes from.

The goals are ambitious yet simple:

•To successfully cultivate a hundred pounds of organic spring wheat within the city of Vancouver
•To engage our progressive city in a thought experiment regarding what defines a farm and to symbolically challenge the dominant scale of grain production
•To overlook traditional notions of efficiency and productivity for a moment in favor of the power of symbolism
•To teach, engage, and excite all those who encounter this project at any and every stage

In May 2011, the Lawns to Loaves collective will plant our seeds in the ground. Where there was grass, there will be wheat. Infect your lawn with Demeter’s gift to humankind.

Know a 25 square foot (minimum) place where
we can plant some wheat?
Note that seeds must be planted by May 15th, 2011

The Thought of The Night

"No, but really, what worries me right now, is that Pippa Middleton is temporarily single, again...and that I am not quite moving in 'her right circles', as she keeps changing them so often..."

Mike, I like you. If I didn't, you would have known it by now.I hope you do well in the fall, and as a candidate for council, you-will-have-my-vote (no competition there from me either, I'll have Gregor to worry on that - :-))

On the other hand, I have to explain a few things.
"It's not you, it's me!"
If I were a singer, I would not be playing in a band, 'Take That' for example, I would most probably be the Robbie Williams of that group, my way or ...

BTW, have you seen those ugly, ugly like Hell, sandals, making the rounds on the streets of Vancouver, recently?
No toes showing!
They look like a pair of dirt cheap shoes cut out for breathing...me, I like my toes free, out there in the traffic, risking cuts and pebbles and dog shit... I'd rather have my old pair of worn-out sandals mended together for another summer, than join the Status Quo.

When I asked one of my closest friends, why did he buy them (the ugly sandals) he sheepishly said 'Because they sold them to me, and because they are everywhere (well not exactly true)'
You wouldn't wear a short dress in high heels next summer, if they would tell you that's the new look, now would you? Not that is anything wrong with that!

Come this Thursday, the still unreal white-blue-green 'Sea of Torment' pictures that you see now in the papers are going to be replaced by the more realistic 'Strikers on Torment' pictures of Canada Post employees picketing with big signs around their necks. And you can bet your candidacy, that there are a lot of them who probably wouldn't give a 'flying puck' on who's going to win the Stanley Cup when their livelihood is threaten, the way it is.
Speaking of which...'flying'...guess what, Air Canada announced today...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

The Thought of The Night

"When Gregor Robertson talks, the intensity vs. expectation drains out of any room like crankcase oil; at second thought...faster than that."

I absolutely loved your story! I may be using it in one of my future fables (with your permission of course)on Vancouver (chris - one of many...are you there?)
As for this:
"I have to wonder if staff were consulted and if any caution was offered. If not - someone should be fired."...how can Gregor Robertson fire himself? That's our job!

"Contacting Aaron Jasper about rats???
How fitting..."
I nominate Max for 'the best line' of the day.

...'Lawns to Loaves'
All I can do is a pray, for them Holyhockers:

"Our Father, Who art in Heaven
Hollyhock be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on BC The best Place on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily Front Lawn Bread,
and forgive us our Experimental trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us(yeah right);
and lead us not into temptation,like bee hives, chicken coops, and community gardens,
but deliver us from Vision. Amen."

Forgive the little changes here and there, but it couldn't be helped...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Can't wait to read:

The Rat,the Sheaf, and the Plague.

Ha, ha, ha...
The prayer is right on Glissando Remmy!
All Vision are left with after this new team action, is... hope...Hoping to get out of town untarnished...good luck you fools!



Vsncouver... shame, shame, shame.

+1. saved and Retweeted.

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