Teflon Mayor Robertson should also be held accountable

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Gregor "Fan Zone" Robertson: getting free ride or "Giuliani-esque"?

You’ve got to give Mayor Gregor Robertson some credit. With the smoke clearing from the aftermath of Wednesday’s riots which started in his “fan zone,” Mr. Teflon appears to be coming out of this whole affair unscathed – at least for now.

I watched about a dozen interviews Robertson conducted with the media over the last 24 hours and it’s pretty clear most of them are prepared to give him a pass when it comes to his role in providing Vancouver with another black eye. As frustrating as it is to watch, I must say that I’m impressed with the Mayor’s ability to deflect any of the criticism that’s begun to emerge.

From my perspective, there are two levels of accountability when it comes to the chaos that occurred on our streets this week. One is criminal, while the other is political.

When it comes to the thugs (and I’m speaking about our sons and daughters here, folks) and the bystanders who cheered them on snapping photos, I’m hoping for a high level of criminal accountability. That said, I’m hard pressed to believe that any of these individuals will get more than a slap on the wrist from our judicial system.

In many ways, the criminal accountability is easier to manage. That’s because there are countless photos, videos and eye witnesses who can help our police prosecute the idiots that acted out on our streets.

The more difficult issue is one of political accountability. Who will ultimately be held responsible for the poor planning that led to the City inviting over 100,000 (mainly under 25 and intoxicated) fans downtown for a party? Will it be our Chief of Police Jim Chu, or the guy he actually reports to – Mayor Robertson? If the first 24 hours of media analysis is any indication, we know who Robertson would like to throw under the bus – besides the “hooligans and anarchists” of course.

Although I have been critical of the Vancouver Police Department in the past, I must admit I feel sorry for the position they were put in on Wednesday evening. Our police were simply out-numbered at an event that was obviously ill-thought out and executed.

Unlike the 2010 Olympics, which had a one-billion dollar security budget and seven years of planning, Robertson’s hockey “fun zone” was a ticking time bomb. That’s because both the Mayor and senior City officials had foolishly convinced themselves that the Olympics were a turning point for the city. In hindsight, they were deluding themselves.

An interview with City Manager Penny Ballem conducted just hours before the riot by Mike Howell at the Vancouver Courier helps to illustrate my point. Here is what Ballem had to say:

Are you concerned the 1994 Stanley Cup riot will repeat itself?

“This city has matured so much since then,” Ballem said of the riot that occurred after the Canucks lost to the New York Rangers in another Game 7. “We’ve really learned a lot and I think there’s a very different sense of how important it is not to do that. This is a big crowd and there’re a lot of people downtown. We’re being very careful but I don’t think anyone thinks there’s going to be anything like that.”

Added Ballem: “Already you see people are not thrilled that we’re losing but they’re not all losing it themselves.”

In addition, the Courier reports:

Before the game started, fire and police officials turned back hundreds of people from entering into the fan zones for safety reasons. The mood of the largely young crowd, some fueled by alcohol, was unsettling for the Davidson family of North Vancouver.

“It’s not safe, so we’re going home,” said Tamara Davidson, who briefly lost her 11-year-old son in the crowd. “There’s not enough crowd control. It’s not like the Olympics.”

City manager Penny Ballem agreed the crowd wasn’t like previous nights, where families were able to sit on the streets and watch the game on the screens.

“We know that we’ve done everything possible to make this a place for families to feel comfortable,” Ballem said. “Tonight, there’s not a lot we can do to prevent the numbers of people that want to come… Would I bring my little kids down here tonight? No, but the other night everyone was sitting. I mean it was remarkable.”

I’m told by City Hall insiders that not a single person on the City’s senior management team was even aware of the Whitelaw report outlining over  100 recommendations on how to prevent future riots. Bob Whitelaw was the fellow hired to review the circumstances that led up to the ’94 Stanley Cup riots to determine if anything could have been done differently. He’s been all over the media in the last day or so saying the City and its police force goofed up.

Had City management actually been familiar with Whitelaw’s report, they might have thought twice about inviting so many people into a confined space. This is especially true for game seven of the Stanley Cup final where the team had a 50/50 chance of losing. Let’s hope the Premier considers hiring Whitelaw again in order that we can benefit from his corporate memory on this topic.

As for our Teflon Mayor, I’m increasingly convinced that despite everything that transpired, he will come out of this whole affair unscathed. He’s clearly been provided with a good set of talking points by his handlers and he’s delivering them masterfully.

But the reality is Robertson has a lot of explaining to do in regards to the role the City of Vancouver played in facilitating the carnage we saw on our streets. That’s the component of political accountability that so far has been lacking in our coverage of this story.

I think it’s far too convenient for the Mayor to blame what happened “on a small group of hooligans.” Oh, they were there alright, but there were clearly no plans to deal with them if they did show up – and you’d have to be an idiot to think they wouldn’t.

Here are some of the questions Vancouverites and our media should be asking the Mayor if they were interested in some political accountability:

  1. As the Chair of the Police Board and Mayor of the city, does the buck not stop with him? History will show this is never the case with Robertson.
  2. Did the City Manager put any pressure on the Chief of Police to keep his budget under control when it came to patrolling this event?
  3. Did City staff use Whitelaw’s report as the basis for planning the Mayor’s Fan Zone? If not, why not?
  4. When the VPD requested liquor sales stop at 4 pm on the day of Game 6, was this not telling you that something was changing with the makeup of the crowd?
  5. Did the City’s effort to shed its “no fun city” moniker play any role in how it managed the Game 7 Fan Zone?
  6. Why is Robertson stating he is “surprised” by what happened when this type of a riot occurred during game seven of the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs?
  7. Why were your top city officials telling the media only hours before the riot that there was nothing to be concerned about?

There are so many other questions that could, and should be posed to the political leadership of this city, but I’m not holding out much hope. The Mayor’s office is in full spin mode and making every attempt to make their boss look as "Giuliani-like" as possible.

With an election only a few months away, and local citizens & shopkeepers feeling battered and bruised, the stakes are high for Vision Vancouver. One wrong move by Robertson, and he could be providing enough reason to fire an incumbent mayor for the first time in over a generation.

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As we all know there are several questions that need to be answered.

As Mayor Robertson is busy throwing Chief Chu and the VPD under the bus this morning, perhaps he could explain and answer some of the following questions which I had asked and need to be answered.

1)What was the budget for policing for the Game 7?

2)Why were police not checking Skytrain riders as they got off the trains for booze, weapons and other contraband (see Fireworks for details)

3)Why did it take hours to call for reinforcements from outside police forces?

4)Why were off duty officers NOT called in as reinforcements BEFORE the event?

5) Why were the fences and access points opened to allow even more people into the area?

6)Why did it take so long to respond to the violence and looting on Granville Street?

7)Where were the Skytrain/Transit Police during the day when open drinking onboard the trains by many was taking place?

8)Why was the Bearcat APC - VPD Riot Vehicle not ready to be deployed and/or used?

9)Why was there no initial support for the VFRS to get their vehicles in to put the fires out?

10)Why was the ERT team seemingly overwhelmed in 2 different locations?

11) Finally...... WHO planned this mess and what was the rationale for cheaping out?

Just a few questions that NEED to be answered?

Perhaps Cheif Chu, Hizzoner and Ms. Ballem would like to step up and answer some of these questions in a credible manner!

Mayor Gregor just posted more feel good press about his leadership rising from the ashes on Facebook 9 minutes ago...

spin cycle in full force..

The small groups of criminals and thugs should definitely be brought to justice, but so too should the City of Vancouver be held accountable. Who invites 100,000 people out without an adequate contingency plan? The VPD was reportedly denied extra funds for additional manpower by the City prior to this. But even if they brought the entire VPD force out there on Wednesday night, could they have kept a lid on this thing? I doubt it. Who planned this event? Who decided to put businesses and residents of Vancouver at risk? The City. What made them think gathering 100,000 people and providing these criminal with the biggest stage was a good idea? This is as much of an abuse of public trust as it is mismanaging a budget. How can the Mayor not be held responsible? There should be an investigation into the whole planning process. We can only learn lessons from what we did wrong. So far, no one is doing anything to find out what was done wrong other than stating the obvious that criminals and thugs started this...

I think there must be another question added to this list.

Why did Christy Clark refuse to help finance extra money for the escalating policing costs..

Why is she now showing concern rather than feel good photo opportunities?

I hold her equally responsible for this situation, personally I am not impressed with her talking points on this subject...

I find it curiously funny how she now refers to Vancouver as our city....now, after the riot...

In my opinion, where was she when we needed her? Many officials need to take some responsibility here...will they?

The person that does stand up and take ownership, gets my vote..

Could it be possible that the Province thought this was a bad idea to begin with and that the City never had a "budget"? Someone should ask the Special Events group in the City about the whole process....

Daniel, are you going to blame the CBC too? They invited the crowds too. The blame here is simple. The people who came downtown looking to agitate, riot, and be douchebags.

There were no problems games 1-6. This was different. People chose to incite. The Mayor and the VPD have done a great job. It is the citizens of Greater Vancouer that f*cked up.

VicRK there were problems at the previous games, the media just downplayed them in an attempt to be part of the bandwagon. For example, three police officers were sent to hospital after altercations with Canucks fans.

CBC is going by politicians news worthy items.... Gregor gladly promoted this...and sent his message where ever he could...

Gregor never has been one to shy away from free feel good media that promotes his cause..sadly Gregor is only a pretty face...won't take ownership of his responsibilities...how shallow of us to fall for the pretty face no real substance agenda...

Funny a burning car started this riot...

Gregor's pet peeve is "the car" how much of Gregor's anti -car cycling agenda promoted this... one must ask the obvious.

The irony that isn't lost on those of us that didn't drink the kool-aid

Police Chief Chu has given the Mayor his first avenue to escape responsibility by coming out and saying he was satisfied with the police response - after all, it took six hours in 1994 to get the situation under control and only 3 hours this time. It is unacceptable for an area of the city to be out of control for 3 hours, particularly when the problem was foreseeable. If he believes this is acceptable performance, then he really should resign regardless of others who may also be responsible.

The second avenue of escape is to call an inquiry, a favourite when something screws up because it allows those responsible to hide behind "we have learned from this inquiry and will never let this happen again". Forget the inquiry, it's time we elect leaders and hire competent managers who don't let these things happen the first time.

Bill, there is NO blame for the VPD. They brought a crowd bent on destruction down in three hours. The blame is on the crowd.

Perhaps you should read this very telling article in the Georgia Straight about another gloating and out of touch Visionista pontificating on how ready the City was... he she was in on the planning!

Lobsterfest anyone???

Enjoy the irony....

Hours before Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and its subsequent aftermath of drunken mayhem and violence, a chirpy councillor Heather Deal appeared on CBC Radio One’s On The Coast to discuss the city’s plans for the evening, declaring with confidence that there were “contingency plans upon contingency plans upon contingency plans.”

CBC host Stephen Quinn mentioned that cops in Boston were warning the public to stay away from the downtown core, and asked Deal how Vancouver had shed its own no-funcity reputation.

“We’re a grown-up city now,” said Deal. “We know how to party downtown. We know how to close streets down. We know how to divert traffic, we know how to make sure we have enough city controls on the garbage and making sure we have enough space on the street for people to party. We rock at this.… We’ve brought in a lot of people from around the region. Again, we’ve seen the crowds growing every single night. We’re over 100,000 now. We know how to deal with 100,000. If it’s 120,000 we’ll deal with 120,000. If they’re cranky, we’ll deal with cranky.”

Deal, who was described as one of the city’s Stanley Cup Playoff party planners, now sounds woefully naive: Vancouver may have grown up, but apparently it’s gone from being a testy, tantrum-prone toddler to a belligerent, hormonally charged teen without a curfew.

The icing on the cake comes at the end of the interview, when Deal refuses to discuss how the celebration—win or lose—would go down.

”The mayor isn’t talking much about the parade, because he’s afraid of jinxing things,” said Quinn, to which Deal retorted: “We don’t use the P-word, Stephen.… We will have an appropriate celebration at the end of the series.”

“Will there be a celebration either way, win or lose?” pressed Quinn. “Yes, absolutely,” said Deal. “We’re so proud of the Canucks.”

An exasperated Quinn asked again: “I’m not asking for the secret of the Caramilk bar here. I’m just asking what’s the parade route?” Deal remained tight-lipped: “I actually don’t know, and we’re not talking about it. Because we will have a celebration, there’s no question of that. But I have no details to offer you. Sorry about that.”

At the time, it sounded like superstition. Now, in hindsight, her answer begs the question: how much did the city even plan for a loss?

I wonder how the DVBIA could be standing behind the City's idiotic party plan from the get go. I imagine the insurance premium alone suffered by the downtown businesses would put a big dent, if not wipe out whatever boost they received from the playoffs.

When will they start sending the City the bill?

And how much will it cost us all to pursue, arrest, and prosecute these criminals?

I guess we should grow wheat in our yards and keep sending Deal and co. to lobster feast while Team Gregor throw a 100,000 strong party without a security budget.

Yes, he is right in saying they did not have the Olympics-sized security budget for the playoffs, then don't throw another Olympics-sized party!!

Daniel has already identified two levels of accountability - criminal and political and they are two separate things. The criminal accountability is not mitigated by anything the authorities did or did not do. And I hope it doesn't get lost in all the political fallout.

However, this was not some random event that was not foreseeable - the playoffs have been going on for two months, crowds were building and we had the experience of 1994 (and subsequent report). The VPD cannot be blamed for the riot starting but it is legitimate to ask why it took 3 hours to get it under control.

I don't normally do this, but I'm posting some breaking news from the Vancouver Sun. This is a must read for every business owner and citizen impacted by the riots.


VANCOUVER - The head of the Vancouver Police Union disputed Mayor Gregor Robertson's statement that police had no advance warning that a small group of troublemakers intended to cause a riot during Wednesday night's Stanley Cup Final.

Tom Stamatakis also said city officials were lulled into a false sense of security because of the peace of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and staffed a crowd with only a fraction of the officers necessary to prevent a riot.

"I think the problem is that a lot of people didn't want to consider that what happened last night might be a possibility, right from the mayor and other city officials to lots of people in the community who wanted to focus on enjoying the Canucks playoff run and having a good time," Stamatakis said in an interview Thursday night.

"Anyone who is suggesting that there wasn't information out there indicating that certain people were wanting to cause problems is wrong, because that intelligence was out there. We were trying to manage it as best as we could given the circumstances of the situation."

Stamatakis said the union met with Police Chief Jim Chu to discuss staffing levels during the playoffs.

But he said it was wrong to try to keep control of crowds of up to 100,000 with a fraction of the officers that were needed to police similar crowds during the Olympics.

"If you want to manage a crowd like that effectively without having it turn into a riot, then we need probably 5,000 police officers, not the five or six or 700 police officers we had out there last night," Stamatakis said. "You need to really step up in terms of physical resources throughout the crowd and keep a lid on things."

He said officers who were out on the beat during the playoffs could sense a different kind of crowd from the Olympics was assembling downtown.

"I think the police that were deploying over the course of the Stanley Cup playoffs knew exactly what was happening.

"I don't think the police miscalculated at all. In the context of the resources that we had available, we tried to muster as many of those resources as we could."

He said the VPD was given information showing trouble was brewing.

"There was information available, and that's the kind of information that leads to early closure of premises selling liquor, and that leads to deploying police officers at SkyTrain or along arterial routes to head off people intent on creating problems."

Stamatakis said anarchists and criminals may have used the game as a cover for starting trouble, but they weren't the only ones rioting.

"Police that were working last night in the downtown area working with this riot weren't faced with just a couple of small group of people who were rioting. There were thousands of people engaged in the riot.

"Everybody was riding the high of the Olympics and didn't want to consider that this experience might not be the same as the Olympic experience."

Still, Stamatakis isn't suggesting downtown celebrations be banned. But he thinks the city needs to take a different approach instead of broadly inviting crowds to come party in the downtown core.

"I am not suggesting we should not celebrate things like the Stanley Cup and other events, but maybe we should spread those things around the city and hopefully not end up with 100,000 people jammed into a couple of square blocks."

Meanwhile, Coun. Suzanne Anton, the Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate, says there needs to be an independent external review of the decisions that led up to the riot.

She said the review needs to look into whether all police officers were deployed and had enough resources, transportation plans, efforts to control liquor and whether city bylaws need to be revised.

"An internal review just won't cut it," said Anton. "Vancouverites need to have confidence that tough questions will be asked, and that can only be done through an independent review."

Interesting that neither Chu or Robertson are admitting how many cops were out that night. Obviously it's embarrassing and incriminating to them.

As for the mayor's assertions that the violence was from a small group of anarchists and thugs, I guess he hasn't seen the news that a kid from Maple Ridge on a Water Polo scholarship was part of the violence. I dont know too many anarchists who even know what Water Polo is.

Just another example of how Robertson will do anything to squeeze out of this one. For sure Chu will have to go, it will be interesting to see how it is spun.

The mayor has no other option to but to hold Chu accountable and give him the boot. While he's at it, maybe get rid of Ballem too?

Too bad, I kinda liked Jim.

But this is politics and as they say

When the going gets tough...politicians blame the police :-)

funny how the left was quick to call it "Sam's Strike" but bristle at the notion that this is "Gregor's Riot". Double standard?

Just saw some t-shirts being printed downtown. I love capitalism at work:

"Went to Gregor's Party and had a Riot!"

"funny how the left was quick to call it "Sam's Strike" but bristle at the notion that this is "Gregor's Riot". Double standard?"

More like hypocritical with a dose of short memory. Sullivan fans thought it was unfair, unjust, etc... yet here they pile it on.

Funny how we just repeat things over and over yet expect different results.

but boohoo is very consistent... LOL

Not really related to the topic of Moonbuns, but topical - Google CBC's Rex Murphy take on the riot. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Why would Robertson care about businesses. They don't vote.

From CKNW - "After repeating yesterday's vow to find and prosecute all the hooligans responsible for Wednesday night's riots in downtown Vancouver, Premier Christy Clark has promised a review to determine if the chaos could have been prevented"

Question is, will Gregor cooperate with the review? Or will he just send in Geoff Meggs to stonewall?

Daniel I don't know if I agree with your assessment. I've been listening to the open line radio today and it's been brutal for Robertson and Vision Vancouver. Everyone can see through his spin and he along with all those thugs will be held accountable for what happened this week.

I wasn't going to be active in the civic election but I am now!!!


CKNW has just reported that social media is spreading a report of another riot tonight at English Bay... Liquor stores and St. Pauls hospital are requesting extra security for tonight...

CKNW has every confidence that their sources are good and felt a responsibility to warn the public...

Where did you hear this George?

I can't find it.

So the CityCaucus.com is criticizing the mayor for inviting people in the Fan Zones...
but didn't CityCaucus.com encourage people to go the the Fan Zones....


the irony, the irony,

Water polo can be a pretty rough and dirty game.

Philip Till, just was on CKNW reporting it..
Apparently it is on social media calling for riot #2...he stated that he feels confident that his sources are credible and felt the need to let the public know.

I heard it too - CKNW. Phillip Till felt obligated to pass on rumours he has been getting all day. Hoping like crazy his sources are wrong.

Nothing wrong with Fan Zones when they are designed for families and properly managed. If I recall the big push was for away games.

Social Media!

I can't find anything.
Hopefully this is all b.s.media.

hypocrasy watch,

The point you fail to comprehend is that CityCaucus is not the Mayor nor the police department, nor are they the government...

A reasonable person expects that the government that is in power, is doing their job properly. We assume all safety precautions are being taken care of... it's called their job that is what taxpayers pay them for...

The complexities are obviously over your head just as the job of Mayor is way over Gregor's head...

Your attempt at a slam was ineffective but thankfully you are using a new moniker and your silliness and sarcasm is your little secret... ;-) ;-)

Can't honestly see CKNW taking the risk of being wrong...liability issues

It came in as an announcement... not a news report... he explained he was very uncomfortable bringing it to our attention, but had complete trust in his sources..felt obligated to report it.. he did not sound very comfortable.

I am very concerned about this City and I am sure that things are happening that we don't know about.

I don't know what to think anymore.

Isn't that sad?

now I've heard it all. Vision supporters are trying to blame Mike and Daniel for the riot. LOL. You guys are truly pathetic.

my recollection is they were pushing to open up Rogers arena for away games only. You can't get in that place unless you have a ticket. You can't buy booze unless you have id. It's limited to 17000 fans. Yes I can see where you are going with all this. good attempt at deflecting attention away from our loser mayor.

maybe your handle should have been hypocrASSy watch? Hope this part doesn't get censored.



chris (one of many)

Do not despair..this is the way I look at it...

Daniel and Mike have given us this forum..

To be honest I think that the regulars here, have been pretty diligent keeping information flowing and shared..

As long as we all keep our ears open and share here... we have the opportunity to keep the City Government accountable...

I feel played.

The Thought from Behind The Curtain

'CityCaucus is not criticizing the Mayor. I do. They did not encourage the people to go to the FanZone. I did. Ahem, also one more tiny detail, the Mayor is not paying for all this, or Ballem,or the Aquilinis...we all do.'

'hypocrisy watch',
do you want to know what is the best thing that came out of this riots?
As per Mayor Robertson 'no bicycles were set on fire!'

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Now, 'hypocrisy watch' I'll ask City Caucus to post this comment. Observe...
City Caucus...post this!


Robertson quotes “the landscape was devastated”, a “war zone” and “we all saw it coming” Were those Robertson’s quotes to the press after the riot on Wednesday no, those were his statements to the press after testifying at BC Supreme Court in the civil action against the entities responsible for the Canada Line construction project. His evidence as a voluntary witness in the civil suit to hold the parties responsible for the torts of negligence and nuisance. Should he not, as Vancouver’s CEO and Chair of the Police Board be held responsible for what was also reasonably foreseeable? The war zone that was the riot, the damage to the businesses. After a couple of pints at some of the watering holes in the west end one thing was clear. The bar keepers I talked to saw it coming. They said the crowd was different. They had the foresight not to open until 2:30 in the afternoon and close the bars when the game ended. They told me that in the Junction Pub on Davie, two gay men were beaten up. The head of the police union saw it as reasonably foreseeable. On my way home from work on Wednesday, it was clear, this was a drunk rowdy crowd much different from past games. So, reasonably foreseeable. Let’s hold Robertson accountable to his own standards for reasonably foreseeable his own “war zone” and devastation, that resulted in the property damage, and the assaults.

Have a look at the tweet I sent out at around 1:30 pm on Wednesday, just hours before the riots. It's pretty clear something was about to happen.

[Young guy shouts on SkyTrain before leaving "be warned, there are going to be 1994 riots all over again. It's coming!" What an idiot]


On my way down the escalator at the Granville St SkyTrain station, I was greeted by hundreds of hooting and hollering "Canucks" fans heading in the opposite direction who were shouting obscenities at me. They were clearly intoxicated by early afternoon and heading to the downtown core. Two police officers were stationed at the top of the escalator.

A number of people have reported they could feel the "vibe" downtown was not good.

wow Daniel that is eerie..


I have a friend who recounted the same Skytrain experience to me as well as persons wearing 'Riot 2011' t-shirts.

Now I am reading there were only 300 (+/-) police officers for the 100,000 + persons in the downtown core?


Were these poor officers sent out as sacrificial lambs?

As the ex-spouse of an RCMP - remember, at the end of the day, these men and women have families to go home to, just like everybody else. The difference, they are laying their lives on the line for eveyone else and I can tell you from first hand experience, the stress of their job takes a huge toll on relationships. Of the 10 couples we were close to, one is still married.

It sickens me to see police persons so unprepared for what they were facing. No proper gear, no headwear - nothing.

Our police, firefighters, and all 911 respondants deserve better, much better than what was 'provided' to them this last Wednesday.

I remember in the 94 riots the cops were using rubber bullets and bean bag guns. Where were they on Wednesday?

I guess the hippy dippy head case of a Mayor we have would rather shower the rioters with rose petals.


I did hear that well into it, the police did use rubber bullets - whether that is true or not, I don't know. As for everything else......

Remember, Tides donates to both Pivot and the BCCLA.

Gregor's Riot.

So it shall be named.

“contingency plans upon contingency plans upon contingency plans.”

She said this because her three brain cells were all goobed up in lobster butter and free booze.

Cops on the street were great. The officers who planned for the evening are the amateur hour in this screenplay.

And they all take direction from our chicken raising, front lawn wheat growing, "I have $3 million for a bike lane", owned by rich American old hippies Mayor of Vancouver.

This was GREGOR's RIOT.

He'd be taking all the credit if things had gone well.


Heard the head of the Police Union defending the officers.

He needs to know - it is not their fault.

They were grossly out numbered.

Shame on Robertson et al trying to place the blame on the police.

If Gregor Robertson had a shred of personal integrity he would have resigned yesterday. But since he didn't then the voters will have to correct his omission in November.
Say good by Gregor. And don't let the door hit you on your ass on the way out


I personally think the Mayor has proven hands down, that he has no idea what "personal integrity", nor "responsibility" are about.

Given the number of officers on the street, it is probably good they were in 'passive policing mode'. One of them could have been seriously hurt had the crowds really started retaliating. Let the children exhaust themselves and go home - that is about all they could do.

my questions:
1)were there any adjustments to the plan in light of what was happening on twitter and on the ground all day Wednesday when it was apparent trouble was on the agenda?

2)who decided that Hamilton and Georgia could handle 100,000 people

3)who decided the demographics of a hockey game were the same as the Olympics and could therefore be managed in the same way with far less staff.

None of the above require rocket science to figure out.

I have a feeling there were some armchair experts wandering city hall that thought they new best and the experts were left saying 'whatever'.

I also suggest we are dreaming to think Gregor would resign over this. Everyone is going to deflect to the inquiry, say it was beyond their control and hope like hell that come November that we will be thinking about other things.

Speaking of 'children' - that kid from Maple Ridge, the water polo player - I am pretty sure his dad is a doctor.

Can you imagine how embarrassed that father is? I bet you there are a few more sombre father's day celebrations going on this weekend.

Do parents still ground kids for life any more or threaten to send them to military school?

David Eby and the BCCL stay true to form:

BCCLA weighs in on the riots
Sean Leslie | Email news tips to Sean

The BC Civil Liberties Association says we should not assume that everyone captured on video or still photos in Wednesday night's riot are actually criminals.

With much talk about publicly "shaming" those caught on camera, spokesperson David Eby says both the media and politicians have to be careful about pointing fingers.

He days, "it's not the guy jumping on the car that's captured in the footage. It's the guy that's in the proximity of that, and so I think that the premier, and media outlets, and others, need to be careful about who they're labelling as criminals in the aftermath of this, because certainly there's a lot of anger in the city, rightfully so, but we can't let it interfere with due process."

His dad is a doctor.

It was on CTV that he had to close his practice due to the hundreds of calls he was recieving.

I just watched the 17 year old boy on the news who torched the police car in Wednesday’s riot.. A tearful admission about what he did and why he did it. No obfuscation, no PR team to wrote spin, no attempt to deflect the blame and no one to blame but himself.. A young boy accepting responsibility for a very stupid irresponsible act. What do we have from our Mayor? Certainly not the courage and character of a 17 year old boy who admits his mistake and accepts the consequences. Robertson must resign.

Come now skippy, the Mayor was out serving up pancakes today....

Weeks ago, Suzanne Anton made the suggestion that the City ask for $$ from the Province to help offset the playoff costs.

The story ran on CBC.

Most of the commentors eviserated her for even making such a suggestion.

Hind sight hey.

The Thought of The Early Morning

‘To all the commentators in here. It felt like watching a ‘tennis match’ at Rolland Garros. Play after reading. ‘

Thanks guys. It calmed me a bit. :-)

So, I did my homework, you know the drill, boots on the street,eyes wide open, wet socks, worn out elbow patches, notebook in hand…

Palm d’Or…Grand Prix…Un Certain Regard…Honorary Mentions.…Palme d’Or du court métrage…Prix d’interprétation masculine…if only Vancouver were Cannes…but it is not…
still, prizes need to be handed out, winners and speeches…

In the BITCH (Bonkers In The City Hall) Category

PENNY Ballem, Winner

PB (constipated smile) – ‘My Power Point Presentation was missing the last six ‘Riots Are On, Penny!’ slides. Someone will get fired over this! Ark Tsisserev comes to mind. Chu and Robertson…phew, men! I never liked them! If I could only fire their arses. Now, watch me juggle this TsiChuRob balls…’

In the WWWAT (What Went Wrong According To) Category

JIMMY Chu, Winner

JC (cramped smile) – ‘Nothing went wrong. It could have been worse. Trust me when I say this. That woman is a control freak. And she’s mean like Hell. Thank god she was there. People in the crowds got confused and split faster than expected. Trust me when I say this, that woman scares me, and I’m the one wearing the gun, for goodness sake. Jesus! Trust me when I say this. Oops, she’s coming…’

In the IGYB (I Got You Babe) Category

CHRISTY Clark; GREGOR Robertson, Joint Winners

CC (post facelift smile) – ‘Let’s move on people. We are so fortunate, like, to live in a great city, like, in a city where we can raise chicken, like, grow wheat, make honey, like, bike…like, aagh… HST…anything you might want to add Mr. Mayor?’
GR (self-assured smile) – ‘Magee, anything for me, that you might like me to add? Oh, that’s right…(looking at Clark)…


…and bikes.’

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Video evidence reveals that the fanzone area was policed; many arrests were made. One vid shows Howard Chow (VPD Recruitment and Training) working - with general success - to maintain crowd distance from the first burning vehicle. It appears that the crowd was reduced by 90% by the time a riot was declared. When fire personnel were brought in, dissipation conditions appeared imminent. However, after the fire was extinguished, police in riot gear commenced beat-and-retreat tactics, similar to G20 "Kettling." Once confronted, the crowd became aggressive and followed the riot-police line towards Granville, where police broke off to regroup (Chu admitted same). Critical mass occured when the Robson crowd converged. There appears to have been at least an hour of non-policing around Granville-Georgia. In my opinion, a mere 50 riot-control forces would have been sufficient to split the crowd. Jim Chu - caught by camera at fanzone - MUST have given the order that led to non-policing, in brazen contravention of Police Act law enforcement/crime prevention ordenance. Chu can cite no Statute, nor inclusive authority to in defence of his beat-and-retreat strategy. Entrapment-Defence may NOT be successful, when charged persons are brought to court, but intentional "kettling" will be at least a mitigating factor for many first-time-criminals.

At most there were 10,000 persons within the "riot" arena - and photos reveal up to 70% with camera in hand. How many committed Vandalism, B & E and Theft? 300? Chu chose to split the crowds after they had already disipated, and when hard-core elements had long gone. He should be desperate; he broke his Police Act oath.

BTW: the Toronto Star reported that Ontario police had abandoned "kettling" in face of civil rights lawsuits.

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