SHAME: June 15th, 2011 is a night Vancouver won't soon forget

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A participant in the 2011 Canucks riot captures the moment on his handheld

I'm normally not at a loss for words, but what I saw this evening has left me speechless. I'll have more to say on this emerging story in the coming days. But for now, there are a tonne of media reports on this pouring in over the wire. We'll start capturing some of the better ones and summarize them for you shortly.

Now over to you to fill in the rest of this post...


Its clear it was a colossal blunder to encourage such crowds to come downtown. The Olympics took years of planning, what napkin did the Mayor write this plan on?

I see Mark Cuban stepped up to pay for a parade for the Mavericks. Lets see the Aqulinis and the millionaire Canucks players in their Range Rovers step up to pay for the mess caused by fans wearing their colours.

This is one of the most embarrassing possible scenarios for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Ridiculous. After building up such a positive reputation during the Olympics, for a bunch of yahoos to completely ruin it.... All I could say to my daughter of 2 is that "no, we cannot go outside tonight because people are being very bad and silly and we could get hurt; it does not make mommy happy."

I can only hope (and at this point it seems to be a distant hope) that those responsible will feel shame and regret. I am not sure what the consequences should be, but they certainly didn't seem to mind being taped, and actually appeared to reveled in it.

By the way, who won the Lions first pre season...?

How many of these idiots who cause trouble are from outside the city of Vancouver? Their main purpose in coming downtown is to drink and fight, that's it. Same deal with the summer fireworks, Granville St, etc.

Suburban municipalities should at least chip in to help cover Vancouver's policing and clean-up costs resulting from their residents' misbehaviour.

Looking back it was insanity for the Mayor to encourage 100,000 people to congregate downtown and in the event they are in a sour mood have everyone in one place to create havoc.

Gregor is going to have to wear this and if the NPA doesn't take him to task they are not doing their job.

The message should have been if you don't have tickets to the game watch it at home or go to your neighborhood pub. Instead he encouraged the opposite and he got what we all saw.

Not to mention the fact that I find it odd that the City of Vancouver would have to go to small towns like West Vancouver and Port Moody to reinforce their police staff for the night. I am sure the police did what they think they had to do with the personnel they had but I am not sure if their game plan was one I would suggest they use again.

The Thought of The Night

‘Some very nice people in Vancouver do not want to assign blame… No problem. I blame Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver sycophants for what happened downtown. They Gambled… They Lost. Period.’

We did this before, 17 years ago, and it didn’t turn out too well then either. It wasn’t pretty last year either, but we managed. But as I said before the Photo-ops the Free Advertising and PR was too juicy to pass.

Because those big TV’s and gathering areas, and Go Canucks Go brouhaha should not have happened, not on public money, no.

We did not have the money! I mean, the city did not have the money.
The Orphanage keeper from ‘Annie’ – The Musical, and I am thinking Penny Ballem here, did cartwheels on camera when she explained to all of us peasants how they are going to come to the rescue of those said Hockey Fans.

Mike Klassen bet on a ‘Klassy’ Vancouver the other day and he lost on this one too. MSM, bet on that, and pumped the spirits with all the arrogance that only they could manage to bring up into even the shyest Vancouverite.

And I said it before…today was not going to be a Vancouver ‘only’ parade or riot, but a ‘Ratatouille of people’ flood from all over the Metro region. Why? Because they were invited, more like lured in. People watched peacefully in Burnaby – no incidents reported there.

Gregor Robertson – Shoes Too Small for City Feet as big as Vancouver’s?
You bet.

‘And we all know I am in no way a supporter of Robertson or Vision in any which way.’ said one commenter, she being too nice to bother the Laughable Gang residing in the Silly Hall.

Well, I am not a supporter either, but at least I am consistent. And this is what we need right now. Consistency. Flip-flopping never helped anybody.

Again, Vision Vancouver & Gregor Robertson gambled with… our money and lost. And I am not changing the story. Consistent, eh!?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

You may all look at my previous posts under the Lobster story, to see that my prognostications have come to fruition.

All politicians, hoping to take advantage of the Stanley Cup halo and commit our money, resources and public safety in order to up their street cred with cretins, should be flogged.

I would be interested to know if Chief Chu voiced any objections to the Live Site plan or had any other reservations.

And was told to "stand down'.

Disgraceful end to a 'sporting'event.

I am disgusted and sadly not surprised.

City sidewalks and streets do not make for easy management.

Yobs, goons, thugs, morons.

Bridge & Tunnel people.

Some good stories coming out of local residents standing up in front of stores - Chapters & Sears and defending the properties against the mob.

Real Vancouverites.

Maybe King Gregor will award medals to these brave citizens.

Now what do you think Mr. Gregor? You encourage 100,000 people to come downtown. Most are drunk and under 25. Then they riot after a game seven loss.

Robertson has a lot of explaining to do. So do the VPD.

I watched twitter feeds in between plays last night (occupational hazard). Trouble was brewing all day - win or lose. Hopefully some of the instigators will be tracked down via their social media ID and held accountable.

Who goes to watch a hockey game with a mask in your pocket and a fire extinguisher under your arm?

I look at the kids in the TV footage and still shots and wonder how little Johnny is going to explain this to their parents or their employers this morning. Pathetic.

Again I think social media will be the downfall for many involved in last nights mayhem..looting and loss of control..

The looting was the worst of it.. totally innocent shop owners trashed..

so very sad...

Jim Chu has about 24 hours to throw Gregor under the bus or Jim Chu wears this (and loses his job).

The rest of us can punt Gregor in November.

When Gregor kept spewing "It's just a small group of houligans", I kept hearing that Monty Python scene where the guy says "it's only a flesh wound!"

The so-called plan/protocol was a failure. For the VPD to keep the fire fighters out and let things burn was a mistake. Nothing calms down a mob like rising flames!

Hopefully some of these idiot's parents and neighbors will take some time to view all of the video and photos that they can. Once they see 'little johnny' destroying property and acting like hooligans, they will take some action and contact the authorities. I'm probably wrong, but wondering why they wouldn't.

What was Mayor Robertson thinking when he set up the areas where over 100,000 people could congregate? Did he think that the riots of '94 was just an event that would never be repeated because the youth of today have matured and everyone learned from that event? Nope. It was just another political move by a Mayor hoping to get votes in the upcoming election. Trying to show voters how hip and cool he is, without thinking about the consequences. He continually goes on about how the City doesn't have money, yet brings in a new screen, then has to pay overtime to the Police to watch the crowds during each event and during the final game, brings in Police from some of the smaller Cities. If that weren't bad enough, City and Park Board crews (yes, Penny they still are separate crews), were out repairing the damage in the early morning hours. More cost to the City and tax payers. Mayor Robertson has to go. However, his solution will be easy, he will just lay off a couple more staff to make up for his inability to think about the consequences to his actions. He always has staff to cash in to pay for his mistakes.

been stewing about this all night (another occupational hazard)

my thoughts:

1) Police initially held back for a couple of reasons 1- to give innocent people a chance to get out of harms way on their own accord and
2) to let the idiots burn off some steam before attempting to bring things under control
3) failure to do either 1 or 2 would have put innocent people along with police in far more danger than what we saw last night and I suspect the damage would have been the same - if not worse.

We can all be armchair cops but I personally tip my hat to them for things not being worse.

As for the decision to encourage that many people to hang out downtown... obviously that is a totally different conversation.

Folks, before we start pointing fingers let's remind ourselves who are the true criminals – those who turned our downtown upside down last night, smashed and looted.

So many small businesses will be devastated by what happened. So many employees will lose work because of what happened. Our city now has a huge black eye on its reputation.

There must be a full inquiry into why this happened, but only after we catch the hundreds of perpetrators and prosecute them.

Here are photos I took from before and after the events of last night. Click the screen to "show info" and read my notes on the slideshow.

That will put an end to large crowds downtown. Of course most of the fans were well behaved, but the anarchists and criminals like to hide in crowds and then jump out to cause problems. A friend from California called me in shock last night. He remarked that he knew that Canadian hockey fans were fanatical but thought we were not violent. And he remarked at the large number of dark skinned people who were doing the violent acts. He said it was like in LA and Detroit some years ago. Interesting observation form an observer.

What you saw last night were the actions of the homeless-of-the-future here in Vancouver.

The ironic thing is, we tax payers are now up for the huge clean-up tab, and once these losers "grow up" and become adults, they'll invariably - at some point - hit rock bottom, become homeless, and the government will bail them out with social services. We taxpayers will be left (again) supporting them for the rest of their lives.

The shame belongs to the people who did this, the terrible parenting that allowed it, and a society that provides a soft pillow for people who deserve jail time.

This is Vancouver and we live in it.

I agree with Kathleen. You allow teens and young adults in the thousands to convene close-quarters and watch their favorite team lose, there's bound to be some trouble or chaos. Maturity of self discipline, patience and restraint grows with age. "Hope for the best but plan for the worst." Yes, Kathleen, what was Mayor Robertson thinking? Votes? Ye'gads!

What happened last night both on and off the ice was shameful to say the least. However, I personally don’t think it should be the end of large down town gatherings. We had three previous games that went without major incident. I also don’t think we should crap on the VPD until we have all the facts. They were unfortunately in an untenable position. If they come down heavy, they are called thugs. If they let bystanders leave prior to trying to contain the trouble makers, they are soft and let things get out of control.

Bottom line for me, we made great strides as a City on our door venues during the Olympics and I would hate to see a small group of thugs “win” by setting us back.

Aside from the hyperbole

Several interesting revelations arose from the events of last night.

1) It was readily event that many of those that were there were more interested in posting photos of themselves on their Facebook pages as part of "I was there" than going home.

2)The media played a culpable role in this fiasco. Just read and listen to continued reports of "Will there be a riot? What happens if there is riot?" in the newspapers and on the radio in the days leading up to yesterday..
Feed the beast and the beast will breathe! and wow what great copy we will have!

Wish fulfilled now.. see Province, Sun and Globe & Mail, CKNW etc for details.

3)Why were reinforcements for the police only called in hours after the problems started. This after they were on standby and readily available after last friday's event.

4) Why were the riot squad retreating -
basic psychology tells you that when you retreat the enemy is emboldened - see tv footage for proof

5) Why was there such a long delay in responding to the looting and rioting at Georgia & Granville further inflaming the situation.Further, why did the police not let the VFRS in to douse the fires immediately.

6) Serious questions need to be asked on the lack of planning, lack of action and the lack of response that produced this mess.

7)Perhaps we should look at the laissez faire attitude we have permitted over the past few years. Turning a blind eye to blatant lawlessness by various groups.

What happened last night sure does not speak well about our young people.

It also speaks volumes about some parents and what they have taught their kids. Growing up, we never would have even considered participating in what took place last night.

We had a healthy fear and respect for both our parents and the police.

The police through time and the constant finger pointing by people like Eby, Pivot and the BC Civil Libs have been nuetered.

There will be plenty of time to dissect this horrible event.

For now, those of us who can can grab garbage bags, brooms and car pool downtown to help with clean-up, should.

See you down there!

Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List

Pass it around people!

Kathleen nailed it....

This was a testosterone filled free for all. The Mayor was very vocal and competitive during this series..This was all about votes and photo ops for the Mayor, and our Premier Christy Clark..

Christy Clark attended the game on a free ticket, took the photo ops and has not come forward... not one word, but before the game the constant opportunities to wear the jersey and take free tickets to the game weren't a problem.. in their zeal to promote the party, they didn't plan for the consequences..

Gregor must be held responsible, it is his job, he planned the party.. just as a homeowner is responsible for people leaving drunk and driving.

People made comments during the run of the series, voiced concerns, instead the decision was made to acquire bigger TV screens..

Our Mayor is like the kind of parent that wants to be a child's friend..instead of a role model..

And just like a child Gregor will never take responsibility, he will blame it on a few hooligans... but I ask the question...who invited them..who used the people to further their political career...and who is going to pay for it..Has the Provincial government offered any assistance?

I also ask the question... we are financing bike carts, and wheat gardens, stupid things... will the Mayor offer financial assistance to the innocent shop owners that are stuck with the repairs and financial hardships?

We all could see the potential for chaos... were was/is the leadership..

Crazy how you guys are blaming the mayor for the actions of some drunk suburban white trash douchebags.

If this is what you think, I guess we should cancel the santa claus parade, sun run, etc...

One more point to ponder.. we all counted on the citizens to be responsible...

But just as the honor system at Skytrain/transit has proven to be a failure, as a system.

Our Mayor has even been proven guilty of fare evasion...

Human nature always has a margin of human failure...we should have been prepared..

Just heard a clip of Robertson on the radio who said this was the work of angry young males. Not sure where he was but even though many of the young guys were probably the main culprits many women were involved as well. Probably a good example on how Gregor thinks.

Just a few days earlier the mayor seemed to be crying for the government and other communities picking part of his policing bill. What for!!! They are the morons who invited 100,000 downtown to gather.

I also have to question news organizations like CKNW (including some of their executives) providing blow by blow coverage telling people how bad this was. I thought there was an embargo on news like this getting out in the midst of a riot. It only encourages kids from eastern communities to join the action. I guess we can rack it up to police stupidity and bad planning or an irresponsible media.

The Santa Claus parade, the Sun Run, etc. do not attract testosterone,alcohol fueled spectators.

It appears that the hockey games did.

In 1994 and now in 2011.

How many times does this City need to be trashed to get the dubioius name of 'Fun City'

Are you certain that this was the doing of suburban white people, or are you just quick to pull the race card and trash other municipalities without a shred of evidence...

It is Gregor's job both as Mayor and Chair of the police board...he planned the party and invited everyone to attend.

This is Gregor's problem he made the decision to hold the event and have us pay for it... and we are paying.

Regardless of the Mayor setting up the big screens or not, these people would have shown up for the simple reason Game 7 was at home.

It is the same element that came to shit disturb during the Olympics.

They don't need a reason - they just do it for the hell of it.

I hope people who know some of the nuckle dragging morons do the right thing and turn them in. They want to trash Vancouver - let them pay for it.

There are a lot of pics surfacing and a lot of people very angry at what played out last night.

I hope the VPD has access to the face recognition software used during the G20. It can be used against driver's licenses, passports etc. to help and identify these idiots.

And to those that stood around and encouranged them, you are just as responsibile as those that committed the acts. Bloody morons.

Yes max, people come to the downtown of cities for events like this whether you like it or not. The mayor and people who planned this tried to contain them and have a plan, obviously it wasn't enough.

But let's lay the blame where it is warranted here people, take off the political blinders and blame these douchebags who lit things on fire and smashed windows. We can only hope their collective stupidity of happily being photographed will land them in court.


Usually for a riot to take place, a hot zone has to be readily available. That is what the Mayor had set up. That is what the so called "whitetrash douchbags" used last night. You don't normally see poeple walking down a street and all the sudden a riot breaks out. At least I never have. And if you take a good look at all the pictures from the riot a good percentage of the rioters were of all nationalities, not just white. So do not pull the race card.

interesting bobh,
I had the very same thought... and I lived through the Detroit riots...

There were tweets going out earlier in the day of young people getting off the sckytrain yelling 'Riot' and of others wearing Riot 2011 t-shirts.

Sorry Boohoo. The rioters were not people in the rink who paid up to $8K for a ticket they are the ones who got the freebie view on the streets and Gregor is the one who set this up.

I assume Robertson is strategizing right now on how to slither out of this and figuring out who he can make responbile.

What this does show is that Robertson is not a big league mayor. When you consider his plans for bike lanes, chicken coops and beehives you see where his priorities are.

Jesus people 'white trash' isn't about race--it's a figure of speech for uneducated, idiotic, classless people--the kind of group that did this. I don't care if they are actually white or asian or alien.

The 'hot zone' would have been there regardless, people congregate in downtowns. Blame the people who deserve the blame.

'I assume Robertson is strategizing right now on how to slither out of this and figuring out who he can make responbile.'

Who is responsible?? The people that commited the act!!

Here is a classic. A couple on the ground kissing in the middle of the riot.

I guess this couple are part of the angry males Mayor Robertson is talking about.

It's emerging now that many involved in the rioting were Vancouverites...not the "Bridge & Tunnel" people you seem to hate so much.

Worth noting Surrey hosted very large crowds last night with no trouble at all. Boston also had a plan to deal with yobs, and it was pretty successful.

The problem with last night was too many people and not enough police.

Dont blame the cops Gregor invited all the people downtown when he didnt have enough cops. They probably figured this out when they asked for reinforcements from West Vancouver, New Westminster and Port Moody as a band-aid solution but it was way too late. Apparently many of the cops brought in didn't have any radios, gas masks and probably no plan.

Bad planning

"White Trash" is a discriminatory term based on race and economic status. It has no place in this or any civilized discussion.

I've been to several large events in Surrey - the Fusion Festival is my favorite.

I have to say it is well attended and well planned. Not a drop of gargabe on the grounds. No problems. I think a lot of it has to do with the no alcohol.

Great food, great music and worth checking out.

no boo it absolutely is not!!

It is a stereotype slam against you view of people not as good as yourself...absolutely inappropriate...

Just as your use of the word douche bag...

So let's see in one post you've made it clear of what you think of suburban lower class(your opinion) white people, and the inappropriate use of the word for a female feminine hygiene device to accentuate it...

But Gregor is innocent of any responsibility... interesting. Funny how some folks ( Visionista"s) are so quick to use inappropriate words to lay blame elsewhere, every time...

I think this is where a great deal of the blame lies...

Shame on you Mr. Mayor. Did you not notice the cruise ships full of law enforcement here for the Olympics? Who came up with the police plan of not much visible deterrent? Was the photo op worth it?

Shame on you David Eby and company. How many taxpayer checks (legal aid) will you and your ilk cash for representing these fine ambassadors of our city in the inevitable court proceedings?

Shame on anyone who believes the rhetoric spewed by the civil libertarian groups who are a huge plague on our society.

It's time for the politicians to start governing for the masses, not the special interest whiners who think we can survive on juice & hugs!

Harper has the right idea, build more jails to house those not willing to abide by the most basic societal rules.

Just saw this link on the sidebar. OMG, it is a must view. The guy who wrote the recommendations after the '94 riot is blowing a blood vessel saying the city goofed up big time last night.

Yes George, I am stereotyping the people that commited these crimes as classless, uneducated and idiotic. Do you disagree? I'm sorry if my choice of word offends you, my point remains. I can't believe everyone is so quick to blame the mayor or the planners of the event or the cops or anyone other than the people that did it.

Could it have been handled/planned for better? Sure. That doesn't take the responsibility away from those that commited the crime.

The Thought of The BooHoo

‘Some very nice people in Vancouver do not want to assign blame… No problem. I blame Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver sycophants for what happened downtown. 'Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world...' They Gambled… They Lost. Period.’

Your Boo Boo and Gregor's too big for Band Aids boohoo?
Here, for your listening pleasure ...The Gregor's Song:

...and for your reading pleasure so you can LOL again, and again, and again:

We did this before, 17 years ago, and it didn’t turn out too well then either. It wasn’t pretty last year either, but we managed. But as I said before the Photo-ops the Free Advertising and PR was too juicy to pass.

Because those big TV’s and gathering areas, and Go Canucks Go brouhaha should not have happened, not on public money, no.

We did not have the money! I mean, the city did not have the money.
The Orphanage keeper from ‘Annie’ – The Musical, and I am thinking Penny Ballem here, did cartwheels on camera when she explained to all of us peasants how they are going to come to the rescue of those said Hockey Fans.

Mike Klassen bet on a ‘Klassy’ Vancouver the other day and he lost on this one too. MSM, bet on that, and pumped the spirits with all the arrogance that only they could manage to bring up into even the shyest Vancouverite.

And I said it before…today was not going to be a Vancouver ‘only’ parade or riot, but a ‘Ratatouille of people’ flood from all over the Metro region. Why? Because they were invited, more like lured in. People watched peacefully in Burnaby – no incidents reported there.

Gregor Robertson – Shoes Too Small for City Feet as big as Vancouver’s?
You bet.

‘And we all know I am in no way a supporter of Robertson or Vision in any which way.’ said one commenter, she being too nice to bother the Laughable Gang residing in the Silly Hall.

Well, I am not a supporter either, but at least I am consistent. And this is what we need right now. Consistency. Flip-flopping never helped anybody.

Again, Vision Vancouver & Gregor Robertson gambled with… our money and lost. And I am not changing the story. The people in charge of the city are a disgrace to their sex. They should be given jobs as eunuchs in an Arabian palace. Consistent with the reality, eh!?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Glissando Remmy | June 16, 2011 12:51 AM | Reply

Beautiful!!! Love it when morons get what they deserve! Guy on top of Porta Potty falls on head - 2011 Vancouver Riot

Well there's plenty of blame to go around. To the loser thugs and their hangers on, to the media whipping up mass hysteria and the politicians exploiting it then running for cover, to the city government and police for failing to plan adequately for the entirely predictable, to the unsporting sportsmen and their owners. To people like me, saying nothing in the run up for fear of being party poopers.

How I would have have loved to see the CRS (the French riot police) unleashed on those fans!

Your inappropriate use of those words in my opinion, boohoo, were used to distract from the issue...

I'll give you an example... when my kids were young, my daughter hated the fact that I used swear words when I was angry...

One day this lovely eight year old looked at me and said, my teacher said, people that use swear words, do so because they have nothing better to shows what a little person you are, and takes any meaning away from your point... you lose the argument with those words..

She was eight years old when she said it... I try not to swear to this day..

I must say boo, my kid is now your age... and I'm very proud of her and her children...

I believe you told us your wife was a teacher... yes/no?, or I may have you confused with Chris K...

How would she treat this situation with her students..or how would you hope she dealt with it if you had /have children?

If you find the language acceptable that puts you in the category of those acting inappropriately last night ... just something to think about boohoo..

Your generation is raising the next group of young society... how do you want your future to look?

Yes George, me calling someone a douchebag is the same as me going downtown, punching police in the face, lighting cars on fire, smashing glass storefronts and stealing thing.

You got me.


That's about the 4th time you've posted that.

@Glissando - Gregor wanted to rid the city of the "no fun city" tagline. As you say, he rolled the dice and lost. Now the city is totally embarrassed.

However, I notice he is dutifully reading out all his talking points written for him by Magee this morning. Simply pathetic trying to appear all Giuliani like. Trust me Mr. Mayor, you are no Rudy Giuliani.

Here is Gregor's line of defense as being enunciated by the media this morning:

- I had nothing to do with this. The fact I invited 100 thousand people had nothing to do with it.
- This was a small group of about 10,000 hooligans. It is not reflective of Vancouverites in general, despite the fact this is our second stanley cup riot
- Most of the people who were causing trouble were from out of town. I can tell just by looking at them.

Ok. Simply pathetic

Just came through downtown on my way to a meeting and want to give a shout out to all the great people (just regular citizens) I saw walking around with trash bags, brooms, etc who were helping with the clean up. Lots of them wearing their Canuck jerseys :)

Nice to see those kind of hockey fans on the streets.

no boohoo once again you twist my words... I've never once on this thread or anywhere stated that the guilty partiers were not responsible for their actions... don't pull that one..

My point is and I like Glissy have been very clear.. As I explained it is like the example of a homeowner/ or bar owner holding a party..

Someone has too much to drink, drives home drunk and kills someone..

That home owner/ bar owner holds some culpability for having the party.. and the behavior that comes with it..

The party needs proper planning and policing.. that was Gregor's party he is the Mayor.. he used our money for the party .. he answers to us, the's that simple..

Thank You Coco. I just got back from Ottawa where I was at a funeral. I was pretty upset when I heard what had happened, but you are right, the people who have gone downtown and are helping to clean up are another side of Vancouver, one that we should celebrate.

Ok George, what would you have done differently?

Steven.. sorry for your loss.. and I agree with both you and Coco..

It would have meant a great deal more to me, if it had been the Mayor that put the shout out to the citizens, to show some leadership...

But I guess there were photo ops to be held and signing of autographs on citizen made signs with the Premier...

Perhaps he can get her to kick in to pay for some of the carnage..

I guess what I really want to know at this point is who the core group of rioters are that seem to have come with the intention to cause mayhem, who the people who joined in were, and who were the people who stood and encouraged them.

I think this has ripped off the cover on the latent anger in Vancouver. There are a lot of reasons for this anger - the housing bubble in the area, the loss of manufacutring and resource industry jobs, the rise of dead end service jobs, difficulty integrating immigrants (I am an immigrant here and I believe that any prosperous future for Vancouver will have a lot of immigration, but we need to work harder on this)...

It is too easy to blame politicians, or hoodlums from the suburbs, or rich sports team owners acting like jerks ... let's look at ourselves and figure out what we can change.

I never agreed with the party in the first place, so I would have not invited everyone downtown.

I liked Mike Klassen's idea of the Arena for charity..

I believe I would have liked to see more bars, restaurants, have neighborhood events...Make some money on the opportunity.

I attended one, in my neighborhood, at a new business, with maybe 30-40 people and had the best time..I will definitely go back the and support this business.

I loved the idea of community centres..with televisions..perhaps bring a can of food admission..

Make it more community and family. My fondest memories of my father, are of Saturday night hockey.. and when the playoff's came, we invited the Uncles and Aunties, and neighbors.. for a party..

I don't think there always needs to be alcohol at events..

If I would have been planning this event I definitely would have done my homework, and looked into what didn't work during the last riot, working from there.. what would you have done ?..

or is this a one sided conversation again with name calling but no debate?

I and my family were in front of the post office last night, but left after the first period. Too many intoxicated and aggressively uncivil louts around us. Plus about 20% of those in the "zone" had no conceivable sightline to the screen (including us, as we were not up to elbowing our way into the human stew in order to see the game).
I am convinced something like that which ensued would have occurred regardless of the outcome of the game. The triggering mood was not rage, but a kind of weird pathological frenzy. Imagine if the Canucks had won and the Bay had opened as planned for the sale of souvenirs. Madness.
Comparisons made to the anti-Olympic protests and (as I heard this morning) to what our troops are facing in the Middle East are odious. What I watched later on my TV screen - thankfully at home - was simply the worst kind of mob psychosis, embracing both actors and spectators.
Hockey playoffs create the worst conditions for this kind of episode - a long slow build of intensity towards an ultimate catharsis, against a background of glorified aggression. Blame who you wish, with the benefit of (partial) hindsight, for last night's debacle. I am not pointing fingers. But in future we cannot concentrate so much hyper energy into one massive street party zone.

And, while I'm at it, I'd also like to acknowledge some of the really brave people in the crowd last night who tried to stop what was happening. If you watch the videos you can see them trying, even if they are vastly outnumbered.

Hey Mike Klassen, I'd like to make a proposal and hope that you can help. I know that the police are combing the many, many pictures and video looking for the bad guys but maybe we could also do that for a "WALL OF HEROES". I think we should recognize those people who risked life and limb to try and stop the insanity. I don't know what it would take to do that but I'm willing to help make it happen.

Ok George,

But as I have said (And others) people go downtown during big events. So you wouldn't have invited them, would you ban them? Because they would come with or without an invitation.

And then what?

Point is this is a lose lose. These idiots would have done this regardless. The City shares some responsiblity for not planning appropriately, but those who commited the acts share by far the majority. What happened to personal responsibility? You can't lay all the blame on the city (bar) because you were so stupid as to drink your face off and riot (drive home).

I think this points to the immaturity of our City and a lot of the residents.


I think you have some valid points.. I think it was naive of the organizers not to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

The people that they are blaming for the riot are being labeled as anarchists.. the same people involved during the Olympics...

So we have the biggest Corporate Sporting event... exacerbated by expensive corporate logo's and Jersey's everywhere, ticket sales through the roof expensive..

How could our Mayor be naive enough not to think that people that are anti corporate greed, and unjust distribution of wealth, would not appear and make a statement...

This is Vancouver we hold POT parties once a year on the lawn of the Art Gallery.. why would these folks not be consistent with their agenda, any more than the Critical Mass folks that protest and take citizens hostage the last day of every month... sanctioned by the Mayor..

Share it around people: Brock Anton - rioter...

This moron should help pay the cleanup bill RT @buzzbishop: Who starts a riot? People like Brock Anton #vanriot

I agree boo some would have gone down... but I never would have thought for a minute that this would not have happened..

I agree it is personal responsibility...but the final responsibility lies with the Mayor.. it is his job.

It is understood going into politics that in the end... the buck stops with his office... that I could have respect for..

I've known Gregor for many many years, and he never takes any responsibility. ... ever.

Finger pointing from Gregor has become a fine art, like a spoiled little kid..

boo, the CTV piece is pretty damning on Jim Chu. The ignored critical parts of the past recommendations.

The police completey duffed this one.

Jim Chu has to take the fall. He was there in 1994. He would have had this report on his desk for months.

They had a plan, and it was a complete disaster. Of course you can blame the hoods for what they did.

But you can also blame the police for being completely complacent when the hoods did it, and allowing the conditions for it them to thrive.

CoCo you are my hero for the day... brilliant idea.. good for you.

"I agree it is personal responsibility...but the final responsibility lies with the Mayor.. it is his job."

I guess this is where we differ. I think the final responsibility for someone punching police in the face and burning cars lies squarely with the person who did it.

Wow, Maxine...
If there is not the "lady of virtue" speaking; the same one that bashed on that poor Ned a few posts back, on a link he posted. Using a different word with exact same meaning Max? Can you spell double standards? And I got censored for that word too! And then you linked to that video clip showing some inebriated teen falling on his head, with a fifty-fifty chance to become mentally... or even die..."Beautiful!" That's what you said. Bravo for that. I'm impressed.

Was this a big mistake,you bet.But I for one think after it blew up am glad the VPD stayed calm and attempted to contain the mob.Can you imagine if they pushed a full frontal assault and chased these idiots into the westend in groups of 20,50,100 or more,that truly would have been a disaster.I would also hope the public dosnt have a knee jerk reaction and want to give the law more power,these punks took our city but I dont want the effect to be a loss of my civil rights,once their gone we never get them back.There is plenty of blame to go around but its time for us to remain calm.

Hey George,

Thanks for your kind words. I'm just setting up a Facebook page called, "Wall of Heroes - Vancouver Riot 2011" I'll let you know when it's good to go.

In the meantime, the Globe and Mail is running some stories about people who stepped up last night. It's pretty heartwarming.

Amazing how many people posting on their Facebook site not only about participating in the riots, but what they stole.

This one girl, Dustin Tran, bragging about taking smokes, make-up, purses....

There is zero lack of stupidty in this world.

few days back on a different post 'George' said something like "Glissando Remmy...the voice of reason". I read Glissando"s comments at the time but didn't comment cause I was embarrassed to, as David Hadaway said a bit earlier I didn't want to poop the party. But we were the cowards boohoo! Glissando Remmy was the voice of reason, the Jiminy Cricket of this city if you may. Are we all wearing donkey years now, are we? Look in the mirror, boohoo. Shame for this 'millionaire' city bureaucrats like Aufochs and Ballem and Judd and MacLallen...shame on the stupid full of themselves Robertson, Louie, Meggs, Jang, Reimer, Magee, Stevenson, Woodsworth, Cadman, Chow, Deal...shame!
City Caucus has in Glissando Remmy the best unacknowledged writer they never had on staff. Period. Shame for them for not promoting this kind of brilliance. And I am not the only one that says that. People at my workplace are quoting from his 'thoughts' I will only copy paste the following cause I found it hilariously true and sad...
"Again, Vision Vancouver & Gregor Robertson gambled with… our money and lost. And I am not changing the story. The people in charge of the city are a disgrace to their sex. They should be given jobs as eunuchs in an Arabian palace. Consistent with the reality, eh!? "
We are not worthy, Gliss, we are not worthy!

Jim Chu should resign. He won't though. Great picture at the top, I guess him momma will be proud. Waste of skin...

Everyone saying throw the book at them should know there is not book to throw at them.

Thanks to guys like David Eby and BC Civil Liberties Assoc they have reduced the police responses to what we saw last night.

"There are a lot of reasons for this anger......"

Steven, as soon as you go there you provide some level of validation to their actions like it is some form of political protest rather than simple criminal behaviour.

There is a disturbing trend for whenever something bad happens to pile on for everyone's favourite hobby horse and the perpetrators escape under cover. The first reaction is blame Roberston, the Police, the Canucks, or ourselves because of social injustice.

First and foremost these were criminal acts, many of which were premeditated. All effort must be focused on identifying and prosecuting the offenders and that should involve jail time. There must be a signal sent that just because it is property crime, it is somewhat less serious.

It is reasonable then to ask the Police to account for their failure to deal with the situation. This was a situation that was foreseeable and there should have been a more effective plan to deal with it.

Then we should put in place an effective plan to prevent future riots that do not involve cancelling events. Perhaps they should install CCTV in the downtown core to provide police with better information as to where trouble is developing. You may see this as infringing on civil liberties but I think preventing citizens from coming together to celebrate events responsibly is a greater infringement.

Finally, the city council should pay more attention to the nuts and bolts of their responsibilities. It doesn't matter how many bicycle lanes, chickens or fields of wheat you sponsor, you cannot have a civil, liveable city if the only solution to prevent a reoccurance is to ban future events. It may not be very sexy but that is what we expect from a city council.

I'm not a Gregor supporter and I'll protest his decisions as much as the next person but how can you hold the mayor responsible for this?
I actually think they did the right thing in inviting everyone downtown and trying to create a party atmosphere. They didn't gamble and lose, there have been many instances of people gathering downtown when nothing official was planned and as boohoo has mentioned many times, these people are going to come downtown and cause trouble whether invited or not.

You're right boohoo I don't look at it as black and white as you do... there is always a chain of events... just as there is a chain of command..

Gregor blew it..

everyone has an agenda and that must always be considered by those that lead us...

Not only Jim, but the whole Party of Vision cowards, the mMyor and their handpicked Senior Managers...can't believe I'm saying this, but what are you doing in the City Manager's position Dr. Ballem? Do you have no shame?

I've just copied this from the side bar.. and I hope every Vision politician and Christy Clark read it.. because it is the truth..

Is anyone prepared to admit that many of the people at the riot weren't anarchists, but merely our sons and daughters? 16 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite


Sure George, I guess you see Gregor as more at fault than the protestors themselves. I think that's silly, but ok.

"Is anyone prepared to admit that many of the people at the riot weren't anarchists, but merely our sons and daughters?"

They are criminals and should be in jail.

yes boohoo,

I, and everyone else that has commented to your comment, has that opinion...

Gregor screwed up badly.. and just an FYI...

later this afternoon I strongly recommend you read Alex G Tsakumis, he will lay out for you exactly the reasons why...

@ Bill

absolutely agree...they should be in jail, no argument from me...

but to say it was a group of anarchists alone, as the media and the Mayor are saying is a lie..

You're right Alan, Gregor didn't gamble and lose. He just plain lost. Against all better advice he pushed ahead with the mega live site. It was the stupidest decision in the history of this city. This one beats chicken coops, bike lanes and wheat fields.

You don't put 100K people into 3 blocks. You simply don't. Total bone-headed move.

I love the idea of live sites. The olympics proved that, if properly organized, they can really bring a lot of pride to the city. So the original idea is a good one. But instead of closing the Granville Street viewing area and making one mega live site, they should have opened 3 or 4 more.

Shut down the city centre. No cars. No parking for the day. Beef up transit to get people in (and more importantly OUT) of the core. That's how you put on a party.

So, "angry young men" (Fauntelroy), the uneducated (boohoo), the latently angry (Steven F.) displaced from their manufacturing jobs ( last stats can report was that manufacturing employment was up 1.7% in the last 12 months in BC...facts are always inconvenient). Yes the drunk idiots who did the damage are individually responsible for their own acts and the amateur psycho babble does not excuse them primarily because in unfounded utter nonsense. Mayor Fantelroy saw teh success of the Olympics and wanted to ride the Canuck's success back into the Mayors office with his own street party. This mess is his. He is the Chair of The Police Board, he is the City's chief executive officer and is thus ultimately responsible. He is not responsible for the individual acts but he is responsible for ensuring the safety of the innocent who citizens. He failed. He is responsible for ensuring order so that people and private property are protecetd, he failed. He was responsible for garnering financial support to fund police officers/security etc. and he failed. He is responsible for ensuring and approving plans for public safety and riot control and he failed. Where did he succeed? He succeeded in going over budget. He succeeded in getting thousands of people to party downtown including the usual 5% of the crowd that are guaranteed to get drunk and act stupid. Congrats and wear it proud Mayor Fauntelroy.

I'll pass on the crazy thanks.

I just can't believe you think the mayor is more to blame for someone punching a police officer in the face than the person that threw the punch. That the mayor is more to blame for cars being lit on fire than the person who lit the fire.

Agreed, attaching labels like anarchists, drunks, disadvantaged youth, sons and daughters etc etc somehow softens and attempts to explain the behaviour. It is time to hold people responsible for their actions. That may very well include the police and mayor but we should not lose focus that the primary responsibility rests with the criminals and they must be held to account.

This is not the time to point fingers at anyone except the thugs who committed criminal acts last night. Once the heat of the moment has passed and more facts are known the public as well as Council can better assess what went wrong and why. The present is better spent restoring our City as so many have spontaneously done today, and letting the rest of the world, as well as ourselves know that what happened last night is not Vancouver. There are lessons which can be learned from this ugly experience and I look forward that open and frank discussion.

The police acted amazingly responsibly and were patient beyond belief last night. We owe them, once again, a heartfelt thank you.

I am looking at some of the youtube video showing the Bay being targeted.

Some of the persons kicking at the windows were kids - I mean they look 12/14 years old!

"This is not the time to point fingers at anyone except the thugs who committed criminal acts last night."

I disagree, this is the perfect time to contemplate the legitimacy of the system that created the "thugs" we saw last night.

If someone abused a large dog over many years and then released it upon the public, would you blame the dog, or the abuser?

If the abuser genuinely believed that his abuse of the dog was necessary, even positive, would that change where the blame was directed?

What if the well meant abuse was sanctioned by the state and carried out on a grand scale?

What if we didn't use the word abuse? Say we replaced it with "culture", "parenting", "fear-based religious indoctrination" or "public education"...

Now boohoo are you referring to me as crazy,or AGT, if the later..

it is probably because he has called you on your stuff and outed you ... ;-)

you were doing so well having a normal discussion then you start with the inappropriate name calling again..

Let's see douche bags, white trash, crazy... now boohoo how can we ever take you seriously after today..

I think we must agree to disagree Sir..

For me the conditions for rebellion the city started, by bad planning, poor police planning, overcrowding, and for those reasons, I hold the Mayor responsible. After that came public disorder.

It created an environ for disaster...

The footage of the kids - and girls - trying to kick in the windows is bad but nothing disturbed me as much as the point where a man trying to stop them is taken into the street and beaten. (See the video at about 3:10)

And, who the heck were those kids?

100,000 people crammed on city sidewalks and streets.
Fueled with alcohol and testosterone it became a recipe for disaster.

It didn't help that the media kept on hyping it as well.
Come party for free!!
Will we have another riot?

Didn't like it when it first started, really don't like it now.

I feel for all the people (police,emergency,fire,etc that had to go through it)

And especially the merchants who have had their stores looted and their staff terrified.

Tired of all this entitlement.

I live in a neighbourhood that has had it's fair share of entitlement from large groups of youth.

I believe that some people went down there last night simply to create a BIG problem, than all the entitlement group got involved.

Let's smash windows, let's tell cops to ---k off.

After all, mommy and daddy will hire us a lawyer if we get in trouble.

Because we're such good kids!

I agree chris( one of many)

and we have been in agreement about this whole hockey party from the beginning...

never should have happened... glad we both stayed home... LOL

Funny how we predicted this...

Jeeze when will they listen to us old timers with the wisdom we have to share..

I agree that his is not the time to point fingers at anyone other than the perps and I commend you for not trying to make a quick political point. There will be time to ask the Mayor and Police Chief to account for their decisions leading up to the riot but right now we should not lose sight that those individuals who committed crimes need to be held to account.

However, I disagree that "what happened last night is not Vancouver". It is like saying the DTES is not Vancouver. We must take responsibilty for allowing these situations to exist in our City. I am very tired of symbolic gestures like signing plywood hoarding, bicycle lanes, chickens and wheat fields and meaningless slogans like the "greenest city". I hope you will have a platform supporting your campaign that has specific solutions.


I think you are confusing two different things. Obviously no one is saying that the mayor is responsible for the disorder, the direct culprits have exposed themselves very effectively. What they are saying is that the mayor, as usual, is evading his share of responsibility for creating a situation where that disorder could occur.

He won't be the only one, Mike Klassen's admission to wishful thinking is likely to stand alone. Robertson, Chu, the Aquilinis, the players, the papers and TV stations, everyone who had responsibilities to fulfil or profits to make is now wriggling like a bucket of eels, all with an equal interest in ensuring that blame sticks nowhere.

Pretty soon I'm guessing, maybe already, the official line from everyone with something to hide or lose will be, "We've got to move on," and move on we will. To the next not so world class screw up because, as usual, any useful lessons to be learned will be ignored and forgotten.

Chris, I agree with you. As I pointed out earlier, will the parents, friends, neighbors etc turn them in. Well apparently with the release of the 'tumblr' website, people will. However, 'little johnny' or our 'precious snowflake' will as R. Isaak pointed out, be represented by David Eby etc and again our tax dollars wasted on these thugs.

I feel like a 100 years old today (and I'm not quite there:)

All I know is that if I had tried something like this when I was younger my mother would have been going over the news clippings,photo's etc with a magnifying glass.

If I had been in any of them!!!!

The cops and the courts wouldn't have had to deal with me.

I'd have been downtown picking up pieces of glass for the rest of my life!

LOL... chris (one of many)

my grandmother was the authoritarian in the family... and I agree she would have done the same thing... I would not have been allowed to leave the house until I turned 40 if I pulled that crap...

Now that I think about it she never would have let me go downtown in the first place..

"This is not my Vancouver"
The election of Gregor Robertson was the beginning of the destruction of Vancouver as we knew it.
He is personally responsible for the ruin of the heritage character and peace of the city. Go to 1401 Comox and see for yourself the regard he has for heritage sites. He wants a party city complete with booze and lobster tail.

The buck stops with Mayor Robertson. Full stop. He is the head of our city and should stop blaming public sector workers for his problems

BTW, is anyone wondering if the full moon last night had anything to do with it? (tongue firmly planted in cheek)


Agree that the police acted admirably. They tried to do a job but they were not properly supported by senior management. This is the precisely the time to point fingers. Robertson called the party. He gave the clarion call to have all come to Vancouver to party. The buck stops with him. The riot started in the public space that he set up and he sponsored. He has exposed taxpayers to millions of dollars of liabilities. He put all of those innocent people at risk with his poor planning. Not the Chief of police, not the police officers. Do not let Roberson off the hook. The cops did not call the party. If private business had sponsored this event there would be multiple law suits. If there is an inquiry, let’s have a full judicial inquiry with Robertson under oath cross examined by lawyers. Or, maybe he should just resign in disgrace.

you have the absolute best comment of the day.. I personally think you should be right up there with Glissando...Kudos!

After spending time reading Facebook postings by the idiots that rioted, fought and looted. I am now convinced we do need to put more money into public education....

Also interesting - a lot of the original posters have removed their Facebook sites. Too bad others have captured the 'confession' pages and have posted names and phone numbers of these charming citizens.

As George Jonas likes to say - education can cure ignorance but it can't do anything for stupid.

Hmmmm… In my view Robertson is on the same level as the drunken idiots who caused the damage. Both exploited the “Nuck’s success and the Cup run up to game seven but for different reasons; Robertson for political, hooligans for purulent joy of violence. What is sad is as a huge sports fan, I love hockey. Watching the graceful speed of Mason Raymond, the curious cycle game of the twins, the intensity of Kesler, Burrows and Bieksa; the odd and amazing combination of skill and punishing defence of a guy like Edler. Unfortunately, the beauty of the sport, admittedly as inconsequential and yet joyful as that may be, has been relegated to a footnote. Let’s not be distracted by the spin of apology walls and the power of social media.

Why not take the blame one step further?

After all it was the citizens of Vancouver that elected Gregor! It was probably the same citizens up in arms when it was suggested that taxes be raised to bridge the budget gap... oh I know lets cut funding to the emergency services to keep our property taxes the same.

Maybe that was when the premeditation start...

Glissando Remmy wins!
Gregor Robertson back on the island, buddy.

As a completely tangential footnote, I've read that "The Knowledge" that London taxi drivers must learn for certification is so demanding that the intensity of study actually causes a part of their brains to grow larger. So as inviting as George Jonas' quote is, it may not be absolutely true.

I agree that his is not the time to point fingers at anyone other than the perps and I commend you for not trying to make a quick political point. There will be time to ask the Mayor and Police Chief to account for their decisions leading up to the riot but right now we should not lose sight that those individuals who committed crimes need to be held to account.

However, I disagree that "what happened last night is not Vancouver". It is like saying the DTES is not Vancouver. We must take responsibilty for allowing these situations to exist in our City. I am very tired of symbolic gestures like signing plywood hoarding, bicycle lanes, chickens and wheat fields and meaningless slogans like the "greenest city". I hope you will have a platform supporting your campaign that has specific solutions.

Bill replied to comment from Bill McCreery | June 16, 2011 4:48 PM | Reply

You have a good point Bill. A better way of expressing what I was trying to say is:

"what happened last night is not that aspect of the Vancouver as we'd like it to be".

You are also right on regarding the necessity for all of us to fully face and find real solutions for the ugly realities of situations like last night. We, likewise must face up to the same unpleasant sides of to long festering sore such as the DTES. I hope in the fullness of time to be able to offer my and NPA 'platform' positions on these and other issues. I will also welcome your own critiques and ideas in return. A certain amount of dialogue in this City can start during the campaign, not just after.

Sorry, meant to delete my previous text. Please start at: "You have a good point Bill." half way down.

The Thought of The Night


Therefore I, Glissando Remmy, say to you all:

“ICH BIN EIN STUPIDER” underlying my support to the stupid of Vancouver!

For whoever has the time and curiosity, this is what I wrote more than a year ago, on a different topic but still... As if it was yesterday...(chris - one of many, you may want to check the fable 'The Boy, the Chicken and the Bee' in there)

Bill McCreery,

I get you. And I don't blame you. Oh, well...I know. This is a dirty game. But, is it too much to ask to leave the political correctness at the door?

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Reimer goes to New York to discus lanes. Stanley Cup playoffs are on.
The Magnificent Seven go to Halifax for Lobster and to discuss...homelessness. Stanley Cup playoffs are on.
No.1 and No. 2... Penny and Aufochs are counting their per diem... in Vancouver, as they both are ...accidental tourists. Stanley Cup playoffs are on.
VISION brethren is canonizing Gregor, with their 'Robertson Brand' in a 97% adulation vote. (the lookout for the handful of dissenters is on!) Stanley Cup playoffs are on.

So now I am asking you, why the pardon? Why the passive language. Why the wait for the 'let's see what they have to say' attitude?
Are we talking about the same people that laughed at you, that ignored you, that lied to you, that politicized the entire city administration after firing, intimidating and threatening their own emplyees, that only listened to their own founding fathers, why the light bailout? Have we learned nothing from the way banks treated the taxpayers during and after their bailout? Not much different here.

But maybe I'm wrong.
What do I know.
But, naah, no backing down. Damn conscience.
Vision Vancouver & Gregor Robertson gambled with… our money and lost. And I am not changing the story, because that is the story, the only story. The rest, are interpretations of that said story.
Consistency, eh!?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Glissando You are so right about this situation.. I really do wish you were a contender for the title..

That being said.. I've just copied this from the sidebar..

Interviewed by @CKNW last evening re tweet I sent on saving Apology Wall. Now @mayorgregor says he'll preserve it forever 13 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite
I was shocked at the ability of the citizens of this city to allow Gregor this free ride.

Not once during the crisis did we hear from our fearless leader, yesterday we listened to him point fingers forgetting that in his position the buck should stop with him, it was his party...

He avoided any culpability, on behalf of the Chief or his budget cuts to policing, or himself the man that called the party..

And yet when there are adulation's and praise for the people's effort to clean and restore dignity... where is our Mayor.. signing love notes to the city, photo opportunities, didn't bother showing up for work at Council last night..

Instead posting on Facebook incessantly, for the world to see what a great guy he was...EGO, EGO EGO.

I for one stand behind you Glissando.. this city deserves better than the smoke and mirrors we are getting from Gregor...

I have no respect for an administration that keeps making stupid decisions and then keeps passing the children when caught lying.

I agree Glissando, NPA needs to stand tall and hold this administration accountable.

If the disgustingly abusively dismissive way Kerry Jang spoke to Suzanne Anton last night wasn't enough, to light a fire under someone... well Glissando said it all..

almost forgot...

Gregor started posting how wonderful he was at 7:13pm last night, the first of 3 posts... Council sat with speakers from the public at 7:30...

I ask you what was more important?

His job?.. facing the people, or praising himself on social media...

George is right. Mayor Robertson has done nothing but deflect from what some of the issues that he and his staff provided that helped lay the foundation for this riot to take place. He keeps repeating how he will investigate into "what happened and why and how this sort of despicable and mindless violence can be prevented in the future." He knows very well what role the City of Vancouver played, but will not admit to his mistakes. Whether the riot was pre-planned or not, there still had to be a place to gather and a place where 100,000 people were was a perfect place to hide. He did not think things out. Next he will be asking for Jimmy Chu's head, when Jimmy Chu knew trouble was brewing and could not get the resources he wanted due to budget restraints within the City. It is easy to blame the Police when the average citizen does not have all the facts. The Police did an amazing job considering what they had to work with and what they were 'given' to work with considering Mayor Robertson did not think far enough ahead. Obviously Mayor Robertson had rose coloured glasses on and did not think the events of 1994 could possibly repeat themselves.

Glissando, you ask why wait? What happened Wednesday night was disgraceful, and it appears from what we know so far it could have been avoided or certainly contained (assuming a small group were hell bent to cause trouble).

I, like many, was not only saddened and disgusted, but angry as well. I've learned that's not a good time to try to understand something. Some of the opinions I've read so far, based on what little I know, may not be accurate. I have also heard some very damning things about what wasn't done or could have been done. An independent public enquiry into this matter is essential IMO. Once that is completed (before the election) we can lay blame, and I will do so vigourously as is appropriate.

If Vision decides not to have the enquiry, then the gloves are off, and we will find out the facts using other means. What we've seen since on the part of the Mayor looks remarkably like full out damage control. The wagons are circling.

You seem to be a kind,thoughtful man Bill.

Why have you gone into politics?

The Thought of The Day

'Christy Clark and Gregor Robertson, 'graffiti' their names on to the Wall of Shame the other day. They both wrote the same thing 'It wasn't me...' Yeah, we new that, they both were nowhere to be seen till that moment. Go figure.'


Two Mayors. One former COPE. One present Vision aka.COPE. Both incompetent bullies. Both abandoned ship for 'greener' pastures. Both foulmouthed.

Larry Campbell
'How do you spell F**king Losers? Bus Rider Union'

Gregor Robertson
'Who are these F**king hacks, are they NPA hacks?'
'We are not going to back off and give our city to a bunch of Losers.'

What you may notice in here Bill, is that the young buck Gregor, needed two sentences to make his opinion on other people known, where Larry only needed one, trickster this old fart 'maddafaker', eh?

Two COPE - VISION Mayors, Bill,and they are both laughing you my friend...and at me and at the rest of us. And that's because you people continue to give them 'hall passes'.

The stupidest expression used by most of the losers before a game is 'win or loose, we are in for the game for the love of sport'
Oh, really? Ask the Canucks...
So Bill, are you in for the win, or for the love of the game?
Fair question.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Chris, Glissando.

I don't like to lose. Am I tough enough? Ask George Chow after the Shannon Mews Forum (see Straight videos, but repartee with George is not really evident).

I intend to win. I've been campaigning since November.

Thank you Chris, I remain an idealist. As an architect I see the wonderful potential of this special place and want to ensure we realize it. I helped start that with TEAM in the 70's. Today is Phase 2. Having worked as an architect, I know the limitations of that role. If you want to make a difference you have to be one of those making the decisions that accomplish that.

Check out!

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