Riots delay Mayor Gregor's plans to turn lawns into wheat fields

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Chaos on Vancouver's streets delayed approval of the "lawns to loaves" program

What follows is a copy of my column published in 24 Hours Vancouver this week. Mayor Gregor had originally planned to debate his "lawn to loaves" initiative on Thursday, but the Canucks riots have delayed those plans. It is expected the new green schemes will be approved sometime next week.


Over the past few years, more than a few goofy ideas have been hatched by the current Vision Vancouver government. Whether it’s the installation of beehives on the roof of City Hall, or the construction of a homeless shelter for backyard chickens, nothing seems beyond the realm of possibility.

The driving force behind all of these initiatives has been Mayor Gregor Robertson and his so-called “green” agenda. Heck, if Robertson had his way, we’d all be revisiting our agrarian roots and nothing would be put into our stomachs unless we had grown it ourselves.

If ripping up the north lawn at City Hall and replacing it with a costly veggie and flower garden wasn’t interesting enough, the mayor is now proposing a number of new green schemes. The latest price tag for his effort to transform Vancouver into an urban farm is $100,000. This is in addition to the $200,000 he spent over the last two years.

Some of the initiatives being considered by Vision Vancouver will likely raise the eyebrows of more than a few taxpayers. For example, a staff report is recommending a grant of $5,000 to the Environmental Youth Alliance for “a pilot project to explore small-scale grain production by converting conventional grass lawns.”

In other words, they want to determine whether it’s feasible to grow wheat on the front lawns and boulevards of Vancouver homeowners.

Council is also being asked to provide $15,500 in tax dollars to the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition to develop “a courier business using cargo bikes.”

I’d be interested in knowing what the existing courier companies in Vancouver think of their tax dollars being used to fund one of their competitors. I suspect it would have them seeing red, rather than green, when it comes to this one.

NPA opposition leader Suzanne Anton is making hay of Gregor’s green scheme to grow wheat. She called a news conference earlier this week to present him with a ceremonial pitchfork and set of overalls before announcing she wouldn’t support his plan.

In response, Vision Vancouver’s Raymond Louie told the media that Anton jumped the gun and his party hadn’t decided whether they were going to support any of the green schemes being discussed.

So if you thought beehives, homeless chicken shelters and Gregor’s garden were the total sum of goofiness coming out of City Hall, you may want to think again.

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How is this post in anyway different than this one?

Come on guys--real issues!

How is your comment in any way different to the last hundred that you posted?

Come on boohoo - new theme!

I guess we should all think again about the goofy green ideas of the current Mayor...

OR: We can look at the latest goofy one and turn it into an opportunity to get the youth involved in positive activities with positive outcomes.

Here might be a few outcomes to think about:

… Increase workforce – for youth for starters, to:

... Rip out green lawns, (no need to cut lawns anymore, but, may put lawn cutters out of work)

... Prepare soil for new crop called WHEAT

... Wait for WHEAT to grow - (who knows if/when "Lawns to Loaves" is approved it will still be WHEAT growing season in Vancouver?)

... Harvest the WHEAT - here is where the Green Garden Elves come in!

... Sell the WHEAT to – heck, I dunno, to who?

... New biz opportunity "Garden Elves 4 Lawns 2 Loaves" - for hire/rent/lease

Yes, what I suggest is perhaps also “goofy”; but if this initiative of Mayor Gregor gets City Council approval and moves forward why not make “hay” while the sun shines!

I'm thinking "barley and hops" - that way the lager louts can drink their own product and riot somewhere to celebrate their harvest!

david hadaway,

boohoo is getting tired, his posts show his frustration... It must be hard trying to defend his Hero, when the Mayor insists on continuing to perform stupid moves.

I spent 3 hours last night watching raw footage of our Mayor speaking to the media during the event..

it's extremely interesting to observe that the Mayor doesn't even believe his own speaking notes anymore..

Boohoo your post is a little vague you haven't made any points...what exactly is your point... maybe AGT is right about you...he certainly has the Mayor pegged..

Is it getting lonely trying to defend an absolute ridiculous position...I'm referring to the Mayor..

you are trying to slag the messenger.. perhaps Gregor is the guy you should have a chat with..

"In response, Vision Vancouver’s Raymond Louie told the media that Anton jumped the gun and his party hadn’t decided whether they were going to support any of the green schemes being discussed."

funny because I've talked to one of the "Wheat Farmers" that is already planting,and from the conversation we had, it's a done deal...

so Mr. Louie... if in fact you are telling us the truth...perhaps you might want to give this young city gardener a call..explain yourself...


Is it fun being so purposefully obtuse? I have been pretty clear in my disdain for the political system yet you continue to imply I'm a 'visionista', gregor's my hero, etc... Why is that?


I could say the same for most posters here, see above for an obvious example. Should we all just stop posting then?

again you've resorted to name keep forgetting I pay attention, and I remember what people say... Why do you always use derogatory verbiage to debate boohoo..

To be blunt here boo, you never answer questions or give an opinion... so no, I'm not being obtuse my friend. just very diligent, and I remember and pay attention to what people say...especially you.

Funny how boohoo always tries to slag people's level of intelligence when questioned about Vision.. low hanging fruit...childish behavior boohoo, yup that just about fits the criteria of a Visionista...

You always attack me, boo when I comment but not the other commentators that call you on your stuff.... why do I effect you so??

Why do I push your buttons I hit the truth card too often?

For some reason you've made this personal... if I didn't know better, I'd swear you were related to Gregor.. but I do know better..

so what is your agenda boo?


" keep forgetting I pay attention, and I remember what people say... "

"I'd swear you were related to Gregor.. but I do know better.."

"do I hit the truth card too often?"

You keep implying you know some secret about me or something, it's creepy. I would ask you to provide some evidence but of course you'll accuse me of bullying so I won't bother.

anyone reading this blog knows how you have been very consistent with your comments...

trying to twist it to imply other wise is again a deflection tactic.. that my friend is creepy...

Funny how you always try to twist it.. again a Vision are consistent...

Your hero screwed up we talk about it here, if you find that creepy... go play with some other kids elsewhere...or won't they play with you either...

This site is very clearly Vision critical.. I find it pretty presumptuous of you to think we should change that to make you happy.

This site is daniel's domain... not "boohoo's"..only a self indulgent child would expect it to change, just because YOU want it to...

that I find creepy coming from a grown man/woman...

Again why do I push your buttons boohoo...

Do you just not want us to discuss the stupidity, of growing wheat on the front lawn..

a deal that obviously is a done deal before council votes on it?

Yes, growing wheat is silly. Bees are a symbolic measure but don't really address the route issue. Ok, points made, we get it. I don't know why we need to beat this horse beyond death when there are so many more important things to talk about. This is the negativity that I hate with this current political atmosphere.

"Your hero screwed up we talk about it here"

This is you being obtuse George. Why do you insist?

you were doing so well boohoo, then you but once again proved my point..

This is you being obtuse George. Why do you insist?

Why is it that only you boohoo, finds me so obtuse...

If you agree that these issues are silly, what topics would you find interesting to discuss...

You have never answered that question from those that have asked you...

to me and others, that is obtuse boohoo.

I know you are a smart fella, your big words show me that... talk to us...

George, boohoo is actually doing very well in achieving his objective - deflection away from any criticism of Vision. All the posts have been about him.

It is too bad the NPA is not better organized as the preoccupation of Vision on meaningless green initiatives while neglecting their fundamental responsibility to ensure public order is the type of issue that could get them tossed out of office.

very true, thanks I needed that!! LOL

did I mention I talked to one of these wheat growers and it is a done deal... before the vote from Council..

Louie I guess didn't get his speaking notes..

took photo's as well of the wheat field on city property...time and date stamped..;-)

Maybe that was one of those back room deals for special interest groups...

like the bike cart delivery/courier service money, allocated/funneled through the Vancouver Cycling Coalition...

Boohoo, this is a real issue. There seems to be a pervasive sqaundering of the city's resources on this type of thing. A few thousand here, a few thousand there, it all adds up.

Growing wheat makes no sense. Nobody has a millstone in their kitchen to do anything useful with it. Why not encourage people to grow beans, or corn (though it is a bit wet in Vancouver) crops that can be harvested and eaten right in the household.

Just saw someone walking down Georgia street with t-shirt that read "GREGOR'S a RIOT"

The letter "a" was in very small font. Anyone know where I can buy one?

George, I imagine the wheat project was going to to happen with or without a grant. As Max has mentioned, by the time the money comes out, it is too late to plant. All the grant would do is cover 'admin' costs. I haven't see the actual application but this scenario would be typical.

I would not read too much into the fact that the wheat is already in the ground.

There are so many good projects that have genuine community benefit that get turned down for financial assistance, it is really time for the public to have more input on what should be important/priority to fund with our tax dollars.

maybe it should have read GREGORiot?

I find you obtuse in this case because you continue to perpetuate something that I have flat out said is not true. You are either obtuse, can't understand the written word, think I'm lying or are lying yourself for fun. I don't know which one.

"If you agree that these issues are silly, what topics would you find interesting to discuss...

You have never answered that question from those that have asked you... "

I have offered numerous topics to discuss including the Cambie Corridor, Transportation 2040 among others. Again, your assertion that I am avoiding answering is wrong.

"Boohoo, this is a real issue. There seems to be a pervasive sqaundering of the city's resources on this type of thing. A few thousand here, a few thousand there, it all adds up."

True, but let's have some perspective. There are things happening in Vancouver that are so so much more important yet we don't discuss them.

Perhaps your Mayor would like to first demonstrate and prove these novel forays into agro-urban production on his own time, his own dime, on his own property where we can all gather, sky-clad, on the summer solstice, and worship his worshp.


those topics are thoroughly dominated at the Frances Bula site..

I believe she doesn't allow name calling there either.. is that why you can't play there?

I agree Julia, it is like the bike lanes, and the fun live site... a forgone conclusion with consequences...

I get it..

my problem is the name calling being involved into the conversation..

Boohoo, we are all here as guests of Daniel and the CC team (whoever that may be). They decide the topics for discussion - not you, not me, not anyone else. They print the first post and we have the privilege of adding our comments. That is how a blog works.

If you have a list of topics you wish to explore, and you have a point of view you wish to put forward in those topics, I would urge you to set up your own blog and go for it.

Nattering day in and day out about what should be discussed here is totally out of line. it's not your house!

"There are things happening in Vancouver that are so so much more important yet we don't discuss them"

That is precisely the point. There are more important issues but the current administration is expending limited resources chasing meaningless green initiatives. Maintaining public order is a fundamental responsiblity and they failed even though the threat was totally foreseeable. Progressives are great in opposition but they should never be in power.

Bill, you miss my point.

These important things (Transportation 2040, Cambie Corridor, etc...) are happening as well but we're wasting our time talking about bees. And these initiatives will have such a profound impact on our city that these silly little things are meaningless in comparison.


I guess if this is what the NPA chooses to run its campaign on, so be it. Good luck with that.


I'm not insulting anyone other than the rioters. I'm simply calling you out on your lies regarding me.

I completely agree with you Julia. Boohoo if you would like to have other topics discussed beyond the 2000+ posts we've put up here on every topic from suburban sprawl, taxation, parks space, school board etc...please let me know.

I would be more than willing to take a 400-500 word submission from you and post it unedited. Of course, our policy is that you must not use a pseudonym if you become one of our writers. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please email your submission to



I was watching the televised City Council meeting early this aft. and it was mention that there was $60,000 grant given to the city to dole out, by Canon. From what I understand when they took office space inn 2010, they wanted to get involved with the 'community' and put forward this grant.

They were discussing other 'green' initiatives to dole this cash out to.

Why not donate it to the church for their storage facitity for the homeless. After all, the city cut that funding and it does provide a huge services - moreso than growing wheat for a select few as a symbolic gesture.

FYI everyone - tomorrow are car free days in various parts of the city, Main Street (closed from 12th to 33rd) and Commercial Drive.

Go and enjoy - after all, your tax dollars are helping pay for them....$650K - which includes $350K from the Olympic Legacy Fund.

Personally, I would have liked to see the money used from the fund for something more concrete, something longer lasting - something with a 'legacy'.

Be very careful with the word "Lies" boohoo,

We don't behave in that manor here..if you need to be a bully, do it elsewhere.

I never print anything I can't back up with documentation... be very sure of that one my friend..

I have always been very clear about that boohoo....I'm honest to a fault!!

He's just trying to change the channel.

Gregor's Wheat Field sounds better than



'Gregor's Wheat Field of Dreams....'

(Build it, and they will come....
they = rats)

Boohoo, I am not sure what is going on with you and George but it is getting a little silly. Both of you... stop already.

I don't expect the hard core Vision folks to ever change their mind on the success or failure of the current mayor and his team. It is sort of like hoping Cadman will have a religious experience and become a capitalist - it's not going to happen. So let's save our breath.

I am more interested in understanding and debating the decisions that are happening under the radar at the hall so that those who simply come here and read can see for themselves if this administration deserves another term. The less sandbox activity we create, the more credible the debate.

Sorry if I am sounding parental.

I find it your comment about Cadman interesting Julia, consideing the Blue Chip stocks he holds in his portfolio...

Reading this has caused me to ask a rather logical question: How much wheat would it take to provide a family of four with enough bread for a year?

So, off to the internet I go. Here is that same question being posed by the author of the "Howling Duck Ranch" website:

"Despite the fact that I no longer needed to buy wheat from the Loiselle Organic Family Farm, I did have a bunch of other questions which Marc was kind enough to answer.

The bigger questions for me with respect to my ‘Year in Provisions’ project for which I needed answers to were: how much wheat to grow, how much land to sow, and how much wheat might I need for my family for a year; I had no idea.

All I knew was that a loaf of bread takes about 4-5 cups of flour, but that was the limit of my knowledge. How many wheat kernels it takes to make 4-5 cups of flour I also had no idea–let alone how many kilos of wheat one needs to sow over how much area of land, or how much yeild to expect, or how much we’d need to supply us for a year in bread.

To answer these key ‘Year in Provisions’ questions for me, Marc Loiselle, rose to the occasion:

'Sounds like a great project you have going! I’ve never had such a question about growing a certain amount for a year’s supply. But, presuming that you want to grow enough for your food needs and have enough left over for a subsequent year’s sowing, and are able to sow and harvest adequately, I suggest you could purchase a single 25 kg bag for example. If you sow 1/2 of it in good fertile soil with adequate spacing (30 lbs would sow about 1/4 acre….and save the other 30 lbs in case of need to resow due to natural disaster such as hail…) and it grows well, you could anticipate harvesting up to ~ 6 bushels (360 lbs) and that is based on a GOOD yield of 25 bushels/acre.

A single bushel of harvested and clean wheat kernels would make ~70-80 regular sized loaves of bread. So you could do the math and sort of figure out what that would mean for you; especially if you have a family to feed too. 6 bushels x 75 loaves = ~450 loaves potential, which would be more than 1 loaf per day.

So, now I get to use my long division skills to make an apples to apples comparison, using Vancouver land values.

Started working on the 1/4 acre premise as suggested above, in order to come up with enough wheat (6 bushels) to provide 1.25 loaves of bread a day (based on 450 loaves)to feed a family of 4.

I then went back to my findings to see what a 1/4 acre looked like next to, let's say, a "typical" 33' single family lot in Vancouver.

An "English" acre (as opposed to Scot or Irish acre) is described as 4840 SQUARE YARDS. So, a 1/4 acre would be 1210 SQUARE YARDS.

How does that compare to that "typical" lot in Vancouver? Let's say, 33' wide by 15' deep, at the the front of the house.

So, we have 494 square feet OR approx. 30 SQUARE YARDS. 30 square yards is just 1/39 of the 1210 SQUARE YARDS (1/4 acre) that make up the assumption used above.

Your Vancouver wheat yield then,based on 1/39th of the 1/4 acre example given above, that everything must go absolutely right, and given that you use your front yard of your 33' lot only, and given that you find a strain of wheat that withstands the 'wet coast' elements...

...produces an underwhelming 5/8 of a bushel---which would produce about 40 loaves of bread a year---or less than 1 loaf a week, for a family of 4.


Twenty slices in a loaf means 10 sandwiches a week, or approx 1.3 sandwiches a day. A few people in this family are gonna go hungry.

But, I suppose half a loaf---or a half baked idea--- is better than none at all...

You are sounding parental Julia...

If you want to be hall monitor, I won't post any further...

But thank you for your opinion.

I apologize, I don't want to be hall monitor.

I am just a little freaked that Average Joe Undecided Voter will stop reading CC because they don't like the sandbox wars and miss all the thoughtful analysis of a civic government that is in way over their heads. If that happens, I am afraid we will get more of the same in November.

Time for me to go and chill.

"I am just a little freaked that Average Joe Undecided Voter will stop reading CC because they don't like the sandbox wars and miss all the thoughtful analysis of a civic government that is in way over their heads. If that happens, I am afraid we will get more of the same in November."

Yes Julia I agree, perhaps that is why I was trying to stop boohoo's behavior.

But since you chose to direct your comments to both of us,
after admitting you had no idea what was going on...

I will no longer post on this forum... I by no means, want to be responsible for driving away posters...

Thanks for your input....

WOW too bad we didnt grow wheat last year then we would have more buns for the bun fight LOL sorry I had to.But seriously,since VV took over our city with the backing of his US handlers their simply going by the book.All this green crap is just a trojan horse for what is really communitarianism,social engineering.If you want to know which book we must go back to Van.BC may31-june11 1976 to the UN conference on human settlements (habitat 1).this is where they wrote "THE VANCOUVER DECLARATION ON HUMAN SETTLEMENTS AND THE VANCOUVER ACTION PLAN".I think this is why we and hundreds of other towns and cities around the world are tied into the ICLEI and agenda 21.In 1987 the UN discovered the writings of Gro Harlem Brundland she was the 1st VP of SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL.Many towns and cities in the US have woken and are trying now to get out.

Sullivan's Strike & Robertson's Riot. Let's hope people remember this when they go to the polls and vote COPE for mayor this fall! Keep Vancouver a progressive city.

Hate to break it to you COPE (with your two seats)

There is a third party (I count Vision and COPE as the same party) that has just announced it's intentions:

As posted on AGT's site:

Gerry McGuire says:
June 18, 2011 at 3:45 PM

I’ve put together enough signatures to register as an electoral organization in Vancouver, named Vancouver Citizen’s Voice. We are seeking candidates firstly for Mayor and Council, then Parks Board and School Board. I intend to offer myself for Mayor in an open nomination process, all comers welcome. We advocate a partial ward system, a return to neighbourhood based planning and zoning, human scale development and a forensic audit of any group receiving more than fifty bucks a year from the City. I can be messaged through YouTube at or email me, phone is 778-991-4816. Thanks.

Actually, CUPE’s strike. The City made a reasoned decision to resist expensive union demands on the taxpayers of Vancouver. As it was, we were forced to pay for a collective bargaining settlement that provided 4% wage increases for three years when many in the provincial public service are agreeing to 2 year CBA's with no wage increase and us in the private sector receive no increase or pay cuts. Grergor's riot yes, I think that's precisely right too.

"I have always been very clear about that boohoo....I'm honest to a fault!!"

As am I so I would appreciate it if you would stop regurgitating 'truthiness' about me.


"if you would like to have other topics discussed beyond the 2000+ posts we've put up here on every topic from suburban sprawl, taxation, parks space, school board etc...please let me know."

I have asked numerous times for some discussion on the Cambie Corridor Planning Program. How about a post on that?

I don't know boohoo, here I post that their is another horse in the race....and you want to dicsuss the Cambie Corridor?

Personally, found that little Gerry McGuire tidbit interesting.

you may not want to discuss the Cambie corridor. For me, it is an invitation to discuss neglect, denial and arrogance on the part of the current civic government. Are you sure you want to go there?

What is the most important part of Daniels piece is a question,I too would like to know what the competing courier companies think.This is how it works,they give small amounts of cash to several small groups under the guise that its green,and after all who can argue with green,and before you know it you have the collective vote of these groups.Like the tentacles of a Vision octopus it infects the people that live nextdoor and gives common purpose.They pick favorites and decide who wins and who loses for political gain and not for the good of the city.And thats just wrong.And Max I also read about Gerry and respect anyone who would step into the fray,good luck Gerry.

Angry Taxpayer,good work,so it looks like we wont even have enough for a decent breadline,maybe we will have enough to feed the foster chickens though.

Angry Taxpayer, great math! You can make this scenario even more bizarre - calculate the lost efficiency of scale to grind 5/8 of a bushel at a time and bake bread 1 loaf at a time? Takes the same electricity to bake 4 loaves as it does 1. How is using 4 times the electricity for the same results 'green'?

Wishing all the dads out there a very Happy Father's Day!

Growing yard wheat is in fact highly impractical, but the main benefit of it is publicity for the current city majority, and as a make-work project for city staff. It is a 'chia-pet' project and in the class of stunt. Most egregious because it is coming from the pockets of people struggling with high housing and food costs.

If you look at the activity from a holistic perspective, it is very wasteful. Measure all the wage costs (and paper) for this part of the program; meetings, memos, report review, application, more memos, reports, review, consideration, adjudication, monitoring, etc. Then measure and value the amount of time and effort put in by the 'farmer.' As someone mentioned close to being a hobby. Fun pastime, but never cost-effective.

Now look at the opportunity costs; the value of what 'could' have been done with $5000. With the current spike in the cost of food, it could have gone towards existing programs starving for cash, such as ones that help feed the children of low-income single mothers.

$5000 could have been spent on a design & approval process to build a garden suite on the city lot, which makes a small contribution to supply of city housing and reduces pressure to build on the distant outskirts, where prime growing land exists.

$5000 could have been applied to a selected struggling acreage in the ALR on the outskirts of the urbanized area to assist them with providing localized food.

This stunt is part of a larger trend of bringing land uses into the city, that do not belong there (wilderness), and blocking out far more appropriate uses such as compact housing and workplaces, that would make a complete, walkable city. It most often comes from people living in low-density SFD neighborhoods, that selfishly want the best of both worlds; close urban amenities and facilities, yet adjacent to rural uses. What they do (and are incapable of conceiving), is push out density into the farms and forests, and allow others to experience both worlds, through wasteful (and sometimes injurious and deadly), long-distance commuting.

The people that support non-urban uses in urban areas, and protest violently when housing is proposed in their areas (often under the fuzzy claim of 'sense of community'), are the largest, singular group of anti-environmentalists. They are also the most prominent anti-evolutionists, as they seriously disrupt the orderly multi-century growth of a city, and in turn, ruin the lives of following generations by causing affordable housing shortages (through severely restricting supply in appropriate areas).

Here's your perfect opportunity Boo. Put your written words where your mouth is. Please give us your take on the Cambie Corridor. It's easy to criticize. It would be good to find out what you really think.

Many CC readers will look forward to reading and commenting your thoughts.

While the wheat discussion happens, real questions like why the Chief of the VDP is not being arrested.

He knew a riot was happening, he didn't read the Riot Act, like he is obligated to do by the Canada Criminal Code . . . see Pt 69. of The Riot Act.

64. A riot is an unlawful assembly that has begun to disturb the peace tumultuously.

67. A person who is

(a) a justice, mayor or sheriff, or the lawful deputy of a mayor or sheriff,

(b) a warden or deputy warden of a prison, or

(c) the institutional head of a penitentiary, as those expressions are defined in subsection 2(1) of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, or that person’s deputy,

who receives notice that, at any place within the jurisdiction of the person, twelve or more persons are unlawfully and riotously assembled together shall go to that place and, after approaching as near as is safe, if the person is satisfied that a riot is in progress, shall command silence and thereupon make or cause to be made in a loud voice a proclamation in the following words or to the like effect:

"Her Majesty the Queen charges and commands all persons being assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business on the pain of being guilty of an offence for which, on conviction, they may be sentenced to imprisonment for life. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN."

68. Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life who

(a) opposes, hinders or assaults, wilfully and with force, a person who begins to make or is about to begin to make or is making the proclamation referred to in section 67 so that it is not made;

(b) does not peaceably disperse and depart from a place where the proclamation referred to in section 67 is made within thirty minutes after it is made; or

(c) does not depart from a place within thirty minutes when he has reasonable grounds to believe that the proclamation referred to in section 67 would have been made in that place if some person had not opposed, hindered or assaulted, wilfully and with force, a person who would have made it.

69. A peace officer who receives notice that there is a riot within his jurisdiction and, without reasonable excuse, fails to take all reasonable steps to suppress the riot is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

Julia im sure the mayors next big give away will be for community ovens on every corner so we can all line up and take our turn.You know just like so many third world cities do.After all they do seem to be trying to put us in full reverse.

I have been doing mindless stuff all morning so I have been having fun contemplating this wheat experiment.

Once upon a time, farmers attempted to be self sufficient by growing a little bit of everything. I think it was the 1500's...right? It became apparent that food stuffs were far less costly and life was far less complicated when one farmer grew potatoes for everyone, one grew barley for everyone and they bartered to ensure goods were distributed as needed.

I appreciate the wheat experiment is more of a social statement than a economic model but still - do we really want to promote and celebrate a sustainability model that was proved to be less than sustainable back in 1500? i don't quite get it.

I guess those courier carts could be used to get the grain to a common neighbourhood mill and bakery. Ugggh, this is too bizarre.

deAuxerre has said it so well. It may only be $5,000 but is there so much cash laying around that city officials can afford to throw money at such a goofball idea? I can think of hundreds of better uses for $5,000. One of them is to collect $5,000 less in taxes to start with!

I would like to thank all the gardeners in Vancouver,when I first hitchhiked here at the tender age of 14 I slept in parks and unlocked cars,that russeling sound you heard at 2am in your yard was me in your pea patch.I guess you could say I was on a raw food diet some 40yrs.before the term was even coined,thanks again.

@ Julia @gman,

Thanks. I could have gone on, and am glad you did. I was boggled by the time I worked on just one aspect of this project.

This is a "symbolism seeking" local government. So here's some more numbers that best represent those efforts: they are three miles wide---and one inch deep

"I appreciate the wheat experiment is more of a social statement than a economic model"

That is all the Vision progressives can accomplish - social statements. And the focus on green initiatives are perfect for them because you measure success by how many kilometers of bicycle lanes, city hall plots of green gardens, yards planted with wheat and they can claim victory. It may not be possible to measure the impact on climate change but at least not too much can go wrong other than a few more happen rodents around the chicken coups and wheat fields.

It's when they get into the difficult issues like the Olympic village or maintaining order during the Stanley Cup they get into trouble because they are just not that competent.

Im afraid if we come out to strong against the garden thing we could be accused of being in the pay of big grocers like safeway and such.LOL

The Thought of The Day

'What is the difference between a Developer and an Environmentalist? The Developer wants to build a house in the woods; the Environmentalist has already got a house in the woods!'

You are so right on!
Made me look for the following comment...then it was chicken...I wonder, how many is the mayor growing in his backyard, today... My point exactly.

I can't believe I wrote this, more than a year ago here at CC (Vision's urban chicken plan finally unveiled - Daniel in Editorial)... on another 'urban issue'


''...The VISION Comrades want Bike Lanes because THEY ARE Biking! How about those who don’t own a bike and/ or don’t know how to bike and/or can’t bike?
The VISION Comrades want Backyard Chicken because THEY HAVE a Backyard! How about those that live in a rented apartment, in a condo, or in any other dwelling that does not allow such an activity to take place?
The VISION Comrades want BEE HIVES in the City because they are Nuts! How about those who are allergic to bees, remember, we live in a city!?

Don’t you have enough dog shit on your shoe soles? How many on/off leash parks are there? Can you mix those parks with a chicken promenade/ free run? What would happen when someone insists of showing their chicken... the Ocean? Do we open up the beaches to them? Aren’t the seagulls and the pigeons going to be pissed? How about if someone calls for a Bring Your Chicken to Work Day? Would it be wrong for me to start a Fox nursery in my garage? If my neighbour’s Rooster jumps into my yard and starts humping my chicken, would it be fair to say that I could jump into his yard and start humping his lovely wife? Are we going to install public art depicting the Holly Cock? Would it be morally wrong to eat an omelet made out of three brothers and sisters, and later would you be able to look their mother chick in the eyes and tell her that they've been adopted by a well to do family in Kits? So many questions and so little time!

It is so sad to watch this kibbutznik-topia experiment developing in our Vancouver; I knew it all along why I wouldn’t waste my vote on Vision in 2008. What’s next?
Should we ban dihydrogen monoxide in our parks now or later; or maybe not use sodium chloride in food recipes anymore and why not, put a tax on breathing? Oh wait, that’s called the Carbon Tax! Stupider me...a thousand pardons Comrades.

ASK JOEL segment:
“What I want to know is this: are you or are you not allowed your”Free Call” subsequent to your arrival on Cortes Island? Thank you.”

For those of you who are not yet aware, the Carbon tax is a tax on breathing invented by one of the biggest con people in the modern history, Al Gore whose carbon offset company was set up by... the crooks of Enron. And who’s their best friends here in Vancouver? You got it! But that’s another story.
Until then...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.''

Glissando Remmy | April 3, 2010 12:58 AM

Robertson's Riot. I doubt teflon boy will get this to stick. Media love him too much.

The Angry Taxpayer,
BTW, only a real angry taxpayer would go to such extent to do this and... Thank You for that TAT!
Yours is the best Math 'paper' I read in a long time. If any of the Vision clowncillors attempts to argue their 'wheat' point they should be hit over the heads with this document.
Lucky for them we don't live in 1700's BC Babylon, to hit them with Hammurabi's stone tablets instead.
Oh, but wait, there's hope, last I heard, Joel, Gregor, Andrea...and the rest of this pathetic group of shmacks, they think we should!

On a happier note...
Congrats to Gerry McGuire on his announcement of running for Mayor on behalf of the newly formed Vancouver Citizen's Voice.
I like the name of this party already.
Good luck, Gerry!

I just read the statement on the Sun website made by the young man that has come forward to apologize for his part in Wednesday's riot. He is 17 years old and could remain anonymous but has chosen to publish his name. I know, he did not have much choice given his face was plastered everywhere but in my books, this kid has far more integrity and guts than our politicians. He blew it and he admits it and is ready to pay the price.

Some of the comments in response are less than forgiving. In fact they are down right hostile. I can't help but wonder if people will be so relentless with their condemnation towards the civic officials that totally missed the boat when planning the event. After all, they should have known better too.

Gregors riot,biggest carbon footprint in BC history.

Try this one on...

Funky Graphic:

Headshot of Gregor + shaft of Red Fife wheat + piece of bread--on fire.


This Mayor is TOAST!

Agreed, Julia.


By the way, people, phoning this kid's father and harrassing the famiy to the point of having them move out of their home for fear for their own safety (according to their lawyer) makes you no better than the rioters.

Get a grip and stop this ludicrous behaviour. This story has legs, and miles to go before it sleeps. Hopefully, we will get an inquiry that is independent and fully structured to look at all the players in this sorry mess.

Even if we were successful at growing wheat in our back yards, what the "heck" would we do with it. Sounds like a job for "The Little Red Hen". How many people know how to grind wheat into flour? Maybe he'll give one of his Hollyhock graduates a nice Grant to publish and market a recipe book of Sprouted Wheat Recipes?

But what really scares me about this scheme is that we will be pursued by Monsanto when our wheat seeds blow into someone else's garden and take up residence. Next thing you know we'll be in court at the mercy of Monsanto litigators and their ridiculous legal precedents. I hope the City has enough money in its coffers to fund that bill.

And speaking of money in our City coffers, it would be interesting to see the total amount of money this crew have spent funding their particular projects designed to serve Solomon's agenda. This money was stolen from an existing set of priorities and the City budget established to fund them and diverted to these expensive alternatives, none of which can be justified by the number of people actually using/benefiting from them. In the real world of economics you'd never get to first base with these projects. I guess that's why Solomon was clever enough to find himself a GQ pretty face with political and opportunistic connections to front for him in our funded public arena. These political opportunists have succeeded in dismantling what was one of the most successful City Administrations in the country while making a lot of employees sick and unhappy in the process. It's an absolute disgrace.

"How many people know how to grind wheat into flour? "

There's an app(liance) for that.

Only you could come up with an ad during an irrelevant topic.

Our City has just gone through a nightmare and you want us to buy an appliance to grind wheat?

A question was raised. I provided an answer. On topic. What's the problem?

A rhetorical question.

So Chris, let me recap... work the lawn, plant the seeds, water the lot, provide ,project for rodents, for pesticides, harvest the wheat...then buy the Wiz grinding machine, obtain the flour, roll the dough with the added extras, bake the bread...what exactly are we doing here, going back 500 years so we can obtain a gourmet, boutique home made fancy bread? What are the final costs associated with this madness? There is a reason why those fancy couture houses are selling their collections for tens of thousands a piece. Because they cannot mass produce for everyone. Plus in my case, what? I don't have a lawn. If only, maybe, I could convince our strata to budget for a green roof, and then we could all remortgage our condos to pay for it. Move to the countryside Chris,or somewhere on an island. Cortes Island sound good to me!

"I would be more than willing to take a 400-500 word submission from you and post it unedited. Of course, our policy is that you must not use a pseudonym if you become one of our writers. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please email your submission to"

How much do you guys pay?

Editorials are intended to be the voice of a media group, and if this is truly the opinion of CityCaucus, then I can safely say I will actively avoid reading this site in the future. What has conveniently been left out of this article, is that Gregor's wheat fields do not reflect anyone's desire to harvest a few stalks of grain to make 2% of a loaf of bread. This is a SYMBOLIC move towards FOOD SECURITY, and what this article fails to report is that Gregor's idea is representative of a much larger movement. Anyone not currently growing a vegetable garden in Vancouver is a fool of the highest order, particularly if you follow the current events of any country on any continent. Lawns are a useless aesthetic that came about during the industrial revolution, when being able to maintain useless and unproductive land was a sign of affluence. Happily I believe we have moved past this, and I implore you to come up with a logical argument in favor of maintaining lawns as opposed to gardens. If you insist on maintaining an ecologically irresponsible lawn, pouring pesticides, nitrogen, and drinkable water into a useless patch of green, you deserve to go hungry. Future (and current) wars will be (are) fought over water and food (not oil), and unfortunately in Vancouver we are privileged enough that this article's ignorant mindset is the norm. It's a tragedy that nobody is acknowledging that the argument of this article is the result of a socio-economic privilege held only by the few, and certainly not by the many.

Dear Vancouver,

Contrary to popular belief, there actually are global food security issues, and there is a wheat shortage that is affecting people who lack the affluence held in Vancouver to compensate for it (you probably best recognize this issue as a common complaint about the price of bread in the air conditioned grocery lineup). So yes, let's take a few moments to call Gregor goofy while handing him a pitchfork and overalls, and then let's take a significantly longer time being grateful for the privilege unique only to certain countries, to call food security measures silly and pointless. Congratulations on reaching new levels of ignorance Vancouver. I'm so ashamed.


I have a vegetable garden, I don't expect you or anyone else to subsidize it and my produce cost does not work out at about at least twenty times the commercial price, as is the case with all the so called community efforts.

However just encouraging ordinary citizens to do what ordinary citizens have been doing for ever doesn't provide the feel good political photo ops and non profit facilitator incomes Gregor and Vision crave, so you choose a different route. Top down, self righteous and actually irrelevant, just another green game financed by the taxpayer.

But you just keep on 'actively avoiding' the unpleasant truth.

Check out!

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