Heather Deal apologizes while FCM "lavish" lobster bash goes national

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GlobalTV's lobster "carnage" story is now running on affiliate stations coast to coast

Carnage of another kind is happening for Vision Vancouver's Heather Deal as her series of boastful tweets about lavish taxpayer-funded meals and entertainment are now news across the country. While Deal was only one of several Vision councillors in attendance at FCM (others include George Chow, Raymond Louie, Tim Stevenson and Geoff Meggs, as well as Gregor Robertson & Chief of Staff Mike Magee) it's her social media updates from the conference banquet which are causing other Canadian elected officials to squirm.

As we shared on Monday, 24 Hours Vancouver reporter Erica Bulman discovered the councillor's unfortunate tweets from the Halifax FCM conference. The story was also covered by GlobalTV's Marisa Thomas, and even made it onto CTV on an evening without NHL playoffs to draw away audiences.

Several Vision Vancouver supporters ran to the defence of Deal, slamming media and CityCaucus.com for even reporting this story. For example, Jason Mogus of Communicopia Inc. (a company which donated $16,700 to Vision Vancouver's last campaign) commented:

"This discussion is rather ludicrous. When you go the East Coast, you eat lobster. It's cheaper than steak, and is the local custom."

Heather Deal, however, was more apologetic than her Vision backers, saying she regretted the fact many people were upset by her photos.

Mayor Robertson weighed into the controversy, saying that banquets at taxpayer-funded events are "to varying degrees of lavish," which most people had already figured out thanks to Deal's photos. Asked if receiving "swag" and chowing down right after a session on homelessness, Robertson responded that “It looks awkward.” Gregor also had another unique take on the Deal embarrassment – he claims the councillor was trying to be "transparent" by posting the shots on Twitter.

Deal shrugged off questions about the "swag" she boasted about receiving – a traditional Southwester hat – saying she would generously donate it to a homeless shelter. We're sure that some person down on their luck will appreciate having that bright yellow hat during Vancouver's many wet weather days.

The Halifax FCM story has even more interesting angles, which we'll cover here in a follow-up report.

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Ok, she did something stupid and now she's apologized. Let's move on.

Yes she did.

I'm more concerned about Mayor Robertson's comment that these banquets have been common for years!

It's time that all politicians (of all parties) realize that they are being paid by the taxpayer's to MANAGE civic money.

It also means that the bureaucrats of cities have to learn that fact as well.

If the rest of us have to budget so should they.

Yes, let's move on indeed boohoo. There's still a gazillion bone-headed policies to implement and hundreds of staff to fire and replace with our own people.

Isn't that right?

Unfortunately boohoo, Deal went way beyond stupid here, and we can't move on yet...

She has opened a whole can of worms in regard to money...expenses and transparency.

Vision would love us to move on but there is more to this story than what meets the eye... that is probably why you and Steven are out in full force.

Interesting poor Heather who is usually very chatty on twitter...

has not tweeted since Monday.

I think she went to Social Media rehab.. the withdrawals must be painful.

Probably as painful as being homeless, and sleeping on cement, in a doorway...

The Thought of The Lobster

'I do owe Heather Deal an apology. I just found out she is registered as a part-time student in the Creme Brulee Culinary Institute of Vancouver. In Chef Sebastian's popular seafood class. in all fairness this trip was part of her research, the Twitt was her outline, and she will get 6 PD credits in the Lobster - Under The Sea category.'

The question is, what were the other crabcillors doing there... particularly one Chow?
All they needed to do was to get the same information from this:


Earlier on a different post David Hadaway mentioned the following:

'Conferences such as this rarely achieve much. They are too big and too full of people with bloated self regard and limited expertise. I've attended a few and now you couldn't pay me to go; the greed, waste and self indulgence are repulsive to any one not blinded by their own sense of entitlement. '

I completely concur with David.
As a registered professional I am not only fed up with the ridiculous fees I am hit every year, considering the amount of services I receive, add to that the papers I have to write, but I also have to submit my Professional Development Credits...
Attending costly (BTW it's all on my dime), in some instances far away conferences, has become the norm, and I am saddened to say that the PD Industry has a healthier growth rate than the industries they represent.
Useless seminars and lectures from which I have to say, I rarely get anything that I couldn't get from reading a Trade journal.

But hey, that is bullshit that looks good on paper. Same as the LEED points system attached to a Platinum LEED project,here in the Experimental city.

Plus, funny thing, one keeps himself up to snuff through, are you ready for this...work. That's a frightening word for some of Mayor Gregor's supporters, a word so powerful in itself that would make Solomon's Hollyhock crowd shiver out of their flip-flops, on a 40 degrees Celsius day down at the Kits beach.

I was wondering, would my Institute accept these comments left on CityCaucus as PD credits?
Fat chance with that. Not likely.

I wish I was in Kerry Jang's profession, elected to sit, paid to listen, likely to default on both and still get paid. Sweet.

As far as Heather's yellow hat proposal goes, I would rather have it super-glued to her head until she grows a Pointy head. As for Meeyor Gregor 's comments...hmmm, geez, I need something deep, I need something to equate his class and wisdom...all right, I have this to say
'If there is any truth in the existence of the afterlife, than I would like to come back as a dog. Under one condition,though... Robertson must come back as a fire hydrant.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

To the people who criticized Rob Ford the Mayor of a little Eastern city called...Toronto. He didn't find it in his heart to use taxpayer's money and travel East to raise his profile in the...West.
Just saying.

You sound very different lately, Glissando.
Is living in Vancouver starting to drag you down?

The sense of humour doesn't seem to be there anymore.

Or, maybe Deal was called to the Principal's errr... Penny Ballem's office....for a good finger swagging errrr....wagging!

Now that was funny!!

"Vision would love us to move on but there is more to this story than what meets the eye... that is probably why you and Steven are out in full force"

sigh... You got me George. I'm a Vision mole sent to stick up for my best buds.

Now, can we talk about something real?

Did you know Vancouver is embarking on a 30 year vision for transportation in the City? So what's your take on the future of transportation in Vancouver--what are the crucial elements we need to get right?

For any candidates--how would you prioritize transportation in Vancouver?

yes boohoo I know it goes along with Joel Solomon's 500 year plan..

I heard they discuss your transportation plan over at FB's what's the matter don't they want to play with you either?

A Transportation Plan - what a joke. Look what happened to the last one. Vision decided to ignore it and carry out their own agenda. (read Horby bike lane)

if you look at the title of this post the topic for the day clearly states..

today we discuss Vision's blunder, Heather Deal's stupid tweets, expenses to lavish dinners that our taxes paid for....transparency with expenses and taxpayer's money

oh yes and Gregor Robertson and Heather Deal's insincere apology... George Chow hasn't even have the decency to face us yet to explain his attendance on our dime...

So no, you can't pick the topic... this is Daniel's party and we are his guests so behave yourself...

I'm really happy that the world is changing so fast that we can now get tweets to let us know what our politicians are up to...


How do you mean? The fundamentals of the 1997 NPA approved plan (http://vancouver.ca/engsvcs/transport/plan/1997report/2-2.htm) have been followed through on, I'm not sure how this is ignoring it?

It is hard to have a comprehensive tansportation plan without having an overall growth strategy for the city.

I think boohoo is determined to create diversion tonight...

good thing I'm in Pit Bull mode..

I know folks, hard to imagine George a Pit Bull..

Good point--what do you think the strategy should be (big picture)?

I've heard plenty of people argue Vancouver isn't growing nearly as fast as it should. You still have a majority of stations in Vancouver outside the core with single family/low rise commercial after over 25 years of rapid transit. Should Vancouver grow more? I've certainly heard the opposite--too much too fast. But does that mean the city just gets passed by by Surrey, Burnaby, etc..? Or is slow 'organic' growth the only way it's going to be livable (however you define that...)?

I have a hard time understanding the method so far...like I said, low density at established stations for decades yet the Cambie corridor is being massively upzoned all in one sweeping go...seems like one foot on the gas, one foot on the brake with no one in driving.

Hey, politicians & bureacrats,

Ever heard of video conferencing?!

Yes, can someone please follow up with councillor Chow as to why he attended the conference, given that he is not running in the next election?

Also, I would like an assurance from anyone and all parties, in the next election, that they will pre-release the "calendar of conference events" booked,numbers of pols and staff attending, budgets, etc. for the following calendar year (2012).

In fact, CoV can list all of these out-of-town meetings on the capital portion of the ballot and let us vote as to where we want them to go in order to best represent our interests. They can bloody well pay out of their own pockets for most of them, for all the good (not) and difference these bun tosses make in the life of the citizenry.

I won't be surprised that a one-way ticket might be in the cards for some of them...

Boo, finally, we can agree, almost. Please see what I posted over at Frances' Blog on a similar topic:

"@Sean 1.

You’re somewhat right about the Drive and Broadway being the last smart place to add density, but there is another. I have been questioning for more than 8 months why the City is hell bent to add 1200 residential units and counting, as well as a 3/4 sized Oakridge Shopping Centre + 226,000 SF off office space to an already traffic congested intersection, and to a Canada Line Station where the trains which arrive from Richmond at rush hour are already at capacity.

Neither the City nor Translink have done the necessary calculations to determine the amount of density each Canada Line station can handle. I suspect that is the case on the M and E lines as well. Essentially, because this basic planning information is not available, the planners and politicians are flying blind. This seat of the pants methodology is an extremely irresponsible way to plan a sustainable city wouldn’t you think?

Translink says: ‘trust us, we can more than double the capacity of the CL’ (They can’t with M/E, and what will happen when the Evergreen links in???). I have to say my arithmetic isn’t quite so optimistic. In addition, there will be significant additional ridership from south of the Fraser, much of it coming sooner than later based on the construction cranes you can count just in Richmond.

What will the impact be when the 33rd and 57th stations are added? What means will the added prospective transit users use to get to and from the forthcoming Little Mountain, RCMP lands, bus barns, 9 towers approved at Oakridge and counting (incidentally a logical place to add density), and the planned health centre at 57th and Cambie projects?

I said “somewhat right” above because the Drive and Broadway are a depressing urban mess. It desperately needs to be cleaned up so it will become more cohesive, both functionally and in terms of built form. By this it is not necessary for City politicians and planners to once more fly into fits of ‘more density because density is good’ exercises. This is another place where some reasoned, low scale built form makes sense, which will improve the quality of life and safety of this neighbourhood.

It’s not happening there so far, and unfortunately for Vancouver and for us, not in many other places along transit routes either.

Here’s where Gentle Bossa Nova and Patrick Condons’ ideas start to make sense."

Julia, the city's last bicycle plan passed by an NPA council did have bicycle facilities along the Burrard Corridor. An NPA council also approved the painted lane along Hornby and a really scary bike lane between a bus lane and a lane of traffic. It really was not that great at all. For the last election, Vision included a promise to implement separated bike lanes along some streets and they won by a landslide.

Also note that the city has not yet implemented several of the downtown bike routes from the plan. Even after 8 years, NPA councils still did not even have one eastbound bike lane in the entire downtown core.

Now at least there is one east west bicycle lane through downtown (at least to Hornby). Good progress but there still is much to be done to complete even the 1999 Bicycle Plan.

1999 Bicycle Plan
http://vancouver.ca/engsvcs/transport/cycling/documents/1999bikeplan.pdf (page 151)
Proposed Downtown Bicycle Network
1Georgia Corridor
2Pender Corridor
4Burrard Corridor
5Pacific Avenue
6Howe/Seymour Corridor
7Homer Corridor
8Helmcken Corridor
9Beatty Street
10Beach Avenue
11Comox Street
12Robson Street

Huh Bill. Gentle Bossa Nova and Patrick Condon's ideas regarding transit (I assume that is what you are talking about) have not been rigorously evaluated in terms of capital cost, rolling stock cost capacity or impact on the street environment (widths of sidewalks, cycling, parking, etc) yet you claim they start to sense. There has been far more planning work done and we have far better numbers for the Canada Line and the Expo/Millennium Lines yet you are not convinced that they can do the job.

What would the alternative be? More density in parts of the region that have no rapid transit? If worse comes to worse, they can always run buses to handle the extra demand. A nice problem to have.

Anyway, density tends to decrease the number of automobile trips because people can walk instead of driving. Even if they do drive, the trips tend to be shorter. The transportation models that they use are not really that great in that they tend to overestimate the number of automobile trips so I'm not sure how you would suggest coming up with good numbers regarding future trips.

Here is a good piece that points out how traffic is actually decreasing instead of increasing as the models predicted.


Following up on Richard and Bill:

The Thought of The Day

“Schools will have New Roofs. Homeless will be Extinct. Wars will have No Benefits. ‘Barter’ will be the most Popular Family Name. Transportation will be Free. Imagine…a World Without Banks.”

Roger Kemble made my day! His words:

“The best transportation is no transportation.”

IMO, I think yhe just worded the complex Transportation Theory in the simplest possible way.

In respect to Transportation,…if you remove the more advanced types of rail or vehicular (terrestrial) ways of moving around, if you take away the veneer of glass, concrete, wood and metal that we have used to cover all the former virgin forests with, if you cut the bull theories saying that we are so much better than our predecessors… we’ll find ourselves in the same medieval paradox; wall-less fortresses with one purpose in mind: to concentrate, and enhance the commercial activities of the landlords, and shelter them from the thugs and from the people that forms the peasantry, or from what the top 1% of our society is calling in our days… the middle-class.

We have a Principal ‘Shopping Malls’ connected transportation system in here; With Secondary Sky-train Hubs being enforced and peddled as livable alternatives to… nothing at all.

Our way or…the Highway.

The motivation that drives the transportation agenda is Greed and only Greed, community driven agenda my arse. All the democratic debates, open houses or referendums on future solutions, blah, blah, blah, are pure manure shovelled by Mall Development interests on flip-flopped agricultural land bought on the cheap, and financed for profit by the… Banks.

So, next time when you guys start putting together your transportation wish list, just before concurring on a charrette, don’t forget to invite …all the bankers.

Fractional reserve banking is the greatest scam of all time because it creates debt for no reason other than to enrich the banking system and the power structure. Ask our different levels of government why they are in debt. Let’s start with that. Then finding 1 Billion for transit would not be a matter of ‘hat in hands’ kind of thing.

I think, that’s enough from me.

Here’s one from Tommy…

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the Government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”
Thomas Jefferson

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Richard, you are being somewhat misleading by suggesting (intentioanlly or not) that Vison won a landslide because of their stand on bike lanes. There were many issues at play. I trust you are not trying to suggest Peter Ladner was some kind of rabid anti-cyclist?

To the topic at hand - there is absolutely no reason why the Mayor, all these councillors need to go to the same conference, and absolutely no reason why the mayor's chief of staff needs to go. Send the mayor and the senior staff person responsible for the homelessness file, and let them report back to Council. The way money is being thrown around at City Hall these days is shocking.

The Thought of The Night

"Anticipating Heather Deal's twitter brouhaha ...all lobsters invited at the Halifax conference, turned Red with Embarrassment."

Chris (one of many)

You need comedy? On this pitiful topic?
Hey, you're the boss...
Here it is:

Yesterday I received my AMEX bank statement. I checked all my purchases. One of them looked suspicions, it said "Lobster for Six...$$$" I called the bank. Do you know what they said? "Yes we are aware of that transaction, however it has a 'read me joke' note attached, would you like us to read it to you?' I said...'go ahead make my day'


The Lobster and the Crab

Once upon a time a humble crab fell in love with Princess Lobster and she with him. They enjoyed an idyllic relationship, but one day Princess Lobster came to Crab in floods of tears saying that King Lobster would not let her see Crab any more.

'But why?' gasped the humble crab.

'Daddy says that crabs are too common,' sobbed the princess. 'You're a lower class of crustacean, and anyway, you walk sideways.'

Crab was shattered and scuttled away to drink himself into forgetfulness.
That night was the occasion of the great Lobster Ball and lobsters came from far and near for feasting and merrymaking. Princess Lobster, however, sat by her father's side inconsolable.

Suddenly, the doors flew open. It was the humble crab. Slowly, painstakingly, he made his way to the throne - walking dead straight, one claw after another. A silence gathered around the room. All the lobsters' eyes fell on the intruder.

Step by painful straight step he approached until he looked King Lobster in the eye. There was a deadly hush. Finally Crab spoke up:

'F***, I'm pissed!'


'Sir, sir are you still there? Sir, it says here in the 'read me joke' note...Sir, you ARE the Crab, Sir, nothing we can do about it...'

And now, chris (one of many), you are saying I am not funny anymore?
But, I'm the Crab, chris (one of many), I'm-the-Crab. And so are you!

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

@ Bob " there is absolutely no reason why the Mayor, all these councillors need to go to the same conference, and absolutely no reason why the mayor's chief of staff needs to go. Send the mayor and the senior staff person responsible for the homelessness file, and let them report back to Council"

I think you are bang on here. As someone else pointed out, these conferences are really too big to have any useful learning sessions. As a networking opportunity for people on the homeless file, it probably makes way more sense to send one or two who can attend breakout sessions on homelessness and compare notes with their counterparts. Like Rob Ford has stated about TO, Vancouver, host of the 2010 Olympics, shouldn’t need to attend a conference in Halifax in 2011 to raise our profile in Canada.

Heather Deal is the symptom; the disease is the ineffective use of tax payers’ dollars for personal gain which seems to me to cross party lines. It is one of the reasons to sometimes elect the person and not the party.

I noticed Kerry Jang did not attend.

Is he not the key councilor for homelessness?

Absolutely agree Paul, Heather is a symptom.

When this story first broke I wrote that Heather opened a can of worms...we need to examine the costs here and the benefits..I found it very interesting the choice of council members that attended.

The last I read Kerry Jang had more involvement with the homeless portfolio than Heather Deal, or Raymond Louie... and someone needs to explain George Chow's attendance.. until that happens this story will not go away..

Heather Deal has actually done us a favor.. it opens the discussion..

I too have many years of experience with conferences and trade show junkets with manufacturers and buyers, business owners....lots of eating, drinking, schmoozing and silliness...not much else..

My only saving grace...I don't drink. thank Gawd!! I'd be the twitter-er :-) of that I am sure, we are all human...

Jeeze Max,
are we twins separated at birth... we had the same thought and must have been typing at the same time...


I know where you are coming from.

I've attended conferences such as these myself, the PDAC being the largest. There are many breakfasts, lunches and dinners to attend over the 5 days. Many are hosted by a sponsoring company and others you purchase tickets for.

The issue here is this junket was paid for by taxpayer dollars.

We have seen our taxes increase along with being hit in the pocket in other ways such as parking metres being extended until 10 pm and the basic costs of parking being increased. (less time for your $2) Meanwhile we have lost services due to cutbacks under the cloak of feasibility.

It was in poor poor taste to brag about what went on at this conference.

For me the biggest questions:

Why 6-7 people needed to go.

Why councilor Chow when he is leaving city council. I know he referencesd staying in politics, but there again, if it is not municipal politics, he should bo be attending on our dime.

you know what scares me more than anything about these types of conferences...

that in many situations Vancouver council delegates might actually be speakers offering advice on best practices etc. If you look, the agenda was far bigger than homelessness.

Do we really want our mess passed off as best practices across the country? Yikes.

Notice that Brent Toderian is speaking at a 'Revitalizing Downtown Summit' in Toronto next week. Apparently he is a global visionary. hmmmmm. Wonder who's picking up the tab? Registration is $995 plus hotels and airfare.


WoW...$995 plus hotels and airfare.

Toronto is not cheap for Hotels even with convention rates... and I just wonder if that is business or economy airfare..

What exactly does registration cover?... it was many years ago for me..


Did you read the sidebar story on Little Mountain?

George, my guess is the registration would cover sessions, snacks during breaks, perhaps a lunchtime meal. Evening activities are usually an add-on.

Chances are good that the organizers have secured a preferred hotel rate for delegates. If I was budgeting for a 2 day conference I would anticipate 3 nights hotel, some additional meals in addition to those provided by the conference, and my airfare. I would not be surprised if this particular gig comes in at about $2,500.

would that be $2,500 for registration, hotel, airfare, and the dinners and bar tabs extra...

In my previous line of work the extra's were reimbursed as expenses... would that apply here do you think?..I would.

So in theory it could climb... another 500.00..

"By this it is not necessary for City politicians and planners to once more fly into fits of ‘more density because density is good’ exercises. This is another place where some reasoned, low scale built form makes sense, which will improve the quality of life and safety of this neighbourhood."

If Commercial/Broadway, where 2 (basically 3 with the B-line) rapid transit lines converge isn't an appropriate place for higher density, where is?

With all these higher density areas...

To me it seems like the whole concept of Vancouver, with it's space and natural wonder disappear, and we all become little cook-a-roaches all squeezed in together or out of, an area...

Then we have the dubious distinction of becoming a carbon copy of another country, not sure why we think we need to replicate somewhere else... all packed in nice and tight... snug as a bug in a rug...sigh..

George your not far off,if you read AGENDA 21 and look at the map for north america the little black dots are where we are allowed to live,stacked up like cord wood,all the red is no go zones and yellow is special permit are zones.Its very strange.Just google agenda 21 map.

Thank you so much for leading me to Agenda 21... stack um and pack um

I am speechless.. this was the best description I have ever heard on this issue..this is a must watch!!


Thanks George,people need to wake up,it breaks my heart to send my grand kids off to school knowing their being brain washed everyday,our universities are being taken over by the so called social sciences,science by consensus and are kids cant even add anymore.Im on the outside looking in and those on the inside cant see,they have drank the koolaid and refuse to see.I would suggest people read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,soooo sad.

I actually found out that this book can be downloaded for free on an ereader..

A couple of days ago (lying on my couch after some major dental work)
I turned on the the t.v. to watch as people were horrified to know that their brick work on their home wasn't flush!

How important!

Competitive house renovations.

Dumbing down?

You bet!!!

chris(one of many)

wishing you speedy recovery..

Thanks for the heads up on the download.I may have mentioned before a site called THE GREEN AGENDA,it gives some good insight on how all this began,lots of good links to what these overlords have said and done.The quotes alone should peek ones interest.

I'm not even sure where what category to put this into..But since it is our money I'll post here.

A couple of questions... why is such security needed for our food.. is somebody stealing it?

There are many questionable grants here...wow special interests indeed..


Not unusually for postings on this blog to be misleading. In fact, pretty much everything is. I guess I just got caught up in the spirit of spin.

Peter Ladner is pretty pro cycling. Unfortunately, the NPA's official positions last election weren't very pro-cycling or walking for that matter. The solution they proposed for the Burrard Bridge was to place a fence between the sidewalk and traffic further reducing the already substandard width of the sidewalk and increasing the chances of collisions between cyclists and pedestrians. While cyclists would not fall into traffic, the collisions still could have seriously injured both pedestrians and cyclists.

What I really what to know is were the NPA stands this election on walking and cycling. How are they going to make walking and cycling safer? Are they willing to reclaim street space for wider sidewalks? How about slowing traffic to reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities? What about reallocating a lane on the east side of Burrard Bridge so both people who walk and those who cycle can have safe access to that side of the bridge? Lets have some specific policies and proposals.

I must say as a pedestrian I want to know what is being done to protect pedestrians from cyclists on sidewalks and speeding through stop signs when I have the right of way..

Protected bike lanes on Hornby, Dunsmuir and Burrard Bridge for starters. In NYC, they found that separated bike lanes reduced sidewalk riding by 85%. With up to 8,000 cyclists and pedestrians sharing the narrow sidewalks, it was likely the most dangerous sidewalk in the city for pedestrians.

Not only do separated bike lanes encourage cyclists to stay off the sidewalk, they tend to slow traffic improving pedestrian safety. The separate right turn signals and the banning of rights on red also increases the safety of pedestrians.

Just to let you know where other cities are headed, Chicago is planning on building over 40 km of separated bike lanes per year.

I would suggest you tell the city what sidewalks have the most cyclists riding on them so they can priorities these streets for separated bike lanes. Now is a great time as they are working on their transportation plan.


Welcome to Vancouver - a city in Canada.

We are a nation of leaders, not followers.

I would love if you and your cycling buds would quit giving stats on various cities in the UC or Europe and start comparing apples to apples.

I am not against cycling or exercise in any which way, but am sick to death of phases that inlude....'in New York' or in 'Amsertdam' or in'Denmark'....

We are not the same.

OMG. Richard managed to deflect attention away from his cherished Heather Deal's lobster fiasco over to bike lanes. Great work Ricky. I'm standing right now giving you an ovation. You must be a proud visionista tonight.

Ok, back to the topic of stupid politicians and their idiotic tweets.


"Commercial/Broadway, where 2 (basically 3 with the B-line) rapid transit lines converge is" not "an appropriate place for higher density" because the transit systems in place there now are essentially at or overcapacity, and have little or no capability to expand without replacing these with larger, much more expensive systems. This location's principle function is to be a transfer point. Added density will only add to the existing overcapacity and related congestion.

To set the record straight, I only brought up bikes when Julia said, "A Transportation Plan - what a joke. Look what happened to the last one. Vision decided to ignore it and carry out their own agenda. (read Horby bike lane)"

Please actually follow the thread before questioning poster's intent. Although, it must admit, it is refreshing that a lot of people want to talk about actual issues that affect the lives of people in the city.


It is great to actually use evidence to make a case stronger. Unfortunately, we don't have any stats regarding reductions in sidewalk riding so NYC is the best I can offer right now.

Sorry you are tired of evidence. I will keep quoting stats. Better than always just throwing opinions around.


Not the case. SkyTrain can be expanded to over twice the existing capacity by adding more cars to trains and increasing the number of trains. There is still lots of room to grow. Some station upgrades will be nice to handle larger passenger flows. Broadway Commercial being the major one. Redevelopment in the area can help with upgrading the station, the Safeway side in particular.

The question, is if you believe that SkyTrain is near capacity, where in the region do you think density should be added instead that would produce a better result? At least the station is within cycling distance of downtown and central Broadway.

Would you rather have the density in a suburb where people have no choice but to drive to work increasing the already unacceptable levels of traffic on Vancouver streets?


I suggest you read this (page 9): http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/Transit_Plan/Provincial_Transit_Plan_LR.pdf

Skytrain capacity on the Expo line can be doubled.

But ok...if not at the confluence of rapid transit--where? Where would you look to add density? Assuming of course you do, maybe you don't?

Many of you sleepyheads must not be aware of how much money is spent on social issues each and every day at city hall.

If you did, you'd realize that, financially speaking, the "lavishness" of the dinner was a drop in the ocean in contrast.

The self-righteousness on this board is so thick that it's starting to become stifling.

Glissando Remmy...
To me Gregor Robertson sounds more like this:
BTW, he's the one singing...

Haven't looked at CC for a couple of days.
Yes, Glissando.
I'm a common,cranky crab.

Who always thought lobsters were vastly over rated.
An excuse for melted butter.

Have you ever thought of writing an Aesop's Fables based on Vancouver?

There could be many,many lessons.

Okay Chris (one of many)

This is where I draw the line.

Aesop's Fables - now aside from having to deal with the ugly reality that is city council, you want to take away my childhood dreams??? Please NOOOOO!


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