Feds, Prov can help cities on the hook for big parties, says Anton

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Garbage & policing costs for the Canucks celebrations adding up – photo: CTV

Vancouver's wannabe mayor Suzanne Anton says it's time for the Provincial and Federal governments to kick in for the costs of big parties. The Canucks playoff run has been a huge boon for fans, and especially for bar and restaurant owners who are finally making a profit after an extended winter. The cost of policing and additional garbage collection has provided the City of Vancouver (and other cities such as Surrey) with a big tab that local taxpayers will be stuck with.

"I came into politics to get more sports facilities, and sport remains central to my interests in the city,” says Anton. “I am so proud our Canucks are so close to winning the Stanley Cup. The Olympics showed how Vancouver loves to celebrate. The crowds downtown enjoying the Hamilton Street plaza and the Granville Mall show how the city has succeeded in becoming a celebration destination."

In a release sent out Friday, Coun. Anton points out that in cities like Surrey and especially in downtown Vancouver – where 40,000 people reportedly partied after game one of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday – the bill for garbage collection and police overtime is spiking. It's estimated that the tab will be as high as $1 million in Vancouver alone.

Anton says senior levels of government must be "cashing in" on the economic activity generated by the NHL playoffs. Like with the Olympics, all that overtime for staff is covered by the City alone, with no chance to share the windfall from sales & liquor taxes.

"The only way we can sustain these kinds of celebrations is if we get some financial support from senior levels of government," adds Anton. "We all love hosting the party, but the Province and the Feds need to pay their fair share for clean-up and security costs."

It's expected with the sunny weather and game two happening on a Saturday night, that the biggest crowds yet will be coming to downtown Vancouver, and the biggest costs yet for clean-up and policing. The first Stanley Cup Finals run in 17 years has blessed B.C. with its second big celebration in as many years. The last minute scrambling by the City of Vancouver to find "family friendly" settings for Canucks celebrations has exposed the City's need for a proper public square for people to gather.

For a complete list of gathering spots across Metro Vancouver see our Where to Be for Free: Stanley Cup Final edition guide at CityCaucus.com/stanleycup.

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Daniel, sorry buddy, but can we move away from this hokey infectious love triangle for a while. There are bigger problems in this city. let's deal with Vision & Robertson...and their love for spending other people's money to enhance their image. The million dollar story is two-three days old, if you would have spent time on that instead on where to see the games for free...After seeing so much hypocrisy in our city officials (from not having money for mostly anything that deals with homeless, families, children) to finding the monies (millions) to throw at the hockey games. BTW I think the Aquilinis and the Canucks players should chip in for this costs you refer to in the article, too. If they don't...Boston shall win the CUP!

So what's your opinion on this Daniel? Mike? Do you support your fellow NPA'er?

I think it's pretty silly to say Vancouver is getting no benefits from this run. And this is a local celebration, how would you feel if we were paying for Toronto's celebrations? (unrelated to hockey of course!)

What Ned and boohoo said.

I think that the request that the Aquilinis pitch in to cover some costs is a damn good one.

Perhaps we could require them to take out a permit to cover the street celebrations, since, according to their own celebrated marketing campaign, "We are all Canucks"?

Actually boohoo, I do support this.

When the MMA came here last year, estimated revenue stream for that 1 night event was $17M.

That means the Province took in
over $2M in taxes.

Now couple that into a 6+ week event timeline.

It is costing the city taxpayers $650K+ for policing costs. People do travel from all over for these final games. I have friends up here from Seattle. For Lords sake, Bono was here!

For the tax money the Province is pulling in, and the tourism benefits, they could easily kick in some dollars.

OK, you have almost convinced me. The Province has a positive ROI on these events so should help to sponsor them. But I expect our friends outside the large cities will push back, and their are celebrations for the Canucks all over BC (even in Newfoundland) so where do we draw the line? And I am not sure that (i) this is the best use of tax revenues and (ii) that we should make such decisions on stricly financial criteria (Vancouver's success is a great community building experience for the whole province). So I am still not sure what I think about this.

Boohoo, what exact benefits do you think teh city is deriving from it? There are a few bars that are profiting but lots of restaurants, cinemas, retail etc that is being hurt by it. Hotels maybe, but they're busy at this time of year anyway. And there is no long term benefit from it, as was argued with the Olympics

More tax dollars:

New water treatment plants could mean tax increase
Vancouver/CKNW (AM980)
Mike Bothwell

Metro Vancouver taxpayers could be facing a huge new tax bill according to the Chairman of the region's Finance Committee.

The Provincial Government has approved a plan to build two new waste water treatment plants.

But they'll cost $1.4 billion.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says that could raise the waste water tax homeowners pay from about $300 to $1500 a year .

"It's absolutely critical we have senior government support for these two big projects."

Brodie says without the Lions Gate and Iona upgrades, waterways are environmentally at risk.

New federal regulations make the changes necessary.

When a neighbourhood wants to have a street party, they must get a permit and pay for any policing costs, barricades, traffic control etc. That FEST deems appropriate for the event to be held safely.

Given the Canucks are a privately owned organization and make huge dollars as a result of this event, why are they not being required to help defray the costs of managing such an event?

Something does not seem quite fair about this.

This is so Vancouver. Finally, after 17 years we get to host another Stanley Cup and all we can do is gripe about the costs of celebrating it and expect someone else to pick up the tab. Can't we just enjoy it? It might not happen again for awhile.

it's because we have a group (within the media and the political area) that want us to be know as the 'BESTEST' city in the world.
Biggest street parties, biggest celebrations, etc.

Most green, most eco.

We're in competition with the world.
And don't forget it!!

I just watched as groups of young people streamed onto the bus yelling "party,party,party"

Real hockey fans.

you know Julia
I think you have some really good points... so when I read this article with Christy Clark using Vancouver for another photo op and how much energy do we use to light the cauldron...

now I really think it is time for the province to pony up some cash...


Speaking of downtown, traffic, parking regulations policing.
This Vision gang and their Mayor Robertson have to go. I can't take it anymore. I live in west end. This weekend was unbearable. Because of Vision's new green methods that touched this city deeply, we have no parking available for those out of town families visiting. Parking have become expensive, bike lanes have replaced many free and pay parking. Most of the 1 and 2 hours free parking were replaced with pay parking. Idiots! Now I have hundreds of cars circling every block closed to English Bay, all those fumes coming up right to my apartment. Three years ago this never happened. It's completely utterly idiotic. Thus Vision gang, when they said they want a clean environment I think they were lying through their teeth. What they really want is a clean place for themselves, which means that now, after they all got settled in our former civil city they want to keep everyone out, so they can breath more easily. Well I live right in the middle of it all and am not amused. Please help to throw these hypocrites out! I feel better now...

They don't want to keep everybody out it seems.
They sure like people going downtown to party.

Why else would they keep inviting people to recapture the 'Olympic spirit'?

Chris, you raise 2 other important sides of this discussion which others have so far neglected. I have hesitated because I do want to be fair to my Vision opponents, but, since you've come close, here goes:

1) it's an election year and our "Good news only please" Mayor is only to happy to parade around about this without regard to how much it's costing taxpayer. Chalk it up to another taxpayer funded Vision election ploy;

2) Vision and the Mayor are not any better at public accounting than they are at land use planning. What other budget item is going to have to be cut to pay for this expense? Playground washrooms one more time, or will they leave the grass in parks, already a foot high, and harvest it in the fall?

it's too bad that everybody is in election mode.

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