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It's going to be very difficult to get anyone's attention today unless you are talking about Vancouver Canucks playoff hockey. Whether its Twitter, Facebook or the blogs, Canucks talk is all the rage. That's why Mayor Gregor owes the team a huge favour these days. It's clear that hockey fever is helping to ensure voters aren't paying much attention to what's going on at Silly Hall.

As I reported earlier, Council will be debating a report on Thursday that will seek approval to spend up to $210,000 on Gregor's "green" projects. With Vision holding a 10-1 majority, it's pretty much a fait accompli the recommendations will get the "green" light from our elected officials.

However not everyone is jumping on Mayor Gregor's low-carbon emitting bandwagon.

Yesterday NPA opposition leader Suzanne Anton weighed in on the merit of spending tax dollars on some of the more interesting projects. With a pitchfork in one hand and a pair of overalls in the other, she held a news conference on the front lawn of City Hall to denounce the latest goofiness of the Mayor and his Vision colleagues.

Anton was referring to some of the eyebrow raising initiatives in the Mayor's green plan which include ideas such as growing wheat on the front lawns and boulevards of local Vancouver residents. The project is called "Lawns to Loaves" and it wants to begin ripping out lawns and replacing them with commercial grain crops.

So how are the media reacting to the Mayor's latest green schemes? Mark Hasiuk over at the Vancouver Courier points out to readers that one of the $15,500 green grant recipients has a connection to the Mayor :

When you’re fighting for the planet, all bets are off. The future lays in ruin, toxified and slimed, unless the good guys win. The stakes are too high to worry about appearances...

Despite the odd disagreement, Robertson and the VACC (Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) remain politically tight. Which leads back to the $15,500 green grant earmarked for the VACC. Turns out, the VACC plans to funnel the $15,500 to SHIFT Urban Cargo Delivery, a downtown delivery business that uses tricycles to transport goods.

Why? Because SHIFT wants the money. But only non-profit societies such as the VACC are eligible for city grants. Incidentally, SHIFT was co-founded by Graham Anderson, a VACC board member and contributor to the Vancouver Observer, an online newspaper founded by Linda Solomon, sister of Joel Solomon, a wealthy investor and Robertson’s main moneyman. As an Observer columnist, Anderson has praised Robertson’s cycling policies.

While unseemly, it’s all legal. But don’t worry about it. In the apocalyptic battle for the future of planet Earth, where the rest of us require reeducation, Anderson—like Robertson—is one of the good guys.

Over at News 1130 Radio, they decided to make the Mayor's "Lawns to Loaves" program their poll question of the day. They report:

First it was chicken coops, then it was vegetable gardens at City Hall.

A candidate for mayor is speaking out over a plan that could see front lawns turned into wheat farms.

The NPA's Suzanne Anton calls it another one of Gregor Robertson's "green schemes." She says she's all for green ideas that are useful, but thinks this one is just too bizarre -- right up there with homeless chicken shelters.

The Georgia Straight had a slightly different take on the issue with their headline referring to "cheap politics". They also posted a short video interview with Vision councillor and City Finance Minister Raymond Louie.

He's been asked by the Mayor's office to get out there and defend the expenditure. He says no decision has been made and Vision Vancouver are keeping "an open mind" when it comes to whether they'll support the green schemes. Yeah right.

As for the Vancouver Sun, they ran a story on page A3 with a big colour photo and a headline that reads "Make room for a wheat field beside the chicken coop". Jeff Lee reports:

From chicken coops in backyards and vegetable plots at city hall, Vancouver is branching out into experimental wheat plots in place of lawns.

The idea of replacing turf with a waving patch of yellow grain is among a list of ideas the Vision Vancouver-led council is considering for this year's Greenest City Neighbourhood grants allocations.

Not be outdone, 24 Hours Vancouver also covered the wheat growing story. They report:

After urban chicken coops and City Hall’s vegetable patch, Vancouver’s city council now wants to turn front lawns into wheat farms.

City council will vote Thursday whether to spend $5,000 on a pilot project to show it’s possible to use grass lawns for small-scale grain production.

“I thought Vision Vancouver’s homeless shelters for chickens scheme was as goofy as things could get,” said NPA Counc. Suzanne Anton, who’s running to replace Gregor Robertson as the city’s mayor in November’s civic elections. “I’m offering a pair of overalls and a pitchfork to Gregor Robertson, which he can put to good use on a farm.

“We, as the NPA team, will focus instead on building a great, cosmopolitan city and will be spending taxpayers dollars more appropriately.”

So regardless of whether the Canucks win or lose tonight, the Mayor and his Vision team are counting their blessings their is a game 7 tonight. For without it, transforming Vancouver from a cosmopolitan city into a new urban farm would likely have become the topic of discussion at the water cooler this week. Now it's all about Luongo and Thomas.

That said, I somehow think the topic of bee hives, Gregor's Garden, wheat fields and homeless shelters for chickens just might come up again during this fall's election. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Ahh,fields of golden wheat,ya right,until someone drops a butt in it and hoards of rats running for their lives right into your house,I love the smell of burning hair shirts and braided beards in the morning.

I am glad to see one of the MSM finally connect and publish the links between Robertson, Solomon, the VACC and our tax dollars.

As for the funneling of cash, the $15,500 that the VACC is receiving and turning over to SHIFT being 'legal' what a backdoor way to recieve the funds.

It is a very 'Tides Canada' way of doing things.

Solomon has taught Robertson well.

"Solomon has taught Robertson well."

Add in the evil emperor voice from Star Wars and I think you have something Max.

I remember reading an article (which I can’t find this second) comparing the carbon footprint of locally grown produce versus a large scale operation in California. In the end, the economies of scale of the larger operations in CA (even allowing for shipment to BC) turned out to be far “greener” from the carbon footprint required to produce, in their example, a container of strawberries.

As a kid, I loved the peas from my Grandma’s garden, but I don’t recall her needing a grant to make it happen. I think Gregor seems to be losing the meaning of “green” and probably needs to define it again to make sure his agenda is consistent. If you want a home garden, go for it but I don’t think other Vancouver tax payers need to help out - especially under the guise of being "green"

The Thought of The Night

“ Chicago. Year 1871. Fall. Patrick O’Leary (dairy barn owner): ‘Catherine, did you extinguish the lantern?’... ‘No dear!’
Carrollton. Year 1971. Winter. Father Daniel (Christian preacher) : ‘Mama, did you put out the candles?’ ...‘No dear!’
Berkley Hills. Year 1991. Fall. James (Hillbilly): ‘Amelia honey, have you seen my pipe?’... ‘No dear!’
Vancouver. Year 2011. Spring. Gregor: ‘Penny, may I play with fireworks in the Hall?’... ‘Yes dear!’

Four Great Fires. Three accidental. The fourth...not so much.”

I always wondered, what are Penny and Gregor’s favorite things after they started a fire? Considering the Olympic Village fire-sale and consequential fiasco the following tune and lyrics shall suffice:


“Handcuffs on Chop Bones and Shackles on Kickers,
Bright Copper Guards and Bathroom Soap Pickers,
Night Curfew old timers, best Pimps of Beijing’s,
These are a few of Penny and Gregor’s favorite things.
When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When my chicken is sad
I simply remember our favorite things,
Rush to the Front Lawn get Wheat for a Bhreaaaad,
And theeeen we don't feel so bhaaaad.”

Vision, didn’t your mamas tell you to never, ever play with fire?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Just watched the video clip of Raymond Louie. I do love how he referes to Anton's disagreement in spending tax dollars on this 'wheat' initiative as the start of 'silly season' in politics.

Raymond, buddy, there are many of us taxpaying citizens that have endured several years of 'silly season' at city hall.

Pot, kettle, black

What can be expected from a guy on Heather Deals photo tweet, that looks like he`s three sheets to the wind...

Hard to take anything he says seriously after that.

Talk about silly season...


I grew up on a farm or should I say, several farms.

My grandparents on my mother's side immigrated here from Russia during the war. (first) They settled in Prince George and were wheat farmers. (Dirt poor wheat farmers.)

They had 8 kids (that survived). When each one of the kids got married, they were give a parcel of land - so basically, I grew up with all my aunites, uncles and cousins. We all lived within walking distance or a short horse ride from each other.

My grandparent's farmhouse was at the top of the hill from where we lived, and everyday, my cousin and I would walk up and take the newspaper to my grandmother (my grandfater had passed away before I was born)

We would then raid the pea garden and holy crow, she would be yelling at us to get out! She did all her own canning, pcikling etc. Enough preserves to last through the winter to the next spring. My cousin and I were 3 and 4 at that time. It is one of my fondest memories and to this day, love peas eaten fresh from the pod.

Is this vancouvers answer to burning man?What a fun city.

Okay, I'm taking bets:

The $15,500 being funneled through the VACC to SHIFT for a bike delivery service, will be a stepping stone argument for more bike lanes.....

oh my mind wanders today.

has anyone thought (besides me) of how much carbon was emitted by the taxpayers of Vancouver to come up with the tax dollars just handed out in 'green grants'? I can't help but laugh.

wouldn't it be better for the environment to do nothing - on both sides of the equation?

I actually don't have a problem with the bicycle delivery idea - especially in an area like downtown but shouldn't this be a free enterprise initiative? There was discussion about it before the Olympics as a way to deal with road closures etc. and from what I recall the system has merit and likely would be a great addition to the courier system we now have but really - does it need a grant?

Two masters at work. Lyrics and music with Glissando Remmy and Bobby McFerrin. Beautiful. LOL
you are right maybe in November Vancouver shall "burn the man" and dismantle his laughable shack. And send them packing, with loaves of bread in their sacks, for the road.

Am I right when I am saying that on Thursday all these PAID politicians and PAID city bureaucrats are meeting on our money to discuss THEIR AGENDA and ways on how to DISPENSE 5,000 dollars? Public money hard at work. I am speechless.

Richard, not just $5,000 - $210,000 total for 'all thing green'

Kermit the frog used to sing about how it was not easy being green. He can sing a whole new tune now! Green is the new gold.

Actually Julia

I would have more respect for this idea if it was not connected to other things...

If I`m correct and I do believe I am.. connect the dots.. why is it in one week we have the Save On Meats project, and the grants all connected to parts of this project..even the carts are for a linen delivery system from the site...

Then we have the city finally cracking down on slumlords that coincidentally are right next door to the new Save on meats project...

So we have tax payers dollars going to a private ownership, that creates jobs for some residents and the PHS...

Now Gregor can claim green job creation, as well as jobs for residents...and crack down on the next door slumlords to make it look good before the Pandora inquiry and all with our dollars without consultation...

Now that is the way to fund an election through the back door...

Some parts I agree with, but other parts make me cringe.. wait till the next council meeting I see PHS is asking for another 10,000 for something else... hummmm

Do I smell preferential treatment, or am I just cynical...

Question George:

Does Jim Green get any type of 'kick-backs' from the PHS?

I hate to say it but Anton has to be the worst person the NPA could pick to run as mayor unless their ultimate goal is to reelect Mayor Moonbuns.

As can be seen in this clip her delivery is uninspiring and you really question if she means what she says or if she has another agenda.

Mike's part sounded more convincing and might have saved the day for the NPA in this story but this will not happen through an election campaign.

Robertson will unfortunately make ground chicken out of her and we will have another 3 years of ineptness and delusional direction.

I still can't figure out why Mike did not run for the Mayor's position.

I think he would have had a good chance at it.

Elen Woodsworth stated it well when she said that the NPA have nothing 'substantial' to 'attack the Mayor' with aside from chicken coops and community gardens.

The NPA have nothing 'substantial' because that has been the Robertson/Vision Vancouver administration's contribution to-date in a nut shell.

there is still hope.

Gregor is virtually powerless without a majority on council. There is more than 1 way to shut down this dog and pony show.

Completely agree with you, greg. Mike or someone else much better, hope for an independent, who knows, I am just saying.

One really wonders..but then again there are many political connections to the PHS.... several family connections to both provincial and federal politicians..

I found it interesting that after handing the PHS, 14 new properties to 'manage' back in 2008 thru to present, Minister Coleman shot them down for the Oly Village social housing project.

That little move really peaked my curiosity.

Back to the lawn wheat topic...

I read on the Lawns to Loaves website that they grow organic wheat.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there a somewhat lengthy process to go through before you can be certified as 'oranic'. Including the treatment of the soil, the seeds, composting etc.....

Mike would have made a great mayoral candidate but that bus has left the station so let's move on and support Anton. She's our only hope of electing a majority NPA next time.

On topic I can't help but feel like the lawn to loafes program is something out of a Portlandia episode. This would all be funny if it weren't real tax dollars we were talking about.

And on the topic or 'organic'. nor oranic (oops), any news on what happened with Mr. Nature's Path foods guy who chopped down all those trees on his property?

A week or so ago, I read another article on a separate incident where the home owner got fined some big bucks, and I am pretty sure that incident happened after the Nature's Path guy.

Just curious as I believe he was a 'friend' of Robertson's and Solomon's, and I would hate to think there might be some favoratism being shown.....

I think the idea of replacing grass with food production is a fantastic idea. I have been thinking about it for some time, as a number of low-rise apartment buildings in my neighbourhood (North Mount Pleasant) all have extended grassy areas in the front that are bare, and of no environmental or social value (except for dogs pooping). So, this gets 2 thumbs up from me. Whether it's a Vision initiative, NPA, or COPE... I couldn't care less.

The problem Baran, most property management co's/strata councils that over see the operations/budgets/insurance for apartment buildings have pretty strict rules governing them.

As Julia pointed out earlier, you cannot even have a bird seed feeder on your balcony due to it attracting rodents. Bees would be a no go due to persons with allergies.

This initiative would be more or less restircted to 'housing' lots.

plant potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, carrots, anything but alergy inducing rodent attracting fire risking wheat.

And please help me understand why this is not a NPO or community initiative and why it requires civic tax money when there is no cash for basic city services like graffiti removal on public property.

Great point about the graffiti removal... I`m so tired of our neighborhood looking like a ghetto..

Amen to that one George/Julia.

Same in my neighborhood.

One of my neighbours is still sweating over the chickens in the backyard issue.
If Avian flu ever comes he'll have to deal with it.
I think rodents and wheat might make him run, very fast, and very far.

Max, if we are ruling out the initiative based on the risk to people with allergies, then, why don't we take out those trees that make some of us with allergies so miserable every spring. There are different types of plants and trees that different individuals react to. But, we don't deforest our urban areas because of the allergies they bring upon some of us.

there is a difference between planting in ignorance and deciding to live with it - pollen producing trees that were planted 30-40 years ago... and deliberating creating a hazardous health environment.

Do you at least agree with the rodent concerns? That should be reason enough to scrap this crazy idea.

Completely agree with you Julia.
I suffer through ragweed, pollen,etc and don't think it's necessary for people to remove these plants.
It's just something I live with.

I do however, have serious concerns about trying to turn the City in to a farm from the Middle Ages.

All throughout the world they are trying to change things that brought serious illnesses to the population.

We want to recreate these conditions???

Julia I agree about the graffiti,I owned commercial and residential buildings downtown in another province and graffiti used to cost me a fortune,but then something magical happened,the city started to fine the parents of the little punks $2000 a pop,magic no more graffiti.And I dont think anybody should wonder why I chose another city to buy property.

It's unclear to me why this effort needs public money (my money...) but my larger question is what happens to these plots after the wheat to bake two loaves of (very expensive) bread has been harvested?
Do we get to look at a muddy weed pit for the next 8 months until another crop of very expensive wheat is produced? Lawns may not contribute to local food production, but they do serve a number of other purposes in an urban environment.

The Thought of The Day

'A side of bacon, a floret of lavender, a spike, a thatching spar.'

Nice spin there Baran but I've seen this 'indifferent' enthusiasm before...

'Whether it's a Vision initiative, NPA, or COPE... I couldn't care less.' LMAO

I was wondering where was that 96 % approval rate for farmer Robertson coming from...there it is!
Hey,Baran... Borat called! I told him he's got material for a miniseries, here in Vancouver.

He said to me 'Scout for suitable locations'...and I don't know where to start Baran, so many choices, so little time.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Baran, I understand where you are coming from.

But bee stings/allergies can kill and kill quickly. For those that are highly allergic, even with help does not always offer out a good outcome.

Tree/pollen allergies, not so much.

I had the same thought WE1...

the fact that Vancouver has green grass all winter long... is what separates us from the rest of the country..

that is our beauty and charm... mud and dried out stalks..not so pretty.

Canucks update in my neighborhood:

I took a quick walk to pick up a few things at 4th and Alma - bus stops packed, buses packed, people waiting at the stops for 'the next bus' - three pubs I passed - packed, No Fills shop - packed, the liquor store next to the No Frills shop - packed.

(The Provincial Gov. must be pulling in huge dollars - HUGE dollars with these playoffs)

The traffic is crazy - I've never seen it this heavy in this area.....shops shutting down early....

Go Canucks!

(you mother nuckers - bring it home!)

Yes, Max.

The hysteria is crazy.

Who will be paying for it in the long run?

Right now Chris, I am sitting back and enjoying it.

This may never happen again in my lifetime so......I smile, enjoy and root for our home town boys!

I even pulled out my old (many vintages old) Canucks jersey....given to me by an uncle when I was 12 or 13....

Vancouver pride, Canadian pride!

Funny Max..
I`m watching too.. thinking of my Dad and Saturday night, hockey night in Canada..

Hopefully everyone stays safe tonight. Hats off to the VPD

Time to put politic aside for a couple of hours and simple have a nervous breakdown.

Enjoy everyone. Go Canucks go

Could not agree more Julia. Kitsilano is looking like some inner city American ghetto with all the graffiti on street lamps, mail boxes, newspaper boxes and buildings. This is a very recent trend which began in about the last 18 months. Kits has also now become populated by many more street people. A trend that again began about 18 months ago. Many businesses are closing or relocating off of west fourth and three commercial properties (old Rossinsi's Karv and Rogers locations) have sat empty for six months. It’s very disheartening (somewhat like the 3-0 game). I get the feeling the "vision" of Vision is to drag us down to the level of the east van cesspool.


I live in Kits....and are you noticing a lot more 'pink' graffiti?

As for homeless, we've had an increase over the last couple of years. But you can't blame them for not wanting to be/live in the DTES.

I have my local homeless guy 'Chris' he does the free stuff at the corner of Macdonald and 4th, which was written up in the GS as the best place to get free stuff... and who probably works harder than many employed persons and Chris is 61!

So... the Stanley Cup goes to Boston.
It figures.
It would have been a pity to stay here in the city of fools.
Next to go to Boston, or back to Chicago, are the Vision gang accompanied by their American City Hall sisterhood. I blame Gregor Robertson...for the loss of money...one point five million dollars ...our money...for their megalomaniac Vision...I'll see them tomorrow in chambers, talking chicken and wheat...God save us all!

What is "pink" grafffiti?

I mentioned an increase in street people. I hesitate to conclude they are homeless as quitre frankly that is a term thats been "visionized". What I do observe is a serious decline in the quality of the neighborhood and I am quite concerned about the business closures combined with the graffiti. If I was lloking to start up a business the mess that ahs become mess under Vision would be a huge deterrent to invest.

oh dear...

Canucks fans erupt in anger after loss
CBC News
Posted: Jun 15, 2011 7:54 PM PT
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2011 7:54 PM PT
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Fans started a small fire, set off fireworks and flipped a small car over in the fan zone in downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost the final game of the Stanley Cup 4-0 to the Boston Bruins.

No injuries were reported.

The fire was believed to be in a garbage can but sent a plume of smoke above the crowd in the closing seconds of the game.
More to come.

Hey skippy:

First, I want to congratulate the Canucks on a job well done.
You fought the good fight and I am proud.

Back to the question, there is a lot of tagging with pink can spray in our area. It is a someone or a gang.

I had tweetdeck open while I was watching the game. There were people looking for trouble hours before the game even started. I bet they did not even watch the game!

Business out there is tough enough without shop keepers facing huge bills for broken glass or stolen property that won't be covered by insurance.



There were people on the skytrain coming in yelling Riot Vancouver.

There are people with Riot 2011 t-shirts.

Not interested in the game, just interested in causing crap.

Find them, hit them over the head (can't cause any more brain issues) and jail them for a long, long time.

I don't give a crap how the 'legals' portray them.

My thought for this night;

Parents, teacher and adults need to stop giving kids pats for just participating ( sports days etc)

We all know in 'adulthood' that is not how it works.

There are winners and there are losers,

And going by what is playing out in the downtown core tonight, those kids who got 'paticipation' ribbons are having a problem understading.

Mayor and Council should have seen this coming and been prepared. The suburbs should have been encouraged to hold events for their own population.

All that build-up of Vancouver as "world calss" done around the world with the Olympics flushed down the drain.

Send Aquilini the bill.

Honestly, how f*cking stupid are the 20'something of today?

Parents, take a good look at the kids you have produced - the self entitlement.

The costs are going to go through the roof...

Thanks for the clarification on "pink" graffiti. It does seem to be the same person. A lot of it has the signature "FTW". I am proud of the lads as well. They had a good season.
I am ashamed of the idiots rioting in the streets. I left work early and I saw a lot of young kids on their way to watch the games, 14-17 year old girls and boys. Hope they made it home safely. Also on the way home, lots of rowdy drunks,. Basically idiots looking to shit disturb. Very similar to what I experienced after game 7 on Robson street in '94. I hate to say it but see my posts from yesterday. This mess is on Mayor Fauntelroy. He called the party. He went over budget. He did not provide sufficient safety. He called thousands of drunk a**holes to party in Vancouver and here is the result. One plus, the cops are on horseback as opposed to bike squads like ’94. Cannot wait for David Eby to march out with the civil liberties complaints.

Honeslty, start shooting some of the idots with rubber bullets.

But then again, you'll have the Eby's of the world b*tching about police brutality.

There are those that live for moments like this and would have rioted whether the Cancucks had won or not.


How freaking stupid are you?????

Alls they need to do, is bring in a water bomber and let them drop one or two loads in key areas.

That will make them scatter and fast.

the police are showing incredible restraint from what I am seeing.

And the Mayor is nowhere to be seen. Too busy waiting to be fed his lines I suspect.

To much Julia:

We have allowed more fear being placed into our police than we have the general public. The police have been successfully neutered and have become day care attendants and we wonder why crap like this and crime continue to happen.hg

For those parents of these 20 somethings acting out - what a proud, proud moment for you all.

Congratulations, you have failed as parents.

ah but the Mayor just released a statement read on CBC...

he is ashamed of a few that embarrassed the city... but Vancouver is still a world class city.. he is kidding right!!

@Bob H:

There is nothing Robertson or any other mayor could do at this point,

It has zip to do with them and more to do with the parents of these kids and how they are brought up and moreso, a general lack of respect for society as a whole.

These 'people' are the gum stuck to your shoe that you try to scrape off. They offer nothing else but being a parasite to society.

And we all know I am in no way a supporter of Robertson or Vision in any which way.

But what we are seeing play out, lays at the feet of the parents of these teens and 20 somethings who, if charged will still defend them.

Again I state, they have failed as parents and as citizens.

For others watching/reading this - little Johhny or Jane are not always innocent and you are crap parents.

hey Max
they heard you the fire hoses are being brought out LOL

I want water bombers dammit,water bombers!

I can`t believe they are looting.. feel sorry for all those workers..police fire.. city officials.. really sad

Sorry, not buying it Max. Robertson should never have encouraged so many people to congregate downtown. It was a disaster waiting to happen. He should have been smart enough to realize the kind of element that would be present in large numbers. Quite frankly I'm shocked at how ill-prepared the response has been.

This is a black eye for our city that will be seen around the world tomorrow. Its already started:

The Thought of The Night

'No problem. I blame Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver sycophants for what happened downtown. They Gambled... They Lost. Period.'

We did this before, 17 years ago, and it didn't turn out too well then either. It wasn't pretty last year either, but we managed. But as I said before the Photo-ops the Free Advertising and PR was too juicy to pass.

Why Max?
Because those big TV's and gathering areas, and Go Canucks Go brouhaha should not have happened, not on public money, no.

We did not have the money! I mean, the city did not have the money.
The Orphanage keeper from 'Annie' - The Musical, and I am thinking Penny Ballem here, did cartwheels on camera when she explained to all of us peasants how they are going to come to the rescue of those said Hockey Fans.

Mike bet on a classy Vancouver the other day and he lost on this one too. MSM, bet on that, and pumped the spirits with all the arrogance that only they could manage to bring up into even the shyest Vancouverite.

And I said it before...today was not going to be a Vancouver 'only' parade or riot, but a 'Ratatouille of people' flood from all over the Metro region. Why? Because they were invited, more like lured in. People watched peacefully in Burnaby - no incidents reported there.

Gregor Robertson - Shoes Too Small for City Feet as big as Vancouver's?
You bet.

'And we all know I am in no way a supporter of Robertson or Vision in any which way.'

Well, I am not either, but at least I am consistent. And this is what we need right now. Consistency. Flip-flopping never helped anybody.

Again, Vision & Robertson gambled with... our money and lost. And I am not changing the story. Consistent, eh!?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

I agree with you that the people who did this were morons!
I don't agree with the City for spending so much money and 'our resources' to invite them downtown.

What did anybody expect?
Crowds,and crowds of young people (many VERY inebriated) jamming the streets.
The games end early and what do they do then?

Bars packed, restaurants packed.
They party on the street.

Except last night the real trouble makers showed up in force.

The Mayor of this City has a lot of explaining to do.

NOT blaming, explaining.

Bob H:

These people would have come down town regardless.

You kind of hope that people act in a civilized manor, but I guess we expect too much.

'Well, I am not either, but at least I am consistent. And this is what we need right now. Consistency. Flip-flopping never helped anybody.'


Growing yard wheat is in fact highly impractical, but the main benefit of it is publicity for the current city majority, and as a make-work project for city staff. It is a 'chia-pet' project and in the class of stunt. Most egregious because it is coming from the pockets of people struggling with high housing and food costs.

If you look at the activity from a holistic perspective, it is very wasteful. Measure all the wage costs (and paper) for this part of the program; meetings, memos, report review, application, more memos, reports, review, consideration, adjudication, monitoring, etc. Then measure and value the amount of time and effort put in by the 'farmer.' As someone mentioned close to being a hobby. Fun pastime, but never cost-effective.

Now look at the opportunity costs; the value of what 'could' have been done with $5000. With the current spike in the cost of food, it could have gone towards existing programs starving for cash, such as ones that help feed the children of low-income single mothers.

$5000 could have been spent on a design & approval process to build a garden suite on the city lot, which makes a small contribution to supply of city housing and reduces pressure to build on the distant outskirts, where prime growing land exists.

$5000 could have been applied to a selected struggling acreage in the ALR on the outskirts of the urbanized area to assist them with providing localized food.

This stunt is part of a larger trend of bringing land uses into the city, that do not belong there (wilderness), and blocking out far more appropriate uses such as compact housing and workplaces, that would make a complete, walkable city. It most often comes from people living in low-density SFD neighborhoods, that selfishly want the best of both worlds; close urban amenities and facilities, yet adjacent to rural uses. What they do (and are incapable of conceiving), is push out density into the farms and forests, and allow others to experience both worlds, through wasteful (and sometimes injurious and deadly), long-distance commuting.

The people that support non-urban uses in urban areas, and protest violently when housing is proposed in their areas (often under the fuzzy claim of 'sense of community'), are the largest, singular group of anti-environmentalists. They are also the most prominent anti-evolutionists, as they seriously disrupt the orderly multi-century growth of a city, and in turn, ruin the lives of following generations by causing affordable housing shortages (through severely restricting supply in appropriate areas).

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