Thank you, Canucks! Rogers Arena to open for away games

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Kevin Bieksa's game winning double OT goal from last night clinches the series

I can't watch this video clip enough. If you do it at work you're likely to tick off a lot of your fellow employees as the horns blare long and loud at Kevin Bieksa's double overtime game winning goal which sends the Vancouver Canucks to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Man, it feels good to say that.

Vancouver has waited a long time – 41 years to get the Stanley Cup – but this is our year. The city is absolutely electric with the kind of excitement we saw during the final days of the 2010 Games. We need to celebrate in style, we need to make this into a collective experience for fans and citizens of all kinds.

Thanks to the Canucks organization Rogers Arena will be now open for watching away games. This is great news!

It allows families with kids, seniors and the folks that you usually don't see raging on Granville Street after a win to also join in the fun downtown. It was the key difference during the Games – bring families to the fun – and we can now repeat it for Vancouver's Stanley Cup run.

Kudos to the Canucks, Orca Bay Entertainment and Rogers Arena for allowing us to celebrate in your indoor facility, seated and with food and refreshments close at hand. Whether this was always planned from the get-go, or the chatter on forums, on Twitter and over the interweb made a difference is secondary. The Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Vancouver is going to party in style.

I'm still trying to get details on tickets as it certainly can't be a prohibitively high cost. I still encourage a nominal seat charge/donation to Canuck Place, but let's be sure to make this as much as a thank you to Vancouver fans as possible for four decades of support. Once the details are available they'll be posted on

For now the boys can get some rest. The thrill ride all starts again in a few days.

Go Canucks Go!

UPDATE: The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association is now lobbying Premier Clark to light the Olympic Cauldron for the Stanley Cup run. Great idea, but there's a price tag attached. Maybe all the economic activity generated by Canucks Fever can offset the cost.

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Kudos to Mike for spearheading this cause!

Mike, I know I'm old but I can remember when the Canucks got to the Stanley Cup in 1994 - does the word "riot" come to mind?!!

Yep, I remember the Stanley Cup riot. This is precisely why I've pushed so hard for a mixed crowd, youth, parents, kids, seniors. Much better than just those who want to sew their oats.

It worked for the Olympics, so let's try it with our Stanley Cup celebration!

I was trying to let you know that it isn't 41 years - its' 17 years since we've tried for the cup. (1994)

I'm psyched for this, although I've a bad feeling Orca Bay will try charging ridiculous ticket fees. Gouging fans is, after all, kind of what they do.

The 1994 Canucks are heroes to many. They were a great team. 2011 is the year we win the Stanley Cup though.

Mike, with all due respect, if you are going to attempt to become a councillor you are going to have to accept that when you're wrong, you accept it graciously and not try and pad it. Initially all I was doing was being my sarcastic self - I am all for you becoming a councillor. But I am older and recognize the tenderness of youth. You need to toughen that hide of yours if you're going to hang out with the more "grizzled veterans".

If the Bruins make it to the finals can the Canucks please CRUSH THEM MERCILESSLY for us Habs fans? Merci d'avance!


I read Mike's comment as 41 years to get the Cup and this will be the year we do it... not 41 years to get to the Cup final (which we did in 82 and 94). Either way, it's time to get behind this team and cheer them on!

I think someone went pee in Betty's cornflakes this morning.

I would suggest Orca Bay charge $10 for adults and $5 for kids with all proceeds going to Canuck Place.

When should the info regarding tickets be posted for the away games at Rodgers Arena?

Check out!

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