Rogers Arena away game plan must focus on families

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A final pitch to the Canucks organization on the away game plan

So far there has been no news from the managers of the Rogers Arena complex on how they plan to roll out the seats for away games. On Wednesday, we were thrilled to hear that the organization was listening to the growing chorus of voices who asked for a family-oriented indoor venue to watch the Canucks during the Championship run.

I'd like to make one final pitch to the team owners to keep the cost for the away events low, and to favour those folks who might not normally be raging on the streets downtown after a Canucks game - parents, kids and seniors.

Let's face it, if you're a young person there have been ample opportunities for you to become engaged in Canucks festivities downtown. Whether it is the ample bars and restaurants, or even the outdoor venue set up on Hamilton Street, twenty & thirty-somethings have packed the streets during celebrations.

The Canucks' game schedule shows there is a minimum of two, maximum three away games - Monday June 6, Wednesday June 8 and Monday June 13. All games start at 5pm, and despite the dreary weather of late the daylight doesn't end until after 9pm next month. It's a little less anxiety-inducing for parents with kids in tow knowing there will be post-game daylight.

Why so much emphasis on families? I continue to argue that it was the mixed crowds which had some of the civilizing effect on Olympic celebrations. I think the presence of younger and older people really makes a difference, especially when you know the crowds downtown will be particularly boisterous.

There are other arguments for emphasizing families at the indoor away games of course, but the Olympics example is to me the most obvious.

In the end I hope that tickets for the away events are extremely affordable (although I expect scalpers will find a way to ruin that for some of us), and families are favoured in the way they are distributed.

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This is Vancouver! Not Edmonton. Family orientation? Inexpensive entertainment? No, this place is all about gouging and pandering to the affluent MetroTrash. Perhaps Surrey or Chilliwack would like to host a family focused event.

Have to agree with RoKeSca. The current owner of the Canucks are not exactly ther "family" friendly types.

Besides, kids can't buy beer. They may be able to go the casino, though...


You have to acknowledge that Surrey does many very family friendly events.

The Fusion Festival is my favorite - great music and great opportunities to try interanational foods.

A good time and if you've not been, it is worth checking out.

The Thought of The Day

'Budapest,Prague,Lisbon, Copenhagen...cities. Bran, Windsor, Neuschwanstein...castles. Louvre, Moravian Gallery, Rembrandt House...museums. Westminster Abbey, Coliseum, La Tour Eiffel, Sagrada Familia...landmarks. Golonka, Karelian pasty, Taramosalata, Jägerschnitzel...only the most finger licking good European foods.'

But why talk about the European Festival, represented by 28 countries, that gathered in excess of 6000 people yesterday,and in Burnaby at the Scandinavian Centre? Moved there from Vancouver due to high costs and logistics... Thanks Vancouver.
Instead let's talk about how the owners of the Canucks are going to sell more beer and junk food, at Gavroche prices, when our boys are playing away. That's just grand.

Another way of confirming how far away from reality Vancouverites and Vancouver City Hall really are. Please, do yourselves a favor, stop comparing with them, copying their way of life, bike lanes, green design and festivals. At least stop pretending that Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city. It's not.

I am embarrassed.

But wait, look, Meggs is riding his Danish Jorg & Olef bike down on...Hornby. Separated. Bike. Lane.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy...

Exactly, Glissy.

World class city? Not by a longgggg shot.

Honestly, if our politicians had a few more smarts and a little more imagination, they would be encouraging the kinds of businesses, cultural institutions, and festivals (hello: TIFF??!! $100 million per year to the local economy---with HST!--, deals being done, films produced there) bring in LOTS of money from both citizens and tourists.

Instead, our "brain trust" at the local and provincial levels tell us the Big Plan is (drumroll): an expanded casino!

We are going to turn into some kind of cheezy Disneyland or skuzzy adults.

Apt, for the Lost Boys & Girls who never want to grow up here.

Glissando Remmy.Period.

Glissando, I can't thank you enough for bringing up this topic. First, I have to say to my shame, that I had no clue about this (yes, I looked it up now,on the web)but... it's not entirely my fault. Where was the media, the bloggers, the 'cosmopolitan' city my behind... Not in a thousand years! If by 'cosmopolitan' one intended to mean 'asiapolitan'...than yes, Thai noodles on Denman, Chinese dim-sum Broadway and Koreean shrimps on Robson. Oh, and Sushi King on Granville.

On a previous post I suggested to Mike and Daniel to give Glissando a guest spot (who's with me?)saying that there is no way he would not come up with something funny and/or intriguing to talk about. Maybe the readers of this blog would have been informed about the European Festival in time to make plans and attend if they wanted to.
Thanks a lot CC guys. You rock!

The irony by the way, can be found right at the begging of this post where it says:
"Post by Mike Klassen - in CityFun"
What Fun?

again I agree... Glissando grace us with your words of wisdom.... and help us with some fun.
This blog does need a little sumthin sumthin....

Someone might want to do some looking into the Vancouver 125 grants that were handed out in the past 6 months. $600K worth. Don't look at who got money - look at who didn't.

Funny you should mention that Julia...
I actually did look over that document, but of course I looked at who received the grants....may I ask what jumped out for you..

Please show us the document that lists who got the grants (and who didn't)

This is my problems with the City (doesn't matter who is in charge)

I feel like I need a Ph.D in computer/bureaucracy navigation.

Why can't I just phone someone and ask where the information is?

Do you think it is because the system doesn't want us taxpayers to know anything???

Well George... it kinda goes like this -

There are 22 Business Associations that were encouraged to apply for Vancouver125 grant money so there would be some neighbourhood activity. I believe there was around 12 applications. First intake- nothing. Second intake, Collingwood got 25% of what they asked for. Most organizations did not even bother trying after the results of the first round.

The Thought of The Afternoon

'Adding Insult to Injury. 77 Clubs. From 53 countries. Competing in only the biggest and most popular club competition in the world. UEFA Champions League.'

The Final...same day as the European Festival. A Soccer celebration of sorts.
Place - Wembley Stadium, London, England.
Teams - FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United.
Messi vs. Rooney.
Guardiola vs. Sir Alex.
100 million viewers worldwide.

Here in Vancouver, BC, the Fun City?
Crickets and Philately.

Let's make space for the Stanley Cup now. The competition that starts with the same number of teams, in the same league, and with the same tired rules.

Maybe this year is Vancouver's year. Then what?

Back to sending councilors to Europe for enhancement and other global warming matters, tuba playing sessions and expensive juice spilled on the trial bike lanes.

Till then...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

I wonder who Cam Neeley's local family members will be rooting for - his younger sister lives in Maple Ridge, and Cam was once a 'Canuck'. He started his career with them.

Glissando you are right.
Much Ado About Nothing. Just heard it on the radio. Go spend your money at the Rogers arena faster than you could lose'em across the street at the Edgewater casino. The Stanley Cup Finals.
$300 at the box office if you are lucky, $1,200 in the nose bleed seats, if you are 'lucky', if they get to the 7th game, hmmm, $5,000 + the sky is the limit. Disgusting. A family event? Absolutely. Aquilini family!
There is no way a ticket at the UEFA Champions final cost that much. No way. And that's why soccer is the most popular and accessible sport on planet Earth. Thanks Glisando for linking to that video clip of the final in London. I tell you what is insult added to injury...Whitecaps suck. Thank god they did not destroy the Gas town for their insane arena on the water.

Is there an indoor soccer arena near the highway? I can't find it.

Check out!

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