Race for NPA council spots about to heat up over coming weeks

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Many of these candidates will be tasked with rebuilding the civic NPA

In a matter of hours the deadline for anyone wanting to run as an NPA candidate will have come and gone. If you are interested in running with Canada’s longstanding civic party for a council, school or park board position – time is running out.

A number of media I spoke to over the last week have been a tad puzzled with exactly what is going on with the upcoming June 4th nomination. I think many of them expected there would be some sort of pronouncement coming out of the NPA shortly after everyone filed their papers today. Unfortunately, that’s not how this is all going to unfold.

As you can imagine, anyone can file papers and attempt to run with a political party. However, good political parties ensure they take the time to vet those applications and review the backgrounds of the individuals involved. In the case of the NPA, which has just received well in excess of a dozen applications, it will likely take at least a week for them to sift through all the paper work.

I suspect that shortly after the by-election in Vancouver-Point Grey, the NPA will make some sort of announcement regarding who will be on the ballot next month. Prior to then, some of the individual candidates may decide to make it official doing their own pronouncement.

In terms of the mayoralty position, we still don’t know who will be at the helm. There remains much speculation that it could be councillor Suzanne Anton, but that has yet to be confirmed. If it is Anton, her candidacy would give the NPA an instant credibility boost. That’s because she’s a high profile city councillor who has been slugging it out against the Vision/COPE coalition over the last 2 ½ years.

Here are some of the names I hear are about to be put on the ballot:

COUNCIL (9 spots are vacant):

  • Suzanne Anton (Mayor or Councillor?)
  • Bill McCreery (already nominated)
  • George Affleck
  • Elizabeth Ball
  • Mike Klassen
  • Joe Carangi
  • Sean Bickerton
  • Jason Lamarche
  • Francis Wong
  • Bill Yuen

I'm also hearing at least two other people have filed their papers today. They include a westside small business owner and a woman candidate with a "recognized media profile".

PARK BOARD (7 spots)

  • Dave Pasin
  • Jason Upton
  • Melissa de Genova (already nominated)
  • John Coupar
  • Casey Crawford


  • Ken Denike
  • Sophia Woo

As for the NPA organization, it once again is failing to understand the basics of good media relations and open communications. I'm hearing serious grumbling from reporters who complain the NPA has done barely anything to explain their nomination process. It's hard not to agree with that assessment.

How difficult would it be for the NPA to issue a simple statement to the media explaining the timeline and process involved in approving candidates? How about using their website more effectively as a communication tool to their new members?

CKNW radio did catch up with John Moonen, the NPA's president and spokesperson earlier today. Here is an excerpt from Janet Brown's story:

A handful of people are apparently interested in running for mayor under the NPA banner. this fall in Vancouver.

However, just who they are is still a big mystery. The deadline is today for NPA nomination applications for council, school and park board

Party president John Moonen says a number of people have expressed interest in the mayoralty position.

MOONEN: "in fact at one point there were four or five and we won't know
until the deadline later today which ones of those are still in."

However, Moonen says once the deadline passes the party won't be announcing the names until after a vetting process. A review of backgrounds and references.

I'll have more for you as it becomes available.

- Post by Daniel. Follow us on Twitter @CityCaucus.


Hmm, could defeated Tory candidate Jennifer Clarke be the mystery woman with a media profile?

She ran once before and got thumped and many within the NPA blame her for the treatment - ie back stabbing of Philip Owen - while your idea has some merit there are some of us we still have memories of that incident + unlike the federal election she would likely have to debate the current mayor and not run from them. Wasn`t she a member of the Council that made the City`s commitment for the Olympic Village - a fact that the current visionaries are likely to remind the voters of.

I personally am not very confidant in Suzanne Anton as a mayoral candidate.

Hopefully there are some star talents still to come out of the dark..

Hey I thought the NPA wasn't a party?

I certainly hope these people can hand dimpled Gregor and his gang their walking papers. We need to bring sanity back to this city. Best of luck to all of you.

How odd is it that the nomination deadline for a political party has past and there is no news release or word on the NPA's website about the list of declared candidates?

Most other political parties would be trying to make some noise and promote themselves in a situation like this.

Jim, Here's the process as I understand it:

1) deadline for submission of applications -- 4 May;
2) review and checking out of applicants -- a few days;
3) interview each applicant -- a few more days;
4) applicants informed as to whether they will be recommended to the membership or not;
5) NPA nomination meeting -- 4 June.

Any big hoopla cannot really happen until after 4) which will be at least 2 weeks from now.

I would say after 5) Bill, as that is when the membership will nominate the potential candidates.

Saying anything prior is a bit premature.

I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you Ken. I'd like to know more about why you think I'm not a progressive. I would hope there is some sort of misunderstanding here.

I consider myself to be fiscally and administratively responsible and pragmatic, but am very much open to new ways to do things and new ideas. I am certainly not ideologically driven as VV are.

You are far too gracious.

what douglas said!

Ken, your point is dead wrong. This casino would have been dumped in the middle of our city, and residents have every right to oppose it. It is not a decision for the province-at-large.

Not that I have a vote, I don't join political parties, but if I did I think

Bill McReery

Mike Klassen

Sean Bickerton

Should all be on the slate. My impression is they have coherent ideas that deserve consideration.

The same may be true of some of the other people listed above, and I look forward to learning more about their ideas and commitments.

"The largest job creator in the history of BC". You have any evidence for this claim? And what is the total EER for the casino project? Larger than other uses for this land? How can you show that?


I don't call people names on blogs---but tonight I am making an exception. You kind of sound like an ignoramous. No, actually, I'd say you're a real jerk, as evidenced by your many semi coherent postings here.

I might not agree with everything Bill says but slagging him because he actually chooses to run, is pretty reprehensible.

Tell us, what have you done for your community lately? Besides lose money at the casino, I mean?

In a word: yes.

He didn't say it---Suzanne Anton said it.
But the Premier said that PavCo was tasked with building something there, WHETHER A CASINO GOES IN OR NOT. There can be lots of develoment and lots of jobs around BC Place, if people with imagination come to the table.

So are you calling the Premier a liar, Ken?

The casino casino might make some additional revenue---which would be likely offset by costs of policing, addiction services,etc (if the government actually gave a damn about such things, since BCLC spends only $6 million of the revenue generated on the gambling addicted. But hey! It IVES $40 million a year to the private operators as ...ummm..."casino improvement" inducements).

At the recent convention here on gambling, HLT, WHO DID A STTUDY ON EXPANDED GAMBLING FOR BCLC, said that "bricks and mortar" casinos are going the way of the dodo. But you don't have to worry, Ken, since the Gov of BC wants to make sure that you and others can gamble online.

As for gambling as the number one revenue generator in BC--what kind of a country/province/city runs an enterprise on the backs of the addicted---because, according to stats, about 35% of the take is from "problem gamblers".

COme up wth some winning industries and businesses that actually can grow this province. Not some cheesy, has-been industry that only works if its patrons lose.

half the posts in this thread are Ken talking to himself and totally unrelated to the original post - very strange.

'As for gambling as the number one revenue generator in BC--what kind of a country/province/city runs an enterprise on the backs of the addicted---because, according to stats, about 35% of the take is from "problem gamblers".


That is a slippery slope to go down as the DTES has been built and operates on the backs of the drug addicts.

Yet, know one moves to make changes to that area. To step in and clean it up.

Vancouverites and the City look the other way.

FYI - the BC Civil Libs gets funding from gambling revenue.

Just saying!

Julia, thank you!

Max, that's the point. Do "addiction dollars" flow in a cicuitous looped fashion in this town, in one area?! The DTES has enough challenges. Why dump the casino near there? Shame!

PS I think we are seeing some changes in Chinatown in terms of breaking up the stranglehold that ID's the area as for "only" the addicted. That is to the good. There is also some housing being built around the city that may help with same.

Julia, thank you!

Max, that's the point. Do "addiction dollars" flow in a cicuitous looped fashion in this town, in one area?! The DTES has enough challenges. Why dump the casino near there? Shame!

PS I think we are seeing some changes in Chinatown in terms of breaking up the stranglehold that ID's the area as for "only" the addicted. That is to the good. There is also some housing being built around the city that may help with same.

re: drug addiction - "Vancouverites and the City look the other way."'

Fair comment about the views of the city towards problems of the DTES, Max, but last I checked the city is not depending on the drug addicts directly in order to generate revenue. The city does not take 20% off the top on every hit of smack.

However, Vancouver, and indeed municipal and provincial /state governments throughout the US and Canada, are buying into the false notion that they can generate revenue by approving casinos with revenue conditions attached. Studies show that the income to government from gaming does not offset the costs, never mind social costs. Casinos do not generate wealth, they merely redistribute the disposable income into their coffers.

The house always wins.

This has been studies and documented, and I am gong to be particularly interested in reviewing the views of parties and candidates towards gaming in the coming months. Thus far Bill McCreery is the only declared candidate I noticed actively working against gaming in Vancouver (anyone can correct me here or inform me further) but I am going to give this issue heavy weight when I decide to vote.

There is more than enough considered information published regarding the social effects of gambling (and their inherent costs to government) for the average candidate for council to make a considered and informed decision. Any candidate reading these reports ("Casino Watch" and Goodman's 'The Luck Game' to cite a few examples) and deciding that it is still worthwhile to approve expanded gaming will in my opinion be a candidate sorely lacking in judgement, and unworthy of my vote. Any candidate not interested in reading alternate views already disqualifies themselves as ignorant.

I may find myself adopting the attitude of boohoo and a number of other posters here and be shopping for independent candidates this go around.

Ken, we are in near agreement on that.

I would toss in Art Phillips there, too, though.

People with REAL vision.

Spot on, Douglas.

@ Douglas:

You forgot Sean Bickerton - he started the 'Vancouver not Vegas' group.

Thank you - I will give him fair consideration too!

I would love to hear Mike Klassen's views as well, given that City Caucus has posted two pieces lamenting the 'economic fallout' to municipalities of the vote against expanded gaming.

Suzanne Anton is already losing my attention.

just wondering what the under/over would be on casino approval

if all you want to do is listen to yourself talk - start your own blog rather than hijack a post and rant about everything under the sun.

my topics are 'how to bring back civility in municipal politics' and 'how to how to have a difference of opinion without being rude'.

no point in talking about anything else until the first two re resolved.

@ Julia


Aah, Bugsy!

They let you out of hell just long enough to comment here!

Dunno the answer to your question.

But maybe youse and da boyz can ask those other developers from Vegas--or the rest of the "family"...

Watch what you's types, A.T., or me and da boys might take away our most generous contribution to your health care system. Den where will you be, in the case of, heaven forbidding of course, any unfortunate 'accident'?
Da family came here with nuthin, but now we have a Vision.....

Thumper taught me that 'if you can't say sumthin' nice, don't say nuthin' at all'!

Why on earth would I want to engage in a conversation with someone that is only interested in hearing his own opinion and believes everyone else is stupid. That is nothing more than a recipe for high blood pressure.

Who really cares how many golf courses you are a member off - is that suppose to impress us or something?

'Sheep that follow the Pied Piper".

Bah! You can't pull the wool from under my feet! I smell a mixed metaphor in sheep's clothing!



Oh,youse and da boyz and da governments are all in it together, right?

We hear dat all da time from all of youse: 'Oh, dat $$$ gonna go for health care!'

Lemme tell ya what's really goin' on here, see? There ain't NEVER gonna be enuff $$$ for health care if they keep throwing it at everyting, see, without consolidating, and getting rid of duplication and waste, see?.

Unless dey get serious and woik on why/how/where dey gonna spend dat dough, dat Ministry is gonna be pushin' up daisies by da time me and my boyz have to count on it.

So don't gimme no lip that some extra one-armed bandit revenues gonna fix what's broke over der...that whole system is broke!

There are certain rules for engaging on blogs. Civility being one rule of engagement.

To CC Staff, it might be time to consider monitoring and or blocking the abusive behavior.

It is becoming difficult to have a discussion for fear of having to deal with Ken's inappropriate rants.

There are moments Ken when you make brilliant comments, but lately, you are just out of control..IMO

Dude, step away from the bar, you are becoming obnoxious....

Hey A.T. -
we's boyz contribute fairly and squarely a samplin' of our fair profits to health care, and youz go and hurt our feelings... some of us might not wants to put so much into health care nows. Maybe we take our contribution and gives it to sometin' like da arts. That's the ticket... da arts!
Da system ain't broke so long as we control it. Just remindin' you whose youz friends are....


Sez you! Nobody's accounting for where that money actually goes, is dey? Although we see how youse and da boyz at BCLC like ta throw some dough aroubd. Why, your "friends" at BCLC kick about $40 million a year back to you and yours in the form of FDQ's. Strange how some "free enterprisers" like youse take the lions share of profits---then get MORE taxpayer money, on top of that!

I would like ta see the other side of the ledger--ya know, the REAL revenue numbers (oops! There they are on the Lottery Copr website--and lookee der---Paragon comes up snake eyes again!) And the costs to society of what more gambling does to families and commubities. But I'm "bettin" you don't track doze numbers do ya? Why not, I can only guess---but, hey, a little creative bookkeepings ALWAYS welcome in BC. Give it a try!

So, don't think you are doing us any favours, brudder. Your cheap cologne don't fool the good people of dis fair city. This deal still stinks.

Maybe, too, that's why your initials are "BS"?

A.t. -
any more lip from you and da next bike lane goes right past your front door! You want good government - youz got to buy it just like da rest of dem mugs! see you at da $5 table sucka!

No offence Jen, but the NDP fought hard against the Sky Train as they said 'no one would ride it'...


Apologies to my last blog, it was for Ken....perhaps I am too sober to keep up....:)

your posts don't even warrant a rebuttal.


Listen you two,
The Interloper Ju and The Angry one... you are 'talking' like a bunch of small time crooks at the races in here. Maybe these topics are keeping you from being productive members of the society. Take it in the school yard please. Benjie you should hop on the first ferry to Hollyhock on your own time. No rush.

Hey all, david h. is right. We either have 2 nutbars trying to mess this conversation or 2 plants. I notice Kevin Quinlan has just become alive on the tweeterie. Best to ignore their comments IMO. To bad. It's enjoyable to have valid exchanges with people with real differences.

wow, take a deep breath. I am in total support of competent politicians that understand a financial statement- really, I am. But this high anxiety rhetoric of yours makes everything you say slide into the category of 'troll'.

I have had things to say in the past when I think I have something to contribute. If I don't - I shut up. Perhaps you might consider the same.

OK, Bugsy,

Now I sees we're on da same page.

Sees ya at that table. I will be bringin' my roulette wheel...it has soiten "tendancies"...

Loser has to spend 5 hours with Brent Toderian, listening to him figure out City gaming policy...

You are correct, sir! But don't ruin the fun, man.

OK, here's a theory---I think that all the giddy hilarity displayed today is a pent up reaction to OBL's demise--and Thomas Mulcair reaction to that.

Where is Glissy when we need him?! Someone needs to capture the madness of this tread!


...and now, a moment of silence.

KL, we hardly knew ye...

The Thought of The Night

"I know of 1001 ways to getting laid. Hay-stacking on a topic like this is not it."

Jeez. Aren't there any massage parlours in Vancouver that accept Canadian Tire money? Yep, I didn't think so.

Benjamin Siegelbaum.
Read your comments. Impressive. Your name says it all, the name of a defunct American Founding Father of his own kosher Bagel shack. I have to agree with The Equalizer on this one, your brain cells don't seem to coordinate with your twitting fingers. Texting makes you feel Hornby...have you consider Onion-ism?

Somewhere in the body of one of these many comments I read the name 'Kevin Quinlan'. Funny thing, I saw his mug in a Westender some time ago,and now I'm glad I could put a name to a face...the face of one of those Junior Wally lawyers who get sent out for coffee. Or maybe I'm wrong, and Elvis hairstyle is pulling a comeback.

I'm crying as I am writing this.
Just finished eating a Shawarma (the guy asked me if I want spicy sauce on. I said 'define spicy' He said ' hot, very hot and extremely hot' I said 'try me') Now, two litres of cold water later, I still feel as if I ate the sun. I will recommend this guy to all my friends. You want one? On Robson strasse, 6 bucks, across from Sears, next to the Converse shoes store, and one step away from the Hemorrhoid Rush.

Look at the time. Midnight. The nights are for the poets and the mad men. I am both.(there goes my literati and health care vote)

As for The Angry Taxpayer...


Are you happy now? My doctor says you have it, too! :-)

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


Daniel, I read your letter to the Editor in the Vancourier. Well done.
Allen Garr - Vision Columnist LMAO!

Glissando...simply the best!
"Funny thing, I saw his mug in a Westender some time ago,and now I'm glad I could put a name to a face...the face of one of those Junior Wally lawyers who get sent out for coffee." - best KQ description, ever.

Glissy, mon ami,

You know me too well! :-)

Hi Alex, What has happened to council candidate Jesse Johl? He and Bill McCreery were nominated in November?

From what I have read, Johl has fallen off the map.

Not attending meetings, returing calls/e-mails etc. No response.

I think the NPA have dropped him off the ballot.

At least someone understood the historical reference - thanks for the fun and good for you Mr. Angry - I enjoyed every minute letting loose there. As for the others - I made my bones while you were going out with cheerleaders!

... thought the board needed a little lightening up without straying too far off topic. The real Benjamin Siegelbaum would be proud of the government participation in the casino industry today. I'm glad A.T. got the reference, and in the spirit it was intended .....

Sorry if I seem dense here, could you clarify.. was this sincere or a slam? Your response was just a bit blurry to me.

"I'm glad A.T. got the reference, and in the spirit it was intended .."

... because it was said in the utmost sincerity. I have nothing but respect for AGT.. he truly saved my life.

sincere .... there was no attempt to slam. And the A.T to which I refer is Angry Taxpayer (AT), who took the sarcasm and Vegas references well, not AGT (whose work I also know and like)
:-) cheers!

It WAS fun, Bugsy. I recognized the refs, right away.

Always fun to meet a fellow traveller, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Bugsy, et al, to clarify:

"To meet a fellow traveller, who ALSO has tongue planted firmly in cheek."

"Lightening up" should be a requirement on many of these threads, regardless of how closely we hold an opinion. Discourse always takes more than one...as our friend Ken, found out, alas, too late...

;-) Hate to have anyone misconstrue that one!

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