Has Vision Vancouver received indirect donations from charities?

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Mayor Gregor & his Tides Canada buddies cut the ribbon on new offices in 2009

Once again it's a pleasure to share the writing and research of Vivian Krause. Vivian is a nationally published writer and Canada's leading expert on the financing of environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), in particular the flow of money from U.S.-based charities into our country. Through her writing at fair-questions.com and @FairQuestions on Twitter you can join her growing list of fans and followers from coast to coast to coast.


Since September of 2010, I have been writing to Mayor Gregor Robertson to inquire about campaign finance from several "investment firms" and P.R. companies that are heavily funded by a registered charity, Tides Canada Foundation, and its largest donor, the Endswell Foundation.

On May 24th, months later, I received a response from Ian Baillie, the Executive Director of Vision Vancouver. In an e-mail, Mr. Bailie writes:

Dear Ms Krause,

I wanted to address some questions you have raised online about donations to Vision Vancouver. Specifically, you have asked about the company Interdependent Investments and its donations to Vision.

Interdependent Investments is a Vancouver based company that provides investment, real estate and project management support to private businesses, charities, and non-profits. My understanding is that it has been operating for over 15 years. Joel Solomon is the principal of the company and has been a supporter of Vision Vancouver since its inception.

As for your questions about charitable donations, Vision Vancouver does not receive money from charitable sources, and has said so publicly in the past. As well, our donations were disclosed several months ago. Vision Vancouver continues to go above and beyond the requirements for reporting and we are the only Vancouver municipal political party to file a comprehensive disclosure in addition to the 2008 election disclosure.

Thanks for your interest.


Ian Baillie, Executive Director
Vision Vancouver

* * *

Mr. Baillie says, "Vision Vancouver does not receive money from charitable sources." No surprises there. I've never suggested that Vision Vancouver was paid directly by a charity; that would be too obvious. My question is about whether Vision Vancouver indirectly received money from Tides Canada and the Endswell Foundation, money that was passed first through one of a series of "investment firms" and P.R. companies that are, for lack of a better term, a front.

What Mr. Baillie does not mention is that until very recently, one of the long-time officers of Interdependent Investments Ltd., was Martha Burton, the treasurer of Vision Vancouver. Ms. Burton is also the vice-president of the Endswell Foundation and a sr. advisor to Tides Canada.

As far as I can tell, Ms. Burton's name was removed from the list of directors of Interdependent Investments Ltd., perhaps as of April 13, 2011 - just one week after I posted an open letter to Mayor Robertson in which I specifically asked Who is Interdependent Investments Ltd.?

The important question that Mr. Baillie does not answer is this: Does Interdependent Investments Ltd. have any sources of revenue other than the Endswell Foundation? If not, then it follows that whatever financial contributions Interdependent Investments Ltd. made to Vision Vancouver, must have originated from the Endswell charity.

Since 1997, the Endswell Foundation has paid at least $1.4 million to Interdependent Investments Ltd. Of that, $703,409 was paid since 2007.

Fig Endswell IIL Ltd. $1.4 Million

The $11.4 Million Dollar Question

I also have questions about how Endswell spent $11.4 million over the years since 2003 when Endswell was simply granting 99 percent of its funds to Tides Canada. This is what I have referred to as the $11.4 million dollar question. During the years when Endswell didn't make a single grant to any organization other than Tides Canada, what were the staff doing?

Fig The $11.4 Million Question

Considering that the senior leadership at Endswell and at Tides Canada are the same people, including the treasurer - I would have thought that Endswell could grant $8.7 million to Tides Canada without spending $11.4 million in the process.

I also have questions about why overhead at Endswell increased so dramatically, especially considering that Endswell wasn't making any grants to any organizations other than Tides Canada.

2 Figs Endswell Office & Staff Costs

- Post by Vivian Krause. Please read: Copyright Notice & Disclaimer.


The Thought of The Night

"I am thinking 'The Solomon Affair' would be a good, strong, catchy name for a TV documentary. It's about easy money. Easy Peezy."

"The money were good. But the returns were even better."
That is what kept the Bernard Nation going.
Easy money. Easy Peezy.


In the shaky fund investment world, the rule of thumb always was 'we were never pigs, just clipped off the top, a small clip and always eliminated the guilt by making us believe we were the God's chosen ones...and then, make promises, lots of promises.'

One day someone will blame the Government. Again.

Vivian, you don't have to convince me.It's the government who needs convincing. But they are on vacation, for now.

"People said to me 'You must have worked very hard' 'No I didn't'...'God gave us this...'"

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

I must admit Vivian your research is very compelling...

Ian's letter of response....um...

How about we stop asking Vision and start asking CRA?

This is a smoking gun.

Only an organization as arrogant as Vision Vancouver could take breaking the rules and turning it into a positive.

Says Ian Baillie, "Vision Vancouver continues to go above and beyond the requirements for reporting and we are the only Vancouver municipal political party to file a comprehensive disclosure in addition to the 2008 election disclosure."

As CityCaucus.com regularly documented in the lead up to Vision's overdue donor disclosure in July 2010, the party had flouted rules set out in the Vancouver Charter which requires that Elector Organizations to file if any of the information in the initial disclosure statement has changed - i.e. receiving funds to pay off the $240,000 2008 campaign debt.

By Vision's logic, finally owning up to who is paying your debt off 18 months after the election when the requirement is 30 days after the money is received is going "above and beyond" the requirements.

Here's a few of the posts on this topic to remind readers:





Has charitable money helped to cover costs for paying the salaries for the workers at Vision Vancouver's offices? Only an independent audit can answer that.

Stop yourself right here and re-read this sentence:

The important question that Mr. Baillie does not answer is this: Does Interdependent Investments Ltd. have any sources of revenue other than the Endswell Foundation?

So if I have this straight, the important question that the executive director of Vision Vancouver does not answer (which, in the hands of this author, seems to carry dark implications about the state of his soul or something) is about the inner workings of another organization he is not employed by?

Vivian Krause, can I see your income tax returns and bank statements for the last several years? It's important that you answer the question of whether or not Marine Harvest has any revenue sources other than farmed salmon.

Good job, Vivian!
Excellent research as always. The question still stands, what are these 'charities' really doing here in Canada, and how much of their 'financial transactions' lined the pockets of the Vision Party? No, really there is no interested governmental official interested in doing some real work in here?
As per Glissando's comment... the people behind Tides, Endswell, Vision executives... may very well think they were the chosen ones, by God personally, to benefit from these intricate transactions. The video clip re. Maddoff is only part of the truth. Unfortunately, the truth sits undisturbed under a big pile of Hollyhock's best...
Again, Vivian, well done!

Gliss, your clip says Madoff perpetrated the largest stock fraud in history. Maybe, but not the largest financial fraud. That was Dec 23, 1913. You can start at 2:50 without missing much, but it's worth giving the whole thing a look.


After reading Vivian's take on things... then reading the comments + watching both Glissando's and Gerry's video clips, I'm spooked. Not kidding here folks. Then Mike K. threw at me that mountain of old articles. Thanks alot. Now I am seeing a conspiracy at every corner. Hey, it's just me or, what was the chance, think of that, eh, LOL, that all these people: Maddoff, Newell, Solomon, Rockefeller, Rotschild, Morgan...are/ were part of the same congregation(s)? I would say it's a coincidence, but i don't believe in coincidences, not in this case. Anyway. Very surprising there are no comments on this topic and that's scary. People are either lazy or plain stupid.

The Mayor of Port McNeill, Gerry Furney, sent a letter to Priminister Harper asking that Tides Canada be looked into. Perhaps putting pressure on, by e-mailing your local representative will help.

February 21, 2011

Dear Prime Minister:

As the Mayor of a resource-dependent community (forestry, mining, aquaculture), I have been greatly impressed by the well-researched articles of Vancouver writer Vivian Krause in recent issues of the National Post. She traces vast amounts of money being transferred by U.S. foundations to anti-indudstry Canadian foundations for distribution to these activist groups in Canada.

I understand that these foundations and the Canadian recipients all enjoy “tax-free” status under the guise of being “charitable.”

Having observed our resource companies and resource communities being the victims of some very unkind campaigns by these so-called charities, I have yet to observe or experience any “charitable” actions by them. In fact, their actions appear to be the antithesis of charity.

I believe that a review should be undertaken of all these organizations that claim to be “charitable,” to ensure that they meet the stringent “charitable” requirements of our Government. If they do not meet the charitable standard that we expect, then their tax-free status should be rescinded. Is this possible?

Your Sincerely,

Mayor Furney

Good on mayor Furney.Another interesting book that I read is John Perkins "confessions of an economic hit man".I had to keep putting it down because I was getting too angry.These people are treating us like a third world country.

Gerry,heres a little tidbit you may find interesting.Some time ago Soros purchased a huge share of petrobas and about two weeks later they discovered a huge offshore oil field off the coast of brazil.Shortly after that we had the BP disaster in the gulf thats when Obhma put the moratorium on offshore drilling in the gulf(there is a shortage of drilling platforms in the world).Then just recently the Prez went to brazil and announced he would give billions to them for the offshore oil they found and to help develop them.These folks are about as green as gangreen.Jus sayin mmmmmmm?


Sunciviclee: Vancouver civic election gets interesting with the big money men http://ow.ly/1cXwSE

The Thought of The Night

“I would call what an article like this does to the Hollyhock crowd ...‘The Weekend Cabin in the Woods Effect’.”

Picture this...Some weekends you decide to go to your cabin, some you don’t; during all this time the cabin sits empty, or...that’s what you think.

What happens in reality is simple; the Mother Nature takes over. The rats get in first, through the holes that were already there; than the racoons follow suit, there’s the neurotic squirrel, a few snakes, one or two bears might look curiously through the dusty windows once in a while, a family of bats...the spiders start their tedious web building in every corner of the main room; any piece of food you left unattended or forgot about, is now ‘cockroached’ all over. As I said...Mother Nature, right?

So it goes ‘dolce far niente’ like this for some time until the ‘weekend’. The one that you want to go back... You get there and the first thing you do is, turn on the light or the light source.

What happens next is something out of a comedy of horrors.

A wild creature’s stampede is going to take place. The first to go are the rats, out they run; than the racoons, you feel sorry for the newly born; the squirrel caught in your torch light cannot move a muscle, she is terrified someone would mistake her for a rat, you give her a peanut to calm her down; the snakes ‘ssssssss’ their way out in sssssilence. Then, there are the cockroaches. They are the worst. They pretended to leave at the first sign, but they are still there, hidden in the creases, behind the old icebox, inside the oven, in between the barn tools, they are waiting for you to go away again. They are very good at doing this, thousands of years of documented evolution of crawling through other peoples belongings, they are the best pretenders out there. You zap them, you DDT spray them, you squish them with your boot...they come back. They are like that. It’s a scary Symbiotic Experience that repeats from time to time...and that’s what Vivien does to them, it scares the sheyat out of them, whether they recognize it or not, makes them uncomfortable, so uncomfortable they’ll have to temporarily move.
Hence - ‘The Weekend Cabin in the Woods Effect’.

When (according to Vivian’s article) one entity (Endswell) grants 99% of their total grants (their entire business model) to one entity (Tides) that should not be looked at as a charitable donation. Not at all, that should be looked at as a bank transaction. ‘
Endswell’ is the ATM, the Bankomat, the 'Printing House'.
‘Tides’ is the Dealer, the Courier, the Customer. The only Customer.


Tell you what. If that’s legally acceptable, when my daughter turns sixteen, I'll give her a $ 20,000 cheque to buy herself only the greenest vehicle there is on the market, The Hybrid Epsilon Zero Emissions SmartAss two seater,and I will make sure to claim that as a charitable donation. I can feel my Methane Carprint Offset in my foot already...in the gas pedal foot, that is.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

"These folks are about as green as gangrene." Good one gman. Wish I'd thought of it. Here's an orig "Gregor Robertson was expected to carry the Greens on his back, but it's readily apparent that he's more concerned with the greenbacks he's carrying".

Glissando Remmy...

you have so eloquently described the players in this situation... LMAO

Interesting article in Van Sun today(May 31) on Page A15. "Opposing big business is big business".

Gerry I guess thats why the mayor is so slippery,its green slime,useful idiots.But as we peel back the dressing its gonna stink.

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