Gregor Robertson photographed with Ripudaman Singh Malik

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Poll asks whether Vancouver Mayor and Malik should have been on same stage

Over the last 48 hours a lot has been written in the media about Vancouver South Conservative candidate Wai Young. She attended an event and was subsequently endorsed by Ripudaman Singh Malik, the man acquitted for the terrible Air India bombings that killed hundreds of innocent victims. Her political opponent Ujjal Dosanjh has filed several complaints with government officials stating the endorsement of the Khalsa school was inappropriate.

Now a photo of Mayor Gregor Robertson and Malik taken on March 13, 2010 has surfaced. The Mayor along with Vancouver NDP MLA Mable Elmore can be seen in the photo. We're advised that just prior to this photo, both the Mayor and councillor Raymond Louie (also in attendance) shook the hands of Malik in plain view of those in attendance.

Mayor Gregor also took the time to tweet out about the event whereby he stated:

celebrated khalsa school re-opening, amazing community rally to rebuild since fire last summer. kudos 2 school board too!

Malik has had direct links with both the Khalsa Credit Union and the Khalsa schools. According to the CBC:

Investigators believed that Ripudaman Singh Malik was the man who bankrolled the bombings. He faced eight counts – the same charges that his co-accused Ajaib Singh Bagri faced. The verdict was the same – not guilty on all counts.

Just last week Malik was making headlines again when the BC government won the right to sue him to recover legal fees relating to the Air India bombing trial. According to the Sun:

Thursday's ruling by Canada's highest court paves the way for the B.C. government to recoup $5.8 million paid for Malik's legal fees and interest after a funding agreement was reached on the eve of the historic Air India terrorism trial in 2003.

At the time, Malik and co-accused Ajaib Singh Bagri were accused of killing 331 people in twin bombings on June 23, 1985 targeting Air India.

Needless to say, Young's alleged connection to Malik is generating front-page headlines while Mayor Gregor's photo not so much. Here is a copy of Young's statement to the media:


I was invited to visit the Khalsa School by the school’s Principal, not Ripudaman Singh Malik. Had I known he would have been present or was involved with the school I never would have attended. No one involved with this school or Ripudaman Singh Malik is involved in my campaign nor have I ever asked for his support. I strongly stand against terrorism and support the strong leadership by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government to fight terrorism.

Throughout my campaign, I have met with as many constituents as possible so they can meet and learn about me in order to make an informed choice in this election. The Khalsa School was one of several schools which I toured and spoke at, both private and public. These have been excellent opportunities for the students and parents to engage in the democratic process and to learn more about myself, as the Candidate for the Conservative Party in Vancouver South. 


What do you think? Are the two politicians being treated differently? Is it okay for the Mayor to attend an event with Malik as long as it relates to something charitable? Take a minute to fill out our online poll and let us know what you think.

UPDATE Mon @ 10:15 PM: Federal Liberal candidate Ujjal Dosanjh was on CTV News and Global TV News tonight speaking out about politicians and what they should know about Ripudaman Singh Malik. Dosanjh tells Global TV:

The fact is you have to live in a cave or on some other planet to not know who Mr. Malik is if you are politically at all conscious. And if you are running for public office you can't be that ignorant about public issues.

UPDATE Tue @ 8:31 PM: CBC Television did an excellent story on the Malik/Robertson on stage appearance. You can view it here. Robertson is now claiming he never shook hands with Malik while Anton claims he did so in plain view of the audience. Who is telling the truth?

Jeff Lee over at the Vancouver Sun has also filed this story. So far they are the only MSM to cover this story.

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There is a tremendous amount of spin in this post designed to protect the Conservative candidate. First of all Robertson is not posed with Malik. I don't think either Robertson or Elmore sought the endorsation of Malik.

this is a damned if you do and damned if you don't scenario. Do you think any politician in their right mind would deliberately align themselves with Malik??? Obviously not. Did Malik wade in to the opportunity like a big shot and catch everyone unprepared - probably.

Now, had any of these political folks said no way... we are not going near the place - the cry would have been racism, or the innocent verdict would have been waived and it would have been a real mess. Instead, the politicians risk attending to avoid the above reaction and they get slammed for standing in the same room as the man and living with whatever he spouts from his mouth.

No win.

Next photo-op-the Chinese Consul shaking his hand for a job well done.

Spin or no spin, no politician should associate in any way with people who promote the use of terror. Daniel is right on this one. Of course this applies to Young as well, whose "explanation" is hardly credible and smacks of spin management.

This is all about fairness in coverage - period. I couldn't care less who wins that riding, but when we see Wai Young getting raked over the coals & Vanouver's Teflon mayor getting another free ride from the media.

Ujjal stated to reporters today that you had to be living in a cave not to know who Malik was and what he stands for.

So, Mayor Gregor, are you "living in a cave"?

What is the Big deal? These politicians are not supposed to be psychic to know that Malik will be there or will pop up there in the photo frame.
But let us not forget that he was ACQUITTED by Supreme Court in a case where Government spent almost 100 million dollars against him. He is still an official in Khalsa School and public servants do go there as matter of their job. This is much noise about nothing being generated by media which needs a headline.

Anyone notice Jack Layton's ads, everywhere on social media? FB, YouTube and even here, on CC.

I heard a rumour that there is a picture, somewhere, of Mike Klassen shaking Mr. Layton's hand.

Would your highly esteemed organ please find and print same?

The public has a right to know, shurely. Shirley?

(With apologies to Private Eye).

@Norm: According to Young, she wasn't seeking the endorsement of Malik either. She was invited by the Principal of Khalsa School to attend, and Malik showed up (not trying to defend him, but he was acquitted after all). I think it's a fair explanation.

@Frank: I do believe Wai Young is being unfairly raked over the coals and thank you for exposing this double standard. I feel the media is sensationalizing the controversy. Who knows, maybe it's to save Mr. Dosanjh, who is probably one of the dirtiest politicians in this country.

Maybe Ms. Young should have bothered to show up at the all-candidates debate in Vancouver South to explain herself then. Oops, forgot Tory candidates don't "do" debates.


Animal Farm

That's defamation. Wai Young didn't seek the endorsement of Malik either. Though Malik is CHOOSING to support her because she will better represent our land. Wai had no photo with Malik, yet no one's cha

"Malik also told the Sher-E-Punjab host that his group is supporting Liberal candidates in Surrey: Sukh Dhaliwal for Newton-North Delta, and Shinder Purewal in Surrey North."

Read more:

What a media double standard. They attack Wai for days after she explains her position.

The Mayor has a picture with Malik and nobody says anything. He shakes Malik's hands and there is silence.

What they say about Robertson is true. Media give him a free ride and he is made of teflon. Or maybe some people in the media have an agenda?

Yet another reason to ignore the Left-coast left wing media!

It used to be that at 6:00pm you could get a honest report on current events, both locally and worldwide. Now you get feel good stories & weak attempts at comedy. We want news, not social workers and comics. Also we need to rid ourselves of the albatross that used to be known as the CBC! The left wing can fund their own media, not the rest of us.

The big part of this is Dosanjh - he and his camp started this fight.

Dosanjh and the Liberals barely hung on to this seat during the last election - he won by a whopping 20 votes. They did 3 recounts to verify the numbers.

Ms. Young is a huge threat to Dosanjh and the Liberal party and they will do all that they can to muddy her name and hold that seat.

If Dosanjh loses, they lose a high profile minister and they aren't taking that threat lightly.

On another note, does anyone know if the Malik family still has the ladies apparel company 'Papillon'? They have a shop in Vancouver but the HO is out of Las Angeles. I see their brand in some smaller botique shops. Nice clothes but I am still boycotting them.

this on CKNW;

Air India bombing families speak out
Vancouver/CKNW980 AM


It's a slap in the face to families of Air India bombing victims.
That's how one person describes the controversy over a Conservative candidate receiving an endorsement from Ripudaman Singh Malik.
Eddie Maddon says claims by Conservative candidate Wai Young are preposterous.

"This is the biggest criminal case in Canadian history and for her to claim she had no idea of Mr. Malik's past and criminal ties is unacceptable. Unacceptable."

Maddon's father died in the Air India bombing.
He says Malik has had a political vendetta against Liberal candidate Ujjal Dosanjh who filed the complaint.
Maddon adds both Wai Young and Conservative leader Stephen Harper have not had a proper response to the allegations.

What pure left wing media hypocrisy. To treat two politicians who did essentially the same thing so differently. Pure hypocrisy. When will the media learn we can see through their agendas.

I am extremely disappointed in the Liberal party - particularly in Ujjal for using this situation to create controversy. The distinctions between the parties should be about policy not about who shows up to a public meeting and endorses them.

I think people are missing the point here. Wai Young wasn't suppose to be at the Khalsa School which would be a direct violation of the elections act.

Wai Young is a candidate and Robertson was already the Mayor and was NOT seeking Malik's support.

The new story of Wai Young is that 9 of her family members in Vancouver South will not vote for her. This goes directly to the character, integrity and insight to a candidate.

OJ was acquitted but was he innocent ??

Let's be fair and give the mainstream media 24 hours to see if they pick this up and mount the same sort of relentless attack. If they don't then our questions are answered.

Aside from that, consider this: Robertson is also the Chair of the Vancouver Police Board.

Amazing how the NDP and their supporters can justify almost anything if one of their own gets caught. Remember Nanaimo Commonwealth story where they stole from charities!! Shameful.

Chuck, you should be embarrassed to defend the mayor the way you did. NDP=Hypocrisy

@ Chuck" This goes directly to the character, integrity and insight to a candidate."
Then you mention OJ (weird, but...)

....with respect to Wai Young (or any other candidate).. how about a little
a) innocent til proven guilty (of what in Wai Young's case I am unsure) and more importantly -
b) her family business is her personal affair, not any of my business

judge the candidates on their political merits, and leave their families out of it. We don't know the circumstances, they are not always accurately reported, and they are no one's business but their own

With respect to OJ, its like I always say - if the glove fits....

enjoy the election spin-o-rama kids!

I find it sad that her family is airing its dirty laundry in public over an 'estate' dispute.

This has zip to do with her abilities and zip to do with her 'integrity' etc.
They just want to embarrass her to get what they want. It speaks more to their character or lack there of than hers.

Some families will turn on each other in a dime when it comes to money.

Very sad.

I guess it is only 'different' when the school is not involved....

Dosanjh on Malik's endorsement


Liberal candidate Ujjal Dosanjh says Ripudaman Singh Malik endorsing his Conservative rival in Vancouver South is different than Malik supporting two Liberal candidates in Surrey ridings.

"The difference in this particular issue is that we have a charitable institution where a political meeting was had and an endorsment was sought and received. Otherwise, anyone can stand anywhere and support x-y-z"

Dosanjh has complained to Elections Canada about Malik supporting Conservative Wai Young and telling parents at the Khalsa school to do the same thing.
Malik was acquitted of murder and conspiracy in the Air India trial six years ago.

Another example of the unethical and immoral nature of the beast called a "politician" . Notice they are not referred to as "Statesmen" anymore.

The Khalsa School supports the notion of a Sikh nation which is to break away from India. Malik being a previous member of the Bubbar Khalsa and and an associate of terrorists implies mandates and principles that espouse violence. With the religion itself being a warrior religion, violence is considered an ends to a means. That's why none of these people really care about the 329 people blown to pieces in the Air India bombing (82 were Canadian children).

Thank you politicians ("poli" = many in Latin and "tic" is a blood sucking organism) for giving credence and respect to these people and their cultural values by just being in their presence.

@ Max; I don't think the family is airing their dirty laundry. If you objectively read the news reports, court documents where obtained by reporters and they likely drafted a story around that. The quotes from the family is very little and I think exercising their FREEDOM of SPEECH is their right. The emphasis is on the candidate as she made the choice to run for a public political office NOT the family. She is fair game.

I disagree. How your family is has a lot to do with who you are. They are a refection of you. Having family support is paramount in all things in life and especially during a campaign. Are you saying that a father, mother and siblings did not have an impression of how you are as an individual ? If her family is so horrible what does it say about her ?? She is from the same gene pool ?? Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The minority speaks a little but the majority speaks a lot.

I heard it has something to do with proceeds from a death in the family.

Stuff like this happens in families all the time and should not be a public issue. Her family doesn't appear to have too much class on this one.

How many Liberal volunteers helping out Ujjie also worked with Kash Heed? Anyone know?


Ignatieff comments on Malik's support
Janet Brown | Email news tips to Janet

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is side-stepping comment after Ripudaman Singh Malik announced he's supporting two Liberal candidates in Surrey.

Malik - who was acquitted of murder and conspiracy in the 2005 Air India trial - is supporting Liberal Sukh Dhaliwal in Newton-North Delta and Shinder Purewal in Surrey-North.

When asked about Malik's support Ignatieff said, "I'm willing to have the support of anybody who's committed to democracy, non violence and human rights. That's always been my position and the thing about that incredible community is that they've been through an experience of extremism 30 years ago and they have turned their back on it forever."

Ignatieff was campaigning in Vancouver.


This is what I am referring to when I stated the family was airing it's dirty laundry in hopes of embarrassing Ms. Young. Families have disputes and money is at the root of a lot of them. This is no different. And again- it reflects more on those family members than Ms. Young. Hey, they can say what they want, but, I hope they don't expect others to look on them with pity.

And from what I understand throught he Province article, this 'family' issue is still be addressed by the courts.

Young family feud


More trouble for Vancouver South Conservative candidate Wai Young.
As she scrambles to deal with criticism stemming from her endorsment by Ripudaman Singh Malik, now comes word five of her brothers and sisters have issued a public statement saying they won't vote for her on Monday.
Court documents obtained by Province newspaper columnist and CKNW host Michael Smyth outline an ugly family feud over her late father's estate.
Her father died three years ago and that has triggered a bitter battle over money and assests, sparking lawsuits and family confrontations where the police have been called.

The Vancouver Sun has just posted this story on their website. Mayor Gregor now denies he ever shook the hand of Ripudaman Singh Malik at a Khalsa school event. NPA's Anton says he did. Who is telling the truth?

Excerpt: "Anton said she immediately left when it became apparent that Vancouver councillors were being called to come up and accept a plaque while Malik was nearby. "Once they were getting people up to shake hands with Malik, I left," she said. She photographed Robertson accepting a plaque from Narinder Chhina, a school official and former Vision Vancouver school board candidate, while Malik looked on. Several other councillors, including Andrea Reimer, Raymond Louie and George Chow were also at the dedication."


"Robertson said he has never met with or shaken the hand of Malik and will not accept an endorsement from him. "I was conscious of him but kept my distance," the mayor said. "I was obviously concerned that he was involved and there (at the school) but steered clear. I didn't speak to Mr. Malik."

When asked about Malik's support Ignatieff said, "I'm willing to have the support of anybody who's committed to democracy, non violence and human rights. That's always been my position and the thing about that incredible community is that they've been through an experience of extremism 30 years ago and they have turned their back on it forever."

SO THAT MEANS UJJAL IS OPEN TO MALIK's SUPPORT AS WELL? Then why was it such a big deal that he had to wag fingers at Wai Young?

Ironic 2 faced man.... whose integrity is on the line now?

@ Irony:

It has been reported that Malik has endorsed 2 Liberal candidates in Surrey ridings.

Malik is endorsing the Conservative/Young as she is running against Dosanjh.

If it weren't Dosanjh running in that riding, I would bet Malik would be endorsing the Liberal candidate and not the Conservative.

As for Iggy, that is the response you get when the party 'leader' has been out of Canada for 26 years.

The Thought of The Midnight

"Common. Move on guys. Well, it's too bad that Gregor thought he was going for a cameo appearance as Jack Sparrow,on the fourth instalment of the 'Peeratz of Za Kharabeeyan'"

Plus, I have to admit, you shake it with 20 bearded men wearing coloured turbans and the 21st could as well be Elton John, as far as I'm concerned.

Gregor got his photo op,thank you very much; Malik got his name in the paper and now for all the good reasons, thank His Worship very much.

"Worry about your own fortunes gentlemen. The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers...I’m Captain Jack Sparrow."

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Wow, the CBC actually aired this story. Mind you they gave Gregor a chance to wiggle off the hook. Where is Global on this story? They must be trying on new jackets and talking about bike lanes. Am I the only person who thinks the local media is trying to be TMZ? Cut the fluff and report some hard news.

As much as I think Ujjal is dipping slightly below the belt with this story, I gotta say I'm less than impressed with Wai Young.
The family thing does matter. When 5 of 6 siblings are suing you over a parents estate.....that ain't good.

Most importantly (and I say this as a true blue conservative...although social liberal), Young comes off very poorly as a third rate candidate at best. No wit. Duck and dodge the cameras and the questions. She had a chance to stare at the camera and say,

'we should all know by now that Ujjal Dosanjh will do, suggest, or say just about anything to hold onto his seat. The suggestion that I support terrosim just because this animal decides to show his face and flap his jaw when I'm in the room says more about him than it does about me. There is a reason why so many people in the South Asian community have no interest in voting for Ujjal. The media constantly criticizes Stephen Harper for trying to vet his audience at every appearance. But when I make an appearance and don't do that, i get slammed. Seems like a double standard if you ask me".


They are suing over $14,000 and it is still going through the courts.

I've seen bigger lawsuits play out on People's Court and Judge Judy....

Wai Young was the one who stood by the side of her senior mother during all this time. You may need a translator for this clip. Mrs. Siu is 80 years old.... to be dragged through the mud by her ungrateful kids and grandchildren over money... and now caught in the middle of political mud it any wonder that her response was delayed given the combo punch Ujjal just landed on Wai Young and her elderly mother?

See Wai Young's interview:

The problem with Wai Young and the Khalsa school is two-fold:
1. She attended a political rally at the school. Schools that receive public funds are not allowed to hold political rallies. You'd think she/her campaign/the Conservatives would know this.
2. She received an endorsement from the school itself. Yet another thing that's not allowed. Once again, you'd think she/her campaign/the Conservatives would know this. They've been in enough trouble with Elections Canada the last while that you'd expect they have all the fine print handy at all times.

So, Wai Young should not have attended the rally. She should have repudiated the endorsement. She should have said straight up she doesn't support terrorists like Malik. Instead of waiting till the public pressure was so large that she had to put out a (weasally) statement about terrorism.

Really, is it too much to expect from our public representatives that they know what the law is, and obey it?

What was Ms. Anton doing at the same event? Pot calling the kettle black. And if it was such a problem for her that the mayor was photographed with Malik...why did she wait a year to "expose" the photo...that she took? Me thinks Ms. Anton is going to be a Mayoral candidate this fall.

@chris you're conspiracy theories are way off base. If Anton was doing this for full political impact, she would have waited to release the photo in the middle of the civic election. Not in the middle of a federal election when the storied will get buried and twisted by CBC journalists. Politics 101 my friend.

I too was surprised that Vision friendly CBC aired this story. But if you dig a bit deeper, they are actually blaming Anton for releasing the photo.

They actually say she "leaked" a photo to citycaucus. Hello? Was that not a public event? Can you really "leak" photos from a public event.

As for our teflon mayor, the CBC pushed the "easy" button again and let him off the hook, while holding the NPA's feet to the fire. Good to see our public broadcaster knows where the real story is.

That Hadaway reporter clearly had a agenda going in to this story. Sure would be nice to get some balanced reporting once and a while.

These also seemed to have missed the fact that there were other councillors in attendance at this event.

They've worded it more like Anton was spying on the Mayor.

As for Wai Young, she seemed to be at the school for roughly the same reasons Robertson et al were.

She stated (Global news) that she met with several children's classes, discussed the importance of democracy and then met with roughly 60 parents for the same.

How is Ms. Young's visit and the Mayor's different?

It isn't

An important point regarding Young is that this was not her first meeting with Malik. In addition Mr Dosanjh (who, let's remember, these thugs tried to murder) has alleged other links to the local 'Harper Government of Canada' hierarchy.

All of this community vote grubbing is pretty demeaning. When it connects to mass murderers, as well as probably crossing the line of legality, it's no use complaining, "Look at Robertson, he's just as bad" because he isn't, even if the man is ethically and intellectually ten cents short on the dollar.

You'd think that the Conservatives would have learned something about incitement to murder after Tom Flanagan disgraced himself or about constitutional propriety after previous rebukes.

The Young vs Robertson connection to Malik is VERY different.

Wai Young is a Conservative and a woman politician. Gregor is a man and a left leaning socialist.

Of course the left leaning media are going to eat Young alive and give Robertson a pass. Anyone could see that one coming.

I'm also not surprised the CBC would go after Anton. If she really is running for mayor against their friend Gregor, they'll need to take her down earlier rather than later.

According to the Sun's Kim Bolan, Wai Young met with Malik and some others at the house of a supporter on April 2, several days before her visit to the school. It seems quite unlikely that she doesn't know who he is.

The election should be on the issues not on the basis of who endorse to whom. We live in a democratic world where a saint and satan have the same rights of vote. We do have voting rights for the prisoners and no candidate is saying that he/she won't accepts votes from them. As for the role of chairtable organizons endorsing candidate is nothing new , I have seen pictures of the Presidents of the Gurdwaras in the candidates advertisement material distributed to the public. Do I need to say more.

No, we live in a democratic country not a democratic world. While diversity is a remarkable and treasured value in Canadian society, what we as Canadaians do not embrace is the importaion of old world religious based violence and terrorism. Immigration to Canada has long been a source of refuge from such oppression and violence. It should be left on the shores of old homelands to permit all in Canadad to enjoy a free, diverse and democratic society.

@Mark - Politics 201 my "friend". Get all your garbage out before you run and then you have all the ammo ready for your disposal. Too bad this grenade seem to be a dud. What a surprise... Ms. Anton IS running for mayor.

Check out!

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