BC NDP Leadership: The High Fiving White Guys

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The High Fiving White Guys in Canada, eh! – see video

My colleague Daniel has described in a pair of posts the impact of the federal election campaign, among other factors, on local politics. But there is no more clear example of the media vacuum the national campaign is having than right here in B.C.

The leadership contest facing the BC NDP is so far off the public's radar we thought as a service to our readers we'd draw a little attention to it for a moment. After all, one of these five white guys may be the next Premier of British Columbia.

Five white guys? Wait a second. Doesn't the NDP stand for diversity and equity? What happened to the party policy to ensure that new candidates include women and visible minorities? Of course, the BC NDP did have a woman leader, but she was toppled in an internal party coup.

By comparison the BC Liberal Party had two very strong and qualified women candidates run for the top job – Christy Clark and Dr. Moira Stilwell – and one of those two gals became Premier.

Old fans of Almost Live!, the great comedy show produced during the 1980s & 90s in Seattle will remember The High Fiving White Guys They're Cool!! The HFWG segment above is a real treat because it was shot in Vancouver. I'm reminded of these guys when looking at the NDP leadership.

So what do the NDP's high fiving white guys have in store for British Columbia? Well, I understand it's "change" because apparently the governing BC Liberals are sooo familiar. That's the thrust of the party's latest negative ad campaign, which follow on the heels of a previous attack on Kevin Falcon's leadership candidacy. Not a whole lot of ideas, mind you, but the NDP sure know how to dish up the word play like FalconKidding.Me and Christy Crunch.

If the NDP want to make change the ballot question, will the long tenure of the leading leadership candidates – Dix, Farnworth and Horgan – be fair game? After all, each of them were intimately involved in the NDP administration of the 1990s.

If they're not getting any of the public spotlight, the BC NDP might only have themselves to blame. The party closed off memberships over two months ago, capping the membership at just over 28,000. It's a clear sign that the party stands for anything but change – locking down their lists months ahead of a vote.

The BC Liberal membership by comparison ballooned up to 90,000, and tons of ink was spilled trying to analyze the outcome. The deadline to become a member and vote for the next BC Liberal leader was just three weeks beforehand.

Doesn't anyone else find that ironic? The BC Liberal party triples its active membership, involves literally every corner of the province in the competition, and has women at the leadership table. Whereas, the NDP only have one outsider – the longshot candidate Dana Larsen – their membership has hardly changed a whit, and yet they promote themselves as "change"?

Only the NDP could dream that one up.


While I don't support the NDP's policies, I have no doubt that each of these men – (from left) John Horgan, Adrian Dix, Nicolas Simons, Mike Farnworth and Dana Larsen – will represent well the principles of the party they serve.

But if the BC NDP is going to label their opponents as being "too similar" to the previous administration while not applying their much-discussed standards for diversity among their leadership hopefuls, what other promises will they decide to throw out the window if they form government?

Having only high fiving white guy leadership candidates? Not so cool.

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Surely, the NDP leadership contest would figure prominently on "The Lame List".

If you look closely at the backdrop in which the high fiving White Guys were standing in front of, prompts some serious questions of whether the NDP copied the BC Liberals in using the same Helvetica family font and the style of words and colours are eerily similar (the matte look, the thin "BC" and bold "NewDemocrats").

They must be desperate wanting to look like the BC Liberals. :P

Where is your originality NDP? Where is the Joy MacPhail days of NDP? :P

The NDP leadership race was being ignored well before the federal election was announced, which in my view says a great deal more about media biases than the qualities or failings of the candidates.

The NDP membership may be smaller and more exclusive, no cats allowed it seems, but its future leader will at least be someone who has been elected MLA by the people. How old fashioned is that?

They are only using the word change in the campaign as it was the slogan that lucked out for Obama in the US. Not too original.

Diversity to the NDP means having union affiliated and non union affiliated candidates. The biggest joke with the NDP is the continuation of their pandering to labour and its election day "volunteer" help and major funding on all the rest of the days.

The dippers love labour to the point where the party’s governing council has three union members from the BCGEU, COPE and BC Federation of Labour, and the party’s constitution dictates the governing council have at least one vice president from labour and at least one of four members-at-large must be from labour.

If the BC Liberals treated business this way we wouldnt hear the end of it.

You mean these incestious parties, in all levels of government, keep spitting out the same thing over and over and it isn't really change???


But wait...they keep getting voted in....so who is really the dumb one here?

Let me tell you a story from way on back,
when the NDP meant something, Jack,
there's Big Moe, little biddy Moe, four eyed Moe, No Moe,
Look at brother, look at brother, look at brother,
eat Moe!

Who's the greatest party around,
makes the fast cats price go down,
who's the talk of the logging towns,
five guy's like Moe, that's us!

When Moe gets up and begins to strut,
We all jump and kiss his butt,
we have no ideas, Moe tells us what,
five guys like Moe.

We live for the party,
and Moe is our King,
we get high and you'll know why,
when we tax you ka-ching, ching, ching, ching, ching.

High brow, low brow, you must agree,
we're all puppets for the NDP,
I'm telling you folks, you really ought to see,
five guys like Moe.

Not one guy, No Moe,
Not two guys, little biddy Moe,
Not three guy's, four eyed Moe,
Not four guys, Big Moe,
But five guys, eat Moe,
Five little guys like Moe, Moe, Moe, Moe, Moe,
that's us!

Yes, Mike, the NDP sure do know how to "dish up the word play." Too bad they aren't much good at anything that really matters.

Word play is easy and ultimately fairly juvenile. Besides which, there's no shortage of word play possibilities inherent in the names of the NDP leadership candidates.

How about a T-shirt with a photo of Adrian Dix standing with a group of ladies from a generic public sector union. The caption could read: Chicks with Dix!

And, please tell me, how much is a "farn" actually worth?

Let's not leave John Horgan out. I'm personally reminded of that old joke about the guy showering at the gym who notices a man from Trinidad showering next to him with the same name "WENDY" tattooed on his privates.

The punch line of that well-worn old joke is that the guy from Trinidad's tattoo actually reads "WELCOME TO TRINIDAD, HAVE A NICE DAY" when it's fully stretched out.

If we stick the name "HORGAN" into that old joke the punch line could read: HARRY "SNAPPER" ORGANS AT YOUR SERVICE, MA'AM. (My apologies to Monty Python fans.)

I could go on, but I won't.

I'm dreaming of the day when "diversity" referred to ideas and genuine accomplishments rather than skin colour and gonads.

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