Gregor: "the Coroner made us do it"

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GlobalTV presses Gregor Robertson on apparent political interference in Pandora inquest (video)

It's heartening to see some media outlets here in Vancouver like GlobalTV and CKNW News seeking to make Gregor Robertson and his handpicked City Manager accountable for their part in influencing the choice of date for the Pandora Street fire coroner's inquiry. The reports beginning Sunday night by NW's Charmaine de Silva and then by GlobalTV's John Daly the past two evenings are a rare instance indeed of when we see Hizzoner outside his comfort zone.

Gregor as we know is much better at ribbon cuttings, or demonstrating an electric car where he can simply put it in drive and avoid reporter's questions.

While we here at are short-staffed during Spring Break we thought we'd share both of Daly's excellent reports today.

Robertson: "the City chose to advise the coroner" to delay the inquest – see Daly video #2

I'll also plug Thursday's 24 Hours Vancouver column, which you can either pick up at many locations around Metro Vancouver, or read online via the paper's e-edition.

We'll have some more reports here shortly on based upon recent FOIs, and other interesting political news.

UPDATE: My 24 Hours column is now online – "We need answers from Mayor Gregor."

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I was pleasantly surprised that Global didn't let the Mayor off the hook. By continuing to ask follow up questions, you would have to be pretty dense not to recognize the contempt the Mayor has for the people of Vancouver expecting them to believe his lame explanation of why the date of the inquest is pushed out after the election.

Robertson and Vision Vancouver dragged their heels on requesting/ordering a corner's inquest and now are further insulting the families of these poor men, by again dragging their heels on providing a timely date for the inquest.

After all, this is the same group that wanted to have the remains of the house torn down back in early January (14th).

Had this inquest been order two months back, I would guess that it would all be done and over with well in advance of the 'election'.

And what has happened to this slumlord? Anything???

This is leadership? Maybe, just maybe, Victoria will put a toe to the Coroner Office's butt and expedite this and other files.

Hey Klassen, talk about beating a dead horse. This flop house was on the City's radar when Sam the Sham was Mayor.

Hey 'Harper' (Charlie)

Talk about beating a "horse dead". You looking to squash this story? Are you trying to tell us that there's no need to dig for the truth. You'd rather let Mayor Moonbeam carry on in his ignorance? You related to Vision or Ballem? Anything against openness? You got anything against finding out who really dropped the ball on Pandora? Many know that Robbins did her part and delivered a report, and many know that timely action was not made. The fire was unfortunate. Not acting promptly towards the owner is dropping the ball.

The insanity of the City's arguments for deferring the inquest post election can be encapsulated as follows...

1) City Council breaks between Nov 3 and Nov 29. The earlier inquest date would allow plenty of time for staff and Council to participate without any concern for resources.

2) I think one should consider that it was likely a failing of the City's legal team in prosecuting the landlord involved which left the now deceased tenants in harms way. Their wanting to keep a low profile may have created a bias towards deferring the timing of the inquest to avoid further scrutiny by the media and political factions. I think it was hugely inappropriate for them to be negotiating the date given its sensitivity without instruction from Council.

3) Irrespective of 1 and 2, the CM and the City's legal team demonstrated a huge lack of respect for the Coroner's service, Council and the public at large when they failed to make clear the difference between the 2 dates prior to the date being set. It speaks to the present City Manager's own political leanings, as well as her arrogance and controlling nature. Clearly, the decision should have been a matter of public record best resolved initially "in camera" with Council and then disclosed immediately following to the public with the pervading sentiment.."justice delayed...justice denied" in any and all recommendations by staff. There was no need to rush this decision other than to attempt to cover it up and quietly reap the benefits of the later post election date.

Lastly the Mayor's lack luster response to this serious matter demonstrates the limitations of his character and also how hugely over managed he is by those is in his circle of trust.

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