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The boys in the CityCaucus Tower IT dept. came up with this video creation

There sure has been a lot of "systemic social change" happening at Vancouver City Hall over the last 2 1/2 years. With the most recent departure of Carlene Robbins, our IT department thought they would use some new software they purchased to produce this cool little video.

It's not that fancy, however, they are just learning how it works and what its full capabilities are when it comes to these types of productions. I think they did a skookum job of capturing some of the shenanigans happening over at 12th and Cambie. If it gets enough hits...they promise to do more!

The brief 2 minute video highlights some of the staff who have made "sudden" departures during what some are calling Vision Vancouver's "reign of error".

The IT department dedicates this to all the hard working staff down at Vancouver City Hall who toil away every day to ensure our sewers work our street lamps turn on and our buildings stand up straight. Enjoy.


love the chicken at the end.

you realize the first thing that will be said (probably by boohoo) is that there is some legitimate departures amongst your list - therefore the entire list is null and void.

so, consider it said and let's get back to the issue of morale, loss of institutional memory and the outrageous cost to the taxpayers to pay out and replace some very good civil servants.

Excellent points Julia..

You're right Julia, boohoo will be screaming blue bloody murder that one of those staffers retired and it had nothing to do with how bad Vision is. Glad you got that off the table.

i agree with you that this video is sad when you think of how much corporate memory has been lost and the dollars that have been blown.

The chicken ending is superb! Bravo.

This video is a must see for every employee and taxpayer in Vancouver. I'm going to sent around this link to EVERYONE I know. I vote for more of them if you can.

I'm humbled you all think of my opinion so much.

boohoo, we just know how predictable you are. that is different than having regard for your opinion.

Well Julia, I can say the very same for most posters and authors here.

If you don't like my opinion, you can leave in a taxi. If you can't get a taxi, you can leave in a huff. If that's too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff.

This video kind of sums up Vision's term in office doesn't it. Let's hope it becomes a television commercial during the election when people are paying attention.

To CityCaucus Math Department: check your calculation on corporate memory loss. The "systemic social change" at City Hall has wiped out nearly FIVE CENTURIES of corporate memory.

Sound too fantastic to be true? Check the math. The video (self acknowledged to not be a complete list) lists 16 senior managers gone in 2 1/2 years. (This list however should not inlcude Mike Zora, as he was likely the only "true" retirement of those departed and left under good terms while Judy Rogers was still City Manager).

Most of the 15 recently departed on that last had over 30 years of experience (some less, most more). 15 x 30 = 450 years, and that's conservative. Again, that is nearly five centuries of collaboration, contributions, skills and knowledge that propelled Vancouver to the top-most liveable City in the World, all gone in one term of office.

But don't Penny Ballem's press releases and memos explain all this? Aren't these retirements all caused by Baby Boom retirements? Don't buy it. Talented people in their forties and early fifties don't retire, they move their contributions elsewhere. Experienced managers under the age of 65 don't retire, they are pushed out.

For those still who want to believe in Gregor and his apologists, be very careful. If you are involved in or support this administration, know who and what you are supporting. You owe it to the rest of us to keep your eyes open and question everything. Is this really the best we can do? Can sustainability really be achieved on the back of such a horrific approach to human resources...to people? A green agenda can be executed thoughtfully, respectfully, and with integrity. It HAS to be, to be sustained.

This administration is running City Hall and this City into the ground, and that is Just Plain Sad.

I hear they're going to tear you down and put up an office building where you're standing...

The Thought of The Evening

"Some food shacks are failing because they allow unscrupulous patrons to bring outside liquor to serve with their meals."

JPS, right on. Vision, Robertsolomonny and the rest of the Hollyhock creatures are the promoters (as per your words) of 'the "systemic social change" at City Hall has wiped out nearly FIVE CENTURIES of corporate memory'...only to be replaced, I may add, with the insanely funny,and self-serving Joel Solomon's 500 years plan. What do all these agents of change have in common? They are all 'outside liquor' practising connoisseurs...

I've foreseen this move immediately after Vision's win, months ahead they started nesting in the Cuckoo Hall.
O tempora, o mores!
City Caucus was only a four months old baby then, breast fed, and getting stronger by the day. Just look at the strapping lad he's become...

Here's what I wrote:

(glissando remmy // Mar 13, 2009 at 11:15 pm)

The original piece, then called “10 Little Injuns”, was written by songwriter Septimus Winner in 1868 for a minstrel show and was much more elaborate.
“Ten Little Indians” is a modern children’s rhyme (sometimes “soldier boys” or “teddy bears” is used instead of Indians to avoid offense). The song, supra, is usually performed to the Irish folk tune “Michael Finnegan”.

The rhyme was notable for being the inspiration for Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.

The disturbing events of the past months made City Hall insiders to cry in amazement and obliged me to revisit this beautifully crafted poem.
I felt a civic obligation to bring it back to life in a new adapted form in sync with the dry suffocating wind that blows mercilessly from the City of Vancouver’s third floor.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please allow me the honour to introduce to you in premiere the new Vancouver adaptation
“Ten Little Managers”.

(To be framed and hanged in a noticeable place in every Senior Manager’s office for future reference and as reminder of the times we live in)

Ten Little Managers

Ten Little Managers going out to dine
Estelle choked her little self and then there were

Nine Little Managers sat up very late
Judy overslept herself and then there were

Eight Little Managers travelling to Devon;
Jody got left behind and then there were

Seven Little Managers chopping up sticks
Dave chopped himself in half and then there were

Six Little Managers playing with a hive
A bumblebee stung (Your name in here) and then there were

Five Little managers going in for law
(Your name in here) got into chancery and then there were

Four Little Managers going out to sea
A red herring swallowed (Your name in here) and then there were

Three Little Managers walking in the Zoo
A big bear hugged (Your name in here) and then there were

Two Little Managers playing with a Taser gun
(Your name here) shot the other and then there was

One Little Manager looked at herself in the mirror
Then, Penny apologetically yelled wheezy…

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy!

Amusing atmospherics, but what exactly is the point? The video is rather content-free as far as articulating any specific rationales, wouldn't you say?

City Hall is not exactly a place to 'clock mad ducats' as the kids are wont to say. Perhaps they found more rewarding opportunities elsewhere? Or had bad attitudes? Case of SADS? Or moved closer to their kid's school?

Why - I could speculate all day!

Based upon my experience on their projects over 30 years, I have yet to meet a single city staffer I would hire. Just because these people were considered some of the best is no recommendation.

Frances Bula's blog of today is on 'Reports of city halls’ secret meetings posted and it’s mostly, um, not that exciting'

On that list:

- It costs $60,000 to do a headhunter search for senior staff

So, would this be a one-time shot or does it roll along with the need to replace 'senior staff'.

Why if we were in a canoe I'd paddle you. I have half a mind to feel insulted. Or was that 'If I had half a mind '... Honestly I can't recall... must be suffering corporate memory loss.

Anyhow, off to make another speech, barring any impediment.

Hail Hail Greendonia

It is more complex than a sound bite. Good work is being done at City Hall and by city workers.

@ parker johnson;


I can't decide which train wreck is more facinating to watch; Vancouver City Hall or Charlie Sheen.

It is a toss up!

Off topic but of interest:

Anton stands alone, again
Mike Bothwell

Vancouver Council is expected to approve a new plan to manage growth around the region. But one Councillor says she can't support the move.

NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton says she'll vote against the so-called Regional Growth Strategy.

She says when it's approved the City will no longer control it's own industrial land, "We gave up control over our own land policy and we gave it up in favour
of Metro Vancouver. I don't agree with that."

Anton expects the Vision Vancouver Council to approve the plan. She says the five year process to make changes is now over.

Looks like the boys at citycaucus has just posted this new hilarious video online. Vision can only wonder what's coming next.


This is excellent...City Caucus thanks to Vision, is going to give us a laugh a minute until November 19th...

Months ago, I made a comment that social media would be Visions downfall...guess I was right...

Using social media to pressure my administration, eh? Two can play at that game!


If Tsisserev, Robbins and Hancock were the only cases-odious all-this administration gets a big fat "F".

"Why - I could speculate all day!" Which means we would be spared this drivel...

Each corporate search costs that much, many into the 100s of thousands.

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