Premier Clark announces new cabinet

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new cabinet
Shot of today's Cabinet swearing in

UPDATE: Here is the full list of Cabinet appointments...

The new cabinet appointed and sworn into office by the Lieutenant-Governor in a ceremony today is:

  • Premier – Hon. Christy Clark
  • Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance – Hon. Kevin Falcon
  • Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation – Hon. Mary Polak
  • Minister of Advanced Education – Hon. Naomi Yamamoto
  • Minister of Agriculture – Hon. Don McRae
  • Attorney General – Hon. Barry Penner
  • Minister of Children and Family Development – Hon. Mary McNeil
  • Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development – Hon. Ida Chong
  • Minister of Education – Hon. George Abbott
  • Minister of Energy and Mines (minister responsible for Housing) – Hon. Rich Coleman
  • Minister of Environment – Hon. Terry Lake
  • Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations – Hon. Steve Thomson
  • Minister of Health – Hon. Michael de Jong
  • Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation – Hon. Pat Bell
  • Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government – Hon. Stephanie Cadieux
  • Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General – Hon. Shirley Bond
  • Minister of Social Development (minister responsible for multiculturalism) – Hon. Harry Bloy
  • Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure – Hon. Blair Lekstrom

Additionally, 10 MLAs have been named as parliamentary secretaries, and will work with ministers to focus on key initiatives of government.

Rich Coleman will serve as the Government House Leader and Terry Lake will be the deputy Government House Leader. Ben Stewart will be the Government whip.

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The Thought Of The First Day

'Christy Clark is going to take us all on a journey. A short one but still, a journey...'

First, she's going to take us to Lilliput to meet the BC Lilliputians. Always at war with the NDPee Blefuscusians. There, we'll learn how to pee on authority. Her authority.

Next, she's going to take us to Brobdingnag to see the selfish Giant Political Airheads and learn about Parliamentary Body Odor.

We'll continue our journey to Laputa, the Floating Island,where we'll meet the hideous Struldbuggs. Time to introduce the new Ministries and Ministers composed of useless philosophers, inventors, and scientists. We'll meet her idol, the Universal Artist, the New Civilized Person "who directs his followers to turn useful things into the exact opposite, which results in useless achievements. Some of the experiments held were to create tangible air, wool-less sheep, and horses with stone hooves."
Hence the new names...Ministry of Custard Pastry, Ministry of Flip-Flopping, Ministry of Low Achievement, Ministry of Perpetual Searching,Ministry of Smoke and Mirrors, Ministry of Offense and Misdemeanors, Ministry of Inter Parliamentary Dating, Ministry of Green Pasta Primavera,and last but not least...the Ministry of Revenge a.k.a the 'Tsakumis' Ministry.

Finally we'll reach the uncivilized Yahoos from the land of Houyhnhnms who'd teach us the use proper use of our own Dung, or Bullshit in modern speak.


Then, the day will come when she'll take you all back home.
I'll stay in Lilliput.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy

I am glad to learn that Minister Coleman will be retaining the housing portfolio. He has made great strides in this area so far and as he has the knowledge of what still needs to be done, he is the right choice.

i wonder how the seniors at the converted building in the West End (Sunset Towers) feel about Minister Coleman?

No Mo?!!!!(Stillwell)

No good!

Check out!

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