Portlandia: In the Mayor's office + cycle aggro

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A video interlude from the IFC series 'Portlandia' that feels eerily familiar

Some more fun from the new TV series Portlandia, and opening scenes from episode two.

First, a pair of former musicians get an audience with the Mayor in is spiffy little office. He boasts about having the best website for a Northwest city under 700,000 population. He gave the award to himself.

The follow-up scene is a send-up of the urban warrior cyclist. Portlandia is a winner because of these great character archetypes. The sad part of we cable TV starved Canadians is that the program is not yet broadcast in our country. However, YouTube is filling up with clips of the three episodes, so just search the program name and you'll find plenty.

I think in both scenes of the above clip Vancouverites will find some of the parallels to home pretty amusing. The Gregor-esque mayor is played beautifully by Kyle MacLachlan. And Portland's real mayor, Sam Adams, plays a cameo as MacLachlan's assistant.

Given that we're actually living some of the more absurd moments of Portlandia here in Vancouver, I thought our readers might enjoy this clip.

So enjoy!

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Freaking hilarious - thanks Mike!

"Whole Foods is cor-por-ate!"

Love it.

Must be modeled after Vancouver with an American locale. Haha.

Absolutely fantastic. Hits a little TOO close to home though...it MUST be based on Vancouver.

"bicycle rights" lol

I have to wonder if the guy on the bike is Richard or Chris Keam?

On a serious note, I did happen to run into a couple of people from the show who were up in Vancouver doing some research.

It turns out that Portland has nothing on Vancouver when it comes to flakes in City Hall and those pushing the cycling agenda.

This is more about Gregor and Co. than you realize.

Ah, my fan club keeps growing. Msg me privately G and I'll send you the signed 8 X 10 glossy and the secret cyclist decoder ring.

Thanks, OMG now sleepless nights in anticipation as I wait.

On the decoder ring, I'd prefer to have a duplicate of the earing that caught you up in the clip.


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