Media scrutiny drives US charities to rewrite/remove grants aiming to thwart west coast oil exports

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Looks like US charities are not happy with the media attention in Canada welcomes back Vivian Krause with yet another bizarre twist in her explorations of US charities pouring millions into Canada in aid of several political and environmental causes. As she explains below, since her research has hit the headlines in Canada, these organizations are quietly revising or removing info from their websites, seemingly in an effort to disguise what they're doing here. For more information on this and other related matters, visit

"The growing role of private foundations on the global scene raises a(n) important governance question: to whom are these independent and increasingly powerful organizations accountable?"

- The Global Role of U.S. Foundations, The Foundation Center, page 37.

No Tankers Logo Since December, three U.S. foundations have re-written or removed substantial information about the funding that they have provided to Canadian environmental organizations for campaigns that would thwart the Alberta oil industry or block Canadian oil exports to Asia. These foundations are the Bullitt Foundation, the Wilburforce Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc. - All three fund Tides Canada and the Dogwood Initiative, which runs the "NO TANKERS" campaign.

Also, a few years back, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation quietly re-wrote four grants for $3.6 million for "demarketing" campaigns against B.C. farmed salmon.

1. The Wilburforce Foundation

Last week, the National Post published an op-ed of mine titled, Who is Organizing for Change? In that op-ed, I reported that through Tides Canada, the Wilburforce Foundation has been funding a project called Organizing for Change. One of the activities of this project has been to get people to temporarily join the provincial Liberal Party in order to be able to participate in the vote on Feb. 27, which will determine the next Premier of British Columbia.

Days after my op-ed in the National Post, the Wilburforce Foundation removed a substantial amount of on-line information about the purposes for which it has provided money. In some cases, what's now missing is telling. For example:

  • In a $50,000 grant to Tides USA, Wilburforce removed the words which state that this grant for the Headwaters Initiative was “to support and organize the First nations communities impacted by potential tanker traffic associated with the Enbridge pipeline project in the Great Bear Rainforest.”
  • In a $25,000 grant to the Dogwood Initiative, the Wilburforce Foundation removed the words which said that this grant was “to protect the BC coast from the threat of proposed pipeline and tanker projects.” (note: click images below for larger versions)



2. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc.

Traveling AlbertaThe Rockefeller Brothers Fund removed information from its web-site which stated that it paid Tides Canada “... to educate American tourists and tour operators about the damage being done to Alberta by the unsustainable extraction of tar sands, and by doing so, to increase pressure on Alberta policymakers…

In the National Post, Kevin Libin reports that this money was for a Greenpeace web-site which mocks Alberta tourism. The name on the web-site is Greenpeace but as I reported earlier, here at this blog, the money to pay for it came from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc., through Tides Canada. The names of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc. and Tides Canada are no where to be seen on the Greenpeace web-site.

RBF $50,000 web-site ORIGINAL

To see how this grant now appears, click here.

3. The Bullitt Foundation

In December, I testified to a House of Commons Standing Committee that the Bullitt Foundation had paid the Dogwood Initiative "To expand an outreach campaign to mobilize urban voters for a federal ban on coastal tankers." Shortly after, the Bullitt Foundation simply re-wrote that grant saying that the grant description was "a careless mischaracterization." At the web-site of the Bullitt Foundation, it now says that this grant was "to engage and educate citizens on the potential risks of tankers on BC's inside passage and the Fraser River."

Bullitt Re-Written Grant $30,000
Why do American foundation remove information or re-write their grants like this?

UPDATE: As a result of the research done by Vivian, Mayor of Port McNeil Gerry Furney has sent a letter to Prime Minister Harper requesting a review of the charitable status of these US-based groups challenging Canadian sovereignty on natural resources:

I believe that a review should be undertaken of all these organizations that claim to be “charitable,” to ensure that they meet the stringent “charitable” requirements of our Government. If they do not meet the charitable standard that we expect, then their tax-free status should be rescinded. Is this possible?


- Post by Vivian Krause. Follow Vivian @FairQuestions on Twitter, or visit her blog at Please read: Important Notice & Disclaimer.


The Thought of The Day

"When asked the question 'why do American foundations remove information or re-write their grants like this?' Solomon, Robertson, Berman, Marx and Engels...were not available to comment. They were all 'Tide(s)' up!"

Vivian, you are preaching to the choir in here! The question is how can one take the truth sermon out of the 'church' into the public square?
This would be a great item to bring up in the upcoming November election. It would be my pleasure to Rock and Fella’ these Vision buggers.

Anyway...Not long ago you suggested 'Follow the money!'. I would like to add to that 'Follow the Bigot Affiliations!' as well.
Don't be surprised to find out it has nothing to do with saving the planet (one of the most deceiving and arrogant statements, right there), global warming, fish farming, or oil exploration... the search for power, control and more money is a very old game. The new age environmentalism is the casual cover; the new green message ‘we know what’s best for you’ is the same old red message... only repackaged; charities are the preferred mode of transportation; Robertson and Magee in New York? ...The Hollywood North sequel to ‘Dumb and Dumber’ only with better paychecks.

Im Westen nichts Neues...Lili Marlene.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Not a fan of the oil sands, but not in support of outside interveners in our sovereignty, either.

It turns my stomach to see some of the youth of this community, one day demonstrating against America, gladly taking their blood money the next


Tax them.

Thanks Vivian for shining a bright light on this obviously illegal activity by American charitable foundations. There is nothing remotely charitable about political activity and these Americans are interfering in Canada's sovereign affairs. I do trust that the appropriate federal department in Ottawa is listening.

I am glad to see that Mayor Gerry Furney has writtent the Prime Minister requesting an investigation into Tides etc.

The National Post has ties to smaller community papers. I would hope the papers in the smaller communites that are directly effected by these activities would run these articles and broaden the footprint of knowledge.

Vivian, you've rattled the cage, keep up the great work!

And the gloves are off:

Oil tanker ban


Environmental groups are outraged that outgoing Premier Gordon Campbell has asked the Prime Minister to kill a proposed ban on oil tankers on BC's North Coast.

The Premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan joined Campbell in calling for the defeat of Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray's Bill calling for the ban. Eric Swanson, director with the Dogwood Initiative, says British Columbians don't want the tankers in our waters.

"We're wondering what Gordon Campbell's potential replacements think about all of this. I mean some of them have pointed to the review process as something that British Columbians should you know feel comfortable with but the fact is there are zero British Columbians on the review panel".

Swanson says the risk to the environment is to high to have more oil tankers in our waters.

Check out!

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