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Mayor Gregor's congratulatory note to Premier Clark was wrapped in a lead balloon

With the dust now settling from last night's leadership convention, BC's premier-designate Christy Clark is beginning to receive a number of best wishes from across the country. It's normal protocol for elected leaders of all stripes to drop their swords and be gracious when someone steps into this type of position. As we all know, it won't be long before we return to the cut and thrust of the political world.

Clark has already received phone calls and emails from leaders across the country including the Prime Minister. One of the first politicians out of the gate was none other than former NDP MLA and Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. Instead of just sending a short congratulatory message to BC's new Premier, he sent out what many consider as a very classless news release which isn't going over so well in the blogosphere.

Robertson fired off his letter shortly after the results were revealed. In it he states:

We’re at a point in time where BC faces a number of crucial challenges, whether it’s a lack of affordable housing, adequate public transportation, or a clear plan for creating jobs and keeping our province competitive. These are some of the issues we’re dealing with in Vancouver and I know other municipalities across BC are grappling with as well.

My hope is that as Premier, Christy will waste no time in meeting these challenges head-on, and will seek a new level of collaboration with BC municipalities. I look forward to working closely with her on the issues that matter not just to Vancouver but to people throughout the Metro region and our province.

Could Gregor not have waited even a few days before sending the new Premier his policy wish list? Why did he need to include this in his congratulatory message? I spoke to a number of BC Liberal members earlier today and they are all scratching their heads wondering what the strategy was behind this - assuming there was one.

Wouldn't it have been better for Mayor Gregor to simply congratulate Clark then request a meeting as quickly as possible? That would have offered him a good opportunity to deliver his message in person rather than through the news media.

When Jeff Lee from the Vancouver Sun posted his take of the Mayor's message on his blog, it quickly generated over 60 comments which looked and sounded a lot like this:

Juice Boy lecturing another politician. Now that is a ripe one. Perhaps Gregor if your own house was in order and backyard clean you might be listened to. Look a little further out in the valley and the City of Surrey. Now Gregor, who do you think the Premier is going to listen to!

Get your resume ready Juice Boy as you do not have much time as Mayor. - Sam

Hey Juice Boy...I hope you read these comments and can see the writing on the wall - Anonymous

Mr. Robertson, please just shut your mouth and mind your business... you still haven't clean up your bike lane mess and along with a long list of things! - Robertson's Victim

Vancouver taxpayer to mayor: get out of the city and go back to your island.

You have destroyed this beautiful city with your personal agenda for you and your friends. You WILL be leaving in November, but do the right thing and go now so we can rip up the cement "temporary" bike lanes that hamper emergency response vehicles so your 10 friends can ride around the city with their foul mouths and road behaviours. - Van Tax

Ouch. Ouch. And double ouch. All those nasty comments resulted in Lee having to update his post at noon when he informed his readers:

Okay, so this little blog post, which was essentially written entirely around Mayor Robertson's Saturday night statement, has generated a lot of comments and traffic. Part of that is because of the headline, which sounds like the mayor was giving Clark marching orders. I don't think anybody reading the last paragraph of his statement would miss his concern about wanting to make sure municipal issues are met by Clark "head-on". But I also don't interpret that he was being critical of the new premier-designate. Why should he? He probably has a lot more in common with her than he does with Kevin Falcon or Gordon Campbell.

Not sure I agree with Lee on this one when he says Robertson and Clark have a lot in common. I've been a regular listener of the Christy Clark Show over the years and there does not appear to be any love lost between these two politicians. As radio host, Clark repeatedly took Gregor to task on a variety of issues including bike lanes, wasted tax dollars, Olympic Village and backyard chickens to name but a few. Maybe that could explain why he never found the time in his busy schedule to appear on her show. Contrast this to when Robertson was out in public promoting Gordon Campbell's threepeat.

Only time will tell if Premier Clark and Mayor Gregor see eye-to-eye on most policy issues. What's  easier to confirm is that Vision's "congratulatory" news release is going over like a lead balloon with many of the rank and file.

- Post by Daniel


This is the new face of the Post Carol James NDP.

Classless and proud of it.

? What a gripping story...

Newsflash! I hear he didn't tip his latest waitress either!

@boohoo more of what we expect from you. You must go around life with a big cloud over your head. Does the sun ever shine in your part of Surrey?

I'm actually sitting in my house in Vancouver where I think my hot water tank just died, so I am a little grumpy actually yes!

But seriously, there are so many legitimate issues and decisions you could question about this mayor and it seems the only thing you guys like to pick on are the silly, trivial things.

Maybe the real reason his poor communication was the fact the transporter and tri-corder was not operational. No signs of intelligent life here captain!!!

Let's just put it this way - it was very much your typical NDP response.

Perhaps Robertson is still posturing for a run at parliment in 2013.

Silly and trivial. A lot of people think that description fits the Mayor like a glove.

BTW Home Depot sells a GE gas water heater with a 12 year warranty.

I wonder if Mayor Robertson is asking Premier-designate Clark for help on truly affordable housing, or for help on the "more affordable than ownership housing" that the City is creating through the STIR program?

PS - with regard to hot water tanks, the City has a solar hot water program that has been a bit "under the radar":

Not sure if they've reached their target of thirty $3000 grants.

Usually all we ever hear from Mayor Moonbeam is "no comment". Fitting that when he actually does open his mouth there isn't much substance to it. When is this guys' term gonna end already!?

Let me summarize: Clark ran a campaign completely devoid of substance, and you're pissy that Robertson called her on it rather than blowing smoke up her butt. Is that about right?

She's premier now. Forget congratulations; she's got work to do.

You have to be a cop or teacher to qualify.

Not much substance to it?

And I thought that he was being lambasted for having too much substance in his message rather than simply empty backslapping congratulations!

Get your slaps straight, eh.

There were are Kevin Falcon ads all over he Mayor's various sites and social media references. It was clear they wanted Falcon, which is odd considering how right wing Falcon is - must be more of the old boys network. They, like me, have spent their entire life being ruled by middle aged white men and they don't like to see a new face in politics

The Thought of The Day

"The women of Vision are busy preparing the Haggis for Gregor's long journey back to Hollyhock."

At least that's what I get from the photo. Haggis. Mmmmmmm...

'Þe hert of schepe, þe nere þou take,
Þo bowel noght þou shalle forsake,
On þe turbilen made, and boyled wele,
Hacke alle togeder with gode persole.'

Gregor'll wear his kilt kit with pride,drink his Scotch Whisky with passion and then he'll go search for that great canoeing spot with no cellphone coverage around the Island of Cortes.

Guid eenin and Guid cheerio the nou!

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


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