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Gregor the Greenest
Gregor the Greenest: promoting Vancouver or Robertson himself?

@FairQuestions Vivian Krause has made yet another fascinating discovery in her ongoing research of US charities pouring money into Canada for a variety of political causes. It turns out that one Seattle-based organization, the Bullitt Foundation, is providing goodly sums of cash that may have gone to a City of Vancouver initiative – to become the world's greenest city – by giving it to Tides Canada. Krause asks a good question: where did that money wind up?

Interestingly, the Bullitt Foundation just happens to be on the client list for consultant Mike Magee, Gregor Robertson's chief of staff. Here's her post...

In 2010, the Bullitt Foundation, based in Seattle, paid Tides USA/Tides Canada $50,000 "for expenses associated with the establishment of a fund to enable Vancouver, BC to realize its vision of becoming the greenest city in the world."

The goal to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world is the vision of Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver.

Tides Canada has been asked by e-mail about how the $50,000 from the Bullitt Foundation was spent. Did it go to Vision Vancouver or to the Greenest City Action Team (GCAT)? So far, no reply.

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