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Gregor the Greenest
Gregor the Greenest: promoting Vancouver or Robertson himself?

@FairQuestions Vivian Krause has made yet another fascinating discovery in her ongoing research of US charities pouring money into Canada for a variety of political causes. It turns out that one Seattle-based organization, the Bullitt Foundation, is providing goodly sums of cash that may have gone to a City of Vancouver initiative – to become the world's greenest city – by giving it to Tides Canada. Krause asks a good question: where did that money wind up?

Interestingly, the Bullitt Foundation just happens to be on the client list for consultant Mike Magee, Gregor Robertson's chief of staff. Here's her post...

In 2010, the Bullitt Foundation, based in Seattle, paid Tides USA/Tides Canada $50,000 "for expenses associated with the establishment of a fund to enable Vancouver, BC to realize its vision of becoming the greenest city in the world."

The goal to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world is the vision of Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver.

Tides Canada has been asked by e-mail about how the $50,000 from the Bullitt Foundation was spent. Did it go to Vision Vancouver or to the Greenest City Action Team (GCAT)? So far, no reply.

In 2010, the Bullitt Foundation paid Tides USA/Tides Canada $30,000 "To advance progressive environmental policies and achieve greater influence and effectiveness with citizens and decision makers in British Columbia." How were those funds used?

The Bullitt Foundation also paid $30,000 to Tides USA for the Dogwood Initiative "To strengthen and enforce a 34-year moratorium on oil tanker traffic in the mid and north coast of British Columbia, and to prevent expansion of oil and gas infrastructure in Georgia Strait and the lower Fraser Basin."

The Bullitt Foundation also paid $30,000 "To expand an outreach campaign to mobilize urban voters for a federal ban on coastal tankers." Shortly after I testified to a House of Commons Standing Committee, mentioning this grant, the Bullitt Foundation simply re-wrote the grant. (See a previous post on the matter of these groups re-writing grants after receiving public attention.)


Read previous posts on the questionable outcomes and cost of Gregor's Greenest City initiative.

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This is awesome. Maybe we can get the Americans to chip into supporting health care, transportation ... the skies the limit.

Does CityCaucus have an opinion on whether Vancouver should be a green city or are you opposed to this vision?

I'd prefer to remain a proud Canadian...

I prefer not to be influenced by or beholding to Americans... Payola used to create policies and make or influence decisions for my Country/City....

...the term greenest city is a smoke screen..= Payola

Steven, are you suggesting the ends justify the means?

@Steven "are you opposed to this vision"

You should have asked "are you opposed to this Vision" and the overwhelming response would have been yes.

Vancouver will NEVER be a green city. Its science fiction being promoted by professional cons. Another slick marketing campaing of total dishonesty funded by the Tides Foundation and the jetsetting carbon consuming Hollyhock crowds.

Vancouver's a concrete jungle and it always will be. Its covered with ashphalt highways built out of Tar Sands. Its a polution factory where the toxic flushing never stops. Out of sight doesn't mean its gone. Vancouvers toxic waste just re-appears in another community.

Vancouver Green? Not possible ever!

The Thought of The Evening

"Steven Even's frothing reminded me of the Park Rangers Men Choir, the only Real Green in Vancouver."

It's Big, it's Green and has 100 pairs of Balls. Aaron Jasper, Gregor Robertson and Friends need not apply.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Did Vivian Krause try using Google in her in-depth research into the destination of the $50k? A simple search turns up some relevant info (from another political blog, for what it's worth):

"Turns out Tides Canada issued a press release on January 17th about the idea. They’re working with that other agent of darkness, the Vancouver Foundation as well as the City of Vancouver to explore the possibility of setting up a fund to build “a partnership of businesses, local non-profits, individual and institutional philanthropists and local government” to “support new models of green innovation that can bolster our economy, address social inequities and improve our environment.”

The Bullitt Foundation provided $50,000 to Tides to assess the viability of the fund."

Real bang-up job on the research, Ms. Krause.

What does $50 000 to "assess the viability" even mean?

Ah, to be a professional grant writer in the brave new world....

Can I have $50 000 to assess a viability? Why vi a bility in the first place. Vi not a duck?

At the risk of invoking the now banned lyrics of a socially ostracized rock band,

"Get your money for nothing and your tricks for free"

I'm no linguist, but I assume it's to research whether it's worth it to spend many more millions on a proposed program. So the City and the Vancouver Foundation and the donors don't waste money. Seems obvious and pretty sensible to me.

And precisely where does the $50 000 go - Is it manpower? Grants? Wages to one people, two people, eight people? Report writers or glad-handers trying to entice philanthropists? I think this is the gist of the post.

To be perfectly fair to Ms. Krause, this is not answered in the generalities you stated. Some people like to see more meat on the bones, especially as the $ is flowing cross-borderes and it would appear some tax breaks flowed back.

Some 'charitable' organizations appear to be washing money in this country, and breakdowns are being requested.

as for "” to “support new models of green innovation that can bolster our economy, address social inequities and improve our environment.” that statement is another whole lot of nothing dressed in current PC clothing

So, how much of this sits on the brink of industrial and or corporate espionage...?

Brenton, I hadn't seen that press release. Thanks for pointing it out.

My inquiry about the $50,000 from the Bullitt Foundation was e-mailed to Tides Canada on January 14. They didn't reply but they did find time to issue a press release about this - three days later.

Steven, perhaps you could answer the question that I asked a while ago about whether you are the Steven Forth who is in several photos of the events of Tides Canada and Renewal Partners.

Keep up the good work Vivian,
you know you've made them nervous ;-)

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