Tomorrow's leaders connect with candidates for Premier

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The six candidates running for the BC Liberal leadership gather Wed. eve at the Hyatt

A group friendly to BC's governing party wishing to attract new faces to the political scene is holding another unique event at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom on Wednesday evening. Build 2030 has effectively connected with 'under 40s' in a way that is light on politics and rich with social networking possibilities for participants.

The draw on Wednesday will be that all six BC Liberal leadership candidates are located at one event for the first time, no doubt ready to strut their stuff. They pitch it like this:

Be one of the next generation of business and community leaders as they get to know the men and women vying to be the next leader of the BC Liberal Party - and the next Premier: Moira Stilwell, George Abbott, Kevin Falcon, Mike de Jong, Christy Clark & Ed Mayne.

Hear from all five potential premiers, speak with them personally, and take advantage of unparalleled networking with a top-notch invitation list. 

This evening isn't just for people who think of themselves as "political" - it's for anyone who cares about the future of British Columbia.

The event takes place Wednesday evening, January 12th at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom, 655 Burrard Street, Vancouver. Start time @ 6PM
, Registration @ 530PM 
Business Attire,
 Nibblies include canapés and cash bar. Tix are only $10, and there are some still available.

Register online at

I tip my hat to any effort to get younger citizens engaged in the political system, so kudos to the Build 2030 organizers.

Here's a bit more of their pitch on why the targeted group should attend:

BC politics are in a unique and fast-moving period of transition. A new BC Liberal leader will be chosen on February 26, 2011. They will become Premier. The leadership selection provides a valuable opportunity for the next generation of leaders to connect with and influence the leaders of our province. 

During the 2009 election, we organized a set of dynamic gatherings for under-40 leaders with Premier Gordon Campbell.

Building on that model, we are launching Build 2030, a non-profit organization that engages British Columbia's next generation of leaders with public affairs. Build 2030 aims to create a constructive, future-looking, and solution-oriented venue for British Columbians under 40 to influence the future of their province - today.


Umm, some of us slighty over 40's are going down to kick the tires, too.

We will be there for the politics and not necessarily the networking. Still it will be interesting to see who shows, and what the candidates say--and if they say anything substantial at all. I hear the format will be fairly tightly controlled (no q's from the floor).

Not that that will stop some. ;-)

Thanks for the plug, Mike!

Don't worry, TAT, you won't be alone.

The idea of no questions from the floor is actually to make the event more engaging. If you want to see a politician talk at you, you can always turn on the TV. We’re trying to keep the speeches to a minimum, and the personal interaction to a maximum.

We asked all of the registrants to tell us what question they would ask, then distilled those down to a set of themes we're asking the candidates to address. Then, of course, they can take the candidates to task all they want on the floor of the event.

Unparalleled networking?
Is that a new euphemism for cronyism?

You give me something and I'll reward you in return.
Richly in this province from what I've seen.

Politics everywhere.

Mary McNeill - Minister of Citizen Services has just announced her support for George Abbott bringing to 16 the number of MLA`s supporting George.

This endorsement doesn`t surprise me in that George was Health Minister for some of the time that Mary was the CEO of the BC Cancer Agency and she also has him slated to be her keynote speaker at an upcoming fundraising dinner.

I see Abbott didnt attend.

Even though it might not be his target demo it probably was a mistake. If only for the optics which make it look like he is skinnying down his campaign and cutting corners.

Check out!

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