Ziptrek Vancouver (Robson Square)

ziptrek guide CLOSED: Come and be dazzled at Ziptrek’s latest venture. Perched above the law courts at Robson Square, you will be provided the opportunity to zip over 170 metres (550') across Robson Street. Guests will zip high above the crowds an exhilarating six stories over Vancouver’s iconic downtown core! See photos of the site posted on Ziptrek's website, or click the photo for a larger view.

Check out our video taken Feb. 1st showing the Ziptrek crew testing out the line.

This unique endeavor will provide visitors the opportunity to experience the thrill and exhilaration of ziplining – brought to prominence in North America by Ziptrek’s flagship operation in Whistler. Switching the traditional backdrop of old growth forest, to cityscape, should prove to be an amazing and rare experience. Not to mention the fact it will be taking place at one of the key hubs of Olympic activity! This once-in-a-lifetime experience happens during the Olympics, and best of all it's free! The hours of operation are 10:00 am - 9:00 pm daily. Bring your camera and expect the line-ups to be around the corner! There are no age restrictions, but riders must weigh more than 65 pounds (29.5 kilograms). Organizers say they can accommodate about 1000 people per day. The lineups have been very long since this venue opened be prepared to wait.

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We were there on Saturday morning just after it opened and waited just over 2 hours. Definitely worth it!!! Of course, it was raining off and on during our wait.

the wait was 1.5 hr on Friday night during the paralympic opening ceremony and early Saturday morning... probably will be more busy this weekend with the sunshine

Weekend is 3 and half hour wait. When it was raining, it was 2 and half hours.

Has anyone tried to go during the paralympics? Wondering what the waits are like, thank you!

Rumor has it that the zip will now be open during the paraolympics :)

Again, the info on this site does not match the info on the event site. Here it says it is open Mar 12-21 but on the Ziptrek site it says it finished Feb 28.

When we lined up, the sign next to us said it would be 8 hours from that point. I pooh-poohed it, but lo and behold, it really took that long! We lined up at 10 am and din't get through until 6 pm! Really enjoyed it!

What an amazing experience, we got there early and enjoyed the line-up talking to the people in the line. Both my son and had an amazing experience together. I already looked up the web-site and wish to do the Whistler experience soon.

Ziptrekking will be operating during the Paralympics! Can anyone confirm whether they will remain open throughout (i.e. after Feb 28th) or will shut down and then re-open March 12?

As well as the weight limit, I think there is a waist and thigh measurement to ensure you will fit in the harness. You do not see this information until 8:15am, so you may want to call Ziptrek before you line up at 6am.

If I remember correctly, max weight was 275 lbs.

Hey, I'm thinking about lining up at 6am but before I go I need a friggen weight limit :P I'm going with my dad who wants to go really badly-he weighs 235 think he's good to go? Help?

The best time to line up is 6am. There will be only a few in front of you. Line up starting point is on Robson, near Hornby. You will see the sign, and maybe a security guard. At 8:15am, you go up the stairs. At 10am, they take 8 people at a time to sign the waiver and get harnessed up. Then you head up the tower. I lined up at 6am and was on the ground again at 10:30am. Do not get in line if you have been took one dude around the corner. He did not come back. People in line are really nice, and the Zip employees are awsome!!!!!!!

This was the only venue we lined up for (6hrs start to finish) and sooooooo worth it. the ziptrek peeps were incredible!!! and i got to fly across robson sq. on my back. what else can i say. biked around the streets late into the evenings and got incredible pics of the cauldron and rings. not as fantastic in the aft. with thousands of other onlookers. Incredible experience everyone should go participate. We were sad to leave.

How excited! But I dare not to go. Can this zipped game be continued after the Van. 2010 Olympic?

Have fun

This was SOOOOOO much fun. 7 hour wait was worth it :)

This is a dumb question, but where does the line up start... at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the 4th floor?

apparently there is a maximum weight limit, any one know what it is?


Here's a better video at the Ziptrek experience -

I found this on their website

All guests are required to sign an Assumption of Risks and Release of Liability Agreement. Under 19 requires signature by a parent or guardian.

You can even download the waiver form and print off a copy.

Same question -why won't this be open during the paralympics????

Why won't this be open for ParaOlympics too?

Lined up at 8 am Friday morning and finished at 3pm. It was really cool, loved it, but definately a commitment! If you are unsure about heights, either don't go or suck it up! People who are unsure make the line go so much slower.

Apparently there was someone there who camped out the night before, but I think generally the first people line up around 6am. Have fun!!

yes...if you leave the line to get food/bathroom break you get a pass to come back in...just don't call your friends and expect to squeeze them in!

Are there washrooms close by if the line up is 5-8 hours long? Can you leave the line to go use them and expect to be allowed back in line again?

The person that I "Jumped all over" has made nasty comments in 3 other event comment sections. So this comment was taking into effect ALL those other ones as well. I simply went through each event list to see if people recommended that attraction or not and if there were better times to visit that site vs other times etc... It was during those readings that I came across 3 different sections where that guy was attacking & being blatantly rude to people who just innocently commented about something being a very long line & not worth their time, or the troubles that they had with parking etc...

So why is it that he can be so rude to at least 3 different people making perfectly logical comments, but if someone then stands-up & mentions how rude he is for doing it & how inaccurate he is, that person is then accused of "jumping all over it."

The only way to stop people from attacking innocent commenters is to turn it back on them. If more people stood up to these rude & misinformed people, then those rude people would not be as apt to make those nasty comments in the future. That is the reason that I said what I said. He had not commented on anything that I had said, it was to other people that he did this to. Can you really not see the big picture as to why I did what I did?

Does a parent need to sign the waiver for tyhe zipline ??

I lined up for 4 hours but I don't mind to line up again to have another ride over prople . Its REALLY worth it

wow, talk about "jumping all over" someone...

This is in response to the ignorant comment that Craig made on Feb.7.

You stated that someone named Cliff wrote 10 sentences with 11 complaints. Your foolish response was essentially that Cliff was whining about standing in line to see an attraction. So Craig, where do you think you went wrong there? I'll give you a little hint: Why did you only focus on one complaint with your reply when you clearly admitted that the other guy had made 11. Do you honestly think that the main problem that he was having was with long waits in line for a free event? You can't seriously be that inept to see that Cliff's point was about the COST of hosting Olympics & the least that we can get is to be able to experience some of the free events.

Someone tells the truth and people like YOU Craig just jump all over it. Ignorance is no excuse for Craig. The city & province have paid (& I think I can quote you here Craig) an "Olympic" amount of money to host the Olympics. Now where do you think this money came from? Was it just sitting around & not being used for anything, or was it diverted from other fundings, such as Family Services etc... I do believe that answer would be the 2nd option.

So for a 2 week event, the city has paid $5.3 BILLION, but this does NOT include security (Yes that is the correct figure as it is printed in the official Olympic booklet that was mailed to everyone in Vancouver in the beginning of February.)

So for MORE than $5.3 billion dollars (where a very large chunk is coming out of BC funding)we as citizens & tax payers in BC have paid dearly to host these games. So I think that it is very Reasonable for someone like Cliff to have comments that essentially say, We have paid a very dear cost for something that most of us have no chance to actually experience so how about having some of these free events (like the Ziptrek) last for a little bit after the Olympics finish. You really think that it is such an Unreasonable request Craig? Even to someone like yourself who possesses such a minute ability to look at the big picture.

We got there at about 8:45am and got to go down the zipline 5 hrs later. It's a long line but definitely worth the wait! By about 10 am the end of the line was 8 hrs long!

It will speed things along if you sign the waiver form while you are in line as there is a lot of information that needs to be filled out. Also, dress warmly and bringing heat packs might help with waiting so long in the cold.

Apparently some people were taking a long time at the top debating whether or not to go. This holds up the line. There is none of that "heart-in-your-throat" feeling when you go down. So be brave! You won't regret it!

I think the organizers should keep it open after the Olympics, charge a nominal fee and donate the money to charity...that way locals get a chance to ride it and the profits can go to a local charity.

Sure there is a zipline at Grouse, but how often do you get to zip across Robson street, and for free? Grouse mountain is about $100 or so.

there's zipline attraction just in north vancouver - grouse mountain

they operate 5 zipline lines and it's well worth it!

skip the line in robson square and just go venture to the northshore where they have capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain (where the zipline is)

Lined up Monday morning at 8:30 AM and there was already about 200 people ahead of me. I only had one day to spend in Vancouver and didn't want to spend half of it in the line up so I left. This would be one of the places where it would have be nice to be given a "ticket" with a time to come back for the ride.

Keep it open after the olympics! Going to try to go this week!

Had a blast watching those people zip down the street.
I did not see any scaredy cats.
Nice attraction!

I saw someone hang upside down, brave soul!

It was good, but : I got in line at 8:30 and finally went down at 1:30pm. You guys do the math.

We did this on Valentine's day. A long wait but definitely worth the wait. I do not recommend it if you are scared of heights. The woman in front of us could not do it after waiting so long in line because of the height. Children might find it a bit scary at the top. Do not bring any large items/backpacks. Your items have to fit in a sack that gets attached to the zipline and travels down with you.

Canada Rulez--They provide you with a bag to hold your things. It's big enough for a standard backpack.

U92--The entrance is on Robson St. There's a sign. You just line up. It's pretty obvious once you show up.

Kelly Fitzgerald--Yes, there is a waiver.

The staff is really friendly and professional. I felt very safe and comfortable thanks to them. Absolutely worth my 2-3 hr wait! Can't wait to go again.

Does anybody know where do you put your personal items like wallet, keys, phone while you do this?

Also, just to let you know the wait today is about 5 hours, I talked to the workers and they said the lineup in the morning starts at about 8am (opens up at 10am).

I wanna do this too.

Robson Square is big. Where at Robson Square is the entry point?

And what's the procedure? Just get in line? Or do I wait 5 hours just to find out I should have signed in somewhere?

More info needed!

Minimum age is 6yrs but can it be younger if with an adult?

thank you to that nice young man who stopped 'comments' from the people in the line

Yes, you will sign a waiver just before you go in to put on your harness

Tried this for the first time today (Feb 13) and I'm hooked. Definitely going to try this again at Whistler this summer.
Yes, you will wait in line, not a surprise to those who experienced Expo 86. We got there at 9am, and there was already quite a line. Took 5 hours to get up top, but it was worth it, for me.
The following is just a suggestion to the staff for Ziptrek, who are a all friendly and professional.
I'm not trying to tell you how to do your jobs but, just a suggestion.........
We had a few people who probably got talked into trying the zipline, I'm thinking of one young lady in particular. I felt sorry for her.
If you have someone who is obviously scared, maybe pull them back, let them watch someone else go first. If they still don't want to go, at least they can exit without too much attention being focused on them.
Just something to consider.
You are all very enthusiastic and do a great job.

do you need a waiver or anything?

Lined up roughly 930am. Five and a half hours later. did the ziptrek. Lots of fun. Enjoyed it as much as the Whistler Ziptrek experience.

Nice video, thanks for sharing. how long was the wait?

we are gonna try too read it on the skytrain lol sounds like fun! & some1 told us it was fun!

the games are on! ...... & it was a wild ride home! ... going against stream!

Thanks Larry!!!

You have answered a lot of quesions. Maybe more people can post their arrival and wait times?

5 hours!!!!!!

Got to the line an hour before first day opening this morning. Waited 3.5 hours, but it was worth it. No age restrictions, only height, weight, and leg & torso girth. Two go at a time; lots of adult-kid pairings; in our case the 7 yo and 13 yo paired. Our group of 6 went up together and operators were accommodating of us taking photos of each other at either while we departed and arrived at the top of the towers.

I think Cliff has a point. It would have been nice to have a sneak peek for locals. Lots of Vancouverites already feel like we're hosting an event to which we are not invited. Why not show us some consideration? Anyway, it's too late for that now. So you're right, Craig, we can all TRY to enjoy them while they're here.

As for me, the zip trek sounds cool, but I doubt I'll be trying it. Long line ups are a big deterrent for me.

Can anyone tell me if an adult can accompany their child on this ride? I would appreciate any feedback regarding riding by two. Thanks.

The kids and I are very much looking forward to zipping across Robson St! I tried it in Whistler a few years ago and it was FUN!

Hey Cliff...absolutely unbeleivable. I think you just set a record for being a whiner of OLYMPIC proportions. In your 10 sentence rant you somehow got in 11 complaints. Boo Hoo! You actually have to stand in line while the world comes to visit us. Get over yourself and try and enjoy the Olympics.

Awesome! I will be there:)

I'm soooooooooooooooooo going to do this! This seems like it will be awesome! Wheee!

Local residents & small businesses are suffering because of street closures already. We are also footing a large financial bill to host the Olympics but virtually none of the sites or events are open to us prior to the Olympics. We either forego these opportunities or face the crowds during the Olympics. The Zip Trek line can only accommodate up to 1000 per day for 26 days. Their website states expect lineups to be around the corner. Thanks alot. Just what I wanted to do is stand in lines that long. OPEN IT NOW to locals so more visitors can enjoy these events. That goes for all the other Pavilions etc. OPEN THEM NOW so the locals can enjoy them in a leisurely fashion.

I'm 71 and I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go!
One question: do you have to STEP off the top, or can you RUN off?
One remark; leave it up permanently!

Minimum age is 6, and I believe the minimum weight is 65 lbs. - Ziptrek Guide

The note said no age restriction however 65lbs or more is required.

this is going to be AWESOME! can't wait.....

I work right across the street and checked it out. It is already set up but won't be open to the public until the Olympics start on Friday, Feb. 12th.

I bet the lineups will be hours long though...

Thanks Ziptrek for providing this to everyone and esp. for free. amazing!!! :)

How early do you think you need to line up?

oops...I meant 65lbs... lol

@ck and others...

it says right in the blurb that there are no age restrictions but you must weigh at least 65kg as the ziptrek line works on gravity and if you don't weigh the minimum, you'll get stuck halfway.

I've been ziptrekking in Whistler and it's an awesome way to spend the day..this actually may tempt me to come out and see some of the activities in Vancouver. very cool!

@ ck. Not sure if there are height or weight restrictions. Perhaps you could contact Ziptrek Ecotours directly to confirm. When you find out, drop us a line and let us know! We will then list this as a "family friendly" event if they do let kids on.

I've got two little boys who'd love to do this. Are there age restrictions? Height? Weight?

I can't wait!

Hey wassup fans!!! i am so temted to go!!!!


I can't wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just for the Olympics ? too bad :-)

OMG!!! I zipped the longest zip line up in Alaska, it was fantastic. I expect I'll have to wait in line quite a while to do this one? Will the zip line be put in place soon or is it already in place?

How do i sign up. There must be some huge line ups for this!

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