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whistler_village Whistler Live! is where the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games come to life with an energetic fusion of sport, art and entertainment. For 27 days, Whistler’s wintery pedestrian village will pulsate from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m against the spectacular backdrop of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. A diverse range of free and unique Whistler Live! experiences offer a dazzling taste of Whistler’s iconic mountain culture. Cheer on the athletes during CTV sport broadcasts; be moved by medals presentations; take in daily après concerts; enjoy film and photography; hear legendary tales and listen to DJs light up the nightly Fire & Ice Remix. Experience Canada’s Games in the heart of Whistler Village.

The Whistler Live! experience comes alive through a network of integrated and interactive sites stretching from Whistler Medals Plaza to the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Welcoming and accessible, Whistler Live! is designed for wandering, exploring and discovering.

Whistler Medals Plaza is where the global community recognizes the world’s best! Nightly Victory Ceremonies celebrate athletic talent, dedication and teamwork followed by spectacular music and dazzling performances. Here, Whistler hosts the Paralympic Closing Ceremony which will wrap Whistler in celebration.

Town Plaza celebrates Whistler’s home-grown music and arts scene. Visual artists create their works live and musicians play acoustic sets guaranteed to make you move. The OMEGA Bobsled completes the picture perfect moment, while the family-friendly weekends are filled with Fun and the Games.

Village Common is your backstage pass to Whistler Live!, documenting the moments and plugging into everything Whistler Live!. In this open production studio housing the screens and cameras that connect the community on Village Stroll, our hosts interview athletes fresh from the slopes and the artists gracing the stages. Stop by and be a part of the story.

Village Square epitomizes the après action Whistler is famous for! As the heart of Whistler Live!, this venue pumps the stroll with the energy and passion of the Games. After showcasing the best in Olympic competition, national and international bands rock the stage until the sun goes down. Step outside, because your living room is definitely no comparison to Village Square.

CTV Mountain Square is where Whistler is woven into the Games story. From their outdoor studio, CTV hosts Jennifer Hedger and Michael Landsberg broadcast live to Canadians 22 hours a day.

Fire & Ice Remix at Skiers Plaza closes each night with an on-mountain snow show of huge air, fire dancers and BIG DJ sound! This sensory overload paints the mountain, lights the skies, pumps the adrenaline and shakes the ground. Experience the Remix.

Storytelling at Blackcomb Bridge hosted by the Whistler Real Estate Association.When the sun sets behind the mountains, gather to hear legends, myths and tales from the Sea to Sky region and beyond. Tucked into a magnificent but intimate setting, this is the place to discover Whistler’s history and culture, surrounded by trees, snow, and the warm glow of a winter fire.

Whistler Live! ArtWalk brings the works of regional artists to Whistler Village, the Upper Village and Creekside throughout the 2010 Winter Games. This free walking tour showcases the incredible talent of over 60 Sea-to-Sky Corridor artists and artisans in 44 host galleries. The interpretation of our local landscapes and animals adorn the walls of shops and cafes. Edgy ceramics are displayed in hotel lobbies and office spaces. Abstract and contemporary pieces add colour and intrigue to restaurants and spas.

Several special pavilions will also be open to the public in the Whistler area. They include Austria House (located near Lost Lake) which will be open to the public from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Norway House (located in MY Place) will be open to the public for morning waffles. Swiss House is located at the Mountain Club in Town Plaza. We're not sure of hours of operation for this pavilion but we know it will be open to the public and feature Swiss cuisine. Rounding out the list is Slovenia House, which will be located at the Mountain Club in the Westin Hotel. This pavilion has limited public access, so drop by and inquire.

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Special notice to all those who want to experience the Whistler Olympic Cultural Houses. The houses here are very different from the ones in Vancouver. Most of the Cultural House situation in Whistler are closed to the general public. You can go to http://blog.virtualwhistler.com/?page_id=383 to see where all the houses are and if they are open to the public. Some of them are open and you should get out and check them out.

That being said for the last two days of the Olympics the Whistler Canada House will be opening up to the general public

The energy in Whistler Village over the past week has been amazing. Lots of great free outdoor concerts, tasty food at Swiss and Norway House, and a funny Slovakian theatre if you're there over the next couple of days. My only complaint is the Whistler Live tent in Village Common - not much to see and is severely hurting the businesses it is blocking. Be sure to venture in behind the tent and visit the stores and restaurants there if you are in the neighborhood - they need your support!

I would like to share the experience of being in Whistler for the Olympics with the world. There are tons of free events and concerts right in the Village outside of the independent houses. Check out this complete listing of concerts and events by date at http://blog.virtualwhistler.com/?page_id=132 The Virtual Whistler Olympic Blog was created to provide visitors, the ability to explore whistler virtually and see where everything is happening. Virtually walk through the village remotely. Take the time to post your experiences and we will try to place your comments into the virtual environment for others to experience. Guest Posting and Linking to other relevant blogs welcome.

Look for Bosniac's we really know how to party!

How do you to get tickets for the Whistler victory ceremonies?

There is no blackcomb chair. The only way to see the downhill is to be at Creekside on Whistler Mtn, where the event is being held. I am not sure what the security will be like, but most likely you will only be able to ride the gondola if you have a ticket.

I heard you can also view olympic downhill skiing if you take the blackcomb chair is this true?

Look for Serbs while at Whistler. We know how to party harder!

Look for Croatians while at Whistler. We know how to party!

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