West Vancouver Spirit Square

wv-spirit-squareENDED FEB 28, 2010: Over the course of the 17 days of the Olympics West Vancouver, a Venue City, will activate their Spirit Square at the West Vancouver Community Centre. Discover your inner explorer and soar into the cosmos with the Canadian Space Agency. This rare experience provides a fun and interactive learning experience for everyone. Enjoy your self–guided tour of a scale model of the International Space Station and gain a sense of what it’s like to live, work and play sports in space. Models of Canadarm2 and Dextre will be there for all ages to enjoy. Evenings will come alive with an array of national and local talent, from rock to pop to classical performances in the Atrium. Celebrations at West Vancouver’s Spirit Square will showcase the unique character of the West Vancouver community featuring live performances, visual artistry, traditional and contemporary music.

West Vancouver Spirit Square will be operational from February 12th to February 28th, and hours will be Sunday to Thurs: 9 am - 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday: 9 am - 11:30 pm.

There will be a lot to see so check here for more programming details. Click here for directions on how to get there.

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No energy, no excitement, no people. Overall boring, boring, boring!

"SPIRIT SQUARE" total disappointment. Scheduled events did not happen; exhibit closed early. People working were disrespectful and rude. Would not make the trip to go; wish I hadn't in the first place.

Isn't it more worthwhile to make a comment on the venue rather than repeat previous unimportant questions? We loved the Torch RElay, Nearly Neil, Winter Dance Show and a day spent learning about our Territories and space on a field trip with the kids. Who knew that astronauts exercise for two hours every day! They are like Olympians.

This is in Reply to Craigs comment that can be seen below:

Oh look, surprise, surprise! Craig is at it again. Is this the 3rd event that you have replied to someones comment in a rude & nasty way? Is this what you do with your time? I have no idea who you are, but I have gone through various sites to see if places are recommended or not & I have seen you many times making some nast remark to someone. What is wrong with you?

It's great that West Vancouver has teamed with the Canadian Space Agency to provide something educational and kid-friendly. Why all the negative comments? Typical of spoilt, affluent West Vancouverites to whine about minuscule details!

Hey Jeanette, Jenny and Carmina...get over the Spirit Square thing. And Graham, if you're going to join your walking group or go swimming, what is so bloody difficult about walking for a couple of blocks. Sheesh...I really hoped that West Vancouverites would be the least of the Olympic sized whiners in the Lower mainland.

stop being negative. so they re-named it spirit square for the olympics. its not a big deal, is it?

I think this would be the ideal location to hold a "snow dance" led, of course by our First Nations citizens.
I remember in 1986, there was a "sunshine dance" ( we were all praying for the rain to stop for EXPO) It worked! We had gorgeous warm weather for the whole of the fair.

Let's try it again!

There's already no parking at ""spirit square"". Any time I go for a swim or try to join a walking group I have to park 3 or 4 blocks away - and that's if I can find a place to park!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm surprised, like others are, to hear the name "Spirit Square." When was it named and what was the decision process?

What does space stuff have to do with the olympics. Are there any events that apply to the olympics?


Walk, bus, ride a bike, park in Dundarave......It is time to get excited about the biggest thing to happen to this city ever! Looks like a great line-up for the Spirit Square/Rec Centre and a lot of fun.

I heard that there will be no parking near the Community Centre, but that buses will be coming every 5 minutes to the Centre throughout the Olympics. I urge you to make sure the community is aware of the transit options available from both east and west approaches to the Centre.

I understand there will be no parking anywhere near the Community Centre, so many will be deterred from being there!

I have lived over 30 years in West Vancouver and I have never heard of "Spirit Square"...I checked your directions and of course it's the new communiity centre, but It just seems odd that you are throwing that name around as if it were common place?

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