Vectorial Elevation (English Bay)

vectorial-feb2ENDED FEB 27, 2010: More than two million people are expected to view the Vectorial Elevation Light Display installation in person in Metro Vancouver. The English Bay display of lights runs from dusk to dawn until February 28, 2010. Visitors to this can design how the lights will move, their angles and how they are clustered in timed sequences to create their own patterns for the world to see. A personalized webpage will be automatically created for each participant to document their design. Organizers estimate 130,000 different patterns will be created in the 24 days the project operates. Why not design your own light show in the sky? Click here for directions to Sunset Beach or click here for directions to Kits Beach.

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I can see these lights from my window...went out last night around 6:30 and they were off! I was sad and dismayed! How did I become so attached to these lights so quickly? And why does the sky look so dull without them? Given a choice, I'd love to see these stay around instead of the other (and if you want to talk about green, energy wasting,) "art" I can see from my window (the Engagement Rings aka the Pigeon Houses...)

The light may not show very clearly with a standard camera. With a small adjustment of brighness or contrast, it looks very nice!

Cheating ehhehe

It's worht to check it out!

It was worth to check it out even though the light may not show very clearly on the standard camera. It is easy to just change the contrast or brightness on photo adjustment program. hehehe. Cheating, but really look good just with a touch of change

Went to check this out after watching the fireworks at LiveCity Yaletown, got to the place before midnight and the lights kept disappearing. When I finally got to where these lights are coming from it stop completely. I waited for half an hour and it never came on again. I thought this light show was to be from dusk till dawn. Disappointing.

Just so you know, it's not at English Bay. It's actually at Sunset Beach, a good 4-6 blocks away from English Bay. It's rather captivating, but if you have a lower end camera, it doesn't photograph well. The camera won't capture the display of lights. Which was annoying. Other than that, its amazing.

Does anyone know what has happened to Vectorial Elevation? Didn't see anything last night or tonight. Did they run into a glitch of some kind?

Did anyone think about the eagles that usually nest right beside these huge lights on the south side? I know that the eagles are probably not nesting yet, but we're having an early spring here this year. I'm sure this excessive display will have some effect on the raptors.

can anyone tell me what 'time' the show starts? is it like 7pm when dusk starts... or is it more like night time like 10pm or after?

Considering that I'm taking a financial beating from these Games,can I at least get a photo credit for this picture? Gee,thanks.

It's nice to watch...for about 10 min.

I went under burrard bridge (go on burrard bridge heading north and turn right or left and find a spot slightly under) and got a good view of these vectorial elevation lights. Pretty amazing. Good photo ops.

"Most sustainable games"...

And yet here we have a display that, for most of the night, operates when very few people will see it.

At this time of year, dawn-to-dusk is about 14 hours so in one night its 20 10kW lights will consume 2800 kWh of electricity -- enough to power 85 average homes.

Stand outside them and get the view, and then inside them, on either side of the water. Having the beams around you is cool. And having them focus above you is especially so.
It's fun to go online, design a display, and then dedicate it to someone. I've thrilled a couple of friends with their own light display.

Really nice to stand outside them and get the view, and then inside them, on either side of the water. Having the beams around you is cool--and having them focus above you is especially so.
Fun to go online, design a display, and then dedicate it to someone. I thrilled a birthday girl by doing that.

We went to Vanier Park last night to see it close up it is amazing

saw them from upper lonsdale last night....looks like a big sale going on downtown lol....i'm sure with music it would be very exciting....

I walked down and saw the lights up close last night (Feb 4) unique performance art - see them from a slight distance to get the full effect of artisty, even better - LOVE them!!!

If you read the FAQ, the organizers state that neither wildlife nor nearby residents will be negatively impacted.

This looks like it will be fun. I hope it live's up to it's expectations.

As for migrating birds not a whole lot of that going on till early March won't be much of a issue

Just my thoughts on this.

Uh.. the light show is at night, from dusk to dawn, basically as close to the core of downtown as you can get. At night, most birds have settled in and are not flying anywhere. But if lights at night truly do bother certain species of birds, then highly doubtful they would be flying to the downtown core where the city is lit up all night long.

Just my .02 thoughts on this.

will this light show imapct the migration of Spring birds?

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