Vancouver House (LiveCity Yaletown)

yaletown-buildingsENDED FEB 28, 2010: The City’s home during the 2010 Winter Games, Vancouver House is designed to tell the story of Vancouver’s new business brand ‘Vancouver Green Capital’.

Visitors will understand the meaning of Vancouver Green Capital and meet the people from all walks of life and all areas of business who bring it to life. They will understand that Vancouver Green Capital is a logical extension of Vancouver’s past successes, a meaningful and authentic position for the city given both its geographic nature and its human nature.

Visitors will also understand that a business can be green not just economically – in the way it makes money – or environmentally, in the way it produces a product, but also socially, in the way it affects people and creates wellness.

People will leave Vancouver House understanding why Vancouver is a magnet for sophisticated human capital and why it is an idea capital where people are thinking, planning and bringing to life the economic future of the city. In short, Vancouver Green Capital is a business story and also a human story.

Vancouver House will be located at LiveCity Yaletown.

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Boring. I'm sure glad we didn't wait in line to get into this pavillion. A few pictures on the wall and not much else. Embarrasing.

They allow you to sit down here, which is great while waiting for concerts.
The other houses in Yaletown don't let you sit, they make you sit outside in the cold.
It seems not many know about this house as it's a bit farther away so if you're waiting for a concert, come sit on the couches here.


Big tent, paper walls, talking heads on screens, green signage, green message.
Yes we get it Mayor happy juice. Not get back to work!

this is the only live site so far that doesn't sound very exciting.

it's all about the city's Green Capital program and how we will "understand" what it's about.

Every other live site I have looked at some exciting and interesting activities planned.

you would think the Host City's site would be more interesting.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Vancouver's finest World artists:

Feb 14
Sun 2010
6:00-7:30 pm Vancouver
BC Welcome the Year of the Tiger with Silk Road Music and some of Vancouver's favorite artists.
Live City Yaletown 2010 Olympic
David Lam Park
Main Entrance Pacific blv and Drake st Vancouver

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