Vancouver City Hall

vancouverhallENDED FEB 28, 2010: You can expect that Vancouver City Hall at 12th Avenue & Cambie Street will become a hub of activity during the 2010 Games. A parade of dignitaries will be making their way in and out of the Mayor’s office. This is also the site of the 1952 Oslo Flag which is encased in glass on the main floor of the building just as you enter. Once the Games are over, the flag will be placed back in its special case and delivered to the Mayor of Sochi, Russia, host of the 2014 Winter Games. Nightly light displays take place after dark at the top of the hour on outside of City Hall. The show is called Ice Light by Gunda Forster.

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Actually - it was in the neighbourhood of 5.95 Million Dollars.

Thank you for the beautiful red and white tulips that was just planted to-day, they are a pleasure to see ,and watch grow. where else in Canada couldyou do thst at this time of year. and I like the lights.

Definitely looks cheesy!

When I first moved to Canada 24 years ago, the greenish "ghostly" lighting of the city hall is one of the unique aspects of Vancouver skyline. I'm actually proud of it and always made it a point to show to tourists. If you can see it from downtown or Queen Elizabeth Park, it actually looks like it was floating. I can currently see this building from my bedroom window and I always liked the view. WHO APPROVED THE NEW TACKY LIGHTING!!!

I don't understand the reason for adding the lighting. What was wrong with the original lighting of the hall??? The hall was certainly noticeable at night before the added moving Christmas light show.

"How much did we pay for this?"

Think somewhere in the area of $250,000 (I am just guessing, so don't hold me to that figure.)

That light display looks like something you'd find at a tacky used car lot on Kingsway. All we need is a big "closing out sale" draped on the side of City Hall and the artwork would be complete. I agree with Citizen Vancouver that this is pretty uninspiring and we could have found a local artist who could have done much more. It certainly ain't jaw dropping. Perhaps hypnotic?

First, why did we use a German artist for this and not a Canadian? Second, it looks like a string of Christmas lights on a timer. How much did we pay for this?

It's supposed to be jaw dropping...but it's not.

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