Ukraine House

Ukraine 2010ENDED FEB 28, 2010: Official home of Ukraine’s Olympic team for the 2010 Winter Olympics is being run jointly by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Embassy of Ukraine in Canada and Ukrainian Canadian Congress. Ukraine House will be open to the public every day during the Games except for Sunday, the 14th of February and Monday, February 15, 2010, as special events will take place on those days.

Activities are planned for all days and times that Ukraine House will be open to the public and will include a Ukrainian Olympic Ball, and a Youth Dance. Enjoy large screen TV coverage of Olympic events. See performers from both Ukraine and Canada. Participate in an an auction of sports memorabilia - including the runners worn by pole-vaulter, Sergei Bubka, when he set the world record.

Ukrainian food and alcoholic beverages will be served. Souvenirs as well as Team Ukraine athletic clothing will be available. Plenty of parking and ready access by public transit, will make Ukraine House the place to be when in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Ukraine House schedule (preliminary) is as follows:

Friday, February, 12 noon to night
Saturday, February 13 noon to 5pm
Saturday, February 13 Youth Dance (Zabava) from 6:30 pm till 12:30 am
Sunday, February 14 Closed to the public
Monday, February 15 Closed to the public
Tuesday, February 16 noon to night
Wednesday, February 17 noon to night
Thursday, February 18 noon to night
Friday, February 19 noon to night
Saturday, February 20 noon to night
Saturday, February 20 Ukrainian Olympic Ball from 6:30 pm till 12:30 pm
Sunday, February 21 noon to night - Auction @ 2pm
Monday, February 22 noon to night
Tuesday, February 23 noon to night
Wednesday, February 24 noon to night
Thursday, February 25 noon to night
Friday, February 26 noon to night
Saturday, February 27 noon to night
Sunday, February 28 noon to 7pm

Located at the Ukrainian Catholic Centre at 3150 Ash Street in Vancouver, BC. The centre is just one block west of Cambie Village, and about 10 minutes walk from the Broadway/City Hall Canada Line station [MAP].

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As a first generation Ukrainian Canadian I was disappointed when I visited. Prices for alcohol and food were reasonable but they ran out of cabbage rolls and hot dogs were served instead of sausage with the meal. I expected some entertainment seeing as it was a Friday night but there was none. A Ukrainian friend had visited a few days ago and warned there was "nothing there worth going for." I agree

Stopped by today Fri 26...1 year old loved all the bright colors. The kitchen had a fire and therefore food is being brought in. The deserts and coffee were good. Disappointed in the overall display. My heritage and I expected more.

Great spot to sit, relax, and have a nice meal. Very family friendly. Our group really enjoyed it!

Night means open till 10pm.

A good portion of yummy food for $11. Live Ukrainian music. No wait. IMHO, one of the best pavilions!

$7 for a 500mL beer (which tops $8 for 355mL at most other places). Food was good, not too busy. Lots of fun!

big, cold beer. Yum. Nice, open, clean space. You can read about Ukriane culture or watch the sports.

Tried this for lunch today. The food is about what you would expect in a church hall.
Nice people and no line-ups.
Could be a fun place in the evening with a group of friends.

I really liked this place. If you're looking for a wild party, this isn't it, but if you're looking for a quiet place to have perogies and a big beer, this is it. Very nice people, just a good feeling. Nice be off the beaten path away from all the commercialism. Take in the culture!

Went yesterday... Apparently they are closed Tuesdays

Don't bother with this, went on Saturday and it is lame. Basically a community center that was ill prepared for the event that was taking place. Arrived at noon to take in some culture and cuisine. Had to donate for parking and was told they were running about half hour late. After two hours of sitting there watching a TV that was less then adequate, lunch arrived. Portions were generous but food was greasy and not what would represent that country well. You can get better perogies and cabbage rolls at the local mall food court.

It says open noon until night. Does anyone know what they mean by night?

Looking to meet others there for a supper on Feb 22nd. Does one have long line ups to wait? Food sounds great. What all else is there? Is it easy to get to from the Curling Center.(we have curling tix that day)

not much in display but lovely people .Big portions so buzz by for lunch on your way down town.Lots of parking.Big bottles of beer

Cabbage rolls and coffee. Mmm, mmm, good!

Mmmm... Perogies & Cabbage rolls!!! I want to taste the real deal from the mother land. I am not from Ukraine, but my grandfather was Ukrainian. So there for, I am looking for family members.
By the way, I love the logo!

I might try to be there EVERY day!!!!! Holubsti and pyrohy with smetana- they're the best. My mouth is watering already.

Join us at the Gala Ball for dancing and entertainment Saturday, February 20, 2010!

Yay! Perogies, cabbage rolls and sausage!

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