Surrey 2010 Celebration Zone

surrey-celebrationENDED FEB 28, 2010: The Surrey 2010 Celebration Zone at Holland Park is promising two fun filled weeks of excitement and activity for the whole family! The sliding zone, skating rink and curling zone will be a great way to take in some classic Olympic sports and winter activities. Step into the future with Simon Fraser University’s cutting edge Interactive Digital Media display, explore your creativity in their Kids World craft tent or cozy up in the Storytelling tent brought to you by Surrey Libraries. The RCMP Musical Ride will be performing shows daily, as well as other classic Canadian entertainment.

Evening performances at Surrey's Celebration Zone include Blue Rodeo (Feb 12th) and The Sam Roberts Band (Feb 19th). The activities are abundant so bring your energy and enthusiasm to the Festival Activity Zone and prepare for an experience of Olympic proportions!  Read an Editor's review of this pavilion here.

Hours of operation vary by day. Click here for a complete schedule of events. UPDATE FEB 16TH: NEW INFORMATION ON THE MUSICAL RIDE IS AVAILABLE. CLICK READ MORE BELOW...

Effective Feb 16th, the City of Surrey is changing the way they issue tickets for the RCMP musical ride. For all afternoon shows tickets will be available starting at 11:00am on the same day as the show you wish to attend.For all evening shows tickets will be available starting at 3:30pm on the same day as the show you wish to attend.

All tickets are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis at either of the two Information Booths inside of the Celebration Site.

About 1700 tickets are available for each performance, with a maximum of six (6) tickets available per person. Seating is by General Admission (no assigned seating). Advanced ticketing is only available on site on the day of the event.


- Runs from now to February 28th (no shows on Monday or Tuesday)

- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00 pm
- Saturday and Sunday 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm
- Sunday, February 28th 4:00 pm only

* Each show is approximately 30 minutes in duration.

NEW INFO: The RCMP Musical Ride at the Surrey 2010 Celebration Site has been so successful that three new shows have been added to the program:

· Thursday, February 18 at 3:30pm

· Wednesday, February 25 at 3:00pm

· Thursday, February 26 at 3:00pm

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John - there are screens everywhere on the site. You don't have to miss the game!

Wow - we were just at Holland Park. What a great venue to see Canada win another gold! Great security, friendly people, nice site. Well done, Surrey!

Does this venue have large TV's that show Olympic events?

On Friday Feb 26 I want to watch Canada Vs Slovakia Men's Hockey at 6:30PM, but also want to see Marianas Trench at Holland Park at 9PM. I can't see myself doing both unless the hockey game is shown at this venue.

Lori: The Mascots will be there on the 27th.

The Surrey site was very nice. No complaints. Great place to see a concert, and several good familiy activities if you have little kids.

I've been to all the live sites downtown and in Richmond. By comparison, this is one of the best sites in the lower mainland to experience the games at a site with large screens. The bands are wicked. I love that I can experience everything that is downtown without the commute and ridiculous lineups. I took my kids also and they had a blast. I can't understand how anyone can say anything negative about Surrey's live site unless they are just generally negative about life in general.

Meant to say in my long post below that the lineup at the back side of Holland Park site was probably a lot shorter than the line in the front.

We were visiting family in New West and decided to visit this site and go downtown. We enjoyed this venue for its family focus, activities and entertainment, and the musical ride.

On Sunday I got in line outside the front gate at about 8:30am to ensure we would get tickets for the 3pm rcmp musical ride. There were about 10 people in front of me at that point and by 10:30 there were way more people than available tickets for the musical ride could accomodate. Hundreds. Communication was good for folks in line - kept us well-informed of the process and what we were waiting for. Also let people in parts of line know the likelihood or not of them getting tickets. Definitely need to be there by no later than 9:30-10.

When the gates opened at 11 we went to an info booth about 100 feet from the gate where the tickets were being handed out. Got our tickets then went to check out the site.

GOOD TO KNOW--there is a back gate to Holland Park and another info booth there where tickets were being handed out. Lineup was probably a lot shorter in the front so you may want to try the back side of the site first (front daces King George).

Enjoyed the activites. Except the skating - VERY DANGEROUS --the skates had not been sharpened and I had to ask to get a helmet for my child rather than being told she had to wear one. Synthetic 'ice' was extremely slippery and impossible to balance on without your feet sliding out sideways. Like using an extremely dull knife on a wet cutting board. Will be surprised if no head injuries result. If you decide to try it out be sure to get them to sharpen the blades (they have a sharepeneer there). Junior hockey players were doing a demo while we were there and they fared better with sharp skates.

Popped over to the food fair in the mall for lunch and got free pins from the customer service centre in the mall. Saved on food costs.

Went to Surrey Fri night, Feb 19. Parked 2 blocks away on residential street - 98 Ave. Got there about 7:30pm. Line to get in was long but moved fast - 10 minutes. Musical ride tickets already gone of course but at about 5 minutes to 8pm, they let a whole bunch more people in because there was still room - so we got in no problem - just being in the right place at the right time. It was great. Then outside to main stage and saw Sam Roberts - also great. Everyone around was good - no pushing or shoving even though we were in the middle of the crowd - half way to the stage. Then as they were playing their last song, wandered over to the indoor tent - fast moving line - got in and saw Jully Black as she was just starting. Excellent show! The whole evening was great!

Got in the lineup at 10:30am Saturday. Apparently, no good for the RCMP Musical Ride. A guy was telling everyone that if you weren't by a certain point in the line, based on counting the number of people and number of tickets they wanted, that anyone past this point was unlikely to get in to the 3pm show.
A woman who tried previously made it in today's line and she said that the line started at 9am.

Point, be there at least 2-3 hours before the 11am ticket start if you want the same day 3pm RCMP Musical Ride.

Does anyone know what the line ups are like getting into hollard park for evening performances like 54 40 or blue rodeo.

Are the mascots every around there?

I see that there is the Celebration Stage and the Surrey House Stage. Do you know if it's easy to go back and forth between the two? Any insight would be appreciated!

Family review:
We went opening day Friday at 3:30 ( no RCMP ride or dogs that day). Parked for free on 98A ave. Kids are 2, 4 and 7. They had a blast curling, skating and sledding. Fortunately my kids were wearing waterproof pants as they did get a little soap on them during the sledding, but when they stayed on the board it wasn't a problem.

There were volunteers everywhere with face painting, pins, pencils. A little tent where they did a craft. It's not disneyland, so perhaps people should lower their expectations, but my family spent 2.5 hours there, had a great time, and didn't even spend a cent. Good family value.

We went to Holland Park on Sunday. I picked up tickets for the RCMP Musical Ride at 11 and we came back later. For those who complain about making two trips (one for tickets and one for the show) this is better than lining up for hours. The show was good as was the agility dog show (at 5 -- no ticket necessary). Our kids enjoyed the sliding and the curling. People are complaining but we attempted to go to Vancouver and everything had 2 hour line ups or more so for us Surrey was a success. We couldn't even walk in Vancouver it was sooo busy. I agree the concession is a rip-off but apparently you can bring in your own beverages which they did not allow in Richmond at the Ozone (I found this out after shelling out hte 4 dollars for a coffee).

I was thoroughy disappointed in the Surrey Celebration venue. I went with my family on Sunday afternoon and after a little more than an hour, we were ready to go.

The sled zone is probably the best thing going but you wait in line for 10 seconds of glory down a 20' track made of white astro turf coated in dish soap.

The "skating" rink is a joke. It's plexi plastic, and completely chaotic. They have very few kids skate sizes, absolutely none in size 1, and only two size 2. They do nothing to steralize the skates or helmets and I wasn't about to let my son put on a helmet they had there.

We went back in the evening for the Serena Ryder concert and was disgusted by the cash grab by Surrey Place mall to charge $20 for event parking. Apparently most people were disgusted by the cash grab as we saw only 20-25 vehicles parked in the lot. It was after mall hours, lighten up and be generous to the community because let's face it, only locals are going to be travelling to this site.

As for the concert, I was annoyed that there was no seating - standing room only. Serena Ryder is one of those performers that you want to sit back, kick back with a beer and listen to the music.

The entire day was a killjoy to the Olympic celebration and I wouldn't recommend the venue to anyone.

Monday the Province newspaper, editorial section page A 16. The reporter is advising the visiting world of what you can expect if you gone too far east Surrey.

Quote: "If your car has just been stolen, you’ve gone too far east and ended up in the wrong areas of Surrey, which are to auto thieves what chestnut trees are to squirrels. Considering the positive"

Changes Surrey has under gone, as of late Holland Park. This guy needs to be muzzled. Now. The visiting world won’t want to come to Surrey with this guy as a tour guide. Signed a proud citizen of Surrey

Our family went to the opening on Friday and chose to leave the venue after being repeatedly pushed & shoved during the Blue Rodeo performance to get closer to the front. Not cool, folks. We then went inside the tent to see who was playing there and found a group of women wearing skimpy black outfits doing handstands in their garters and stockings. I thought this was family oriented fun...But it was the completely dark porta-potties that were the truly scary part of the whole evening. Did I mention that someone left their already consumed dinner in there? Altogether the noise was unsafe for kids' ears (any everyone else's for that matter). I would consider going to Vancouver or Richmond to partake in the activities there.

I was at the site yesterday, got tickets at info booth for musical ride at 2:30pm for 3pm show. No problem for me, no lineup.

In a word, I would have to say the Surrey Olympic Park (Holland Park) is a joke.....did not live up to expectations AT ALL.

For starters, there are TWO not three (as advertised) tobogganing runs and get this: they are white artificial turf with dish soap poured on them!! That's it! You should see the mess your kids clothes are in afterward!!!!!! A nightmare.

Secondly, the 'ice rink' is anything but. It's white plastic!!! There is no ice!!! I couldn't believe it! You can get free skate rentals but nobody is actually 'skating' because in fact, you can't! People instead are playing ball hockey. (oh, and there are about eight hockey sticks and that's it.)

The curling is kind of neat....short patch of two sheets of plastic again with 'rocks' to throw.

And what really ticked me off??? Coffee and hot chocolate are four-dollars a piece!!! Two adults, two kids 16-dollars to have a hot drink! When I asked why, the attendant said VANOC 'ordered' them to charge that amount!

As for the RCMP musical ride? To get tickets for the 3 p.m. show today we were told we would have had to be in line by 11 a.m. to get any, which means going twice to the park. You cannot pick up tickets in advance of the next day's show either.

Ugh! This has to get better, and fast. Mayor Watts, are you listening to the public??


When and where exactly will the musical ride take place?

Mayor Watts and council have to be congratulated on bringing this all together. I'm proud to say I live in Surrey.

Don't forget the 54 40 free concert on February 21 at Holland Park :)

This is such an exciting time for all of us and I am thrilled to know that there will be lots to see right here in our own back yard! I KNOW I will be there - with bells on!!! This is adding up to be an event and experience of a lifetime - Way to go Surrey!!

I always love to see the ride performed. Don't miss it if you can be there and take the whole family. Cheers H

Surrey is definitely NOT a "no-fun city". So there is lots of potential for fun, despite their distance from the main venues. This will be one venue to watch! Make sure you come back and post a comment once you've been there to let everyone know what it's like.

I'm giving this a five star four weeks before the games even begin based on one assumption: Dianne Watts, who is surely behind the planning, and she is always a first class act! Let's all enjoy the games at some level. GO CANADA GO!!

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