Vancouver "Streets to Watch"

robsonThere will basically be four main thoroughfares in the downtown core which will have festive programming on a daily basis. These include Robson Street, Hamilton, Street, Mainland Street and Granville Street. With the exception of Robson Street (which will be closed east of Jervis street only) all the streets will be closed to vehicular traffic. Expect tens of thousands of people to be walking up and down here every night enjoying the atmosphere.

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This is to Reply to someone who said to "ride your bike around".

Ideally it seems to be a great idea to ride your bike around, especially since its recommended during the Olympics.

BUT as a bike rider all year round, it is hard to get around. Most bike routes are shut down. Its also hard to deal with the large crowds for there is a short distance where one goes from road with the cars to Pedestrian only areas where you go to lock your bike. To get into the various Free Events venues I had great difficulty finding places to lock up my bike.

I feel like I am hated by all: the cars & the pedestrians. I stay on the road as much as I can, I try to take any bike lane that is even slightly close by, but I can not win.

I am actually curious how other bike riders are able to get arond to the different venues.

checked out the yahoo! fancouver venue at the old yaletown mini location (1128 Hamilton). nothing too special but some fun things for families, good place to get out of the rain. they were handing out limited cowbells, serving free hot chocolate and letting u use the wifi computer stations. you could play some wii games and win a wii in a competition. also some fun displays to take some souvenir pics. just as much stuff as one of the live city yaletown pavilions but no lineups...just walk on in. pics here

also, in yaletown is the swiss army knife booth. there's a little silver camper van of swiss army knife memorablilia and a photo booth where you can get your picture taken "in the alps" on a blue screen. nothing special here but something fun to do if you can't make it into the livecity yaletown cuz of lineups. located outside the Simply Thai Restarant at 1211 Hamilton.

granville street is decked out with all sorts of public "art" and is a good stroll.

@ Go Home, you obviously are addicted to driving your car around the downtown streets... ride that bike you have down in storage.

Great website thank you for all the great info!

I don't know what Go Home plans to do, but I'm going to Hawaii the 2nd week of the Olympics.
Just an idea. . . There are cheap flights to Mexico now.
I plan on seeing as much as possible the first week.
First stop - the zipline at Robson Square.
Also, check out Northern House at Seymour & Robson. It's open now and worth a visit.

Vancouver tourism attractions that are arts-based, from ephemeral art, public sculptures, live paintings and fine art exhibition tours, as well as arts festivals such as the Main Art Drift and New Forms Festival.

On my way home (to the burbs) from work downtown yesterday, I walked through the opening of Lunar Fest on Granville between Robson and Georgia. It was really neat! I loved the interactive sculpture with LED lights that lit up.
Go Home should see about swapping places with someone who lives in the burbs or the boonies - I was *wishing* I lived downtown like I used to - it's way too late to stop they Olympics, so may as well enjoy the free things and other countries' offerings while they are here!
(and I'm probably cheerier than most b/c I don't have to go in to work during the olympic period - working from home! Thanks, boss!)

The pop/rock band Slippery Slope is looking for more Olympic venues. Please pass this on to your talent promoter. Check us out at With Olympic Spirit!

@ go home. You don't represent the hundreds of thousands of us who are excited about the Games. If you don't like them, and the activity that accompanies it, then move out to the burbs. Oherwise, close your curtains, pop in your Ipod, crack open a beer and we'll chat with you after Feb 28th. What a grump!

This sucks immensely for those of us that live downtown. Go home the lot of you.

You won't want to get so caught up in the excitement that you forget to eat.

The CityFood Magazine office is located in the heart of the Red Zone entertainment area next to BC Place. As food experts we'll be collecting updates on food and restaurant specials to be found in or close to the various Olympic hot spots during the games. Access the information (sorted by alphabet or neighbourhood) here:

or from the red zone button on our home page here:

Loading starts January 19, 2010. This is a free public service. The restaurants do not pay us to be listed.

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